Shapes of Burdens #3

Abdulfattah Adeyemi


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The speaker discusses the burden of depth and the weight of certain mistakes that keep people from fulfilling their dreams and bringing their past experiences back. They also mention the burden of love and the weight of pride and fear. The speaker emphasizes the importance of avoiding these burdened experiences and bringing them back to a sense of comfort.

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Then the burden of seen born out of reckless desires that ensnare people into the traps of shaitan and the consequences of iniquities, which drags people away from the mercy of Allah.

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The burden of debilitating regrets of an irretrievably lost past that weighs heavily on the conscience of somebody monstrous repercussions of misdeeds that have long since been forgotten, but now resuscitated to haunt his soul that is seeking to rest or wounds that are building afresh, the vicious circle of anger and shame, that makes you to keep reliving the past, over and over and over again,

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the burden of some mistakes you've made in the past, that keeps coming up, and keeps coming up, keeps coming up, and nobody can understand where this problem came from. Then we have this one that is very popular, the burden of depth.

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And now aka, the burden of depth of owning all manners of things, oh, in all sorts of people, some people evil Oh, to the extent that the next generation will still have to pee from the burden of death, they have entered into

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burdens of death of money,

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burdens of depth of promises, that are not fulfilled by the use of depth of commitment, that is meet bodies of depth of responsibilities, that they are not able to fulfill.

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What is of depth that you need more depth to pay more depth to pee.

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Some people will borrow money to pay a depth and they also take another loan to pay another depth.

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Take another depth to pay another depth.

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Go into another depth to set to another depth.

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Oh yeah, Allah, please protect us from this.

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There's no burden that is heavier than this. You can sleep

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you can work freely, you can talk freely, you can even think straight anymore.

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When a person is under the burden of depth, you are count.

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You behave like a coward.

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You are reduced. You are embarrassed. You are humiliated.

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Imagine people asking you for the adepts there's no respect anymore. There's no regard anymore.

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The way they put it in writing and they say it is mild. go save you if it's a lawyer, that is issue write you a letter to remind you of the depth

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image of a man who wrote that letter and you cry inside the letter

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with the burden of debt that he has. And then there's also the burden or being addicted to debt itself. This divorce.

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The burden of one debt to I know that debt to another day. Oh Allah p Silva from all of this. There's another burden, the burden of some things that are supposed to be blessings, but they're still burdens on their own.

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Take having abundance, or kimoto something as a case in point.

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The burden of being blessed with abundance is another burden out we know

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when people have much more money than they can handle. When people have much more time and freedom than they can handle. These things become sources of sorrow for them again.

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Imagine how children that should be sources of joy and blessings. And now for so sadness and burdens for some periods.

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Imagine when the beauty becomes burden of a peacock. Imagine when this task becomes the burden of an elephant. Imagine when knowledge becomes the burden of his collar.

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Imagine when beauty becomes the burden of a young lady. Oh Allah led not our wealth, be sources of burden for us. There's this other emotional burden that comes not because we are sinners or because we are able to Barada because we are the victim of those who do evil towards us. Maybe we have been mistreated by people. It can

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very burdensome. Maybe we have been neglected. Maybe we're being cheated. Maybe we're being violated, the filed, robbed, denied. Maybe we're being betrayed by those people that we trust. These bodies are the kind of pains that do not go away. Anytime you remember how those who trusted have cheated you? And can you remember how those you relied upon how that made you to fall. It is a kind of a heavy burden that you don't know whether to forgive or forget. And even when you forgive, it's difficult to forget

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to cleanse our hearts off this kind of burdens.