Are People Being Punished In HellFire Right Now – Shaykh Yahya Ibrahim

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There's a statement of the Prophet saying sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when he ascended on his miraculous journey and Islamic marriage that he saw people in Hellfire already being punished. Does this mean there's already people in Hellfire right now?

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And hamdulillah will Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah salam Allahu alayhi wa sallam or that Allah is right when mal Raj is from the matters of LA, it's from the unseen. And we can only speak of it from what we understand from the words of the prophets, I send them and not go past it. I know sometimes we want to know what the inner meanings of things are. But I do caution you of that part of your belief is to submit that there are things that we know and things that we can see that are tangible, and other things that we don't know and can't see some of the art amount when they pondered on this, how they if they said that the prophets I send them was made to see what was to be, which was a

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present reality in that realm. And that which is outside the realm of this dunya. for lack of better words, the dimension of the life that we live in, is a life that's already come to being and Allah speaks of this in the Quran, where he says at a moral law, the day of judgment has already arrived fell out the statue, meaning its order has been has confirmed and it's already in process, but don't be earnest and waiting for it. And therefore the vision seen by the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam were real and timing and timed in the moment that he was in in that sphere of time. That is beyond the time that we are in today. Will law with Allah, Allah Allah? Nevertheless, it's not

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something that we hold as part of theology. Whether the prophet SAW people in the real estate or was it the souls of those who had departed, who were in a sinful state, as a part of your coffee that we believe in the punishment of the grave? And now you're all doing Allah you have to do when when he Yeah, and sort of the author, Allah speaks about the people of fit Island and himself that they are exposed to the Hellfire in the mornings and in the evenings each and every day until the Day of Judgment way Oh, Mayor de homosassa. And on the Day of Judgment at zero lF around the law that the people of Pharaoh will enter into the most severe punishment. So it could be that the prophet SAW

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the souls of those who already condemned but the reality of that is known to Allah alone. Allahu taala

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