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AI: Summary © The 10-day of Asia is the best day of the year for recycle garbage, with 11 days including the 10 days of Asia and 11 days of the last 10 days of the year. The importance of reconciling lost opportunities and the "good des" in the culture of Islam is emphasized, as it is the only way to earn a reward. The region is expected to see a rise in population, a decline in population, and a return to normalcy, and fasting is discussed as the best day for achieving goals and bringing joy to everyone.
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love my little Haman humbly little bit ahead of him. So that was Sarah manasu de la

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vierge mine. Oh praise and thanks belongs to Allah subhana wa tada made the peace of blessing of Allah be upon his servant and final messenger Muhammad Salam on a Sunday. We're Charlotte de la Annie in a few days. Asia is going to begin in a few days but Asia is going to begin. What do you know that Asia the first 10 days of the Asia uplisted days only these days and maybe some alarm Alejo cillum describes them as a photo a yummy Julian the best days. The best days of all of the they're better than normal.

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Mama would mention

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they are better than Ramadan with ease it will also also send them says on slomo Mobile Email and YT seven.

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They are better than those days. They are better than the days in which you can send them said man calm promo bar Eman and YT Salah

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any Ramadan was a moment and a season to have all your sins forgiven. If these 10 days are better than those days, yeah, and he for sure they include this opportunity of having all the sins forgiven as well. Ramadan was the moment in which the eight doors of the paradise opened. And the gates of the Hellfire were closed. And they were days in which Jani alar Xhosa would free every single day and every single night people from Ghana. These were the prizes of Ramadan. And I know we're saying these 10 days as well as almost as Allah mentions are much better than those days, you have every opportunity to enter the paradise in these days, and every opportunity to keep yourself away from

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jahannam these days, and every opportunity to free yourself from the unknown these days. And that every opportunity in these days you need to take them seriously.

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The majority of the scholars, they mentioned that the days and the nights of the 10 of Asia are better than the days and the nights of the last 10 days of Ramadan. Except of course except of course Laila Takada. Now within these 10 days is going to be the day of alpha. The day of alpha is the day in which someone promised the one who fasts them will earn two years of forgiveness of his sins a year that is to come. And he that has already come that has already passed. In other words, two years of sins forgiven for fasting 12 hours, you have 24 months forgiven one bead, only one deed required from you on one day, it earns a person complete forgiveness of two years get in other

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words, if 12 hours wipe away 24 months of siet. That means one hour wipes away two months of the year, which means 60 minutes wipes away 60 days of the year, which as a result means one minute wipes away one day of the year. In other words, all of this to say that these these are supposed to be measured by the minute, not by the hour by the day, you're supposed to measure them by the minute each and every single minute is an opportunity to get closer to a lost origin and feel those skills. And the result alone while you're selling them says about the first 10 days of Asia, Nam in a Yemen and Armando salia cofina have bullied a lot he mean heavy again. Now I mean, this word may mean it

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implies restriction. In other words, don't look around for any other days. Don't even look around for the days of Ramadan. These are the days but what about these days, and

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in which these are the days are no bizarre sentences, there are no days in which the righteous deeds are more beloved to Allah than these days. I have. Yet Allah loves these days. A lot of Xhosa loves the good deeds that are performed during these days. What else the word have been? What does it imply? And I'll give you an example worldly example. You know if someone is upset with you, whenever you wanted to reconcile with him, what do you do? You will wait until Jani the most beloved these of that person, but maybe it's a Friday night when he's finished his work. Hamas has got Saturday and Sunday ahead. Maybe he's relaxed now he loves this day. Certainly you want to reconcile with this

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person that is upset with you. So as a result, you go to the most beloved at him, and you will buy the most beloved gift to him. And you will go and surely you will get through surely you will get through more than Jani 90% you will get through what he led Allah, these days, these 10 days of Asia and these are moments in which one is able to reconcile with a loss of habitat, any more than ever more than ever in these days right to mend that broken relationship with a loss origin because these

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The days that Allah loves and what he loves seeing you do is the good deeds during these days for these, these to earn the love of Allah subhanho wa Taala for winning the resizer I've said that Hadith and he said to them, that there are no days in which righteous good deeds are more beloved to Allah than these days.

