Can I Make Up Fasts On A Friday Alone

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the use of fasting and meal prep techniques during the pandemic, and suggests that it is important to practice these activities. They also mention the benefits of fasting for energy and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The transcript does not contain a question or answer.
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So can I fast on Friday making up my desert Ramadan on Friday even though I'm not fasting the day before or the day after

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the prophets of Allah Selim forbade us from fasting Ramadan fasting Friday alone or separately.

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Obviously, that's if you're going to be doing it and available on Tuesday fast. But if you're making up your days of Ramadan and the only opportunities and chance for you to make up it will be on Friday, maybe because this is when you get your days off from work or from school or whatever reason you have for it, then it's permissible, it's okay because you're not making this a volunteer defense right now this is actually making up for the days of Ramadan. So it's permissible to make up your Ramadan on Friday even though you're not fasting the day before or the day after. Obviously the optimum you know, way of doing it is that you start the day with it, which is before or after, but

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if you're unable to do so, just because it's making up data from what from Ramadan, you should actually fast the days in Charlottetown on Friday, and it should be okay but in Alaska