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AI: Summary © The speaker advises parents to not argue about their religious status and to focus on their deeds rather than their religious beliefs. They suggest that parents should be open-minded and allow their children to join their deeds, rather than just accept their beliefs. The speaker also warns parents to avoid arguing about their religious status and to focus on their deeds rather than their beliefs.
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How do I deal with my parents who are not very religious?

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with the utmost respect and love, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. You know, he taught us that exemplary example. You know, he had his uncle, I will taught him some of the law and he was seldom who is a person who assisted in but refuse to come to faith. And yet you find that a lot refers to the prophets love for his uncle obatala by saying in Nikola Tesla demon sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, you're not going to be able to convince to guidance, even the one that you love, meaning his uncle sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and that shows us that the Prophet loved him even though he wasn't a person who was of any faith or faithfulness in the messenger, so I sent him a lot tells us

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in the Quran in surah Lockman, an important important area. We're in jaha Dhaka if they were to strive and struggle to use all their means, Allah and to Sheree cabbie, Melisa Lockerbie here in, in a way and in a capacity that would make you take partners in worship other than me to disbelieve in me fell out to Terra Houma don't obey them in this regard, well saw a boom after dunya model fall, but rather maintain the most exemplary kind of sand and, and relationship with them. For dounia out author in equity and in love that you'll get interchange between them. This is the standard of a law and the standard of our habit of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So what should

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you ask for your parents on? What do you want for them three things. Make sure that Allah opens their heart to the light of the hole and the light of the student of the prophets, I send them. Number two, don't argue about the matters of faith. Let them do qumola Deen to you is your way of life and to you is your level of Deen your level of commitment. And to me is mine. So do what's right for yourself, do what's right with the sin of the prophets, I send them but don't feel that just because you're praying a little bit more than that makes you better than them. That that makes you more elevated than them. A lot opens our hearts in different points in time. And perhaps where

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you are today may not be where you will be tomorrow. And perhaps where they are today will exceed you in the coming days. Number three, don't ever have that pride that Allah Subhana Allah has blessed you with a level of guidance that makes you look down at others just for you to ask the question and say that they're not religious, makes you kind of preset pre assume that Allah has judgment on them and that through your eyes, Allah knows how committed Our hearts are and how committed our dealings are. So encourage them to do good deeds, not by commanding them but by joining them and having them join you in good deeds. You'd be surprised how often our parents will

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flow if we are persistent with kindness and compassion in that which is right and that which is blessed, and May Allah open our hearts to the truth and the hearts of our parents are a bit fiddly while he while he they May Allah forgive me and my parents for that which they have done in the past.

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