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peaceful, peaceful, peaceful.

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I can sit down to LA How are you doing? I'm doing very well. All right. Thank you for being with us today on the deen show. It's a pleasure of mine. So here on the D show, we'd like to just get straight to it. Gotcha. All right, so I'm gonna start asking you some questions, some questions, and I'm sure the common folk want to know you come from see Irish descent, as sir. Irish, Irish and German, Irish and German. So a lot of Muslims in Ireland, to be honest with you, it's growing. It's very rapid growing religion in in Ireland, more than you would expect. It was the predominant Roman Catholic, Roman Catholic. So you grew up Roman Catholic, I was exactly born and raised Roman

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Catholic. Okay, so how did you end up here and as a Muslim? Well, as a Muslim, as a child, I really didn't understand what it meant to be to understand who God was. It was almost like a fairy tale. Really. You would watch a cartoon? Or you would, you would think of what your parents would teach you what the church is trying to portray against you and you all you're thinking along the lines, is who is this invisible deity? What What is it to be God, you would see this image and across

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the dead person on a cross? How is the child? Is this my god? Is this what they're, they're preaching to me. But at the same time, when I look into fairytale cartoons, as God was a big white robe, a big white beard, hanging his head over the clouds of the sky, so I was a bit confused. So this is where I misunderstood what what it was seriously to be not only Roman Catholic, because to be honest with you, I wanted to become a priest, and my father wants to become a minister. But how would you become a minister or a priest? If you're not understanding what it is the message that you're trying to preach to other people? That's where I, the the stop was for me. I didn't

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understand. So that's what the road began. Okay, so how did you finally step over into Islam? To be you know, it's funny, and it may sound a little taboo. But the one thing that drew me closeness to Islam was the women, the Muslim women, I'm not talking about Arab women. I'm talking about a Muslim woman who wore the hijab, the head scarf to me, I had an immediate attraction to them. They were I fell in love with that image. Wow, this is amazing, these beautiful women covering herself up, why are they doing this? They have so much pride and so much love and respect for the religion. They're not hiding in a monastery like a nun. What they're doing is they're portraying their religion openly

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and publicly. Without any shame. I fell in love with it. And that, believe me, it sounds a little taboo. But that's where my my role began with with women, we're going to help clear up because that's one of the goals of the deen show is to help clear up some of these misconceptions. One by starting off when you see two, you were born in Ireland or No? Okay. So you're an Irish American? Yes, sir. So same thing here. I'm American born in America. So when you see two Americans who are actually Muslim, because as soon as you think Muslim, you think big beard and you think, an Arab or something. So that's the first misconception that we're clearing. Muslim can be from China, from

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Ireland, from Bosnia, from England. All right, that is correct. And we know by Statistics, this is not a hidden factor. Less than 15% of all Muslims are Arab origin. Yes, that's a minority, the majority are Asian, and the more more African or black, so to speak, Muslims, then there are Arab. So we have this misconception. But why do we have this misconception? The reason why we have this misconception, is because we don't understand the the purpose of our existence is that all we understand is what we are we're portraying ourselves to be and what we are portraying what the idea of what God is supposed to have. This is this is where it falters. This is where the lens, the

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microscope lens falls on a group of individuals as opposed to the entire body. Yes. So that's one of the misconceptions and other thing. You mentioned, the Islamic covering where a woman instead of just flaunting herself for everyone to see, right, all right, where it's more, you know, the pop culture, just let it all hang. Are you actually impressed by the Muslim women who are actually preserving their beauty correct for their husbands? Right, if you have a given example, if you have a jewel, yeah. What would you do with that jewel? Would you show it off to total strangers would you put it out in public and just let any anybody hold it?