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One so how we got up? And he said, Why don't you head to feasterville illa not even Jihad feasterville illa

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we knew that the most beloved action toys and yet so didn't mix in his mind, he was confused. So he quickly got up and he was quick to say even though he had recently learned if we go now you're saying that the good deeds in those 10 days is better than angiography severely lab for NaVi Salam Alejo Salaam he responded and he said what are you had to be Sevilla nor even as you heard fee severely lab is going to be better than the good deeds done during these 10 days you need to understand this how

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he earned unfair doses honor through one hour of yet well how does

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he agenda to fulfill those through one hour of he had on the day of which

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he agenda to feel those through one hour Have you had on the day of water in other words these days are enough to earn you should not feel those if that was earned with one hour of here when we saw SLM is telling you the good deeds in these 10 days are better than a jab. Yeah What opportunity Do you have to gain yourself and secure a position if you should not and for those that this is why at the end of the episode, so let me say it loud enough cu en la familia Metallica reshape the only best deed to do during these days better than any other worship on that end? is a person that goes out feugiat and FISA vilella he goes out with himself and with his wife and doesn't return in other

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words, he dies right there right. This is the only person that is better than a person that is worshipping Allah Xhosa. During these 10 days, when maybe Solomon Why don't you send them in another narration? You see this narration you said I have these these are beloved to Allah. In another Hadith, ma'am in a Yemen and Amano Solihull, Fie her of bolo means

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that there are no days in which the righteous deeds are better, a better to Allah azza wa jal, then these 10 days, what does that mean?

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It means that the best solid and fresher you will pray during the entire he would be the selected version you pray during these 10 days, or the best silvercar, you will give out the sort of God that you're going to give during these 10 days. And the best type of ad you're going to read is going to be the only read during these 10 days. And the best first thing you're going to have is going to be the best The first thing that you do during these 10 days, and they accepted or whatever are normal. Of course, if we take the idea of early alpha is always better than an affiliate than under understanding about and fasting those days, always be better than any other day that you've asked

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like and have been. Meaning the deeds you're going to do during these 10 days are better than the same dg did during any other days. Or last one in another Hadith. Same get the same hobbies but different wording. Every time in the Resource Center set with your Sahaba to encourage them about the 10 days. He he tackled from a different perspective. The second time he mentions the Hadith. And he says ma'am in a Yemen, as in the law, you are now used the word a hub, they are beloved to alarm have been that these are better to alarm so here's the dg do better than any other than you do. Now, he said as scare in the law that these these are these of purification. In other words, the one

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who's complaining from a tough heart. These are the days to suffer. The one who's complaining from blackness of his heart from the sins, the one who's worried about his email dropping off.

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He's the chance from a loss of Hyderabad, these 10 days or as Yanni they will purify you like no other they will purify you. This is what as gaming they will cleanse the soul unlike any other day will do. So Whoo. Yanni can

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these 10 days basically, if you put all the ahaadeeth together, you find that they solve two biggest problems you have on the Day of Judgment, the two biggest problems that you're going to face on the Day of Judgment. One is allowed blah, blah, blah, standing before larges origin. And the second problem and worry you have on the Day of Judgment you're supposed to deal with it today. So you can find it easy is

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when the scale is brought forth, and the deeds are placed on it. These are the two biggest worry is you have the standing before and the skill being presented before and your deeds going on. And these 10 days they solve these two problems, then the firstly as gap so that

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When your deeds are raised and they are presented before loss origin, those deeds are going to be most loved actions to a loss or they are going to be the best actions to Allah subhanho wa Taala. So as a result that deals and care takes care of the

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loss of habitat. And the other thing is, notice our sentences in another haviv are vamo asuran.

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This is a word enough to wake us all up from OSHA meaning of the Day of Judgment. What did we say the next problem was the scale coming forward, when the scale comes forth, and you're being judged by loss of data data, yet another solid layer how soon and we ask a lot of storage into medicine to the power guys without without them. But if this is the case, and the skill is brought forth, then are available as your own in the Hadith means that the heaviest deeds on the scale would be the good deeds that you performed during the 10 days of Malaysia. They are the heaviest determinado sent out from among mobile worship that you've done those stand out for the How can you wish the opportunity

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that these 10 days go by, and you treat them like any other day where you lose so much fat? Yeah, to make sure that it's not your case. These are days in which a lot of social review three Ibrahim alayhi salam, to go and chop up birds and put parts of the birds on for the top of four mountains, and then bring them to you and they come back. The story is inside of the buckle that happened on the 10 days of Asia these days in whale certainty at a loss or surely supposed to increase. And these are the ways in which a Tobia is made the baker loman a baker has just performed during these days. And these are these in which a deal was complete. And the automatic way to do this was

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revealed on the day of Alibaba. They have our phrase during these 10 days of Asia. These are days in which event was complete and perfected. And in these days, you're supposed to perfect your email and your Islam as well. These are these in which Allah subhanaw taala himself, yani spoke to musala you set up on the mountain on jvzoo that you can imagine, when I'm sure I will certainly Miss Tina

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Moosa Mussolini. Mussolini arrived on time on schedule to the mountain when he saw the fire.

