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Can the Quran be read from a phone was lying down?

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Well, technically speaking, it is allowed to recite the Quran lying down and standing and walking and in all of the normal clean circumstances that are allowed, except of course, those which have been mentioned specifically, we're not allowed to recite Quran in opposition, or we're not allowed to recite it in such the during Salah. We are not allowed to recite it in a state of Geneva and sexual impurity and so on. whilst you're on the toilet, these are the exceptions that every other time it is permissible for you to recite the Quran. But at the same time, we want to try and maintain and uphold a honored sacred tradition of the Edit of the Quran, the manners and the respect

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that that is deserving of the seriousness of the book of Allah and the speech of Allah. And so we know that the perfect citation will be huge amounts of it actually, every it's the best of the code. And if you're reciting Yanni for five hours a day, that's actually how much people should be doing, how much time you should be given to the person who's doing that. It should be done with your best clothes and your absolute Friday best and best perfume and facing a pebble and sitting down and not a phone, electronic little thing that has all kinds of

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things that have pictures that can come up on the screen and notifications but almost half that will never change and it's physical and you feel it and you touch it and you feel that the alim you feel the the exalted pneus of the world, that's what you know, you get 10 out of 10 for a citation, that's the perfect citation. But who's gonna do that all the time and our kids gonna be able to do that what we're trying to encourage our children to memorize the Quran and to connect with it and they don't understand it and they don't want to is incredibly boring and monotonous especially when they're doing what's called Maharajah which is to revise the memorize Quran again again and a person

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that just wants to lie down and it's repeated or whatever you cut down Avenue often you might cause an affront to a kind of pushing away of people from that. So this is balanced, just like you know that for a kid will take one will allow them not to make although if they are able to recite the Quran and allow us to allow allow us to teach them and for them to you know, play along with us, you will always assess the person that you're giving this permission or ages it to, you will make sure that you don't push them away from the Quran entirely at the same time, you always want to try and promote an increased greater respect of the reading of the Quran in connection and the feeling of

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that haber that sacredness that should be there when you're connecting with the book of Allah subhanaw taala. So, as I said, it's a balance. Yes, technically something might be permissible and yes, sometimes even for the most best scholar and worship, they need a bit of time to sit chill out and relax with the book of Allah. But we want to also inculcate that that respect as well. So balance and case by case basis. Hey, thank you for watching and subscribe so you can continue to get the rest of the videos I don't know what somewhere over here, there, whatever whatnot is beautiful. This, this series of videos space IQ, and we need your support, and that's by watching it by sharing

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Shaykh Abu Eesa discusses

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