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The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged students and parents, with social media and media platforms being the main platforms of learning. The importance of learning to become an Islam-compliant person and the need for a culture of others is emphasized. The "red hot culture" of the Western world is discussed, along with the "red hot culture" of the United States and the importance of planting trees for the environment. The speakers emphasize the need for schools to educate children on the negative impact of sexuality and the importance of creating a culture of peace and security. The challenges of modern education include the need for parents to provide feedback and input on their child's education, and the need for schools to educate children on the negative impact of sexuality on society.

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Alaikum the love and Hungary allow you to

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be a mother

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and my brother Photoville

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rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem, he put up this mihrab they can lead a follow up caller calling inside and out of the crown chakra under the column under Mallinson amalgam Yharnam set up hello hello.

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My dear respected elders and brothers, mothers and sisters in listeners who are listening to the live broadcast.

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We begin by placing Almighty Allah subhanaw taala and sending salutations upon our beloved Livia, Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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We are all aware that the topic that we have at hand here is an important topic challenges in education. And today, students, parents all have a great dilemma and have a great concern with regard to it on one hand, we all would like our children to be educated, but yet there are so many different challenges we are facing with regard to education. We are here and we you know see on social media and on other platforms, some of the challenges some of the features, some of the trials, some of the challenges with regard to education. Now, obviously in a talk like this, we will not be able to cover every aspect with regard to the challenges of education. However, we will try

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to highlight some of the issues and maybe it might be an aspect of continuing the discussion, the discussion could continue either in another talk or through the means of interaction with the janitor Alama or people who are in the Tallamy board, and the Educational Department or the janitor Alama let me start off by saying that the first one that came down from Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala to our beloved Nebia, creamy sauce that was an indication to the about the importance of knowledge if Cara read, it did make mention read in the name of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala which tells us about the objective of education which I will go on to make mention of perhaps

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towards the end of the talk. However, because of this, there was an in unprecedented enthusiasm for knowledge. Firstly, we all know that the time between hazard usually salatu salam and our beloved maybe acronym SOS is known as fast track there was the greatest amount of time between Ambia there was no greater time between the prophets. Then there was between the Salem Salatu was Salam and our beloved cream sauce. Therefore the Quran in the sixth Supatra refers to it as fact that they were here at a time when what he was stopped for a great amount of time. Wilma says over 600 years. And then the first worry that came after so many years was to do with education to read. And this

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created an unprecedented enthusiasm, some of the incidents that you read in the early stages of Islam of people, you know, the enthusiasm and the sacrifice for education are amazing. You know, one of the the incidents was about Osama bin Farrar chronically has stepped in for drama to rally hearing about the

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faith of Imam Muhammad Ali. And his knowledge came to him one day and said, I've come from far to come and learn some knowledge from you. So Imam Muhammad said nowadays taken I don't have time I got you know, everything has already been taken. My whole day has been taken. I don't have time to be able to teach you. I don't have time to be able to give you so when he insisted seeing his enthusiasm and his sincerity. Imam Muhammad Rahmatullah said see the only time I got available is when I get up AutoHotKey there is no one with me, you come with whatever you got, whatever Kitab or whatever you want to learn from me, that time while I am making Uzu and settling myself before I

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make my I will teach you a few things whatever you want to learn a certain parameter learning to say, I used to remain awake all night to read on Musk those few moments that I can gain knowledge from him upon but this was enthusiasm they had for knowledge. Now

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therefore we find that maybe a trim saw Solomon said Tell him forever to Allah Cooley Muslim, the acquiring of knowledge is a compulsion. It is compulsory to earn to, to learn knowledge and to acquire knowledge for

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Every Muslim.

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So therefore, when you say an ignorant Muslim, it's a misnomer. You can't have an ignorant Muslim. When knowledge is compulsory, you can't have an ignorant Muslim, it doesn't exist. It shouldn't exist. So someone who say that as a Muslim, we don't know how to read, we don't know how to write. We don't have knowledge. It's not supposed to be there, because knowledge is compulsory. One important point that we have to keep in mind that the Sharia had said that

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to become an ally, to become well versed in and well grounded in Islamic knowledge, is that communal obligation is not an individual obligation.

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Because let me say that again to become an island well grounded in knowledge is a communal obligation is not an individual obligation. It's not compulsory for everyone to become an Illumina Mufti and someone well grounded in Sharia. Therefore, the Torah in the Quran says fanola

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Minolta you for Talia to have a COVID deal, that they should be a group amongst you, Lea de facto who 15 who gain in depth knowledge of the world a young group. And they want the nation when they come back after they have completed the studies. And they are well grounded.

