Muslim Parents and Ontario SexEd Curriculum

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Rosen sisters in the setup article he was about

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I was robbed on my way up to stage because my time was taken.

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And a minor correction actually finished my master's degree. And that's why I'm living back in Canada now.

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I want to take you brothers and sisters down a very interesting road. I'm not here to talk so much about this new curriculum in the education system, because you've heard about that. We've talked about it, we continue to talk about it, and we will continue to go down that road. Brothers and sisters. My question is, what are we going to do now?

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Like we heard the curriculum, we know the changes, and we know that it's there. It's being taught in the schools. Yes. Great. And how good is that? Right. And when I say I don't think that that's my agreement in what's being taught, because last week, I gave a drum up about this topic. And I must say those probably, you know, shouldn't mention because maybe some of you are here.

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And somehow, after July, the president of the masjid aside from the people that came to me some were in agreement to what I was talking about in the book, but it was revolving around this, this topic, obviously. And some words so upset and disappointed that they used very follow words, with the president and other members of the masjid saying, How on earth could you bring this fool or imbecile and a number of other words to describe me and say he should not be getting a hot button this mustard, we don't agree with this melon should be you know, saying these things on the member. And the same reasons why we're stuck in that mentality is why today, some of you that are here that are

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here are now waking up. You're waking up to the reality that Oh, my children are actually being taught this in school. Let me take you to grade 10. Now I was born, unlike,

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you know, a little bit after you. I was born in 1980. Okay, born in 98, when I was in grade, 10, grade 10 High School in Quebec, born and raised in Montreal, finished high school, bilingual, you name it. In grade 10, there was a girl in my class, who got pregnant again and was receiving her third abortion. Grade 10. Non Muslim, there were only three Muslims in our school of 900 students. I was one of them.

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In grade nine biology classes up alongside them for mentioning that grade nine biology class I left to go lead jamara and came back and caught the last five minutes of the delivery video that was being shown to the whole class. The delivery video was being shown when I say delivery. I mean, a mother is delivering the child. She's in labor. And in the video on TV, you see right between her legs, some places that some husbands probably have never even seen. Right?

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I don't know. Not saying that. joking. I'm saying during the actual delivery process, right. Let's rewind again. That was grade 10. And in grade nine, in grade five.

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We were given devices that look like this.

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But on our desks we were given, I probably should have brought one a package.

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a condom.

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And we were told to practice doing this because at that time, we call them STDs. I noticed that I won't call them STD eyes. Right? sexually transmitted diseases is what we were taught. Now it's what infections, right? It's more appropriate, right?

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sexually transmitted infections. We don't want to transmit more diseases. So we were told with this thing on our desk in grade five, do you think I'm gonna come home and tell my mom and dad, guess what today, we were given something to practice with. And at the end of that class, we were told if you and not me directly, but anyone in the class, if you have a boyfriend or girlfriend and you worry about putting this on properly, come to the guidance counselor and we will help you and show you exactly how it's supposed to be put on.

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Don't be fooled that your children now are starting to see a new curriculum, regardless of how they word it. You're just

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Children have already been taught this. They've probably been taught it in your own living room. And Mashallah, I don't think I need to say much more after what has already been said. If you show your children one bollywood movie, or one hollywood movie, you've done it.

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You contributed towards showing or exposing your children to sexual education. My points coming up your brothers and sisters, like I said, is what are we going to do now?

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I want to focus on the importance of parents teaching their children about sexual education from an Islamic perspective.

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From an Islamic perspective, last week after germar, I said, I think the word condom on Remember, I said the word masturbation on the memo. And I think I use the word sexual education about 50 times. Nothing bad, nothing serious. In fact, those are things that are common in

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our beloved mother, the mother of the believers at issue of the love Miranda, how old was she when she married the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam?

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Yeah, all of you know, right? Because the whole world talks about how Muslims or stuff that a lot of the Prophet he married a child, right? But don't you think that someone gets married at a young age needs to know something about sexual education before they get married?

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Yes, they do. And the profit so long, it did not stop himself or control himself from teaching this aspect of life to the companions, that will be a loved one. Because it's something of loss of Hannibal, what Tyler made Hello,

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after marriage, that's the condition. And that is the point that this curriculum plays with in terms of the Islamic perspective.

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When we talk about sexual education being taught at schools, sometimes it's not a bad thing. And I'm saying that today, I know some of you are probably going to come to me complaining afterwards and say, How can you say that? Well, sometimes our schools are actually doing us a favor, because we do have parents that are too scared to talk to their children about this. Last week, or two weeks ago, when there was a gathering is now in the event, the minister and so on, and so forth. Basically, where all of this came from. I heard with my own ears, parents, fathers mainly sending around me, saying, after the minister addressed the people, they were yelling out or mumbling to themselves, or

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you know, making statements they are, it's because of you, you guys are children. This is

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really, so your child turns 30 years old, finishes University, gets an awesome degree has an amazing paying job. And now you say data, it's time for you to get married. Sit down, here's a piece of paper. And here's a pen. And I'm going to write three letters on it. This is a word you've never heard of before in your life. It starts with an S, it ends with an X, and it's not a number six.

