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Riad Ouarzazi
AI: Summary © A caller discusses a new project called "rock Connect" which is about marriage and has been described as a "fitless marriage" concept. The caller also mentions a "fitless marriage" concept where one of the sp he'd met is a "fitless marriage" and they plan to bring it together in events like figures and a "fitless marriage" concept. The caller also mentions a "fitless marriage" concept where one of the sp he'd met is a "fitless marriage" and they plan to bring it together in events like figures and a "fitless marriage" concept.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam as well now the others as he and I'm here to talk to you about a new project which I'm launching in shuttleq. This project is called rock Connect.

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It's about marriage and matrimonial.

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Let me tell you, first of all, Allah Subhana, Allah, Thailand and mentioning himself and describing himself as the one as a little as the one and only somehow with Allah, Allah and where hate and I had no but for us, Allah has ocean has created us to be bears will have now come as liquidity in pairs. In another area. Allah Subhana Allah Allah says in the Montes sizes that we have created amongst you mates, as well as worship out of these those means luck to, you know, men and women. So we're not created to beat single we're ready to be pairs to you know, to have a spouse.

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So what's about marriage alliance that was just, you know, he mentioned it in such a very beautiful name and many beautiful names. But once one, one of the greatest name that Eliza uses and for marriage, he calls it mythique. Holly, we thought Holly means a strong bond that links the husband and the wife together, it's a bond that can leave them together in dystonia, and also will lead them together in the agenda insha Allah data, but you know, being in the West, I know it's very hard sometimes finding the right spouse the right prospect, some people like to go to maybe the the cultural process like you know, using NT and colon and whatnot to look for, you know, spouses for

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the daughters and sons. There's some others who maybe tried different routes like mentioned matrimonial sites or matrimonial events. And I know some people in fact, they have real complaint about certain matrimonial events whereby some are not really totally had. So, he is in Sharma hotel and Rob Connect, we going to come and bring it together in sha Allah, Allah to talk about marriage to talk about the the the fruits of marriage, to talk about how to choose the right spouse, what to look for how to have a great wedding, not a wedding, because that's the that's the foundation if that foundation is set to be wrong, and what do I mean by wrong? How I'm ready? Then how do you want

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a laser to bless your life with your husband and your spouse? Well, we'll talk about definition a long time at the very end. I'm going to set the matrimonial and I'm going to read and monitors that matrimonial myself making sure that it isn't very in hamdulillah. Islamic Lee

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abided by the rules and and and the etiquettes of Islam and also the mahad and will be there, invite them, you know, the mountains, the chaperones, the fathers and the mothers would be involved. So this is an event that our shot locata lunch, the 16th of November, in Sheffield, UK and the 17th of November in Birmingham, UK as well. So please do check our website WWE rock training.com or check our Facebook page check it out, calm and look for rock Connect. May Allah Subhana Allah help us all is that Camilla hair, the semi naked

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