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what was going to happen was something historic. It never happened before. It'll never happen before. After this. A lot of social. He says when a measure a Mussolini Katana has happened on the 10 days, we can level up

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spoke to musala color appear in Jamboree like he said the this is a one off in history. This is the first time it ever happens

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in Lake

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County, or LA, let me see. Let me see you Florida, Georgia, the city of Atlanta Ronnie, you will not see how musala is set up remain patient with this word. He's been preparing for this moment for 40 these before, right Yani

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for the female elected.

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He stayed away from his people 30 days, he was fasting. Then he came to the mountain. And he was told that because he used to see work in some of the durations. So it changed the breadth of his mouth. So an Angel City going back and fast another 10 days and don't use a swag. A lot of surgeon wants to meet you in the same manner you are in. So he went back and he finds the 10 days, those 10 days edition of the 30 days where the 10 days operation. Then after that he was ready and he climbs the mountain and he he's Allah subhanho wa Taala saying to him over the measure Abu Salim calahorra Paulo began to speak to him. He said

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let me see you a lot of social system lentil already you will not see me how Mousavi said I'm remain patient with these words that are most of them what I can improve number 11 look at the mountain.

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When I can

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look at the mountain I'm about to reveal some of my notes to the mountain. And if the mountain is able to stand, then I will show you myself.

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When I must have had a more dialogue revealed himself to the mountain and the mountain is the only creation that source of the law of Allah subhanahu wa Jalla who can offer themselves as a result it just came in contact with some of the life of a man so when the mountain shattered, it demolished that can say you don't know if all the nuclear bombs and atomic bombs on the road were to be sent on a mountain it won't destroy it. Or some of the newer alarms origin was enough to shut out and explode an entire mountain from its roots. Mussolini said I'm standing on the mountain solar for Hello cycle he fell unconscious go for them.

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It took a while before he got up from his own consciousness.

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He said, oh how perfect You are a lot of Glory be to You Allah He declared the last perfection on the mountain. And he said to

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me, what is he making Toba from? He said, I repent to you. What is he making Toba from?

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Milan. He said he made a Dover because he did not honor and love the way he deserves to be honored. And he did not understand who Allah is the way you're supposed to understand who he is. Then he understood who Mr. Social was. You wouldn't ask this question for two to eight. My brothers in estab, it is a major sin. It is a major sin to worship Allah no not who not know who Mr. Social is, for these 10 days in which your knowledge about America is supposed to increase. And your ignorance about the law is supposed to be decreased. And making Dover during these days on us we've had to like Well, I mean, I am the first to believe what does that mean? Meaning I am the first to believe

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that you will not be seen in this life. And you will only be seen in the hereafter. I'm a believer of that. For these are the ways in which you believe the real promise with Allah subhanaw taala the real meaning with Allah azza wa jal, these are days in which this kind of knowledge and this kind of event is supposed to be increased will love Allah. These are the days of Jani Asha Asia. Well, of course, the best deed that is supposed to be done during these days is obviously an enemy some Allahu alayhi wa sallam only, as in certain durations encourages. Now look, when the days begin. So how long?

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Shabbat would find a way that a message would go around. And it went on I'll say it from now because it always every time it happens that interviews are seldom didn't fast the 10 days in the nine days because the 10th is that they have read and it's not supposed to be faster. So here they did not fast the right so what does that mean? For you? What does it mean? And the reason I send them there are reasons for why he didn't fast either because he's busy busy concentrating in other events that are more important for him because this is the old man and and with his shoulder that he's supposed to take care of fat in other words, he was busy with other things right? And him not fasting doesn't

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mean he did not encourage their fasting. They only some people's mind out in a given message and the results of them didn't pass them therefore we're not supposed to pass them

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you can pay yourself on a level like this and there is an understanding of you did not bother understanding why he didn't pass them he didn't finish them because he's busier in other things that are more important when they did not pass them so that they don't become fall upon the oma that's why he didn't pass them right let me if he first did them and every foster them he would have feed that they might be confirmed on the oma so as a result that he did not pass them as a mercy for me and you so don't take an opportunity like that so close since he didn't pass them I won't pass them as well. Same as a thorough we never saw celebrate them three nights and then he did not pray them

