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Can I Avoid Masjid & Salatul Jumu’ah Out Of Fear Of Coronavirus

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Shaykh Ammar AlShukry discusses

Episode Transcript

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It allowed for me to avoid going to the masjid as well as a lot of drama out of fear of the Coronavirus.

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in Laos less than a mile or so de la. The American Muslim jurists Association released a statement regarding the Coronavirus that revolves around a number of points. Number one, it's not permissible for a message to suspend the daily prayers or Salatu. Juma unless there is a Local Health Advisory if that is the case, then massage it should comply. It is however permissible for them to demand of those who have flu like symptoms that they wear surgical mask or that they pray in a particular area of the mystery that they have a room for them to worship it asked for the individual, then there are a number of factors that dictate whether that person should go to the masjid or not number one, if

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they are healthy, they have no flu like symptoms, then they should go unless again there is a Local Health Advisory we're talking about Dr. Jamal because with regards to the daily prayers, it's a lot more flexible because the majority of scholars didn't consider that it obligatory. They didn't consider it obligatory for a person to have to go to pray them in to pray them in the masjid. But with regards to salata Juma, unless there's the Local Health Advisory, then they should go, what if they are elderly people who are high risk people who have chronic disease, then they should speak to their primary care taker, their primary care physician, their doctor, because there are more

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concessions allowed for them. As for someone who has who like symptoms, if a person has flu like symptoms, then they should avoid going to the masjid. Why? Because the prophets of Allah to send them he said that let them avoid going to the masjid whoever has the in onions or garlic and undoubtedly, the harm that would come from a person having flu like symptoms is greater than the harm of a person going to the masjid. For example, with regards to the smell of onions or garlic was

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