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But it took to become an alibi. If it is in an area and a Region No.

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Then the entire community would be blameworthy. So to become someone who is well grounded in Sharia is a communal obligation. Individual obligation is to know what the Sharia demands from you in any given occasion. If you are going for Hajj, it is compulsory, and I'm using the word compulsory for you to know the basic aspects of Hajj, obviously, there's going to be certain things that happened in hajj, which are out of the ordinary, then you can consult with an alien but at least the basic Messiah, the basic aesthetic of Hajj is compulsory for you to know. Just recently, I saw a tweet with regard to an Islamic you know, I think it was a Jimmy tweet, I don't even remember records. But

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they said for you when you become when you get married. It's compulsory for you know what is required from you as a husband or wife in marriage.

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Otherwise you can get into marriage, what Islam wants from you with regard to marriage, if you're going to start up a business in a similar manner. So that is something that is compulsive. Now where do we learn that? Where do we learn that particular type of knowledge, which tells us about our individual obligation as far as Sharia is concerned, that is our victims. That's our address as our primary religious institutions. Therefore my dear respected elders and brothers, this particular aspect of the mucked up is extremely important. As it more mature normally and vulnerable Hassan nadwi. Great scholars have laid so much emphasis upon that by saying, See to it that you set up

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aggressors, and you set up meetups to teach your children the basic aspects of deed, otherwise risk, they are apostasy risk them turning away from religion. Allama, Iqbal made a very emotional trip to Spain in 1932. And, you know, he had many beautiful poems with regard to his time in Spain. And one of the messages that he gave when he came back from Spain was this, that he said,

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There was a certain degree of maybe not showing importance to the bottom and madrasahs before he left, but when he came back, he emphasized he said, Leave these madrasahs alone and uphold these mattresses. Because I have seen what happens when you cut yourself off from doctors and mattresses. He said, what will happen is, what will happen is like what happened in Spain, you will have remnants of the Islamic civilization in kotoba in Cordoba, but there will be no Islam and no Muslims. And they say the same thing would have happened in India, you would have only had the Taj Mahal or the Red Fort, if there was no progresses. So the first point that we make mention, we speak

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about the aspect of, of the role of Islamic institutions, the importance of master, then afterwards the main important point that many times people come, what what do we see with regard to schools, or what is known as contemporary education?

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Sometimes the word that is used is secular. That obviously, I personally don't like the word secular and is not perhaps when you keep in mind what sector

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means that you don't believe in something that you can't see, or there is no moral or religious aspects with regard to education, maybe let us use another definition, contemporary knowledge acquired knowledge. acquired knowledge is a good thing, that there are certain types of knowledge you acquired directly from the Quran and Hadith. Sometimes you have acquired from experience, or from common sense, two plus two is four is not something that is written in the Quran and Hadith, but it's common sense, and it's not haram, but it is something that we all know that is true. So, that particular aspect calling contemporary knowledge, call it acquired knowledge is not haram. In

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fact, in certain types, and in certain situations, it is required, and it has been encouraged.

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Now, I will go on to it. Let me just give you an example with regard to looked at the previous Monday, one of our greatest scholars of our contemporary times, some years back gave a talk in the hero schools. Now, the hero schools very interestingly, has been set up Islamic schools in Karachi, under the auspices of the data room, to the data room, right, runs the Muslim school, in that particular situation. It is under of Tito's money, and he's, I think one of the sons around the Islamic school.

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So he gave a talk and in the talk he made mentioned he said when my father came from migrated from from India to Pakistan, and Pakistan was formed. Now we know that the Allama played a very great role in the formation of Pakistan. Right. So the first time the flag was hoisted in Karachi, for the independence up to the independence of Pakistan, it was hoisted by one on a ship Iraq most money in Karachi, and one as a fragment of money in Dhaka, the term Dhaka was part of East Pakistan. support Pakistan phonetic.

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There's so what we're saying is that we're not playing an important role with regard to the formation of Pakistan. So Mufti ship is a parameter larae, was called upon by the Education Department and said, We need to set up the education process of Pakistan. So let's move to ServiceNow. Bronco Valley said, he said that there are three bottles of education that came from India. Now along the Obon, the Aligarh University, the University, the contemporary education and network network was maybe you could call it my network and, you know, they used to be in Delhi, the middle University.