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in Japan. Why? So that they do not become forced upon the Yuma Let me pray them every single Ramadan for nine years of Ramadan He fasted it would have become full and as a result Yanni leaving celebratory and congregation would have incurred a major Singaporean or a Singaporean for this is why some of them would leave certain things as a mercy for us but to take this opportunity as a means and an opportunity to bring you closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala first these days also what's recommended in these days is attack we're what the he'll write a more workable love La la la la la la la la la, la, la and the techniques that we made for LA it's not only for an aide you're supposed

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to be making during the 10 days all of them make it clear and then the specific tech before the aid begins on the day of our fun Don't forget that because a lot of our might be your lobby, but anyway, that they have alpha street alpha so that you begin with that wheel and then after every select until the last day of La you will make it that way. So it begins on the day of the day of alpha is one day before the raid one day before the raid it begins from then on straight off to solid virgin on the day of Oliver you begin attack we're also the court is also yet another deal that is supposed to be done during these 10 days. Okay, I will lay around if you can read three pages a day, but at

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least listen to three issues a day so that you can finish the Quran in these 10 days because remember, the hotma the completion of the Quran in these 10 days is the best hotmail ever make of the Quran as opposed to any other day of the will appear as well. That's one of the best things to be done on the 10th day, which is the best day of all the best day of the 10 days is your the day of sacrifice and the best deed to be done on that day which is the day of it is to make a bed for a loss of hanadarko

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Say, rush in that as well if you haven't paid it Russian and and fulfill that deed now, so that it gets enough time to arrive at each country and get slaughtered on your behalf on time beautifully laid out for my brothers in Islam. And I end with to a hadith about the virtues of fasting number one of the Allahu anhu of all men and bear, he leaves your loved one, he came one time to massage them. And he asked him, he said,

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teach me something, teach me something.

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So he said to me, like have a song for him know who they are, if you want to learn something, he said to him fast. And then he said to him, nothing compares to fasting for another layer, that nothing compares to fasting. What does that mean?

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It means nothing will cleanse you, more than fasting will cleanse you. And nothing will purify you more than the deed of fasting or purifying and nothing will bring you closer to the paradise moving the deed of fasting will bring you closer to paradise. This is what it means Larry, in anything of the good you want. And anything of the bad you want to keep away from the fast thing is the way to go right? For when avisar slmc team these two words are they get a soul two words, two words and an array, the Hobby

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Lobby alone. He said ever since Abu mama heard these two words for Mazel masala him, his wife, and his kids and his sleeves woodforest. And smoke was never seen coming out from their house ever during the day.

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And if smoke was coming out, then we knew he had a guest he was feeding him and he was eating with him as well because there was a guest right? In other words, getting a visa two words that affected their loved one. And he claimed that he held on to them for the rest of his life. And he and his days of fasting were more than the days he broke his fast right into a shoe. What kind of Hadith works for you, that would encourage you to fast especially these 10 days. And I have Ethernet is our cell and he says in the Lahore Malaika who use aluna Allah notice it that Allah azza wa jal

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and hold his angels, they send their prayers upon as much as I lean upon the ones who are having a support. This is the reward of the first thing person before he begins his first and then service avixa how he's just making support. He's already heard a lot of prayers and the angels prayers, already. Imagine that the reward when he begins the first hour of fasting, and the second hour of fasting and the third and he continues into that for don't waste these opportunities. My brothers in Islam, 10 days of Asia, fast the nine of them be delighted, do as much good as you can get relief those days of Ramadan that you are in, and even more much more intense. Yeah. And in some of the

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events. there's a there's a quote here that maybe you're supposed to hear this quote, or whatever they say about Roger, but he says, the hustler. The hazards of the

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invasion are graded in the hazard area of the fault in romane. And the hazard of the no airfield, the hazard of the voluntary deeds of Asia are greater than the hazard of the knoephla romane

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never have a whole lot muslimeen he gave us this kind of insight. Why because these are these in which all the worships have gathered, a solid was second or so. And and hash all the Pillars of Islam are gathered during these 10 days. And that never happens in any of these of the UI. As a result their virtue and their reward was much greater than any other day. Right. And they exist in a showroom. Oman is not shown Hello, Oman is not a secret month, right for Canada, Asia, and Russia. These are the months in which our secret Merhaba and the deeds

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agreed in the sight of Allah Subhana Allah Allahu Allah wa salam o cinnamal bellicon and Edina Mohammed while he was so happy