Being Tested With Hardship vs Goodness – Eternal Eloquence

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The speaker discusses how the idea of serving as a person of Jesus' orders is still relevant today and how everyone is required to fulfill their role as a person of Jesus' orders. The speaker explains that serving is not a means to pleasure, but rather a means to fulfill God's request for everyone to be treated with excellence. The speaker also mentions that serving is required in all scenarios, including those where wealth is tested and people are in the good times.

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Allah azza wa jal says about human beings family in son, Ethan Abdullah are both a crumb who and um who were a whole lot of the Quran in surah turfed, he says, and as for mankind or the human being, when Allah as you test them, and he gives him wealth, that person then translates that as God loving them. Well, I'm either I'm a potato, for God, the idea here is to hope for all or be a Hannah. And then when Allah has been tested the other by withholding that it's, he then translates it as Eliza is yet forsaking them or humiliating them or not loving them. And so this is something that you actually see you see it in real time, people will say, God loves me why? Because I've gotten all of

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this or every time I want something, I get it or I'm just so successful. It's an indication of God's love for me. And Allah is that's not true Allah is refuting that concept. Rather, everyone is tested by wealth or assisted by the withholding of risk. And in both of those scenarios, what we are required to do is to fulfill our servitude to Eliza yet that we recognize all of our scenarios are tests from Allah as of yet we are tested by being married we are tested by being single, we are tested by having wealth we are tested by not having wealth, we are tested in the good times and we're tested in the bad. And in all of those circumstances. The one constant that is required from

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us is to travel on this journey of servitude to Allah as of yet as beautifully as we can ask Allah as to allow us to be of those who worship Him beautifully.