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over my head scar,

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kind of Muslim woman wipe over her scarf or a job or fit model during World War.

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This issue, it's an issue of debate with you the scholars. But what I believe is strongest opinion is what is the meta habit hanabi hanging on the log tada which is permissible for the woman to wipe over that female or had her headscarf.

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I'm aware that maybe that's not the position that you're more but the actually the evidence that the HANA beta has in this regard. regard to this issue is very strong, and NW sallallahu wasallam wiped over his imama and he said to himself, Robocop graphical homological this is not a statement on the process on them as a victim. You say this as the action of the prophets of Salaam is authentic, that he wiped over his

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shoes and over his imama sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And since the shoes was not only restricted to men, that a man has not only restricted to men, for men where a man but women wear headscarves and he job shovel slammed him on top of the habit of said we differentiate between women and a case where it is hard for them to take it out. To take it off. Or if it's easy like if you're home and you can take it off easily you should do but if you're outside in public place and it's very hard to put it back or you don't want people to see your hair in this case, you are allowed to wipe over the femur how you do it the same way men did which is you basically make your hands wet. Not to take

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water is wet and you wipe over your mouth.

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The whole entire head. Also no matter human law, some of them said you have to put him out on mobile like the same way you put your socks on the law, but doesn't apply early to the female even if you don't have to know who even if you keep it more than 24 hours you're still allowed to wipe over a shower locked out of this is the strongest opinion among overpower him on the law.

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Finally, I would say if you want to be in the safe side, just make sure you reach out some of the to reach out to your hair in your head and you touch it with your wet hand. And with this you will go out from the feet off. He shall love to otter

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to Allah give us

For our dear sisters out there, is it permissible to wipe over your hijab when making wudhu? Sometimes removing the hijab is a difficult task. Can wiping over the head scarf be sufficient for wudhu?

Shaykh Waleed Basyouni explains further and answers the question.

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