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Mohamad Baajour
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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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on Ong workboat

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Madeline was oh all

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she had to end

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Madeline was on on on ah oh

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hi Yan

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hi you

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hey y'all

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voted on luck

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in a Hungary no matter who want to stay in or who want to stop

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when out of Allah He means sure every unforeseen when say Dr Molina mejor de la Fela medulla when a young little fella heard you

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wash hair do hola hola hola hola hola Shari Keller

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where she headwind no Mohammed and how do you do who are solo?

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your kudos and Hannah? Who were to Allah He Kitab al Karim

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yeah you had nothing

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to call it

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tune in

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lady I

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mean either wahala coming

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where they're filming

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noon Obi Wan

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in a more

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calm rocky

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yeah at the

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top of

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your sleep healer calm come back home. Well here look I'm doing all the comb. Why me?

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118 Asuna Felco D Thirza fills in

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and that for us doc al Hadith keytab Allah okay then had you had you Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa salam or shot one more to her. We'll call them THAT'S IT team leader, welcome levy that in Ghana

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now from

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respected beloved brothers and sisters

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I ask Allah azza wa jal lady who Allah coalition in Kadir to bring us back to our massage

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when accorded or been earning, CP has earned even konima Son

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whom yet

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Quran, Allah subhana wa Tada said in Surah to Zuma

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and certainly we have set forth to mankind in this Quran.

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Parables of every sort. So they might reflect, remember to be Rahim Allah He said Allah Allah whom Yatta Yvonne so they can admonish.

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Corona came to remind us that this Quran is to be earned and luckily Sheikh in the Quran, there is clarity, there is a solution to everything.

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My brothers and sisters

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the nation of fad.

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They said Men should dominate,

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who is more powerful than us. They were destroyed. The nation of demoed they disbelieved in Allah and His messenger. They were destroyed the people of Iran. They killed and slaughtered babies. They were destroyed. The people of Sloot

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homosexuality was prevalent, they were destroyed. The people of Shanghai, they were cheating in measurements and in weight and they were destroyed.

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These stories are not to add them to promote and to frown. These stories are nurses to us. Our lessons to the own mouth Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa salam

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for could

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be them be

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feminine home men out of Santa Ana he has seen women home men who say her women home men herself Nabi Hill,

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women home men. When I came Allahu Lee of Lima home when King Ken and Prusa homeopathy moon, Allah subhanho wa Taala told us that each we punished for their sins, some we sent upon them a violent storm and some were overtaken by an orphan crying and some we caused the earth to swallow them and some we cause them to drown

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and it's not Allah subhanho wa Taala who was unjust with them?

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It is us it is the people that they have wronged themselves

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are we now?

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Or is there a power now saying that we are

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the superpower on Earth?

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Is homosexuality prevalent? Are there people cheating in weight and measurement? Are their kids being killed all over the world?

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So Corona came to remind us

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this sunnah, sunnah, sunnah to Allah and let the colored men Kabul. Well ontology, Delhi sunnah Tila, he tell the dealer, that this has been the way of Allah azza wa jal and you will never find that the way of Allah will change. Allah subhanho wa Taala told us these stories, they committed these sins. This was the result. If you do the same, the same will happen to you. My brothers and sisters.

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Corona came to remind us that this dunya is full of trials and tribulations.

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One an evolution a condition in how fueled your why not to sin?

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fusi with

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Allah Subhana Allah Allah told us and circle Bukhara 100% No doubt you will be tested with what your Allah with the little bit of fear you can't handle the whole fear with a little bit of hunger with the loss of wealth and loss of lives and loss of crops

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Is there fear now?

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All over? Is there hunger? Subhanallah just give it a couple of weeks.

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Is there loss of wealth? How many brothers watching me right now lost their jobs? Is their loss of lives up to now? 25,000 the death?

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Is their loss of products. We all know the answer.

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Among all that Allah subhanho wa Taala gave a Bushra gave glad tidings. But the glad tidings not for every single person who has been tested. We are being tested by all five but the Bushra is for a certain part of these people for a certain kind of people. And these people are where the shear is so obiri in and they give the glad tidings to the patient ones who are the patient ones Yeah. Hola. Hola, Lena either Annette ina either Asaba to see but call

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In, in

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life, he

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he Raji on the one when they are hit by a calamity instantly not after two weeks of complaining instantly they said in an inner we're in urology own we belong to Allah my business belongs to Allah my family belongs to Allah my wealth belongs to Allah I belong to Allah and to him I shall return these are the ones who will be given the glad tidings so my brother when you found out that your camera was canceled, did you say in an interview

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on my sister when you found out that your wedding plans had been delayed? Did you say in

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urology on my brother? Are the families that that lost their jobs? Did you say in your in your own?

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Because whoever does that, let's finish the

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middle of be him.

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These are the ones who will get the blessings from Allah azza wa jal. These are the ones who will get the Mercy of Allah azza wa jal.

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And these are the truly guided ones, Allah Hoonah Jana Amin, O'Meara behind me,

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my dear brothers and sisters,

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Corona came to remind us what to Oh in Allah hegemony.