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So that was like amalgamation of contemporary and Islamic education. So network, the room, Diovan Attica University. So he said he pleaded with educational authorities in Pakistan is that I'm not telling you to implement the syllabus of government Gilbane in the educational system of Pakistan.

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Coming from someone who came from devil in the oval of teacher visa, Brahma Talalay the father, typically was the Mufti in that room do well, before he migrated to Pakistan. We said I'm not telling you to implement that system. I'm telling you to implement an integrated system. And he gave an example of the first university that was set up in the world of detox up in that talk, he says that I have not found any, any aspect in history to suggest that there was any university before the Tehran University in first, which is in Morocco, the first university in the world was established by Muslims and in that particular university, there was an amalgamation of the topics and the

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subjects. So he says, as a as a Milani, the author of Shiva, one of the best books on syrup to be uttered him Solsona used to teach in that particular institute, the Tehran University, and in the very same university, in euros, known as evidence in the Western world. And if you hold on I used to teach philosophy and history. He said up till now, he said, myself and my brother, Mufti Rafi was man in Morocco, who passed away recently, when, in the places in that university where they used to teach a preserved weather used to teach both cousin years and finally used to teach Quran and Hadith if they refuse to teach philosophy, and if you could do this to teach history has been preserved.

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So there used to be an amalgamation with regard to it. Now, why that particular system did not get implemented, as he had suggested to the Pakistani educational authorities, Allah subhanaw taala knows. Now we have a system in situation in Pakistan, where the data rooms have become on their own and the educational system, the contemporary, you know, you know, education has been on its own. Now what do we say with regard to the contemporary education in schools, university medicine, astronomy, one of the most amazing things

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has been written by

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The man because

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we don't need to give any type of evidence with regard to his status as one of the greatest thinkers and one of the greatest alums in our history. You will remember, in his magnum opus, a young Illuminati yellow loom is written, that any branch of knowledge, which is indispensable for the welfare of mankind,

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it is further qualified for the mud to acquire that knowledge,

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any branch of knowledge, which is indispensable for the welfare of mankind, it is perfectly fine for the mud to acquire that knowledge. And then after writing that, he writes that tip Be well, he's up like medicines, medicine and accounting.

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That means, he says it is forensic FAIA for the Muslim community in the Muslim ummah, to have people who are doctors and accountants in the rank, otherwise the entire Muslim Ummah would be playing with it, they would not be fulfilling a communal obligation. And this is what Imam Ghazali Rahmatullah he has written, and something that everyone you know, I even actually photocopied the exact Arabic statement of Imam Ali, which I've kept in my files. So this is something that Imam Ali itself, and therefore you find that because of this, Muslims were not only enthusiastic, in the initial stages of our history, to be experts in Quran and Hadith, we were in the forefront of every branch of

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You know, whether it be medicine, whether it be accounting, whether it be environmental affairs, whether it be every aspect, it is something that Muslims, we're in the forefront of every branch of knowledge, whether it be hate them in astronomy, Masuda in environment, idrisi in geography, if they roost in power philosophy, even if a mass in the first person to try and, you know, do flying, you know, as in the aeroplanes therefore, in one of the Islamic countries, I think is Iraq, one of the airports is named after him, who seemed to be in the forefront, even in terms of environmental issues, I find it sometimes very difficult to digest, that there are certain things that we we hand

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over to the west, as if we are behind that is if environmental issues, they are the ones who are in the forefront, they are the ones who are more environmentally friendly than what we are, or they have toured the world with regard to environmental friendly teachings, things that are, you know, conducive to the environment. I did a recent, you know, 45 minute presentation for a group in Muslim tourists travel agency, Singapore, for environmental friendly tourism, 45 minutes, my presentation on environmental, environmental friendly tourism. Now, those type of things is not something that you know, we have, we have given it over because we have vacated the field. But initially we were

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the people who are in the forefront, it was our beloved creator himself, Allahu alayhi wa sallam who taught us with regard to the importance of planting trees. He said, Anyone who plants a tree, and they are people who benefit from the tree, whether it be animals, whether it be human beings, the person who planted the tree will get the reward. What did our beloved little saw Salam said either at the Messiah failures received facilita failures, Lisa, oh, come upon, if given the time of the hammer comes in, you're planting a tree, don't stop by seeing the scammer who's gonna benefit from the sweet corn planted sleeves?

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So, there are many issues like that, you know, I just feel that we have vacated this we have left it open. And then we say it is, you know, Western induced, or these Western influence in them? Well, it is like that, because you advocated the field.

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And even for example, this aspect of, you know, being kind to people who are physically challenged.

