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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the Hadeeth hadith, which is the advice of the doctor Lowe Alia to avoid going into an area with a outbreak of disease. The Hadeeth is not a virus, but rather a hesitation to go into an area where there is a lot of cases. The Hadeeth is not a barrier, but rather a priority for public health.
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Why is the ruling on traveling to a region or an area that has a more severe outbreak of disease than where you are?

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So we all know by now that the professor Lowe Alia was alone he prohibited to enter into an area where there is plague, and to flee from an area where there is plague. The question is, is this Hadeeth? Something which is religious intrinsically? Or is it because of public safety and health in general? And what does that question even mean? What I'm what I'm trying to say is that is there any law of this hadith is the actual wisdom and the reason that the prophets lie, Selim said this, to protect people and to work for their best interests. If that's the case, then we have the flexibility of using this hadith and not worrying about it if a health authority or the or the

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health experts, specialists and authorities tell us that it is safe for us to go into an error, even if the situation is worse, because they understand they know that the herd immunity is larger, because you're taking precautions because they've set up vaccination or in the in the case of no vaccine, then they've got testing going on. And, you know, they've basically said that it is something which we are in control, were aware of the actual thing, our the threat and the nature and is not going to be affected by you going that, then, in my opinion, this Hadees does not actually go against this advice. This Hadith is basically and it's important, by the way, that you realize that

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scholars differed over whether this was referring just to plague, or whether this was a religious ruling at large, and it is completely against everything, or whether this is something which is just as I said, a general advice that is meant to be for the public benefit. And this is obviously about SARS Cove to the virus, which causes COVID-19 disease. And we know that it is of course very contagious, but it's not a plague is definitely not the plague. It's not as virulent as a plague not as deadly as the plague is nature is not nothing like the plague in terms of its characteristics. A pandemic, yes, but that does not make it the plague. And that's why it is correct to say that only

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limited legal rulings can be taken by analogy from these headings. So in summary, if a if the specialists, those who understand this very well, and they the epidemiologists who tell us that it is safe to go into an area or it is dangerous to go into a particular area, or leave from an area or you must be in quarantine or you should come out of quarantine, then the Hadees actually do not go against this this head is not going against that. Because as I said that the aim of the Hadees is to follow the best advice to protect the people. And if it becomes the case that opening up the economy and starting things up again, to get things going and to maybe develop even herd immunity in a

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controlled way and the hospitals want to try and do an active program, then I think this Hadeeth is not a an impediment or barrier. But actually it supports the general principle that public health and benefits benefit is to be given priority while la hota Allah Allah

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