Ebrahim Bham – Unity and Difference Of Opinion

Ebrahim Bham
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the benefits of unity, including strength, flexibility, and unity between the heart, soul, and copes. They touch on the idea of unity between the two world and how it can lead to conflict and misunderstandings. The importance of unity in relationships and negative views is emphasized, along with the need for caution and understanding of different people's views. There is also mention of a recent incident where a person was killed by a dog.
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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah

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wa Salatu was Salam O Allah Mallanna Viva La Mulana Viva la vida de la vida kitabi Allah Sharia Tabata Shariati a mavado Villa Jimenez shaytani r rajim, Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem. What does the movie habla he Jamia Roku set a Coliseum, my dear respected elders and brothers in the ayat whichever he cited which is a very well known and famous Hyatt in the Holy Quran in the fourth Jews of the Quran in surah Allah Quran Allah subhanho wa Taala says whole fast and to the rope of Almighty Allah together and with Unity when at the end do not become this united and nataka former hockey Allah Allah Kira see Cooper up Miss booty Casa Tommy Rocco por esta la para Nakuru or a

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booster casilla no Joe that is this ayat which I have recited before you, we are all aware that there is great emphasis upon unity in every civilization in every teaching. People talk about the benefits of unity and they can be no to two views with regard to the benefits and the advantages and virtue of unity. Unity is strength. Unity is strength. The admin must booty has already had no go Smith comes over here. If there is no unity, there is weakness which Allah subhanahu wa taala has told us now will be never going to be a creme de la dee has also given us this teachings Pinal Baraka Tama Allah, Allah blessing is what the United lot that means if you are not united, there is

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no Baraka here to LA Hello Gemma, Allah has a hand of assistance is a phone the United Lord, Allah Allah commanded

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cassata he had no heat there is no Etihad. And if there is no unity, that Allah subhanho wa Taala has mothered and assistance goes away. And unity is such a thing when sand grains unite, they form an entire desert with drops of water which individually does not have value, they unite they become an entire ocean. This body is an amalgamation and unity between the heart, the soul and the copes and outer form of our body. If for example, there is no unity and no synergy in this. So you take away the heart, the heart which pumps blood into the body, the heart which is the entire beat of the body, whose deal Co Op button Salah crew to figure out if you take this hat away from the body ally

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after a day not even a dog will want to eat that heart It will rot and this food particular body will become useless. So if there is unity between the two The art is in the body you find an insanity and Allah tala says in the Holy Quran monotonous atop shallow water

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that do not dispute with one another. Do not be just United for if you are this united, Allah tala takes away your strength, you become weak, you become a coward. So if there is no unity in the oma, you become weak, and you become a coward. And not only within the oma even in families when there is no unity, you find the family unit becomes weeks. I have seen empires. I have seen families that were so great. And they did so well. When there was this unity that families, you find that this integration of the families in today, you find many times, yeah, individual lots, but there are no more the strength and the unity that they had. They are no more as strong as they were, when they

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were united. In the words of was it more in our use of sobre la la, right, the son of Juana he has to say that as long as you are not united in a true sense of the word.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala as assistance will come upon the woman and he said in the time of Madina munawwara in the ideal time of Nivea cream sauce, if they were 10,000 people in every person had the support and the help of 9999 people. No one wished him better. That was a unity in Medina, which led to the glory of Islam in later years. Now there is one aspect that

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While we can talk about the aspect and the benefits of unity, many of times people get confused and say that people feel that unity means everyone must have one viewpoint.

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None of times if people make this big mistake that it had come MATLAB

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ik hee hee akiho there's only one view that is not unity. Unity is to unite despite difference and divergent views in the oma and the Holy Quran, Amina de Falco some art he will have worked it up once in a while when he come upon the signs of Allah He created the heavens and earth and he made people into different colors,

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different ethnic groups and you have different colors. It isn't the beauty of illustration. It is the beauty of the world that these different colors can you imagine if they would have only been one color in this world, they would have not been the beauty of creation. If for example, you go into an orchard and you only find all flowers of one color. But compare that and you go into an orchard and you find different types of colors rooming and you find orange and you find red and you find white and you find all of that which is better. Obviously the orchard has got different colors. So colors different colors is what some is the name of Allah subhana wa Tada. So unless you've heard of what

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Allah said walk the law.