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Touch that eventually what you're going to do is you're going to get fingerprints on it, somebody's going to drop it, it's going to get damaged. And the the, the value of it is going to depreciate, you're not going to have the total value of that jewel, simply because you did not mask it. You did not protect it. Yes, that's women. Women are when we understand what Islam is and how it was revealed. If we, if we really understand when, when the Prophet Muhammad was when he received the first revelation, from the angel Gabriel, he went straight to his home, who did he run to? He went to a woman, he ran into the lap of a woman and he cried in the lap of a woman. Why? Because inside

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the lap of a woman is comfort, it's nurture. And when when Mohammed had died when he was on his deathbed, he didn't die with with a sword in his hand. He didn't die. He died in a lap of a woman. Yeah, so Islam started by a woman and it ended by a woman. Women have such a great role in this religion that are completely misunderstood, that by their beauty itself, there's nurture, there's comfort, even in the the the word womb, it comes from protection, nurture, and that's exactly what we seek in the religion of a stem, nurture and comfort. Nothing else. For those of you just turn it on, we have author and publisher, Jr, Pharaoh, we're gonna be talking about his road to Islam,

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getting you familiar with how he lived before. And that's what we're gonna get into now. You were actually born here in Chicago, the Southside of Chicago and what your family's from Ireland.

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second, or third generation descendants. I do have some from Sicily. Yeah. So so

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an Irish Okay, my father's Actually, this usually what my father is German and Irish. And my mother is polish and Italian. Yeah. So we have this European type of East Meets East Midwest type of don't don't don't have any. Remind me to ask you what your parents did when they find out, you're Muslim. They bring out the walk out of the garden, but we'll get to that later. But the thing is now that

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real quick, we mentioned Muslim and Islam. Islam simply means surrender and submission to the Creator of the heavens and earth and a Muslim is one who does Islam the action of surrendering one's will to the will of the Creator. Okay. So I wanted to define that for them real quick, just

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not to confuse anybody. Now tell me, Jr. called Jr. School. Okay, Jr. Tell us now, what were some of your beliefs before you came to Islam? Well, what we understand in Christianity and Catholicism, there is a code of ethics, better known as the easy guide syndrome. The easy guide syndrome is simply I can do whatever I want. I could go and live my life any way I want. But I have to understand and believe that Jesus had died for my sins. And by accepting him as an atonement for my sins. I am completely free from any guilt from from any punishment for anything that I have done. If I were to take something from you steal from you. Should I go to my neighbor and say, Hey, Mike, I

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stole this wallet from Eddie, please forgive me, Mike. And Mike will say you're forgiven. Does that make any sense at all? didn't make any sense to me either. Yeah. And Mike will say, you know what, all you have to do is say few little prayers and you're good to go. I'm like, Oh, cool. I got a whole wallet. Eddie's out, I'm good. That doesn't make any sense to me. But that's not the foundation of where people go wrong. Because I don't want to bash on Christianity, nor do I want to bash on Catholicism, because they're great morals. They're great respects. They're a great foundations of what it is to be a good person and these religions, what I want to differentiate is

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between what it is to be a follower of GOD, and a follower of your own worldly desires. Jesus in the Bible is quoted by saying, Why do you transgress? Why do you transgress God's laws for the sake of your own tradition? Now, when we understand that, what does he mean? He doesn't mean simply to follow anything that you want to do. He's saying, obey God's commandments, regardless what you are, he doesn't say, Oh, you Jews or Israel lights? He doesn't say Oh, my, he said he does not differentiate between anybody. He does it straight. Don't transgress God's laws, for your sake of your own tradition? Don't do that. What are some of the traditions that we fall into that puts our

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philosophy and our ideologies above God's will? And that's what this this show is basically for understanding how we are changed. Put our our laws above God's laws, and how we are currently in our current situation along the way now growing up, how did you figure all this out? Now how did this stem up? Well, I should

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began reading the Bible. And I read the Torah and I read a few different versions of the of the Bible. And I had a few, like I said, my father, my father grew up in his 60s, we can't understand what it is like a cause and effect type of situation. You I cannot I cannot give you my story until you understand how I was raised. My father grew up in his 60s, in the Southside of Chicago, where the blacks and white movement was kind of, you know, racial, racial segregation. There was a lot of violence, a lot of fights. My father actually had fought physically with Martin Luther King Jr. And so we formed his own little white posse gang to chase the the black fellows out of Garfield park on

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55th street there. So with this, the way he was raised is simply segregation. And when we look into the Catholic Church, all we see is total segregation, total domination of what white race, everything about the Catholic Church is white race, the image of Jesus as the white race, that the image of God is the white race, every single Pope is the white race. Everything from St. from St. Peter, the first pope all the way up into our current current Pope Benedict, all white race. So this is what I have in my mind, white race superior, everyone else is secondary. This is what I had in my mind. Now when I start reading the Bible, I started saying, Wait a second, Solomon was black. How

