Volunteer Or Spend Time With Family On Eid

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Shaykh Waleed Basyouni answers the question “should one volunteer on Eid or spend their time on Eid with their family?”

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This question about, is it better to spend it with family or to volunteer? You know, every time I get a question like this, should I do this? Or this kind of, you know, it's very hard to put me in that position to make you choose between two good things. Should I spend it with family or volunteer? Can you do both? And you saved me the answer. But I would say, you know, what, do a little bit of both. Sometimes, because I remember mustard, and I know that if we don't have volunteers in the day after eat coming early, organize the traffic, you know, setting up the carpet and making the place ready. Nobody's going to do that. So we need volunteers to do that. I know as

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basic as a person who participated in the past, and I know many of my friends, students and

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community members who go on the delivery to distribute to toys or food to the poor people with local organization, if there is nobody to volunteer for that, you know, the poor members of our community will not, you know, receive these gifts on time. So I know the value and the importance of volunteering. But also I know the importance of spending time with family, your wife, your kids, your parents need to see you need to have spent time with you. So what I would say this needs a little bit of organizing. So if you do it one year, maybe you take a break second year and you bring someone else to do it, maybe you do some time like divide the time to spend some times with the

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family with volunteering in the morning. But after that you spend more time with the kids would it be fair, for example, you volunteer the the morning and after you finish with them, you've come dead, tired sleeping, and you don't spend any time with the family and try to balance it. And I want to say to the family, please don't give your husband, your son, your daughter, your your wife a hard time. If the volunteering, basically support them. And one good thing maybe you can do you all can volunteer as a family together and ask them to help you. But again, you have to balance that yourself from one to another from one year to another balance the time that you spend. But equally

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they have been helped by give everybody their due rights.