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Shaykh Waleed Basyouni answers the question about Zakat Al Fitr. Find out who is eligible to receive Zakat, and what the are requirements for someone to be eligible.

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Who should receive the cattle filter or who's eligible to receive the cattle photo? People ask about who should I give the cattle photo to?

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There is an aeration among the Maliki or opposition among some of the Maliki and some of the hanabi Allah and that's chosen by shekel Islam Ibn taymiyyah Rahim Allah, that's a cattle photo should be only given to the poor and to the Misaki to the needies. So the happier and miskeen and they said because of the ambassador the allow unsaid that the cattle Philippa Bo hora, Li, a saw him managed for Allah will Misaki it's a food should be given to the poor and to the Misaki in the knees. So that means we should restrict it to this two categories only, while the majority of the aha, the Shafilea and enough and some Maliki's said no, actually, the one who can be kind of seems a cattle

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filter are the same people who received as a cat in general, that eight categories that were mentioned in the Quran in regard to the receiver of the general's account. And there is no proof to make that distinguish between the cattle fertile and the cattle man, when it comes to the recipient. In the Masada party, Lil fukada Asada party is a general term, so apply to all eight categories. And I would say, personally, I would encourage you to look for the poor to look for the needy and to give them from your sadhaka that's much safer, because basically, you will be given part of the eight categories. And I think there's a lot of poor people really can benefit from your cattle

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filter. But if a case that is more money than what is the poor needs, we can use it in other categories as well.

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Who should it be giving on behalf of it shouldn't be giving on behalf of every member in your house, in your house. So the head of the household responsible to give us a cat on behalf of remembers in his house of his children? Even if one of your kids study maybe in another state or city? Yes, you still give basically is a counterfeiter on their behalf unless they're going to do it themselves. But as long as you can charge them, you should give this account on their behalf. If they became independent, they have their job, they have their home, or she got married and basically move out from the house you don't give the cat on their behalf. You are allowed if you want to, but it's not

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obligatory anymore. What if your wife is pregnant? And do you give as a cattle federal on behalf of that child inside her womb the majority of the heart would say no, because he's not born yet there is no rules and related related to that baby yet until he is or she is born.

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But if you want to give it you know it's more subtle or more donation May Allah subhanaw taala accept from you.

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And I want to say also one thing in the end, the captain filter is a very important element in our religion. And we have to ask ourselves why we gives it out that photo is a cattle photo carries a lot of meanings that I want you to focus on and to reflect upon. Number one, it shows the responsibility of the head of the household the father the toward his family that he give and there'll be half the cattle filter also shows that even you just finished a great a bother it's fasting you starting another ebara which has given us a cat so that the batter will continue his will not end with Ramadan. So cattle photo for me, it means that you never feel arrogant that you

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have done so much you still need a purification you still need to make up whatever missed insulin siyam by giving this a cat is a cattle filter. For me it means another chance for those who do not perfect there seem to catch up even the defeat by giving check out the photo for here to horahan the cyber purification for the person who fast the cat the photo for me it means establishing social solidarity that you feel for the poor in the moment, we're simply celebrating your age when you're so happy. And and spending time with your family. You don't forget about those who are less fortunate than us. Even poor people can give the cattle photos to another poor person. So it showed

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that solidarity that we remember one another it's a cattle photo for me. It basically remind me of a very important principle in life, which is to perfect your active portion. It meant to perfect our car. So I hope that this will lead us to look at life in this way. May Allah accept from all of us our soccer and our good deeds or ceremony, Guatemala