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The United States speaker discusses the "immigrational crisis" in Malaysia, where teachers and parents are doing training and parenting programs. The speaker emphasizes the challenges faced by Muslims in life and the need to pursue their purpose throughout their lifecycle. The speaker also discusses the negative impact of media coverage on people's experiences and the importance of shaking up one's behavior and emotions. The conversation also touches on the psychology behind certain individuals and the need for global awareness in promoting global awareness.

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Welcome back to radiate Islam international Islam Alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh anamosa nama haben Welcome to our Masha it is Thursday morning, and inshallah Allah says we speaking to Idris Hamza, and he is speaking to us from a very, very distant land for the visa salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato walaikum salam wa rahmatullah Baraka, yes, indeed, my beloved molana, even the oceans cannot separate us more. I'm here in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Mashallah very, very far away on the first far east corner of the display, but it sounds like you're just around the corner. And I'm the love because our hearts are connected. This is the beauty of the oma. When your hearts

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are connected, you can go north pole, South Pole, anywhere in the world, when you meet your fellow brothers and sisters, the connection is immediate, you know, exactly like some of our mobile phones. When they say that, you know, the this interference

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signal is not strong, the signal is strong with all those who embrace the man.

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It is by what is the purpose of your journey. Along the law, I've been invited to do that five to six day a training program for teachers. And so I'm doing motivation. I'm doing the issue of creativity in the classroom. And today I did classroom management, and I started the issue or the art of public speaking which uncomplete tomorrow, then I'm going to do professionalism in the classroom. And then shall we going to do many things that are interactive differentiation in education. And Sunday I'm doing a parenting program here in Malaysia inshallah. Monday I'll be back home. No, okay. So you've got a full schedule day in Malaysia, Mashallah. And it seems like the

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Malaysians are thirsty for knowledge of the inner formula and the taking trade benefit from Mr. And Mr. Coming from this part of the world. ramlila You know, this is such a, I mean, I've been to Malaysia some years ago, and it's really a lovely place to be and the excitement, the people are involved with wonderful things. And there are many people from other parts of the world visit Malaysia, they like the beauty, they feel comfortable. Yeah. And, and this is a point about traveling Mawlana. When you travel, you meet people of different walks of life. When you look at them, you're inspired by them, you look at them, many of them will share with you the challenges

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they've been through in their own lives and how they settle yet. And in the end, it's about really doing whatever you can for the dean is surrendering yourself to Allah. And I mean, I cannot thank ally enough for the opportunity. I mean, I just lay on Saturday, before I left, I did a whole day program on the art of public speaking and their response was unbelievable. And the love the love being the same program in Pretoria on the 17th 16th, rather of,

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of August. So the people are thirsty for knowledge. And I think this is the point that I want to share is that we need to invest you know, only education we need to grow as individuals and I'm really lucky today when I was speaking to the group of teachers and they were sharing some passion for teaching me one of the sisters you know, I gave what she has to me and she said I did not know she said revert to Islam in with kids night she said you know she be she she was read through so many religions and she found Islam. And she says it worries me that how we can read the Quran without understanding it, the passion, the love for the theme. And each one of them had a story to

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tell. And this is the whole point, the the moment the oma is going through so many challenges, what do you also want to hear stories of hope because we as Muslims never must never give up hope is to work together. Our hearts will do show and clean. So whenever I come Alhamdulillah they listen to me. But I also listen to them. And I get enriched by the experience. And they've also I mean, I'm meeting other groups of people want to talk to me. And there is a group that wants to do training program. Yeah. And for that I'm humbled. So it's true. Mawlana what you are saying that you nonetheless, we are blessed with the with the mind's eye, Africa. they've traveled many, many parts

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of the world, to enrich, inform, inspire, and to be the instruments of change. So traveling is one of the best

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education's you can come across this Alhamdulillah and as milanesa mamula was the also in Mufti Ismail menk spent the whole Ramadan there as well. He I met him just before Ramadan at the National Quran competition in Madrid and he was telling me about the reception that he receives there as well. Sugar from de la la semana de increased thirst for knowledge and Allah subhanaw taala except from the amount of efforts they've been putting in, and increasing Islamic awareness. Yes, Malaysia is a is a Muslim country. And I know, lots of people prefer a bit, there's a website, about halaal holidays, basically giving the best places for Muslims to do to make holiday and to spend the