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can Solomon via profit if he was bad boy, God must love black people. Yeah, these these are a few of the things Jesus was was Jewish. Well, I think in my mind, well, the Jewish people killed my God. How and then I was confused. Between racism, religion, tradition, culture, I was my brain was going like a scramble they I did not understand where to focus. Do you think Jesus was white? Also blind epsilon here. Jesus was my God. He was my dude. He was just like my, my sisters. But when you read the Bible, actually, he's more on the darker side darker complexion, right on the book of Revelation, chapter one, verse 14, and 15, where Paul has a vision of Jesus as Jesus, Jesus ascends

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into heaven. Paul had fall, he falls on his hands and knees, and he looks upon the sky, and he sees a figure with curly hair, like tight like wool. His feet are the color of bronze, and his skin is the is the shade of darkened Amber. Well, that doesn't appear to be this blond, blond haired, blue eyed God that I've been worshipping all along. Who is this person? They're also other forms of the lineage, if we will find in the book of Matthew, the lineage between Jesus and his direct link or lineage to Solomon, who Solomon was black. How do you know Solomon was black? Because in the book of Isaiah, Solomon says, Do not judge my skin by the color of the sun shining upon me, for my skin is

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already black. So he's, he's declaring, declaring that I am black by skin, don't judge me. Yeah. So we have this foundation. And this is where a lot of Southern Baptists find the idea that Jesus is black. And a lot of people from the Nation of Islam, the Louis Farrakhan movement, they actually believe that Jesus was black. Some of them believed that he was white. But this is, again, we have to get back to the beginning here. What is the focus of this episode? This episode is a misunderstanding of God's laws, and putting our ideologies above his will. Why? How are we doing it? We are focusing so much on racism, and segregation and nationalism that we forget, we forget to

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understand the jewel, the golden jewel that's in the package, Jesus was the most precious package of all, he was a very precious package. But what do we do? We just look at the outside wrapping the bow and the ribbon. We never open up and see the preciousness inside there. Yeah, stop looking at the outside image. And let's look inside. Let's explore it. Jesus says in the Bible, he says, To prove all things, know all things, prove it. And you will know. He also says, truth will set you free. How is it true if How will truth ever set you free? If you are so

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wrapped in your own culture? So you find you're searching for truth? Now you're really starting to investigate? Did you feel you had a connection with the creator where you want him to guide you are at this point? No. This point I began to almost feel that I was an atheist, to say well, hmm, all what I was taught all along by the church, the church, church is such a dominant business Actually, it's like an organization in the world. If they're if they're wrong, and there are more Christians in the entire world, then who am I to separate myself from that? Christians. I know some very good Christian people, some great Christian

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to people. And at the same time, I knew some very

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dishonest and some devious Muslims, very devious. Many of my Christian friends were better moral ethics than some of the Muslim people that I knew. Now you're really confused. Now I'm very confused What's going on? So I start to think, well, Muslims, I have one of my very good friends in high school. I went to give her a Christmas gift. And she says, I don't celebrate Christmas. So do you crazy. Christmas is a great holiday. It's all about joy and Holly and share. How dare you? She says, No, I don't accept Jesus.

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Excuse me. Jesus is one of the perfect creations ever on Earth, do you? And so, and then I had another Muslim friend who gave me a Christmas gift. I said, Oh, geez, one doesn't accept another one does? I know it's a lot of confusion. So in the midst of all the confusion, right, how do you come to know the truth? Well, we get back to the women. These women were just in my mind, the net sexually attractive wise, when you are window shopping, and you will go past the same window every single day for a month, and see this item in the window and say, You know what? I know I can't buy that. I don't have the money for it, but I really like it. Yeah, and that's exactly every time I

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would see and it still happens to me today. Every time that I see Muslims, especially particularly the Muslim women wearing the headscarf. It's, I am amazed by that it still touches a nice precious part in my heart. And that's where it started.