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What to do in Allah hegemony on a you will help me No, don't learn to flee Hone, return to Allah azza wa jal, all of you believers, believers,

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not to allow you and whenever you call forth the speeches to us, may Allah make us all from the believers were to boo in Allah Hey, Jimmy, and, uh, you may know why so we can be successful. My brother who's drinking alcohol, repent to Allah, my sister, my beloved sister, my dear sister, who's not wearing the hijab repent to Allah, my brother who's dealing with Reba return to Allah

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returned to Allah azza wa jal, the people who are practicing black magic return to Allah subhanho wa Taala the one who's neglecting his prayers, return to Allah subhanho wa Taala my brothers and sisters, Corona Corona came to remind us, yo Mala young foul man on Well I've been

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ill at Allah have you been Salim Corona keen to remind us on that day, May Allah save us all on that day, no wealth, no children, no properties nothing will benefit us except, except to saying this Allah azza wa jal except the one who comes with a Kulp Salim with a sound pure heart. We are so busy now sanitizing our hands and our clothes and our homes, which is good as a precaution. But let's sanitize our hearts from hatred and malice and jealousy and envy and heat.

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Bhakra see and react.

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This is what Corona came to teach us. And to remind us

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my brothers and sisters,

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Corona came to remind us that could only have Qualcomm which could only

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came to remind us to remember Allah azza wa jal Allah subhanho wa Taala said remember me, I remember you Allah He, if that is the only reward for remembering Allah, it is sufficient. Remember me, i i The Kawaii the beam that Kareem or hammer Rahimi will remember you Subhan Allah, so my brothers and sisters, wash Kuru Lee will attack for rune and be thankful to Me and do not be ungrateful. Be we should have constant remembrance of Allah azza wa jal the tahajjud these days the keyamo Lail these days is very long you have up to 610 Praying pm get up in the middle of the night when Allah azza wa jal is asking has been set in in Philadelphia, is that anyone asking so I can get him Let him see us

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all with our hands up.

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We are begging him Allah lift this calamity from us. Yeah, Allah help us. Yeah, when we want a solution we have to do something. Allah Subhana Allah Allah told us that when we are hit by a calamity, people are divided into two people who are making the Bellroy and people who are or who who had their hearts cassette Kulu boom. Which one are you my brother?

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There are people who are making thorough and constant DUA and constant begging to Allah and there is a group their hearts became very harsh, wash cruelly. When the Quran be grateful to Allah azza wa jal be grateful to Allah subhanho wa Taala

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many net Emma's many blessings we had Subhan Allah had been taken away from us Subhan Allah, the net net of saying to the brothers, please brothers move forward

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the name of just checking my brother's hand is gone.

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Subhan Allah we did not appreciate the snuff. We did not appreciate the smallest now. We were drowning and still drowning with the blessings of Allah azza wa jal. You know what most people are dreaming about and wishing for right now

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is for their lives to go back to the way it was before Corona.

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They are wishing for their lives to go back to the lives before Corona where they were complaining about these lives.

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Don't complain about being isolated or being at home because this is still an AMA that one day you will be wishing that you will go back to this there are people in the hospitals that they wish that they are stuck at home.

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There are people who help at the airports

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in places and they wish

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that they are at home. So don't complain about being at home. Because one day it might become a wish

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to be from the people who are at home

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Good luck Colorado stuff Allah stuff in our life All right.

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Slow salatu salam ala mon learn me about

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my beloved brothers and sisters.

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Khurana keen to remind us of this area.

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Yeah, a Yohan.

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Tune for Cara.

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Elon law

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one law who will honey Yael Hamid

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Corona keen to remind us all mankind.

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You are all in need of Allah azza wa jal and Allah subhanho wa Taala is self sufficient, Worthy of all praise.

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We have the fog.

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A tiny invisible virus brought the whole world to its knees.

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We are so insignificant, clinically insane or die Eva, we are so weak. Corona came to remind us how weak we are.

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And it came to remind us the only way to survive is to be connected to the Kawaii

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is to be connected to the accordion Tawheed of Allah azza wa jal

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my brother, my sister,

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if you have a very close friend, very close, he's your best friend. And he's very influential, very rich, very powerful, very generous, very kind and he loves you so much. And he have the vaccine. How do you feel?

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You feel so relaxed.

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If you saw relaxed, what should I worry about? What do I need money? Hello, one phone call away. What do I need? Even if I get sick? He has the cure. Allahu Akbar. No one like that exist, but the Ulladulla mood exists exist. Allah azza wa jal has all this if Allah is with you, what are you worried about? You take by the precautions you take by the ASVAB you take by the means but the heart is attached to rock is attached to the creator of the means.

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Canola unit DJI comm Mina, women couldn't be curbed from time to Shikun. Allah subhanho wa Taala will save you from it and from any other distress, but yet

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you worship others.

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The brothers and sisters Corona came to teach us

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law Malaysia I mean Allah Allah

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there is no shelters no fleeing from Allah except to Allah.