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And I'll tell you something of an experience of mine, which I feel so strongly about. I've got someone who is a very close family member who is physically challenged.

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And one of the concerns that I have is this that non Muslims show him greater regard for his physical challenge, even Muslims.

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Where do we get that? When Islam were in the forefront? It was our beloved Nebia Kareem salsa well, before, looking after the physically challenged became trendy, that nebbia Kareem saw Selim made a blind person or emir of Madina Munawwara when you went for TR

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and yet we feel that no, this is not D. We have taken away the comprehensiveness of our D O

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Protein is comprehensive. It taught us everything, but we protected some of his fields. So we find that the first medical peer review now one of the things that you know you have peer reviews, the first medical peer review was written by a Muslim by the name of Allah. It states a visiting physician must make note of a patient's conditions, which must be examined by another physician or another Medical Council, peer review. First step, the first person to discover the pulmonary

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rock observation in the country was in office 300 years before William Harvey Although William Harvey to the credit, I recall one time there was I went somewhere and I was speaking about this particular subject. And I spoke about William he'd been official, the first person who spoke about the parliamentary blood circulation in the body. Well before William Harvey, after the talk, someone came to me one a medical doctor and he said Mona, you know, you spoke about something in the medical journal, it was written that William Avi was the first person. So he said, I wrote a letter to the medical journal that you are incorrect. He said in the next particular medical journal, they

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corrected that and said it mean if this was the first person to discover the parliamentary blood circulation in the morning. And this was something that not all well before Europe was in the dark ages. As Draper has made mentioned that he said, When Europe was in the dark ages, it was the Muslims that contributed to all fields of life. And he said the religions in the western world Otis existence to Islam and Muslims. It was it me rushed, an evening, Sina and it Neva to time traveling. Imam Razi Rahmatullah Ali, carried out the first experimentation on the most hygienic place to build a hospital. The Encyclopedia Britannica writes that term, of course, everyone used to keep the

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encyclopedias now encyclopedia on our phone and share Google has become the encyclopedia Encyclopedia Britannica has become the move to become the Share, share Google, it has become everything. But the 10 people used to read the World Book and the International Encyclopedia Britannica. The most trustworthy statements on smallpox comes from the ninth century raises human rights era people deeply Hold on a philosopher and historian, father of many disciplines, including social science, he wrote with regard to social sciences, you know, he dabbled 17 volumes, the forward with regard to the market demand was in a volume as you know, for one whole volume is only

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the market demand only the prefix, a whole volume on the prefix. Nowadays, you get a book, The preface is two three pages is a whole volume on the preface of his own keytab.

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And that he speaks about how societies evolved. And what are the whole aspects with regard to society that will give you an example of

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what was his research. So even if you do lung Kailali, right, he said, Any nation

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which achieves freedom,

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they have to, they have to contend with two great challenges. Now look at his foresight, and we are seeing the truth of it in South Africa. He says any nation which accused freedom has to contend with two challenges. One is its inherent inferiority complex. And one, its new found opulence any nation that become free, they have to face two challenges, the inherent inferiority complex. And the second thing that you found opulence our ANC has failed the test. They have not been able to deal with the inherent, you know, the con complex and with regard to the new form of violence, we will do Temecula Valley, head actually as part of a social science and is, you know, being a student of history, it

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made mentioned with regard to it so many years back. Arnold Toynbee the British historian made mention with regard to aluminum Talalay and his Kitab will give us the greatest work created by any mind by any human being any time in any place.

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This he wrote with regard to inequality

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even deeper to travel 75,000 miles and he wrote on

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his whole experience with regard to you know, travels, and you came right up till you know, East East Africa, you went west Africa even, you know, Malaysia even Sri Lanka he called it certain deep and he wrote his own. Can you imagine how many miles you would have collected if he was a frequent flyer on any particular airline frequent traveler status, something like that. He has so much hate the media Sternen Masuda environment. The Quran speaks about

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As from s Ptolemy directly and indirectly, will be naturally who Macedon Allah says about the stars which guide you upon the right path. You know, in you know I was reading somewhere someone who has no one they told me just very recently, a letter in the Holy Quran tells about traveling in the ocean as a means of your risk traveling in the ocean as a means of your risk. The person told me said 80% of trade that takes place between import and export 80% of trade takes place because of goods that are transported by the ocean. And in the Quran. Allah Tala makes mention of the chips,

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3d and you know movement in the ocean as a means of your wrist.