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I was engaged in high school. And my fiance at the time had given me a full on as a gift for a birthday present. And I hated the Muslims. I hated them furious The only thing that was keeping me alive Do you hate it? I hated it. So that means you hated Islam? Most? Absolutely. It was my enemy. I thought Muslims where Mohammed ends you worship Muhammad, this middle eastern enemy terroristic movement. Yeah, you know, you you Muslims. Were I would call them you Muslims. You follow Ben Latin into the desert. You Yasser Arafat is your leader, Saddam Hussein is, you know, your commander in chief. This is what my perception was. But you know what, that's probably the majority of people who

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are ignorant about Islam, right. But you know what, I had to give the benefit of the doubt where it was due, because Yasser Arafat, he built an airport said, well give him the benefit of doubt, he built an airport. So that was saying, he gave his children his people electricity, where now they basically have nothing. So I gave him the benefit of that, well, what else? What I would do is I would give these tyrant leaders the benefit of the doubt, and by doing so, I started uncovering each stone, giving them the benefit of the doubt, I would see, well, if I can find mercy in them. Maybe I can find mercy in this evil religion, this massive

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evil that hates the entire world, particularly in America, American Muslims hate me. Jeez, I'm never going to be a Muslim. I'm never going to be a Muslim. Well, I basically took the Quran and I threw it in the closet, throw it away, and I was gonna burn it. Yeah, it's, I don't want it. I don't want this

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cult thing in my home.

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So one night, I believe, believe me, I'm not exaggerating. One night I was. I my parents were divorced. So I was living with my father at the time. And when I was just sitting there in the home, and the sun was shining through the windows, it's such a beautiful Ray. And something like touched me and said, Hey, you know, there, there are answers to your questions. All you have to do is seek them. And I went, and I said, Well, I'll just give this little book a try. I picked it up the Abdullah use of alley translation. And I started reading it. And I started to cry. And I haven't I've never cried for religion. Never. in churches, I would often fall asleep. never cry, fall

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asleep. Mom, can I come? Can I go home now Dad? What time is it really? But this religion touched me. And I wasn't even in the first chapter yet. I was just reading the introduction. amazed. I said there's no way we this has been sitting in my closet all along. So this is the beginning of how I started perceiving a different image, opposed to this white bearded, white man that hangs his head over the clouds as God as I thought he was. Now he is a separate entity from me, because Catholics and Christians preach that

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God is everywhere. God is inside of you. God loves you so much that if you take the body of Christ and you drink his blood, he becomes of you. You do whatever you want. And put the image of God in the Quran, or the recitation was completely different. God can't be human. And when you look at the universe, and how minute of a speck we are, yeah, oh, no, how can God do that?

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Now, I started to understand what it was to be a human being.

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So there's where I stopped myself from putting tradition in front of religion, instead of put religion in front of tradition. So were things more lucid and clear, as before, because when I, you know, and I and I have a lot of different, you know, good Christian people, good friends that I talked to, and a lot of them have their own opinion, it seems like it's a lot of confusion, it seems like they're making up their own religion as they go along. Like, like you said earlier, basically, I can just do my own thing. I just got to accept that this one, Jesus, you know, he paid the price. He was the sacrificial lamb. Right. Right. was now that you're reading the Quran, were things more

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clear about who the creator was? What's your purpose was in life, where you're going when you die? Was everything just laid out? There's no guesswork anymore. It was as if I was reading the diary of my life, basically. But to explain, or to answer your concern, more specifically, because Christians pose a very, very, very good song topic, they would say or question they would say, Well, if every religion comes from God, and must lead back to God, right, great. I would accept that. If it was true.

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If I want, I'm from Chicago, if I'm going to take a trip down to Florida,

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there is only one way I can go. And that's, I'm living in Chicago, and I strip completely go south, southeast. Correct. That's one straight shot. And Christians will say yes, that's great. We're going se to illustrate with you. You can either take an airplane, you can take a car, you can take a train, you can take your bike, you can even walk. Now, if somebody were to tell you, that airplane that you're going to take to Florida has a faulty wing. And it's going to crash halfway down. Are you going to take that plane? No, no, not if you had sense. Yeah. If your car if the muffler of your car was falling off in your exhaust pipes, or you're not going to drive, the best way, what God says