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holidays in Malaysia always comes out on tops, because

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because of the convenience for Muslims, they're absolutely i mean, yesterday, I, I went to this bookshop, you know, what a beautiful bookshop in New York, he blesses me, it really glad to see when Muslim countries have beautiful books, shops, you know, vast shelves on religion versus shells, on motivation and a whole range of topics. And I purchased three books yesterday, and, and you like this, you know, you find that we have lost the thirst, the habit of reading is a forsaken habits, the habits is something that you have forsaken, we do not embrace it anymore. And the hamdulillah so we have

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the the opportunity, I know, we have a tourist perspective, and I'm sure like every country, they have the challenges, and the end they do and but we must make sure that to Allah, firstly, we have lost his travels. Secondly, we go to places the people are receptive to you. And and and that is critical. And I think the message that all of us can glean from all of this is that we must continue to pursue excellence throughout our life.

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Every day is a bonus when you are at our age mowlana might especially you know that every day is a bonus, we have no idea where they'll be alive to see tomorrow. So every opportunity to do good, is incredible. I think in the end,

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would it not be a wonderful if it is a Pollyanna, something that happened to you and some and the people listen to this, your programs, all your programs, they're moved to tears to make dua to Allah mowlana changed my life.

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I lost track of my team, like one of the sisters I mentioned today, and you will not believe this was so passionate about what she does now. And she says how when she was a younger individual, how Eman was so weak, and she even contemplated suicide. And so people do go through many challenges in life. And I think what is typical, is that we must not in the process of living, forget why we are born, forget or what is our purpose. And and that is fundamental. And I think that challenges like anywhere else, the concern about the families the concern about social media, the concern about parenting the concern about the institutions of marriage. So these are the challenges that the oma

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faces throughout the world. And

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I think one of the areas can We'll also hear from India is also like a trailer and I'm relying so much on learning learning from him. He was saying to me that there was a time when there wasn't so many books, yet people spend a lot of time reflecting, he gave the example of the sole law of gravity inverted commas, you know, and when

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I think it was

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Newton when the apple fell in his head or whatever, he

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then conceptualize the whole law of gravity and you spend lots and reflecting on it. He said now there are volumes and volumes of books written on these subjects did not spend enough time reflecting on it, we not spend enough time reflecting on our last creation did not have enough time to do this. Why is one rush to the other it's frenetic and all of that, and I think it's time to pause and began to reflect on the what our purpose is what's the meaning of life, in that way, inshallah? It will make a huge difference.

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And yes, I read about it that the apple fell from the tree and Newton discovered, he discovered gravity and the bombs fell on the people of Gaza. And unfortunately, people did not discover humanity.

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See, ya is such a powerful, powerful thing. And I'm so glad I'm so so glad monana that you referring to this guy, I'm so, so glad you know. And I think, you know, in the end, whenever something goes on, in any part of the world, you know, we need to reflect on how to, are we truly, truly, truly affected by it. And indeed, there's been as answered, now there was a tremor or whatever in South Africa, and how people were shaking, for example, which is a shame, Allah will give a talk here in this talk, but two things. One is the whole issue about Gaza. When, when people do not respect children and their lives, and they do things with impunity, that I say to them, they have lost the

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complete humanity, then we've gone below even the status of a beef below the state of bees, we are concerned about our once a look at the needs to cut the needs of people. There's one area so this shed, you know, give a lovely talk. And you're saying that, you know, he said, If I told them, he said, If I were to tell you that here in this office, everything you say and do is recorded, even the rubbish you put away, or that is recorded, and people had the eyes open, you know, listening to you while she says Well,

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I'm sure you're thinking about

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some organization is thinking about the angels on for record everything, everything you say and do. And so, I saw when I set that up to say a relief. In fact, you should not say relief, we should be you should really shake you up make you alert because it is a reminder that alized conscious of everything you do, and this is the whole point you see our by our we are so infatuated now values, that if the for example, if a policeman has to come into play to apprehend you, we will be shocked to which is understandable. But our response is disproportionate compared to the fact that we are going to die and to what extent we're ready for that reality. And so in this whole process mowlana

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there are two important dimensions the whole issue of taqwa of how, as family members we need to inculcate it. And the second critical issue is to how we as parents need to heighten the sensitivity of our children to the dire need of the woman instead of us. Being preoccupied, pampering them ting displays, buying them purely material things. I think he must take a break reflects and shall do the right thing.