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Now in there, Allah Allah says we've been nudged through the means of the stars, you gain navigation to the oceans, Apple trade has been used. So astronomy has been something that has been very greatly, you know, the Muslims were in the forefront. Alfre Hani was one of the most famous astronomers in the ninth century, the URL for a harness crater in the moon is named after him. And what is amazing that we have to see is that he said two thirds of the stars

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that has names, they've got all Muslims. Most of the stars are in other numerals. But all the stars that have named

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all the stars that have made two thirds of it have been made under Muslims, because Muslims were so much in the forefront of astronomy. Now if this is a situation where Muslims were so well advanced in all other fields of knowledge, which I just given you a very small tip of the iceberg really I'm giving you a small tip of the iceberg if you don't read there's been many many books with regard to it. This is something that we are supposed to be the forefront with regard to Allah in the Holy Quran says with regard to for example, looking at the signs of Allah Tala in the universe, salary him if

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I tell you to be in a room I know

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I will show you my son is in the in the universe and in your own self, I will show you my signs in your own self, in your own cells in your body and in the horizon. Until you come to know that Allah Tala in the Quran is true.

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That this I can see 1 million shades of color, I will show you my signs in your own self. And we can go on making mentioned with regard to it. I just give you one small example the blue way I spoke about it recently. So they say that the blue whale has got a tongue as big as an elephant. The tongue of the blue whale is as big as an elephant. The heart of the blue whale is like the blood vessels through which the blood flows in the blue whale. One can swim through the blood vessels of a blue whale. And the blue whale

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eats 40 million thrills a day

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and close a small shrimps

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with a blue Sharpie.

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The Asians 40 million were mom and dad but infidelity Illa Adela here is for her. He is not a loving being but the rest of it is to Allah subhanho wa Taala How does it hurt? If they say at the top of the blue wing, greens, 400 litres of milk a day? who feeds it? Where do we come into this whole aspect? We have left that no this is not the but Allah tells you in the Holy Quran, there are so many irons in the Holy Quran which deals about Allah Tala straightness, maybe a crimson and one day approach Sahaba who was sitting in the budget and they said what are you doing? He said we are contemplating so the PFL themselves and said don't meditate over the self of Allah don't say Who is

00:28:49--> 00:28:59

Allah How does Allah look because that can create doubt in your mind. But definitely you know do meditate and contemplate over the creation of Allah Tala.

00:29:03--> 00:29:09

And then they'll be occurring saucer mixture and that's what the ultimate says it has to come to now he has made mentioning for silence.

00:29:10--> 00:29:22

That to meditate over the creation of Allah and see the imprint of Allah Tala. In the creation of Allah Tala is better than Ibaadat of 80 years. And one in the present as you can

00:29:23--> 00:29:35

write, contemplating about the greatness of Allah by see the signs of Allah in the universe for a short while is better than a battered hold night.

00:29:36--> 00:29:59

So, these are also part of the material respected by others. So we are supposed to be in the forefront with regard to these particular matters. And therefore I feel that we are supposed to be not only in dealing knowledge in contemporary knowledge, we supposed to be in the forefront. We are supposed to gain expertise in this. We are supposed to be that we have left it open now of course we say yeah, but

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These particular disciplines have been infiltrated, and they are different, you know, influences in it, when Who do you blame with regard to the the influences that have come in from other sources when we were in the forefront. Therefore, in this particular regard, you must read the sums, you know, writings of Khaled big. He's written many beautiful articles on education. So one of the things that he rightly said that in the past these disciplines, they was an Islamic basis with regard to those disciplines. And he speaks about fathers who was the father of algebra. And he said, just unpack the books of algebra written by Faisal. He says, when you look at the format of those

00:30:42--> 00:30:51

books, you will think that you are reading the foreword of an Islamic book, he started off in Al Hamdulillah. Praises to Almighty Allah, so not upon

00:30:53--> 00:31:29

any praising Allah subhanaw taala. Then he speaks about algebra. He says, Therefore, in the past, you couldn't make out the difference between an alum and the scientists, they look the same. They perform sanity in the same budget. They were, they were like one you couldn't make up, you couldn't make out any other distinction between a scientist, even if it may look like an animal. But he was the father and the founder of algebra. So we had the situation in the past of our Muslims were in the forefront with regard to now how do we teach these disciplines, which I've said, according to mum, because

00:31:30--> 00:32:05

any branch of knowledge which is indispensable for the welfare of mankind, is a different matter that today we are supposed to teach and learn those disciplines with the intention of serving humanity, and not only with the intention of earning risk, this is a different matter, but these particular aspects of learning, not only is it permitted, it is encouraged. Now, what do we do with regard to how do we how do we gain the knowledge with regard to it, staying away from the influences, and there is no doubt these influences. Today, some of the influences that are there comes in subtle ways. Some of it today, we all talk about it, and we know about it. So we talk about