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to do, is to walk in a right mind would walk from Chicago to Florida, he says that take one step at a time. If you take one step to God, He will take two to you. Step by step. He doesn't say go running, step by step. Not every single way of transportation or road leads to God. No, it does not. That has one mission. And he says it in the Bible numerous times. He says, I will tell you again and again, my message is one and I will send it many times it's in the Bible straight in the Bible. And I will provide you with these verses at the end of the show. Yeah. Now if God says that his message is one, where do we get these different ideas from? Here's where the disciples of Christ, when we

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look in the book of the of, particularly Matthew, as well as Mark, we could find that the the disciples, dishonored Jesus, more than we think they did. For instance, Peter turned his back on Jesus when he needed the most, the most precious disciple to Jesus, which Jesus calls Peter, you are the rock where the church will be established. Under your code of honor, you are the rock.

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But when we understand what the word Peter is, word Peter comes from, from Latin.

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Petros, you know, it also comes from Pappas, Peter, Peter, his father, it when you go to the Aramaic it becomes rock, which is the language Jesus spoke. But over time, they took Peter this entity, this one disciple, and they put him as the head of the church. Peter and Paul had many disagreements. they disobeyed Jesus many times when he didn't need him most. When Jesus was apparently being crucified. Peter said to him, I don't know that guy, he turned his back and his, his Lord turned his back on his Lord, if I was your true follower and faith, and I said, Eddie, you're the man. You know the weight of Florida, dude, I know it you do. Drop me on my bed. Jump me on your back and take me

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to Florida. No matter what. I will take a bullet for you. That's how much I love you. And that's what Jesus says. Jesus says, You must love me more than anything else. Then you will find the spirit of truth.

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Why did people

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You're disobeyed Jesus numerous times, he lied about him. That's not love. It's dishonor, it's deceit. But Jesus says, he continues to go on and say, This is in the book of Matthew again, he says, don't address anyone on here on Earth, as Father, for only my spiritual father in heaven, is the father of all. So Peter appoints himself as the first father, the Pope, the word Pope, in Latin means the father, every single Pope, we're calling them the father, Pope Pope in in Latin means the father the Father. Yeah. And when we, when we speak about priests, we say, Our Father, Thomas, forgive me, Father, Thomas, for I have sinned and the confession box, we are, we are going against

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Jesus's or God's will. And Jesus's authority. When Jesus says, do not address anyone here on Earth as father, yet we go into convection box and we call a priest father, putting him at equal with God. We're putting the pope above God by saying, okay, we go to the Pope's, because all the Pope's come from Peter, the father, wait a second, now I'm confused. I was I was mixed up. Here's where I started saying, Well, here's where we're putting tradition above religion. God said, don't do that. Jesus said, Don't do that. Don't address anyone here on Earth as father but we're doing that. How can I create a follow up? Well, then, who does this? Who does the pope pray to? If the pope is

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forgiving me for my sins, and the priest is forgiving me for my sins? Who's gonna forgive the Pope and the priest for the acts of there are more than 4500 cases of child molestation in the Catholic Church today, who's gonna forgive them? their self?

00:26:50--> 00:27:08

herself. When you go, I did a confession. When you go into the confession box, you say, forgive me, Father, for I have sinned. It's been three months since my last confession. And the priest will say, my son, confess your sins and you'll be forgiven. Right there. The priest is saying, My son, he is declaring you his son.

00:27:10--> 00:27:46

What does he do next? He says resort. We recite the Lord's Prayer. What is the Lord's Prayer? Let's let's analyze that for a second. Our Father, Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed been Hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom come, and we can get into the rest of the prayer. But I want to focus on the first three lines. Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. This is glorifying God in heaven, not putting God on earth. So why am I going to the priest and asking the priest for forgiveness? Shouldn't I pray to the God in heaven? My God, your God?

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Now I'm, I'm getting a clearer picture of who God is from studying Islam, you know, studying the Bible studying the Bible, right? Yeah, I'm understanding Islam through the Bible. You believe that? Well, acid Why wait a second. So you're not letting somebody else dictate to you. This is how you need to understand the Bible. You're taking upon yourself, searching for the truth and seeing Islam in the Bible. That's correct. Okay, because

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Christian, or I'm sorry, not Christianity, Catholicism, set up an ideology called the Trinity, the Holy Trinity, which was established 300 years after Jesus. Jesus never preached Trinity. You will never find anywhere that Jesus preached the Trinity. But let's not get into the details of that. Let's get into the details of something else.

