At the time of the Prophet (PBUH) Many of the enemies of Islam turned into Supporters

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AI: Summary © A caller asks about the slip from brother mama who sent them a D. The conversation turns to the history of the UK's recent terrorist attack on the British public. The caller also asks about a statement made by a Prophet who said that people clapped at the time of the attack, and the conversation ends with a discussion about praying for Islam and possibly giving guidance to George Bush.
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Next question on the slip from brother mama who sent us a D.

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At the time of Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when he was alone, the coffins anti propaganda turned in favor of Islam. Don't you think this time also it will be the same? The question posed is that at the time of Prophet, many people who did propaganda against Islam, they turned in favor of Islam. And that is what we should always want. I remember the second last time I was in UK, I gave a talk on Tasman jihad. And similarly, the question of Osama bin Laden was there. And I said that the reply which I gave you that the main person to blame is George Bush as a terrorist. There was a youngster who got up from the audience and said, death to George Bush, and people clapped. Now I as

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a die. I'm trying to convince non Muslims of UK with hikma and a youngster gets up from the audience and said that to George Bush, and believe me, all my effects gone down in me. I'ma die.

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Everyone clap. I got up. And I told our beloved Prophet, there were two boomers,

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who were very strongly against Islam. And a prophet prayed to Allah, at least give you that one, Omar and Omar

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Abdullah when he accepted Islam, so we should pray to Allah that gives that to George Bush.

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Why should we want that dog bush is a strong enemy of Islam. If Allah gives him he will fight in favor of Islam. So we should pray that Allah subhanaw taala give hedaya to George Bush give guidance and when I make the statement, no media can blame me what I said is wrong. So you should answer with Nick mind repeater last minute Allah that He would give

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that when you're rather than defeating the spirit of Islam