Can we hide income to pay LESS taxes and Effects of Demonetisation

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Mansoor Danish speaks on the issue of hiding income to pay Lower Taxes and the recent Demonetisation issue and exchanging money with lower value.

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The speaker discusses the issue of D monetization in India and how it is a problem for Muslims to pay taxes. They emphasize that every Muslim must fulfill their trust in the government by disclosing their income, and that anyone who is hiding their wealth should pay taxes on a regular basis. The speaker also addresses the issue of D monetization and emphasizes that it is a problem for Muslims to pay taxes.

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Kumara Allahu Barakatuh in Alhamdulillah una stir in Havana stuck through when I also believe him in Cerulean fusina woman sejahtera Marina Mayor De La Paloma De La MaMa you live Allah Heidi Allah wa Chateau en la la la la la de la sharika Allah wa shalonda Mohammed Abdullah rasuluh I'm about to find a federal law title howdy howdy Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Bashara, lamudi, Masato Hakuna Matata certain ba da ba colavita tiene de la la la la de la la, la, respected brothers and sisters, I'm going to speak to you quickly on an issue relating to paying of taxes and the recent D monetization issue in India. Now, as far as paying of taxes is concerned, this is a very important

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issue. And I want to make it abundantly clear my respective brothers and sisters in Islam, that it is imperative upon every Muslim that he pays his taxes. Absolutely in order of what the government ruling is, there is no scope of hiding your source of income. In case you are hiding a source of income. This is against the teachings of the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam, the prophet alayhi salatu was Salam commanded the Muslims to not betray the trust that the government or the people put on you. And even if they betray you, you need to fulfill your trust. So my dear brothers and sisters in Islam, when you are staying in a country where the laws

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are such that you need to pay the income taxes, you must fulfill the trust that the government has shown on you by disclosing your income entirely. This is part of fulfilling the trust that we have had with the government. And make this point once again, abundantly clear my respective brothers and sisters, paying of income taxes is compulsory, hiding your income, or trying to show your income lower than it actually is, is against the trust that the nation that the government has put on you. And this is an important issue. Because if you understand the current D monetization issue, some of the people who have been largely affected by this are those who had a lot of unaccounted wealth in

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the home. And now they're running to the banks, trying to get these money deposited to the bank or convert them. But for those who have been paying the taxes regularly, and they have nothing to fear, they can just go and deposit the entire money into their account. My dear brothers and sisters, let us make a pledge from your own, that we don't break the trust that we have made with the government when we are staying in this nation. The second point which I want to make is the issue of D monetization. And it has been coming in the news that some of the people are going and discounting the unaccounted wealth at 30 to 40%. In order to take the new currencies, my dear brothers and

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sisters, this falls into the state of grubba. And it is forbidden for a Muslim to do it.

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The currency may have been withdrawn, but the currency has not merely been withdrawn, it has been replaced by an equivalent amount. So if you had 1000 rupee notes, and a 500 rupee note, you can go to the bank and you can get it replaced 100% The government has opened that window, the government hasn't

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closed wassalam said

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the spot when you exchanging 500 it should be exchanged for 500 rupees when exchanging 1000 or 2000, it should be exchanged for 2000. Exactly, there should be no discounting factor, because otherwise it will become an issue of Weber. And we seek refuge in a lot from this. So in summation of what we've discussed today, in this live video, is the issue of paying the taxes honestly as a citizen, which even the government appeals to you. But in addition to the government making an appeal, as Muslims, we need to fulfill the trust. So if any of you my dear brothers and sisters in Islam, we're not making the payment of taxes properly, or you had wealth which were not accounted for. This is

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the time that you fulfill the trust and account for your wealth entirely. There is no harm in paying taxes, the issue becomes when we hide the taxes. The second was the issue of D monetization. And as I mentioned with the issue of D monetization, we need to make sure that we exchange the money at like for like equal for equal if you have 1000 you exchange it for 1000 you don't try to discount it and rest Allah Subhana Allah knows best. I thank all of you for joining me live subhanak alohomora handing a shadow nyla Highlanders