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What God had sent to human humanity is trilogy, not Trinity. What's the trilogy? I'm sure you've watched the Star Wars movies. And I'm sure everybody know who JK Rowling is the author of Harry Potter.

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George Lucas is the the creator of Star Wars. If you are a Star Wars fan, and you tell George Lucas, you know what? I watched your first episode back in 1978. I'm a huge fan. I understand the whole story. Do you understand the whole story? You can't? Because you only watched one episode? Yeah, you got to watch all six episodes, to get the entire picture. God sent a trilogy, not Trinity, a trilogy of the Old Testament, which is a Torah, the New Testament, which is the Gospels and the Quran. It's a trilogy. You cannot be a Muslim until you read the first two epics of this of this tale. You can't be a Christian until you read the entire story. God is laying in Australia saying there's a

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beginning a middle and end. Don't jump in the beginning and say you're done with the story. I didn't I didn't finish my story in the beginning. I finished it in the end. In South Africa. We know the scholar named Ahmed deedat. He had, he had put up some beautiful bulletins, indicating that the recitation which direction recitation in English is the Quran. If you translate

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Grant English it's recitation. He had put up Bolton's the final testament. Wow, final testament what this final mean? It means the conclusion, it means he is going from beginning to middle to end. There's no more. So when we look back to these to the Bible, as we have it today, it's been changed. It's been altered. So so for the person who's looking now for the ultimate truth, something has been changed untampered with, he can find that today in the book that you read the verbatim Word of God, which is the Quran, exactly, you're absolutely correct, that we don't want to we don't want to mix the three religions to say that one is more superior than the other from beginning to end. But what

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we do say in what we do know, in the Quran, or the recitation is that God had, and we can find this in history. I have photos of front of mine head get paid $10,000 for this Quran that was found in Morocco. It's 980 years old. And it's exactly the same as today. And I have photos of it. Yeah, exactly as it is today. Now, you're right, the Bible has been tampered with. Okay. But what, how do we know that?

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You don't know that until you read it. To my understanding that out of 10 years of research, I came to, came to my own understanding that the Bible comes in three parts. It's comes of contradictions and faulty errors and typos, another is

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scrambled messages by Well, you can read one verse in the next verse, you kind of what's going on here throws you off, is it right? And the other third is God's law? Yeah. Because we can't say that the Bible was never God's law, because it was God's law. You you we actually have the word of God in the Bible, if something's in there, well, you just have to decode it. And you to do that the Quran, right, whatever is in

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correlation with the Quran, right? We accept that correct? Were you the first commandment here, O Israel, the Lord thy God is one. Jesus says the same thing are the same words is Moses and the last and final message, Mohammed, peace be upon them. So the same thing your God is one God where should come along? So we accept that as just giving the audience example that that what's in the Bible is the Word of God. Right? But where it says, Now give us an example where something that's in there that we can't ascribe to God?

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You're talking about in the Bible, right? Oh, yes, we can we there are many parts, for instance, the treatment toward women. Some, some very disturbing verses, were in the book of sirach ecclesiastics, which you will find in the Roman Catholic Bible, also the American Standard Bible, you but you won't you won't find ciroc in King James, he has to go to the Catholic Bible, and the book of sirach. It says that women are stupid. It says women are stupid, and they should shut up at all times. And then we flip into the we flip into the the New Testament, and it says that women are the role men, they are inferior, inferior to men, and that if women speak out in a church, the man has a right to slap

00:33:12--> 00:33:38

her and to divorce her. Also another disturbing verse, which will you find is that, before I give you the verse, let me ask you what your opinion would be. And this is without being biased at all, as a human being as a husband, would you? if somebody were to do something like rape your wife? What do you think and impregnated her? What do you think should happen to the man?

