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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of learning and studying certain attributes to bring them to life. They also touch on the "we" and "weens" aspects of Islam, which affect one's behavior and emotions. The "arrogant" and "wa jal" aspects of Islam are discussed, as well as the "wail," which refers to the ability to be a member of a community. The "arrogant" and "we" aspects of Islam also have a potential for harm.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Loma Linda main file now and finally my lumped Anna was it nine min hammer I mean, ask Allah subhanaw taala to to teach us would benefit us benefit us from what you told us and increases knowledge. Inshallah before before I started just one quick reminder because after a while we forget

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the first thing that we started with when we begin when we started the series about the names of Allah azza wa jal just a reminder that

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the names of Allah subhanaw taala are not only 99

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only Allah knows the number of names of Allah azza wa jal and the second point is that when we explain the name of Allah azza wa jal, this is only to the ability of a human being, but there are all these attributes of Allah azza wa jal are just like Allah subhanaw taala it's beyond our capacity to understand. So we just tried to bring it as close as possible. So when we say Samia, and he has Sana there's somebody that we know, but Allah subhanaw taala sunnah is completely different than our Salah and our bizarre you know, so I just want to bring this up in sha Allah Tala as a reminder. Second, you know,

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it is extremely important to start feeling these names while we are praying for example, when we go through the name Subhan, Allah will be a loving, will remember what we spoke about a lot of them and when we say Subhana Allah, we mentioned the name of Allah already and the greatness of Allah azza wa jal and his over the harsh Subhan Allah subhanaw taala. So, the whole purpose of these of these attributes and studying them is to come close to Allah azza wa jal as much as we can. In this dunya before we depart, so tonight's name even though I promised you a double zero, then I figured this very close to L Samia, let me just keep it for a couple of weeks later. So tonight in sha Allah Tala

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a name that is mentioned in the Quran around eight times and that name is Al Mohit, Mohit Neva, Allah azza wa jal Mohit, it's not mentioned as Elmo hate, it is mentioned as Mohit or Mojito, Mohit or Mojito.

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What can Allah who be my Luna Mojito? So what does that Mohit mean? It means that all encompassing, you know

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covers everything in complete details. And we're going to explain in sha Allah Tala, the whole ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala encompasses the whole creation, his knowledge, power, his knowledge, power, mercy, and dominion encompasses all things, not only the knowledge, even though it came in the Quran the most. It came with the heart of equally che in Elma. But he Subhana encompasses everything not only with knowledge, but with his mercy and his his power. And all beings are are under his control, there is no hiding or escaping from his encompassing attributes and essence. So Allah subhanho wa Taala said, and this is the first I want to discuss

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which is in surah nisa

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Allah subhanaw taala said

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yes the phone Amina in as well as telephone and in Allah He wahama whom is UB tune Emma Allah young dawn in Cancun work Hobbema Luna Mojito.

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They hide from people

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but they can't hide from ALLAH

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and he is with them as they plot by night

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with words he does not approve. Mariela yada yada meanwhile,

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this first part here one is extremely important. Is the phone Amina nurse. What is the phone I mean Allah will who amount

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how many times we went through this.

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I want you to remember the name and Mohit and think about this area.

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They hide from people.

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But they do not worry about hiding from Allah azza wa jal even though it is very easy to hide from people, very easy

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But Allah subhanaw taala al Mohit Al Bashir al Aleem

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He is in knowledge of everything.

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So when we try to do something, and we are worried

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about people watching us or what people are going to say about us think about Elmo hate.

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Think about Name of Allah azza wa jal, Elmo hate

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On the flip side, we worry about people, what are they going to say about us if we do something, or if we say something

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especially, like I mentioned before, and I'm going to keep mentioning it, because it's extremely important to not sit down here and discuss issues that are not related to the to our everyday life. It is very important to bring up matters that we are experiencing or our families are experiencing our, our brothers and sisters are experiencing the matter of taking off the hijab.

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I mentioned it before, and I mentioned it again, because it's happening unbelievably.

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The main reason one of the main reason

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that sisters are going through that is

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what people are going to say about me

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they're worried about people

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and they're not worried about Allah azza wa jal.

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So it is extremely important to understand this name and understand that he is the only one that matters.