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Seriously, your son's gonna look at your

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Ba, you're living in the past.

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You give your child a smartphone. You give your child an iPad laptop, and I actually had a father argue this point with me. He says, You know what, My children are not exposed to this at all. So it really goes Yes. Make sure I take them out of the class at school. When I was fighting the device and upon them to practice. You think I'm gonna come on it's all adherents. A guess what today, we learned how to put on a condom. Yay. No, we were so ashamed. Going home, we threw them out the window of the school bus because there was no way we would show up at home with a condom in our bags. Our parents would never believe us and say, Oh, yeah, the school is you. Yeah, right. Come

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here, take off my dogs, right. There's no way that parents would actually think, you know, assume first of all the full game.

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The first thing is, Why do you have this? Where did you get it? What do you want to do? Who are your friends? Now all of a sudden you want to work out who their friends are. You have a girlfriend, you have a boyfriend? Right? These are things that we need to ask ourselves and it's time that we start teaching our children. So before I finish I know I probably have actually I've only been up here nine minutes.

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I'm very particular time.

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A question that most of you have is at what age do we begin educating our children about sexual education? Right? How many of you have this question in your mind? Of what age was our teaching my child right?

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Give you an example. My daughter, Barbara, who's somewhere over there was in the car with us a few weeks ago, we were driving down the fourth one on our way to Montreal. And she says, Hi, Betty, I want to get married.

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She just turned four.

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She just turned four.

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Right now, she's a child. She's learning about things in life. Now, I'm not gonna sit there now Sunday. Okay, here we go.

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I'm not gonna do that.

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Because we need to eat lunch. I'm a product of this society. I'm born and raised here, Japan, Ilana concept is for communication Soc. For those of you that know, French, I speak French. I'm a product of this society. I went through the system. I know what it's like, I know what it's like to have boyfriends and girlfriends.

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Haven't had saved me from that. Right. And at the same time, brothers and sisters, we are taking a backseat with regard to this. So when we educate our children, when your children show you a sign that it's time to start educating them, you go to the grocery store for the mothers, right? That maybe buy, and I'm gonna say, because it's a setting that we're allowed to say stuff like this. She bought his pads for her menstrual cycle for her period. Right? She puts it in the grocery cart, she's pushing it, and the family's there. And then children see?

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What's that? You take the Oreo cookies, the bread, the milk, eggs? On top of that, here's a chocolate bar arrow cake at 40. What do you want here? Don't worry, distract yourself, right? And you know, all of a sudden want to distract them from the reality of what's going on in front of them. Why? One? If a child asks, what does this tell them? My daughter knows, my wife taught me like Academy said, My daughter knows when it's that time of the month for my wife, because she doesn't pray. And we tell her. She's not praying because she has her period. Simple. What's wrong with that almost created us that way. He created our mothers in that sense. They have this thing known as a

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period is not a bad thing. It's what gives us children. It's part of the reproduction system. So at what age do we start start when they start asking questions? I'm not saying go the full distance and start teaching them every single detailed, you know, minute detail with regards to sexual education No, but at least address their interests and concerns. And you know, whatever questions they do ask you. So when you begin by doing that, they then develop this trust in you. So when you tell your child

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she didn't pray today? Well, she put it in the bedroom, you didn't see her. You just lied to your child.

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Why do you want to lie to your children, you want your children to be your best friends. If you want to protect your children, they have to be your best friends, and you need to be their best friends. And that is how you're going to tackle this topic. That's how you're going to get past it. And from an Islamic perspective, brothers and sisters don't think that this is something that is taboo. It is mentioned in the Koran. And like I started my football with yesterday or last week, I started with giving the example imagine you're writing you're reciting the verses of the Quran. And your child is there reciting verses for example?

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do we do that?

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Those are the words of the last panel attack. Why would you skip the words of a must palitana?

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Are you shy? Are you ashamed? And then we say oh, no, no, don't teach them this. Teach them that no. If you are not the ones that are teaching your own children about this topic, somebody else will they have a cell phone if you don't give him a cell phone. Like I said this brother debated with me. He said he called his child out of three children as a class you know, and he said well do you have Wi Fi at home? And I'll finish with this Java so that you have Wi Fi at home? He said yes the older you are the phone will go but I get a lot of all the websites that they go to every single month from the the service provider and say okay, Mashallah, alright. Do you send them to school? Yes,

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well, their friends influenced them.

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No, no, no, they have good friends. Oh, okay. Okay. All right. Do they have a cell phone?

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Yeah, of course they have a cell phone. Well, then they're exposed to it. No, no, no, there's parental control on it. Right? Are you serious? You think you're gonna cover everything up from your children. You walk down the streets and you see a billboard. I've been to countries where billboards like in friends, the woman is completely exposing herself. And they don't call it for analogy. They call it nudity. It's permissible. Right? So you can see everything, nothing wrong.

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And, you know, you think that you're not exposing your children to this, they're exposed to that inside your own homes. Our brother Mashallah mentioned a number of different TV shows that expose our children to this. I don't have a TV in my home. Have they're not. I'm not saying that we should not have TVs. But I'm saying if you want to be a parent and you want to look after your children, you will need to do what's best for your children because I'll come along with Avon or some of our cinema