00:33:40--> 00:33:43

This is a penalty that, you know,

00:33:45--> 00:34:23

generally, yeah, right? No, the Bible says, the woman, if she gets married, if she gets raped, and she's not married, it's all about the Bible, the Bible, we're talking straight, the Bible here. The Bible says, if the woman is not married, and she is raped and impregnated, guess what her punishment is, she must marry her rapist, and she can never get divorced from him or her, she will be beheaded. So obviously, this is something that we would not attribute to God. This is something that man has concocted and put into the Bible. So you as someone who's searching for the truth, moral mysel, we say, look, hold on. This can't be from God, no, there's some confusion. And now you read the Quran.

00:34:23--> 00:34:59

It's clear, it's lucid, understandable. And when it says For instance, in in the Quran, talks about the same thing the Bible talks about when Exodus, Thou shalt not make no graven images in the heavens, above the sea below the earth, we accept this, right? That's one of the things that you see now people in the church making images, statues, prostrating these things, praying to these things. Well, this is where Jesus, this is what Jesus had meant, where he said, Why do you transgress God's law? By your tradition, your the tradition of your traditions, why why do you do that? Why are you trying

00:35:00--> 00:35:09

Questions, because well, by taking your idea ideologies, your ideas and you put them above God. Well, where did the crucifixion come from?

00:35:10--> 00:35:57

Where did the image of Jesus come from? As I spoke to you before, when I first met you, and I had, I had told you that if we if we do some investigating some history, and we find out what the image of Jesus really was, for the first 13 centuries, and 13th centuries, the image of Jesus is completely inconsistent, completely inconsistent. You will find some images of Jesus being red, black, yellow, white, what some looks like he's Puerto Rican, some looks like that he is European, some fat, some, there is no consistency with Jesus at all for 13 centuries, then all of a sudden, 13th century comes around 1314 1516 century, geez, why is this image of Jesus looking so consistent? And this is

00:35:57--> 00:36:25

supposed to be God, this is supposed to be God. Now, let's really quickly go back to Islam. What does Islam say about God as the form of a man or anything close to this? Well, let's, let's not answer that directly. Yeah, let's try to give everybody the understanding. There are four types of creations. We have human beings, we have spirits, also known as jinn, we have angels, and we have animals, right, we can all agree on those are creations.

00:36:26--> 00:37:14

Human beings were created from what Earth, the element of Earth, Clay, dirt, the angels were created from, we know straight light, the blue most beautiful light, the jinn or the spirits were created from smokeless fire. And animals were created from from Earth and water. Now, why do I bring this up, because we're separating each creation, not one creation cannot take the form of another creation, I'm made from dirt, I can never be fire. I, an animal was made from water and dirt, he can never be an angel. But the Christians have a lack of understanding of, of each form of of, of each form of each creation, because they have this idea of this fallen angel syndrome, where they say

00:37:14--> 00:37:31

that the devil is a fallen angel fell from, well, if the devil is of the spirits, he is made from fire, he can never be an angel, because angels are made of light, he was never an angel to begin with. So we understand now that there are four different creations with for different purposes, all good doing the same will of God.

00:37:32--> 00:37:33

Where does God come in?

00:37:34--> 00:38:21

Where does that come in? We will find him in the in the book of Genesis, where God says that he is before his creations he is before and after. There is no separation of him. There is there is no correlation between God and His creations. But what we understand truly, from the Islamic perspective, which coincides completely by this group of four separate creations is simple that God He loves the human being so much, so much more. He has mercy on them to say, guess what human beings you have mercy, you are you have you have rights above me. God is saying that you have rights above me and have rights above you. Because why the chain of command? You're right above me is that I will

00:38:21--> 00:39:07

never step in to your doing. You. It's your choice, you have a choice to do good and bad. I'm not going to step into doing it. You have that? Will you have the opportunity. But God says, What also I won't do is I will never mix the creations together. I'm not going to confuse you. I'm never going to put myself in the human body. And I'm not going to purify the human body in myself. How do we know that? The only time in history that we know that a human being spoke to God directly in earth is Moses with Mount Sinai when Moses begged God, please, Lord, show your face. The mountain is more sound and more structured than any human being. That mountain exploded and burst into nothing but

00:39:07--> 00:39:50

dust. To this day, there's nothing there. It's gone. Don't you think? In a mountain is stronger than you have nothing can crush you. You can crush a mountain. So if God crushed the mountain, imagine if you tried to put himself in a human body. It won't work. It is impossible. It is virtually completely impossible. Because that's God's love for you. His mercy and His rights upon you. He will not interfere with with what's inside of your heart and inside of your soul. This body belongs to God, but that soul is yours. You can do what you want. This body is yours. When you go and you rent a car from enterprise. They say okay, you can have this car for a while. Test, drive it, take it

00:39:50--> 00:39:59

across the country and return it back. Put the right gas in there. Don't get any crashes. You're fine. You don't have to pay any more fines. What do we do?