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As well we'd like to welcome our listeners we have plugged the Idris camisa with us on the line. And we are having an interesting discussion re humanity as he re gaining our our humanity our own empathy or sympathy for people being more sensitized to what is taking place in the world and what Muslims are going through what people are generally going through the sufferings difficulties people are going through, and Shankara zz gaining that sensitivity. With the media we've been desensitized with seeing so many images seeing so much of heartache to a certain degree we have been desensitized, but not to be

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gained that sensitivity in some houses You're most welcome to SMS 0731738461 you can call in as well on 0718541548 you can email to [email protected] and you can tweet me on at Zun Jess and Sam has his we will respond to all of those messages. Stay tuned we'll be back just after this break so we can pay price drop is back stay in this winter with great savings campaign name large eggs 4851 rain forests and Blackwell mayonnaise assorted or salad greens 750 grams 790 grams 1790 speckled parboil rice two Kg 1790 take 500% fruit juice blend assorted 1.5 liter at 190 Golden cloud cake with flour 2.5 kG 1790 save even more pleasant and French's matcha vouchers only African pie always there for you

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Welcome back to on radio Islam international and welcome back to our guest for the Idris camisa. It is by the time now in Malaysia should be late afternoon. Yeah, it's, there's a difference of six hours. So it's here now. Half past 11 It's half past five years. Okay, Mashallah. And yes, coming coming back to Malaysians and the nature of the people of Malaysians. Somehow there's there's a perception idea of people of Malaysia very friendly, very soft in nature. And very, very hospitable.

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Yes, you know, the, that's a general perception of the Malaysian people. And you find that

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a lot depends on you also, in the warmth of any group of people depends largely on your own nature with them. And you find that was that is compelling and strong. But you find that now through globalization, and everything else that goes with it, I think sometimes in some places, we appear to have lost that kind of humanity. I recall, for example, that even if you look at South Africa, there was a time when people were resting lyrical about people, generally speaking in Cape Town, and some people say, No, those things have changed. But even if you look at our own cells, I'm not too sure. But ermelo, you look at our own towns, because the town grows bigger. It seems that younger people

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seem to have lost that reality, of socializing, connecting with other people. The openness and warmth of our forefathers was completely different, not dependent on the wealth. So people generally have a some instances, a mixed response. Are you speaking to a teacher and she was telling me that, you know, she found that the school where she was teaching, it appeared that many of the local people seemed to adopt a more inward attitude, more like, narrow get to a mentality keeping to themselves, liking that says, to me, maybe the individual anecdotal experience is an aberration. But the main, I have found, I mean, the people that are interacting very, very warm people, they are

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very self disciplined lots, they are happy to be proud, happy and proud, in a way I use the word advisedly, about the country. And I think the Malaysia in the main is a very good example for other countries to follow in terms of the economic stability, and all of that, you know, and they realize in the end, the need for self sufficiency, and all of that, and all these things to improve. And when you see this kind of thing, when you see the cleanliness of the people, and the environment is really gratifying. I mean, even the airport is a massive airport. But it's a very well organized, very methodical, well organized 100 in LA, and you find that Malaysia seems to also

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have some kind of competition with its neighbor, Singapore, with Singapore is extremely efficient. Now you find that with that kind of efficiency is also a degree of stress, where people are high negativity, people need to get two jobs to survive in a country that is economically strong, and so on and so forth. So it's a it's a wonderful country. And, and one of the points of presence beyond the Presidents made us telling me, he says on the big mistakes people make is that when you go to another country, because you do some things in a particular fashion, you own country, and you think that's the only way of doing it in your company, as the former said is wrong. I think that

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particular point six people do what they do, and suggesting they cannot be any improvement. But you must think that because you do things in a particular fashion, or those need to follow this, but a very, I mean, I've been asked people spoke to me now that said, Why don't they stay here? Why to take to work? Yeah, I said, No. I

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I don't mind traveling and working for distance of two months at a time, but not permanently, I mean, the, but it's such a bad place to stay. I mean, if my circumstances were different, and I would have contemplated, in fact, Milan, I have the opportunity of settling in many parts of Australia,

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Dubai, a year, America, Canada, the UK, Nigeria, but I did not make that particular move, I think because being the eldest syndrome, and I didn't want to do that was my parents were alive. And in the end, you know, what, we notwithstanding the beauty of some consider this thing the stability of some countries, I think, although the issues now country of corruption, crime and all of that, but there are so many more benefits that we take for granted you.