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the LGBTQ influence, we talk about the influence with regard to immortality, we teach we speak about all these aspects and that are there. They are there in the schools, they are there in the universities, what do you do? How do you how do you now say that we have to learn this knowledge as we have an entire legacy of the Ummah been in the forefront of those particular knowledge. And yet at the same time, staying away from the undue or the wrong influences. In Arabic, there's a saying which is also an A 50 principle, whose master thought

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they put his benefit, beneficial, keep away from that which is harmful. Now, that is what we are supposed to do. How do you do it? How do you get debt which is beneficial? And how do you stay away from debt which is harmful.

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So one of the ways one of the institutions I spoke about the institution of the makup is the Islamic schools. So the Muslim schools can have that particular type of situation where we teach the contemporary, corded contemporary college acquired knowledge. And we teach that in a way that is consistent with our values, consistent with our teachings. So we can do that and gain both of these and then at the same time, learn those particular you know, sciences in conjunction and consistent with our values. For example, science is supposed to teach you to see the greatness of Allah subhanaw taala and the creation of Almighty Allah Allah in the Holy Quran complaints okay even if in

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for some of your maroon Allah you have a home

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how many other signs of Allah Tala you pass by, and you don't even think about Allah Tala enough you have to somehow post enough

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in the creation of the heavens and earth, and in the changing of the day into night and the night in today, there are signs of people of intellect who remember Allah when they see the signs of Quran Allah has to know what to order Why does the movie remember Allah Tala is sitting and standing and when they see the signs of Allah Tala, I mean the when the warning comes in when it comes to me everything that is this is a sign of Allah Tala rapa nama halacha Agha Bettina O Allah, we have not created the symbol. So this is something that we have to keep in mind. Not that the you know, Islamic school, the Muslim schools, whatever you want to call them, are free from falls. Far from

00:34:22--> 00:34:59

it. You know, I always tell people, that our educational institutes are not islands away from the community or from the environment in which we are staying is not all of a sudden the moment you come into the gates of an educational institute, all the harms all the environment or what is happening in the community, all of a sudden evaporates the moment you walk into the gate of educational institute. It is a microcosm of what is happening in the society. So if the society is full of materialism, this is going to happen in our in our educational institute is in morality that is there sometimes it

00:35:00--> 00:35:44

It comes through into the educational institute, it doesn't mean that it is free from the harms. But what happens is some of the aspects that are challenging, which are controversial, the Islamic school and the Muslim school would be able to teach those particular aspects consistent with our values and teachings. Like for example, the CSC comprehensive sexual education. Now, when you look at that particular aspect today, what what they teach you that when you go and you speak to the educational authorities in the country, they said, No, we tended in our CSC the comprehensive sexual education, we teach the students that abstinence is the first option.

00:35:46--> 00:36:05

Abstinence is the first option. But what they don't tell you is that the second thing that they tell you that safe sex, immortality is a respectable option, after they're so ready to ship. Abstinence is good. But after they tell you, if we have to do it, we'd sit here.

00:36:06--> 00:36:47

Right now, that is something that is part of the curriculum. And you have this type of situation that is emerging. One of our people in the gym yet one of the items goes and does, you know, workshops on LGBTQ so he was I asked him say, give me some some aspects that you have read. He said one of the things are quite serious. He said, I picked up a couple of things. He said one day I said I spoke to a 12 year old girl who came to speak to me after he did 45 workshops and LGBTQ school in the last year 45. And he said on one occasion, he said 12 or 13 year old girl came and told me he said, What are you speaking about all this these things? But I think Allah made me made a mistake.

00:36:48--> 00:36:56

By making me a girl. I'm supposed to be a boy. Allah made a mistake by treating me as a girl.