00:40:00--> 00:40:40

What we do is we take that car and we drive it around we abuse it, we put drugs inside the gas tank Where is only supposed to be gas, we put bleach inside the engine, we destroy it. And we say, hey, God, look at this. I'm giving him I'm gonna return this car back to you. So what we're doing is we are, we are trying to mix the creations together, which the Quran never says that it differentiates. Jesus never said, Never said in any Bible, will you ever find him saying that he is God's begotten son, he has said, I am the son of men who have said he's the son of man. Oh, let's find out of the Prophet said that they were the Son of Man. Muhammad was the Son of Man.

00:40:41--> 00:41:24

David was the Son of Man. And Abraham was the Son of Man, but not Son of God. Yes. So clearly distinguishing the creator from his creation as clear and simple. We're going to start to wrap things up. Now. Let's Let's come to an end. And tell us now from Miss from the midst of this confusion, and now coming to submission and surrender to one God, how is your life now? And how how do you live day to day? And what's your understanding of your purpose of life? Just briefly touch upon this, we're gonna go very briefly, by touching into the management world, then the management world, you have a CEO, you have a manager and you have supervisors and subordinates correct. I know

00:41:24--> 00:42:08

that God is the CEO. Yeah. And the managers are the profits. There are no more profits, they're gone. Malcolm's who supervisors who are the supervisors, you and I be ambassadors of God's decree of the message, we have to carry that message. How do we carry it be carried by the most dignified way that we possibly can, in our homes out in public, we have to be the backbone of the religion of the prophets left behind, for all humanity. This is not an Arab religion. This is not a white religion or a black religion, which alleged Mohammed preached about this is a religion for the entire humanity. It is not. It is not a collective idea. It is God's way. So we are doing God's will. This

00:42:08--> 00:42:45

is where I am today. I teach my children how to pray, why do I teach them how to pray, is because God said if you do this, you'll be rewarded. Don't think that you're the smartest, don't think that you're the smartest child in my class. You're not the smartest child in my class there. There are children who are more smarter than you in my classroom. Don't think that you're going to pass my class if you don't come to my prayers, go to prayer. do the homework to the schoolwork and you're and God who is the teacher, the ultimate teacher, the Supreme Being the supreme teacher, he will pass you if you show up to prayer if you show up honest if you if you completely abolish your bad

00:42:45--> 00:43:26

habits if you follow his rules his way of life. That's the bottom line. So I can't put in my own opinions are my own ideas just gotta submit just gotta submit it's there that's the way it is. Thank you Thank you for being with us on the pleasure absolutely going to the tire flew gonna have to have you back again soon inshallah God willing, and like to thank everybody for tuning in. Just to recap, Islam means total surrender and submission to the Creator of the heavens and the earth, and not his creation. We talked about some of the profits, one of the prophets and messengers who is very dear to our heart, Jesus Christ, peace and blessings be upon him. But there's a messenger that came after

00:43:26--> 00:43:28

him, who confirmed Jesus,

00:43:29--> 00:44:06

Muhammad, peace be upon him, who's the last and final messenger sent to the homag of mankind. And he is the one who God has used to deliver this message, which is the same message that all the prophets taught surrender and submission to God alone. The message has been the same since the beginning, worship your Creator and not his creation. There's one God, submit to Him alone. And that's the main message of his lamb. So I hope you guys got to benefit from listening to jr talk about and giving us some highlights of how he came to this

00:44:07--> 00:44:28

way of life. And if you have any comments or suggestions, please send us your emails. Otherwise, tune in every week on the deen show. That's th E, D, E and We have a new show every week. Until next time, we'll see you again. A Salaam Alaikum peace be unto you.