3 ways to honor the sacred month of Rajab

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So my brothers and sisters in Islam, we are now in worship, and we must honor the sacred month because Allah azza wa jal honored it and its honor was mentioned in the Quran. It's sacred, as was mentioned in the Quran. How do we honor this month? Listen three ways. Number one, we must believe and acknowledge that this month we are in now the month of Rajab is a sacred month, it's a noble month. That's the first way of honoring it, you must acknowledge this in your heart, in your soul in your mind. Don't be heedless of this fact. And don't have this fact, only for today after this lesson. And then tomorrow is a different story. Elijah is with us for another 30 days, I month. Keep

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this fact in your mind alive. You must acknowledge it sacredness and you must honor it. That's the first way in honoring this month. Number two, the way your honor this month that we're in Russia, the secret month is by not running yourself, which means keep away from sin, delay your sins, keep away from them, do not do them. Now, stay away from sins, if you plan to do a sin delay or delay it till after Ramadan, not now it will trust me if you do that. By the time Ramadan comes you would have have developed enough Eman and strength that you will leave the sin altogether and never return to it. So right now, it's a psychological game in your mind and play this game well win over your

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desire, be victorious, over shape on be victorious over your desire. Say to yourself, if you have a desire to simply say to yourself, I'm going to delay this sin until after Ramadan. I won't be late after they let me do it. And that's the irony when we learn about suburb. One of the categories of suburb is to a sub Ronald Marcia is to be patient from sins. You know that's a form of solid. When you keep away from sin, and you're being patient. And you're being patient as you keep away from the sin. Your desire is burning inside. You want to watch that haram clip. You want to chat to a woman in Haram. You want to do something that's haram, but you'd be patient and you see, Oh Allah, I'm

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going to remain patient for your sake, I'm going to delete his sin. I'm going to do that patience is rewarded. that patience is rewarded Allahu Akbar sobre el Moussa is a great form of patience. So this is what you need to do. To honor this month delay the sin by Wallahi. By the time Ramadan comes during Raja and Shaban and Ramadan, you will have Bismillah enough Eman. enough power enough strength that is given to you by Allah. That evening Allah you will cut the sin in your life completely. You will not feel any desire for it. No any attachment for it. Trust me, my brothers and sisters in Islam. You need to be patient, be patient and be even Allah, you will see the benefit of

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your patients Subhan Allah

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and you must also keep away from ruining others do not oppress anyone in this month. Keep away from that you shouldn't do that at all, but especially in this month. And the third way in how we honor this month is that you should know there is no special good deed that also allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us that should be done in Russia. There's no specific Salette there's no specific fasting There's nothing specific that was all allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us that if Russia enters then do 123 There's nothing like this, no matter continue normally do whatever good deeds you do increase in your good deeds, increase in your fasting pray the nights without believing

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that there's a specific Hadith that told us to do so in a during this month.

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And the one thing that you should focus on and this is the third point I'm sharing with you and how to honor this month. The one thing that should be your focus is to keep your heart clean from all sins,

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and from all evil. And from all filth, and lewdness and shamelessness and vulgarity. Keep away from all this garbage, all this rubbish. Keep away from the power of a shape on stay away from it all together. Make sure your heart is cleansed in this month. Focus on that clean your heart in this month, the month of Rajab command my brothers and sisters in Islam there's only Roger and then there is Chabad and the Ramadan and Ramadan and what Allah he will law he will Allah He my brothers and sisters in Islam, the one who refrains

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from sin and fights himself, this requires effort and Mujahidin from your side. It requires a struggle. The one who struggles against himself to keep away from sin or law, he is going to see the effect of it in Ramadan. When Ramadan comes, you're going to feel a huge, huge spike in your email.

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A huge elevation in your Eman in your relationship with Allah sergeant, because you've been preparing from it from now.

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It is worship my brothers and sisters in Islam that we honor this month that we're in pleasure. Keep away from sins.