00:36:58--> 00:37:22

I'm supposed to be a boy, a 13 year old child telling this moron who did a presentation LGBTQ in one of the educational institutes. He made mention, he said, I said, with verification, I can tell you another experience. He said a young girl, one day the family wanted to take the out for Sunday outing. And she turned down and said, No, I can, I can't come with you. One of my friends, which is from the other faith groups,

00:37:23--> 00:38:06

is coming to fetch me and we are going to the church, because I find the Bible lessons very, very inspiring and motivating. And I'm going to the church with regard to learning more about that which I found inspiring and motivating. Now, these are the type of things that we are exposing our children to when we go to those particular institutions, where these things have become the norm. Now, at least in this particular aspect, the Muslim schools can play a very important role. Now, one important point that I would like to say that it can it can make it a stuff, the low teaching the contemporary education away from the bias that comes with other educational system, and talking

00:38:06--> 00:38:22

about the controversial matters without the bias of other isms, but consistent with our values. Now, before I end, I don't like to speak too long, I would like to keep it close to 45 minutes or so because our concentration span nowadays, you know the best. But anyway, what I'm going to tell you one important point is this

00:38:25--> 00:39:19

that we have a purpose in our education, our education is not without a purpose. And our education is not only an degrees, our education is not only that, you must earn a degree or you must you know, do well in your profession or you must open up something because of which you do you have become a lot of money. Today we we gauge success in our educational pursuits, by what car you are going to drive, which area you are going to stay in and which type of house you are you living in mid respected elders and brothers I must say that this has become something that is quite worrying. That sometimes the flaunting of those wealth on social media by our young children is of great concern.

00:39:20--> 00:39:29

You know, it is almost as it is like a badge of honor. We bought a 30,000 brand sneaker we bought 100,000 handbag, and it is printed.

00:39:30--> 00:39:59

Now there is nothing wrong in buying something that is good, but I mean, you don't buy it as an objective. You don't buy it as a means of price. You don't buy it I'm going to be regarded as superior because of these things, what type of values we are teaching our children and in those particular type of values. Do you think that it is good for the upbringing of our children, when these are the type of things that we are inculcating? So in Islam one of the basic aspects of knowledge is to make you a better Muslims. It's made easy

00:40:00--> 00:40:39

for you to come closer towards Almighty Allah in the magic Shala I mean everybody here that will Amma as those who fear Allah the learners are those who fear Allah. If your knowledge is taking you away from the question that knowledge and therefore we say even the other branches of knowledge, we are supposed to learn it in a way that brings us closer towards Almighty Allah has it mana Tangram Talalay. Now I'm talking about the most conservative of Allah. He had spoken about contemporary knowledge. And he said one of the aspects with regard to contemporary knowledge in his book and Pastor Isa, he says that those who are going to universities must keep a good grounding with Halima.

00:40:40--> 00:41:16

And with Islamic books and Islamic principles, then they must go to university. Someone told me of artifacts of Rahmatullah Lee was one of our great scholars who came to the times and even made Ramadan year in our country. He said that he purchased the lane next to the university, right where he was staying. Someone said, Why are you purchasing a land next to the university, he said, For me to keep a relationship with the university students, that I need to keep a relationship with them, to keep them close, we need this people to go and to acquire that knowledge. But we also need them to be close towards the

00:41:18--> 00:41:31

so what what is the purpose we need that we need to be in those fields. And I don't agree that you must walk away from those tools. And many times because you walk about walk away from those fields, then you are going to become dependent.

00:41:32--> 00:41:55

You are going to become dependent. Today we are dependent. The Muslim world is dependent upon the other powers with regard to even the military might. So you can't do anything without depending upon other countries with regard to your own survival with regard to own safety without your own security. This was not the way of the early stages or the early stages of our

00:41:56--> 00:42:24

economy. So certainly Stein, send people to judge which was in Syria. To learn about the latest in the warfare of the time, the first time the catapults were used. First time catapults will use the time you need catapults to breach the forts. Right. The fortification that people used to keep around the cities, the first time a catapult was used, was in the seat of time after the Fatah Maka by our beloved.

00:42:26--> 00:42:58

And maybe a crimson sent to Sabah to learn that particular method of warfare. So we I don't believe I think, far from people telling us to stay away from it, we should actually come into the forefront and bring about a revival of Islamic influence in those particular type of it's a long term dream, it's a long term vision. But if we don't have that vision, we are always going to be prejudiced. We are always going to be dependent upon other people, sometimes with disastrous consequences. And let me tell you no conclude with one or two things, as Margaret

00:43:00--> 00:43:15

Mead mentioned with regard to this in a very amazing way. He said, If you learn knowledge without, without, you know the basis without the objective, you see something like this will happen. And he's gave this example of a university students going out for a boat ride.