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The only Sunni solution is to know and believe and have certainty that all our affairs are in the hands of Allah azza wa jal listen to this is Allah. The solution is in this area where you lay your towel

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when you lay your towel, American law,

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the affairs

00:22:24 --> 00:22:32

affairs are in the control of Allah azza wa jal so what should What should I do Allah, FAO would do?

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This the solution FOB would do whatever can Allah

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this is the solution is to become true Abbi to Allah azza wa jal true slaves to Allah subhanho wa Taala

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This is the question you have to ask ourselves, Am I a slave or am I a master? My brother when you pray wherever you want it to pray. That means you the Master. Know Allah subhanho wa Taala told us that a Salawat the prayers KhanAcademy me Nina ki turban mo Kuta and a certain specified times there's a huge window out of the realm of Allah azza wa jal.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala is the only one who can get us out from this telecall la cannot Allah have complete trust in Allah azza wa jal complete trust Subhanallah

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if I'm giving the talk right now

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my brothers and sisters and I have 50 Bodyguards with me loaded with machine guns all around me.

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And the guy from the crowd.

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He pulled a kitchen knife and started threatening me.

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If I get scared

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if I get scared from this guy, what does that mean?

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That means I do not trust the 50 Bodyguards that are loaded with guns. Well Allah Hill method Allah, Allah has with us put your complete trust in Allah azza wa jal take by the means and put complete trust in Allah subhanho wa taala.

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Khurana came to remind us that in the last three years

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with hardship that it definitely is, in nama allostery useful my brothers and sisters this is a major test.

00:24:37 --> 00:24:38

Some of us will fail.

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And some of us will pass with distinction. May Allah make us all from the people who pass this test. I mean,

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so we have to

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go back to Allah azza wa jal

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and go to his book, which have the solution for every matter. There's a beautiful

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Subhan Allah, we should see it not only now

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during, in any time of our life in the day tonight in your sujood when you wake up Allahumma in obika means a word in ametek what the Holy theistic waffle? Matic was your near exotic Allahu Akbar, Allah, I seek refuge in You, from Subhan Allah, from what from for things, the disappearance of the blessings, how many blessings disappeared, and that the whole of the Earth via our health switched from healthy to sickness and the suddenness of your vengeance, and I seek refuge in You from all forms of your wrath. My brothers and sisters

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in that allowing nearly a lot you're

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just looking at the magic

00:26:05 --> 00:26:11

that was vibrant only few weeks ago. A lie a lie. It breaks our heart

00:26:14 --> 00:26:57

Yeah, Allah I beg you with the best of your names with the best of your names to bring us back to necessity Allah, Ya Allah I beg you with the best of your names to lift this calamity from the whole Maya Allah, Ya Allah I beg you ya Allah I beg you I ask you out of the light I mean to kill all our secure job ya Allah have mercy on all our brothers and sisters that destiny? Yeah Allah Yeah, Camilla could I mean yeah or Hamra he mean the live now Ramadan along with Luna Ramadan Allah whomever live Naramata y'all Allah make us from the people who reach Ramadan and pray in the massage in Ramadan ya Allah please yeah Allah we beg Your Allah to bring us back to your misogyny in Ramadan

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Ya Allah krummenacher mean your Allah forgive us your Allah Ya Allah we have wronged ourselves, Rob, Donna, Ramona and for Santa where Ilam talk fildena Waterhen then Hakuna mean Aloha serene, especially to our to our brothers and sisters, not only brothers and sisters, to the men and women who are in the medical field, may Allah may Allah subhanho wa Taala protect you. May Allah increase you may Allah reward you immensely, and everyone who's participating in finding a cure. I ask Allah azza wa jal to inspire you with the cure in sha Allah, Allah. May Allah subhanaw taala protect our brothers and sisters that are suffering all over the word Allah muffled and I don't know when or

00:27:34 --> 00:28:19

where it's rough NFE Emelina with a bit of them and when sadhana and of calm will Catherine, Allah Allah in Nana o to becoming bossy will Junoon he will do them wanting to see a scone or hammer rock. I mean, you're a criminal Crimean you're the enemy and we're fortunate enough to have boohoo Rob Danna Tina for dunya Hassan. Hassan walk in other than now, Rob Danna, that was a clue, but it had Atena will have let him in Lebanon Kurama in Tel hub in Allahumma. Let us alone Island maybe you're Latina and somebody who was selling with a slim Allahumma Salli ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed can also later that Brahim early Ibrahim in Naka Hamidah Majeed, along with Eric I know Muhammad Ali Muhammad

00:28:19 --> 00:29:00

come about director Rahim while early Ibrahim in Naka, Hamidah Majeed, my brothers and sisters that are watching from home as we are praying Juma here, please do pray to her for Raka at home and please finally, I ask you for all the brothers and sisters that love epic for all the brothers and sisters that are following us. Please help us support epic during this pandemic and donate on online or you could go through Zell at the link is below donate at Epic Majid that org May Allah subhanaw taala multiply your wealth many many many folds because I can look here without a coffee calm Welcome to Salah.

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