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Yes, and it is becoming coming back to the aspect of

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humanity. The question is that, we understand difficulties that people go through and we understand the different challenges that people go through we sympathize with him, we empathize with him, we understand that, but you find certain individuals who do not consider whatever is done to the people, you know, whatever difficulties people go through, they do not consider that this is a serious, and some people even relish in putting us through difficulty. What is the psychology behind that and what what affects or what drives the person to think like that? You see, it's multifactorial, like the one is, sometimes when people are exposed to violence every day, they show

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you the numbers show insensitivity. There are others who do not value life. I mean, to me, to me, to me, this is what sickens me at the very heart of what we do. It sickens me when you see, how can the political leadership, Muslim or otherwise be completely silent for me completely complicit? Knowing what has happened? If you look at the pictures coming from Gaza, it is almost like an earthquake hit the place. This is what you call a wanton destruction. You'll see you wonder how such individuals sleep at night? How can such individuals knowing full well, one of the tragedies and the paradoxes of mortality and modern life that the United Nations is of spineless organizations, it cannot even

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put a proposal together. They always concern of giving a balanced perspective. And you wonder how the powers that be, you know, can allow this thing to prevail in what it is all about. The Muslims are not respected. We are a divided oma, we must a united oma is an oma that is like a fortress, like a scepter. It is invincible. But when the oma is made up of individuals, who are dictators, are only concerned about the political leadership or concern about the material comforts. You think you're going to fight for justice, you're not going to fight for justice, and really is sick, sickens me, is a heart of people. And you wonder, and you wonder whether such individuals can sleep

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at night, I remember sending decently a message on my Facebook or Twitter. I said, it seems to me that some leaders have the conscience well trained, that they can go to bed at night with a smile on their face. sadistic. You wonder what is happening 100 and Allah must protect us. Allah must protect us that if ever we hurt anyone, no matter what the turkeys, we do not trivialize it. What do you have those 1000s of hundreds of innocent children? What have they done? What have they done? Right? And yet, you find you find yet the world knows. The majority of the world knows they cannot be duped into believing that you remember the days of a party. You don't the pocket regime use radio stations

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as an ideological apparatus. I remember on a morning after the news Panthers won first. I think his name was Chris Saunders. You used to, you know, the sense the apostate, the laws, send a party in a beautiful way likies collectible

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Have it. But even today, you find when you watch television, or listen to the news, we listen to the spokesperson, you wonder. And therefore, as parents, you know, it's so critical that we must not make our children passive receptacles of knowledge. We must make them critical consumers, they must understand how the media works, they must understand the mechanism people use. And like I suggested to the sisters and brothers, yeah, I secured so many stories to share Alhamdulillah Why don't you write 100 words a day, write a book universalize your stories. And I think it's a very, very important one. You know, it is so critical. You know, you find that while this is going on, he he

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find many of our youth are living in a world of fantasy in essence, the world of flippancy of fun of hedonism, and how can they PFS was the one concern about the branded lines, they're concerned about the software, they're concerned about the phones and all of those things. This is what is gives them meaning in their life. But I would really encourage people are hungry lovers, we are saying that there are many wonderful, wonderful examples of young people in South Africa and throughout the world, who have taken the cause of Muslims and humanity are in the forefront, speaking out against injustice, speaking out against what is fatally wrong. Being the reformers getting involved in

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healers is important. Why should we only understand the meaning of life and the time of death? So 100, ala Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah.