00:43:16--> 00:43:47

Instead, they were going out for a boat ride. And, you know, university students and students normally when they go out whether it be any type of students, even traditional modalities, students, when they go out, they can become quite mischievous. And they can, you know, come up with different types of things. We know we were students in that particular situation. So they went out on a boat ride, and they started making fun with a person who took them for a ride around the lake. So while they were sitting in, they were talking to him and they were speaking to him and he said, Do you know anything with regard to max? So he said, No, I don't know anything about metal. I only know how

00:43:47--> 00:44:21

much money I must take from you and give you the required amount. If you give me more I can give you the change according your debt. More than that. I don't know anything to say anything during this quarter for life is gone. After a while, they said Do you know anything about history? Do you know the great civilizations of the past? And he said the only history I know is my grandfather's history. I don't know anything more than that, say afterlife is gone. Then they say you know anything about geography. So you said what is the geography? He couldn't even pronounce it. They say three quarters of your life is called. And then all of a sudden while they were sitting in they were

00:44:21--> 00:44:41

joking and they were laughing at the expense of this person who was taking them around for Boatwright. They came away and because of that wave, it now became apparent that the boat is going to capsize or the boat is going to capsize. So he told them in some you know triumphantly because they were joking and say you do not want to swim.

00:44:42--> 00:44:49

When most of them said we don't know how to swim you say your whole life. He's got you saying half my life is gone or three quarter of my life your life is

00:44:51--> 00:44:59

what happens if we learn knowledge and record all of that knowledge in order to have the day of Tiamat Allah Tala tells us how close

00:45:00--> 00:45:10

You come to me? How close Have you come to me? Have you fulfilled my obligation? Then our entire education which we have acquired without Dean becomes useless?

00:45:12--> 00:45:24

What is what is the position of a person who is a PhD in anything? And he doesn't know? Or when you ask him, What is your religion? Do you believe in data exist? And he said, I don't know. I'm an agnostic, I'm doubtful.

00:45:25--> 00:45:36

I don't have any firm convictions or firm faith on who created me. Now he's a PhD. Can you ask a seven year old Muslim child who created a lot later?

00:45:38--> 00:46:16

Now, what is a seven year old child's knowledge a PhD, the person who knows and he says I'm an agnostic. So in that particular regard, learning these branches of knowledge within the right context could be achieved by the Islamic schools, which have a very important role to play. So in conclusion, my dear respected wellness, parents have to play a very important role with regard to choosing the right educational institutes and the right education. You know, they say parenting isn't for cowards, and more than ever before, we have to play an active role with regard to education, even when they go to any educational institute, we have to supervise, we have to see what

00:46:16--> 00:46:54

they are. If they are something that there is doubt, we have to rectify those doubts. So in short, I've tried to cover the important aspect, the importance of knowledge, I try to cover with regard to what is compulsory, and I said, terrible me for either to pull the Muslim, the acquiring of knowledge is compulsory, what is compulsory? I have spoken about contemporary education, what is known as acquired knowledge, public contemporary education. I've given you the whole example what demand has added on to that as mentioned, I give you examples of Muslims being the forefront, I made mention with regards to the pistol speaking about, you know, education in the time of the University

00:46:54--> 00:47:35

of Tehran in phase, you know, in those particular universities, we have that integrated, we we don't have it now another knows with regard to it, why, why it hasn't happened. But even with those particular disciplines, we need to acquire it, acquire it within our values within our teachings. How do we achieve that? All of that is part of the challenges of modern education. And we make dua that Allah subhanho wa Taala increases in knowledge because one of the doors of the Quran is Rob visit Nicholas O Allah increase my knowledge. So Allah Tala mas increases in our knowledge of Allah, His Rasul and also acquiring the knowledge of the contemporary issues, which are indispensable for

00:47:35--> 00:47:49

the welfare of mankind, and we acquire it with the right bias and with the right experience with right teachings and right objectives, we are not gonna give you another topic of understanding while through the Awana

00:47:51--> 00:48:29

Shala we will conclude if there is any type of questions or any type of discussions people want to have over what has been said, by all means you can contact us myself or the janitor Alama Tallamy board and we can even you know always enter into discussion with regard to the point that we made mentioned as obviously we're selling we're very close either not gonna be enough or more than what you already sell him, along with the seller willing to sell them tomorrow qurbana vitality other jewelry will hear from a lot of my son after a few more equilibria where genomics will probably weather with Astra Hello my Nana silica Iman nephila What is called wasa worship I mean colada Hello

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my Nana was a million women including women who are in use the job well I mean how Allah Allah Marina Nana, so look, I mean, if at most I don't I mean whenever you go, have you worked on Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when I would recommend sharing Masada community Yoko Have you woke up Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam one time was to and Malika whenever the hola Illa. So Anna Robin Arabella is that

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when I'm doing that