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He's the only one that matters. Like we said in our last hotbar no matter what you do, no matter what you do, you will not be saved from people stung. You will never be able to please everyone.

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So why should I make it you know, subhanAllah my, my Day and Night Thoughts is how to please others what is an impossible goal? While Allah subhanaw taala is pleased with the little Subhan Allah and not only that, when we please him, he please others from us. So here is the phone I mean a nurse, they hide from people and they do some haram things. They some people watch something haram, thinking that may not my parents are not home like my wife is not home Subhanallah they forgot that the Mojito is there, the biosphere is there watching, you have to be very carefully. This is the whole purpose of learning and studying these attributes is to bring them to our life, to bring them

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to our life and know that Allah subhanaw taala is overseeing everything.

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Also Allah subhanaw taala said, when he learned enough he sent it when I fill out, well can Allah who be cliche in Mojito, be cliche in Mojito to Allah belongs, what's in the heavens and the earth and ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala encompasses everything, everything now

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subhanho wa Taala used that name.

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Allah twith aime

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a how to be equally che in Elma.

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He has his knowledge has encompassed everything.

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Now, let me explain to you in a way to make it make us understand

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how deep is this name?

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When we say Allah subhanaw taala knows about everything, okay?

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If I bring a book, any book,

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a book,

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three 400 pages, okay. And

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I memorized every single word in that book. And I gave it to you, and I recited word by word.

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Everything in that book?

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Just one book.

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Can I say I have encompassed everything about that book? Like this book?

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I have to be here Elmer callus this book. I know everything about it. Can I say that?

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Yes or No? No. Why?

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What about just to tell you just this is an example. What about the material of the paper? Do I know what it's made of? What about

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the size? What about the meaning of what I learned?

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Interpretations right. It couldn't. There are so many things. All I did is just memorize

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and I still

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not considered

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That I have already encompassed the knowledge of this book. Now Allah encompasses the knowledge of everything

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come close now. Everything Everything Everything what is this table made off? What's inside moving?

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What's in the bottom of the ocean? How many tables

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let me show you just how

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far are we from this attribute? Even in our personal

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belongings are matters. Okay? Brother Shah how many hairs are on your beard

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it's your baby

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Allah knows

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how many blood cells

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do we have inside how many of them are good? How many of them are died how many beads how many Allah this is the Mohit heart a big cliche in the things that sometimes that are even myself I do not know but Allah knows this is why it is why it's very close to the Buddha which name which other name

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Ali him okay but another

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will not take it yet

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and Whassa

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unless it's very close to unless you know in Arabic the I don't know what they call it in other languages you know when we say it'll Hindi al Mojito classy

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you know there's a difference between bar and Mohit bar see my eat is ocean because it's so wide right? It's bigger than the bar. So Allah subhanaw taala

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Mohit encompasses everything with his knowledge number one so you know that Allah knows everything, whatever you are thinking about Allah knows about it

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and also add to it encompasses you and every single creation with his Rama and his kindness and his love Subhanallah so not only you you fear Allah because he knows everything at the same time you feel secure, that he is already in come see me with all the mercy that is cannot be gained from anybody, anybody else.

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And also Allah subhana wa Tada in couple of times he specified this name with Al Catherine Walla, Allahu Mohit on Bill caffeine, wala humo heat on Bill caffeine couple of times on the Quran.

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Why? Why specifically about the caffeine about the non believers? Yeah, Annie.

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Jeremy Oh from one will necessarily be him.

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No matter how powerful

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the enemies of Islam became or become,

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or no matter how much they threaten Islam,

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Allah subhanho wa Taala is telling us that he is worried

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he can in a flash of a second destroy any nation, any nation and he mentioned to us in the Quran many nations how they have been destroyed in the past the mood and Adam many nations

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a frown.

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So, he is also built carefully in a more hate because many times again

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because of the weakness of Eman

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anytime we hear an uproar against Muslims or against Islam,

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we tend to feel some way some some fear in our heart. That is not healthy.

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Something is wrong.

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Something's wrong. You did not know what that really means. You did not know what it means. You did not know what the Jabbar mean.

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One earthquake, one hurricane, one tsunami. These are all renewed one.