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aloneness, Allah has given us some light, we need to do whatever we can to heighten the sensitivity, to show compassion to show commiseration. inshallah, in that way, we can win not only in this world, but also in the akhira inshallah, and as he is, yes,

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important words that have been mentioned here, by forever exists, and there's something that we have to take heed of that we have to understand that we hope that we can take to heart in this way we are, we are living in a time, when we are getting so much of information, if you if you belong to, to WhatsApp, you belong to different groups and WhatsApp, then, you know, as soon as an event happens, and as soon as there's something happening, or there's a big night or this need of this Ramadan, or whatever information you want, that information is freely flowing, you know, there's more research than the Imam can make for his band is fast, through WhatsApp and and through these

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different social media service, lots of information that is being passed through. But the important aspect is taking things to heart and understanding them. And even if it is just a little, and it's this way, just to share with you and with our listeners, an incident in the time of massive amounts, we should really strike a chord with us. And whether it's a hobby, a person that came prosumers was an old man, and he accepted Islam in front of us all the law, civil law and Islam. And after accepting Islam to be civilized, and told one of the complainants that teach him a part of the Quran. And when this hobby started teaching this new Muslim old men part of the Quran, and he

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started teaching him either 00 till 800 karate school has a whole surah which describes the arm and how the news of whatever information or whatever we doing, will be presented in front of Allah subhanho to Allah, and the earth will speak out about whatever happened on it in different parts. And then finally came to the worst, that whoever did the, an atom's weight of good, Allah will seat wherever it is in atoms weight of bed, Allah will seat. And when he mentioned this, he said, This is enough for me, this is enough for me, this is enough for me. And he started crying in front of us of a massive amount of Islam. And this story illustrates that just a little bit can be enough, as long

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as we take it to heart, and we accept it with full conviction.

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You know, Milan is so powerful the thought that you make, and you find the so much of information. And I say to people, if you get some information, it resonates with you. It reminds you of what your purpose is. implement it, embrace it, do what is right. And that, to me, is fundamental. The second important point with the social media and Facebook and all of these things. Now, we have realized that information is freely available. No one has the monopoly of the truth and as a result

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You find that the search is shared, no matter how brutal it is throughout the world, and you cannot take it back. And and for example, the Gaza

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incursion is a case in point. There are so many individuals, non Muslims, who in the parliament like in Ireland, who have vehemently attacked Israel, vehemently attacked America for aiding and abetting them vehemently attacked, you know,

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attack people like Tony Blair, and others, I text them and saying to them, quite clearly, that how can you adopt this particular approach? And I think, when this happens, again, is an indication that such painful though it is to a person who is open minded, no matter what ideological background he comes from, when he sees injustice, it is injustice, even though the people of his own color chicken kin are doing that. And that's, that's important. That's critical. We need to inform. And here's an example you see a is an old man who became a Muslim man from the B cell allowed to send them Did you know that they began to appreciate, you know, the fact that this is what the life is all about? And

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we must not, for example, adopt these kinds of attitudes and Angelina? Yes, yes, yes. And

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we need to understand that what has taken place in the house, what is taking place in Syria, what is taking place in the different countries and what is being perpetrated against Muslims be carried out against the Muslims, it is not something small, something of great gravity, something that affects the entire Muslim ummah. Maybe not directly, maybe we are not directly displaced, directly, tortured, raped, he put through difficulty, but indirectly it affects the Muslim Ummah, and there's definitely something that we have to do about it. And we have to at least resort to making to Allah subhanaw taala for us here and for protection.

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Absolutely, we need to do that.

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And and I want to say this, you know, an umbrella I want to say that we as individuals,

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allow us and this was happening. What did you do? Were you so preoccupied with the own material things you are not affected? What did you do? So this is all about us in the end? What did we do? These people have died this shady deal with Allah. And this is an important thing. I think we must get up and say to ourselves that we are mortal beings. And we must understand that it's not enough for us. You know, to do something you know lightly and do not take this matches seriously.

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This is by jack Malone seven for your time Enjoy the rest of your stay in Malaysia and in German as soon as we finish Allah Thank you, Milan Allah bless to look up here and protect himself.

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data that was provided these commies are speaking to us from far away in Malaysia today and in Shanghai as is we will continue with our program. Next week. she convinces Zealand to you for listening pharmaceutic on ready some international shipping domestically operator PrEP is Ziad and

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I'll speak to you on Monday inshallah Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh