Story of A Righteous Wife #1

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The segment discusses the importance of having a righteous wife in Islam, including struggles with marriage during the operation in Afghanistan where women were forced to marry men. The history of marriage, including the marriage of Georgia Ali fearaes to praised wife, the loss of a thirteen-year-old son, and the need for a baby, is also discussed. The story of the timeframe of the timeframe of the timeframe of the timeframe of the timeframe of the timeframe of the timeframe of the timeframe of the timeframe of the timeframe of the timeframe of the timeframe of the timeframe of the timeframe of the timeframe of the timeframe of the timeframe of the timeframe of the timeframe of the timeframe of the timeframe of the timeframe of the timeframe of the timeframe of the timeframe of the timeframe of the timeframe of the timeframe of the timeframe of the timeframe of the timeframe of the timeframe of the

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de la y shadow Allah Illa Illa Allah who have the hula Sheree Kala eyeshadow anessa Donna, one of Vienna Mohammedan Abdullah who are solo brothers and sisters in Islam. Welcome again to the story of Hajj.

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The last episode, we talked about the importance of having a righteous wife in order to have righteous children, brothers and sisters in Islam.

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You cannot imagine the importance of such a thing. Last episode, we showed you through the story of Abraham and Sarah, the righteous wife to Abraham and Islam, in the land of the oppressor when his wife, Sarah, was taken by the oppressor to basically arrayed her and look at her righteousness and piety. Brothers and sisters in Islam, as soon as she was taken by this oppressor, and again, the Hadith fiza l enamul, Bukhari, Hadith, Abu hurayrah and Muslim as well. Hadith Abu hurayrah Robbie, Allah one brothers and sisters in Islam, she made Wu ablution and she made that beautiful da O Allah, you know that I believe in you. And I followed your messenger and I'm keeping myself chaste.

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I have a husband, protect me from that oppressor.

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Allah always delivers you brothers and sisters in Islam. Allah delivered her from this oppressor

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and once she was released and let go with a gift, harder Amit

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sleeve woman at the time, who was brought up in Egypt, in the land of idol worshipping, and you could see from the story of that oppressor that it was a corrupt land at the time.

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Sara ran back to Ibrahim Ali Salaam. She found him praying.

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She was so excited to share with him the news that she was saved. lm Talon and Allahabad decadal character. What our leader Did you know that Allah subhanho wa Taala protected me from the blood of the oppressor and he given me a me refeeding to harder.

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Brothers and sisters in Islam, Ibrahim and his family Sarah, and in some of the accounts loot and the need started journeying back to Palestine again, where they were living. And here is a righteous woman again, seeing her husband so desperate.

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So looking forward

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to have a child.

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Remember when Ibrahim alayhis salaam left his people in Iraq, he made that beautiful

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rock the huddling in Uppsala Him, who Allah grant me, a righteous boy. And he saved the means by marrying a righteous wife, which is the first step to have a righteous boy.

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But yet that righteous woman was barren.

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She could not have children for him.

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We understand this from the Quran. When she was later on, given the left side of Isaac.

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She smiled and she said, Ellie, do I do? How can I have a baby when I'm so old?

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At the time, she saw that Ibrahim Ali Salam was aging, and His hair was turning gray.

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And he was still wanting or keen on having a baby. And here she is, made him a beautiful offer the most beautiful offer made by a wife to her husband, when she needs when she when she knows that he needs that.

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Go ahead and marry my maid.

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I speak to the people of the book, who question the legitimacy of that marriage.

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This is actually the ideal form

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of having more than one wife, which they call blogger me, even so this is not the appropriate term. But for them to understand. They say that hajah was not the wife of Ibrahim. That is why the question the sonship of Israel to his father, here it is

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the wife, telling the husband to marry her maid, in order for him to have a child.

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Again, something that has to be addressed that Sarah knew the sincerity of Ibrahim Ali Salam. She knew that he really wanted that boy who can inherit his message where the messenger ship and the book will stay in his lineage. She knew that is his intention. It was not about a desire of just having more than one woman in his life. No. Again, I remind you brothers and sisters in Islam, with the main problem in the oma right now is the majority of us do not know why do we marry

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brothers and sisters in Islam. Marriage is the only and the most appropriate avenue of bringing another believing generation into this earth to carry on the banner of Islam.