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Beaker Illa Who

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are you don't have to go that far one and

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sometimes they come in billions.

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They could destroy anything. Allah subhanaw taala he says con fair Khun but when we

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have that email in our heart, only until we have that so

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Strength of Eman about Allah has power.

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Until we get to that day, we're all going to be shattered and scattered. And just getting so involved in dunya matters. And subhanAllah the state that we are in right now. The state we are in right now. Okay, is that we have

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unfortunately forgotten the reason we were created.

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We think that we are created to watch movies and eat popcorn, and listen to music

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and go to work and come back. And this is the reason for my existence.

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If you remove the movies and the popcorn, the cows and the sheep do the same every day, they wake up and they eat and they drink and they go to work and they come back.

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So yeah, when it is extremely important to Allah, it's extremely important to remind myself and remind all of us on a constant basis. Why are we here? Because we get so involved in dunya matters that we forget that our main reason is to worship Allah azza wa jal and to come close to him. But we get so involved in you see, we forgot Subhan Allah even though it's not our topic, we forgot that the risk will find you just like the angel of death will find you

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there is you will not die, I will not die till I get my last risk. That could be

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a bite of food, I will not die before I get that. You see, I made my main we made our main concern, to follow what has been guaranteed.

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And we neglected the things that are not guaranteed.

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Gender is not guaranteed to me. But my risk is guaranteed. So I made my whole life.

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Busy with what's guaranteed. And no matter what I do, it's not going to increase or decrease.

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It's guaranteed. I have to take by the means and do what I'm supposed to do. And the risk is there is written that does not mean go sleep and become a bum and Allah is the result. No, I'm speaking to mature people.

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So the risk is guaranteed. We get so busy with things that are guaranteed imagine I tell you listen, when you come here tomorrow, guaranteed I have $500 for you. It's guaranteed it's right there. I'm gonna leave it here on the table. It's real, it's yours. And you go all day long and all night looking how you are going to make $500 to get kids guaranteed come take it in the morning

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so that all all of that distract us from the purpose of our creation, which is to worship Allah azza wa jal so Allah subhanaw taala is Mohit on Bill Catherine, our brothers in Gaza.

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are brothers and sisters in Gaza. How long have they been

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boycotted and will they call it C?

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Blocking how long? 10 years now one more 1212 Subhanallah

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This is a message to our brothers and sisters that Allah is Mojito milk Catherine Don't worry Subhanallah and the more they seize them and they tighten the things on them. The more they produce her fuzz. They produce smart people if you look at the videos that they come Subhanallah last video, what maybe three 400 of us one shot, graduating

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male and female Allahu Akbar yaki what what if they were not,

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you know, whatever they will give him the freedom Subhan Allah. So Allah subhanaw taala knows when he is unworried he knows what we are thinking and he is Mohit you see Subhan Allah Allah subhanaw taala he said

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what was the idea in

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in Surah Baqarah what how to be say yeah to who knows

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how to be say yes to I think

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Allah subhanaw taala is telling us that some people this is what how you can use our this name and our life. Be very careful not to let the sins becomes more heated topic.

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What does it look at this word Allah used that some people reached a level in their life that they are encompass

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by sin

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by sin

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I as a practicing Muslim, I have to make sure that the Mohit will not see me more hate was sins being more hot was sins.

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He is more heat in his own about my sins and He is more heat with his own about my husband had

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a heart of equally che in Elma and Allah subhanho wa Taala have used this, this term with

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and the Quran he said, your strategy Luna Kabila we're in nurjahan nama Lambo, he thought tone Bill caffeine.

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Can you look now now you have a little bit of understanding what the word Mohit means when Allah said his Jahannam is more he thought the caffeine

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no escape no inch is going to be missed from being burned Allah Allah has given me another look at this term Wahaca in in Surah

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Surah Calif in

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zali mean and Aaron how to be him Surah were yesterday through you have to be in Kalamoon yes she will would you be it's a shareable was

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look at the word many times in the Quran the word ha Mohit came with Jahannam to show you how severe is the punishment? Yeah one severe what is it? What is it in this short period of time that we are living above the earth? That is worth going to jahannam that is more Ito? No escape? Wait, wait, but Allah subhanaw taala is more Eden every creation Johanna the fire is what heatable Catherine Allahu Akbar no escape whatsoever.

