Faith IQ – Are There Any Specific Surahs To Recite When Sick?

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Are there certain sewers that we should recite, for health for sickness and overall prosperity?

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I said I want even more mental law. This question is fantastic for all of us because I feel like you know the answer. Don't you remember your grandma, your dad, dad, dad, the grandfather, grandfather, they used to read a set of surahs. Some of them used to even call it a little booklet. I'm not sure if your your parents had the same, and it had like yacine molk, rochman, waqia surah Hadid and you see these off to recite it to us for a moment mulk duquan you see the offer sided Surah Surah facilite. These are all the oft recited to us. So when someone comes to me and says, should there be any sewers that are protecting me specifically? Again, I really want you to imagine Islam doesn't

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take medicine after you get sick. We're all proactive. So instead of waiting for times of difficulty, and then reading a surah is Surah. Yaseen built into your routines and rituals are Surah Rahman and walk they are part of your mother, post us or Primavera workout, your recitation workout. Do you have a milk going on before you go to bed? To me, if someone says What song are you reading milk for? Four to save you from the Hellfire? It's like, No, I do this every day. This is for prosperity. So if we could right now, let's stop looking for is there a twofer that after it happens? It's like is there a fire hose after the fire has started? I'm going to ask you now to

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build a relationship or a milk before you sleep yes scene in the morning so that you can bring there are suggestive narrations that yes, even after fudger is beneficial. Can you get a Doohan in can you get do Surah 44. on a Thursday on Fridays, can you read swear to God? Can you get through our walk the man we talked about those? Can you open up on Thursday evenings? How about a surah? Firstly, that, how about Alif Lam Meem says the harmonium such that. So my real question back to you is Yeah, there are plenty of sewers that are beneficial. I'm just not going to tell you which ones. Get out there. Try the whole menu. And when you come and see that others have done the same because the

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Prophet peace be upon him said to read milk before you sleep, then you jump on that bandwagon. But I wouldn't recommend a dish until you go read the menu and say, hey, I want to try this. So find the sutras that the Prophet peace be upon him has encouraged us to and you'll find how they fit into your life in routines and rituals, not when the going gets tough.

When a person falls sick, we by default always get the necessary medication needed and advised by a doctor. Making dua to Allah (SWT) is also something one should do. What about Qur’an? Is there anything specific mentioned by our Prophet (PBUH) to recite when a person is sick?

Imam Wisam Sharieff answers.

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