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Ibrahim Ali Sarah obeyed his wife, Sarah, and he married Haji Ali Hassan, peace be upon her.

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You could say that both insha Allah as long as we have consensus that women cannot be prophets and messengers.

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That is why we are recommended to just say, may Allah be pleased with her. But as long as you know that, even if we say PHP upon her, that this does not elevate her to be a prophet. Then we're okay.

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Brothers and sisters in Islam.

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Harder immediately.

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had a baby

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had a child for Ibrahim alayhis salam, here is Allah subhanaw taala answer this law. Remember, if you are in hajj, doomed you abandon making dua. You are in the house of Allah subhana wa Tada. And wherever you ask, Allah will give to you, but in Allah His terms, not in your terms. You see, the remedy is Allah made the door a long time ago. But Allah Subhana Allah delivered it to him now. And Allah subhanho wa Taala need the means available for it to happen? Sarah? Avi, Allahu Allah, may Allah be pleased with her, was buried. They made the journey to the land of the oppressor. Will they get harder, the meat and they're

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Sarah told Ibrahim to marry her. And Ibrahim did. And here is the baby smile.

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The nature of woman jealousy beside the will of Allah subhanho wa Taala or the will of Allah subhanho wa Taala is above everything.

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The way that Hadith Abdullah bass or the Allah one Houma and the hillside and Buhari and that is where by the way I will be narrating the rest of the story of Hajj inshallah, most of the time

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentioned that Sara started feeling jealous for the jealousy, which is by nature by inclination in women. And here is Ibrahim alayhis salam. Also receiving the command from a Lost Planet Allah decided to take harder and her baby to a new place another place another location

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And that location is Makkah.

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Brothers and sisters in Islam. The story of Hajj is about to begin

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with Ibrahim alayhis salam traveled all the way from Palestine, with his wife harder, and the baby is smart in at the time.

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And all they had

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some days, right dates and some water.

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And here is Ebrahim Elisa, leaving harder in the desert with her baby is mine

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and harder asking him, why are you doing this?

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Why are you doing this?

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You see, it's a command from Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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Now, if your wife is righteous and pious, and that is why we stress the fact if you have not married yet, go for a righteous wife. She will help you execute the command of Allah. Even if it comes to her

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husband keeps asking Ibrahim alayhis salam? Why, why, why? And some of the wording of this Hadith, he would not answer.

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Can you imagine leaving a mother with her baby in the desert with nobody around them? What condition she's at?

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What really strikes and amazes you and me is just remember where this woman was brought up in an environment of

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an environment of disbelief. Remember that you got harder from the land of the oppressor.

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Just by mingling and living in the house of Ibrahim alayhis. Salam for some years. Look at the amount of faith she developed

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in that answer.

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And that comment that she need to the answer of Ibrahim alayhis salam

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after Ibrahim refrain from answering her and some of the wording of the Hadith.

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She then told her, did Allah subhanho wa Taala command you to do this? Oh, la hamanaka

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and some of the wording for oma ibrc he did like this. Or he said yes. Look at this answer. Filled with faith. Confidence in Allah subhanho wa Taala go then go. Adan La Jolla. Yana he will not waste us. He will take care of us. Look at the beauty of having a righteous wife.

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That is why plasco sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said at dunya matar This world is a pleasure and the best of its pleasure. Our righteous woman

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hieromartyr mata mata zosia to solve

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some important brothers and sisters in Islam. She helped her husband

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carry out the commands of Allah subhana wa Tada.

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Here's Ibrahim alayhis salam will come back, leaving his family alone in the desert.

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But did he really leave them alone?

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Let's find out the next episode of the story of Hajj.

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How Ibrahim alayhis salam again, helped his family even while he's abandoning them in the desert alone, by themselves till the next episode of the story of Hajj. Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah. He