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we have to

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the eye that we all know by heart

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a little cool see

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ya Laguna de una de him.

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What a hell for home

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Wella you eat tuna? Bishi in mini me.

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Whatever Allah subhanho wa Taala because you see sometimes human being he becomes arrogant thinking that he knows so much. Now I can do this touch and something happens.

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You know we can go to the moon I can go to Mars vacation and more soon. Anybody wants to book let me know in sha Allah go together.

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You know, they're selling you know, this is Subhanallah How naive are some people? There's a there's a person who is selling stars.

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You come to him? Bobby shows you the catalog. Which one do you want? You tell him Allah I want this one. So he comes in one night and tells you see to the left a little bit to the right. That's yours. Colors. It's my boob. Hello but how much 5000 Only hurry up because before it goes on. base so we're having a sale. He is selling styles.

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And people are excited and he brings them a piece of paper, you know maboob And a star and he goes into his kids hamdulillah if something happened on earth we have a star

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yeah Allah Who Allahu How? How crazy Could you be?

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So how Allah so Allah subhanho wa Taala

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he told me, Shaman me.

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And Allah told us that all creation, all creation from Adam till the Day of Judgment, all of them with all their knowledge.

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Well, that will Tito middle, Elmi Hola, kalila all of this knowledge is clean. Can you imagine Subhanallah one? Now if you if we take this phone to to my grandfather or to your or to your grandfather? And we tell him, he thinks that this gentleman, what is this you touch? Or you bring it to somebody maybe 200 years ago and you tell him listen, I can speak to somebody in China right now. He will think that you are crazy, you know, subhanAllah and this is nothing compared to what's coming up. And all of this together is nothing compared to that of Allah subhanho wa taala. So how can I do this in sha Allah Allah, how to use this beautiful name in the DUA. You can ask Allah with

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this name and Mohit and your heat aka the Rama

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for example, as Allah as a Luca smikle, Mohit, and to heater Allah Dini was Salah behave, vicar. Where he Utica what

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Don't fear clicker we're in a attic

00:25:05--> 00:25:12

ya Allah I ask you with your name and Mohit to encompass all the people who are righteous with your Rama

00:25:13--> 00:25:42

how beautiful to use this name in there. Yeah Allah Nabi Rama takia Allah encompass me with your Rama encompass meow Allah with your with your McPhee era and at the same time I can say yeah Allah as a Luca smikle. Mohit and to heat the other Arabic Quran lemon Taha berardelli Muslimeen ya Allah I ask you what your name Alma eat to encompass with your punishment every single person who is

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or the enemies of Islam. So I can use this name in

00:25:51--> 00:26:28

other words against the enemies of Islam and I can use it with mercy to all the righteous people. Yeah Allah Allah Mohit. We know that you encompass all things make us realize and act upon our knowledge that all our deeds both good and bad are encompassed in your knowledge. Don't let our sins encompass us in envelope us in your mercy Allah and save us from being surrounded by the walls of of the Hellfire as Allah Allah, Allah Allah and Mohammed Al Karim Rahim as an obvious man.

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Robert Alameen effect Nilima Taheebo Hibou Allama finale moto hippo what Allah, Allah MacFarlane, adenuga, Nava slough and FE and Marina with a bit of damage on Salma Allah call me caffeine. Yeah, Allah everybody who attended tonight, Allah, them and their spouses and their children and their parents. Allah make them from the people of Alfredo's ally or enemy. Yama gathered them all with Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa salam, O Allah forgive their sins. Allah killed their sick. Yama have mercy on everyone who has passed away your bill aluminium Allah, your 100 rahimian. XML acromion Yara Bill Alameen have done I mean as far as you know, the reaction time was in Mata Hina

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Imam Robin attina Dunya Hassan, Hassan Joaquina other Banagher Robin Allah to Sokolova it had eaten well hablando Milan Khurana in kantele Wahab don't forget Yeah, when to make a lot of solid on Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and come to visit tomorrow at 630 in sha Allah Tala Baraka Luffy comes with Hannah kendama handshake

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and a stockbroker on a tour vernick