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In a similar manner, different views sometimes brings about many benefits to the

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the great scholar Mufti Mahmoud sobre is to say that complete consensus, complete unity, complete consensus and complete unity of people is only possible in instances where all people are stupid and dumb. Or people are dishonest.

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Complete unity sip aka copper jumbo.

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Tokushima Casa de casa bill.

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Yeah, so then it was the hytera Samana Daddy, come Nicola. lickin agar kisi ki pass the 100 home or Kiki ck pass Amana daddy. Oh, so happy to see Santa to Kona Zodiac. Let me give an example if everyone is dumb, that means no one has the ability to have another view so that everyone can be one.

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So you find these different types of animals and sheep don't all follow one because

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they've got no intelligence. Or I think that something someone had said something I believe that it is not good. Medical media say in a lake and men say Traci Amanda de casa de una casa Toka Jo Africa melanistic you say Nia Yato Mooji up Sanjay, ffu Hana Mira Mira, ordinariness de Cassini. So either everyone is dumb so they can form another view. Or if for example, everyone is they are dishonest. So they even if they feel someone is wrong, they don't have the courage. They don't have the honesty. They don't have the integrity to say that listen by i don't i don't agree with you on this matter. So this is the reality with regard to Dean also, it will be different views. Now we're not

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saying that anyone must adopt this views despite him not having that knowledge of Quran and Hadith.

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We're not saying this with regard to this. But there are certain aspects one is there is no scope for difference of opinion in Deen there is no scope for difference of opinion indeed on the fundamentals of the Japanese, halal or haram katayoun chaohu Corona, Corona, yeah, tai chi botica home cosmogenic

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there is no scope for accommodation for there is no accommodation for difference of views or opinions on this imamo body parameter that is very cheap and amazing statement. He says, if someone comes to you and says that I am who I know have a profit after and to be a criminal, and he has to be learned

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that I know of a Navy after the vehicle himself. And that person, another person tells him

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another telling person, okay, give me your view. Give me your opinion. Give me your opinion. What is your opinion and give me your delille and evidence that is an abuse of the Navy acronyms awesome. Never mind that person for you to ask that person. Evidence you have come close.

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You have come close to Cooper. How can you ask evidence for a person indeed, that is unless you happen to be occurring saucer so there is no

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scope for these types of methods and where example aralen haram have been clearly established is a definition.

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No one can say that instead of five days, six days, he said, Oh, Xena is not Haram, these are very clear cut injunction in which there is no scope for difference of opinion. But there are certain other methods where for example, the Quran Hadith is silent. Or, for example, there is no clear cut injunction from the Quran and Hadith. And the Olimar look into the Quran and Hadith. And they try to find out what is the closest to what maybe a Kareem sallahu alayhi wa sallam meant, so that in this particular type of situations, then these differences of opinion, must be respected. And there is accommodation for those type of differences of opinion, that type of difference of opinion, the

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ease, or, for example, in today's style, a very clear cut situation, we don't have an overriding authority. So we don't know we don't have and maybe we don't have what he coming down to tell us this is right, this is wrong. So people have different views, what is beneficial for them, but

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for now, there is trust me, policemen.

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Now, when bearing this in mind, when we have these situations, it's important for us to be able to have the right attitude towards that type of difference of opinion. So that difference of opinion does not impact upon the unity and the vision and the strength of Islam. In the past. That's what happened. And when it happened, despite the difference of opinion, Muslims still remained strong. today. Unfortunately, our difference of opinion has not been able to be in such a way that we have been able to maintain the strength of Islam, our difference of opinion, our dishonesty has caused harm to the Muslim woman.

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It's such a difference of opinion, which led to a war. But when the Roman Empire wrote to me

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and said, I will help you in your fight against a little yellow wire we wrote back and said, Be aware don't take advantage of our difference of opinion. The day despite my differences as a leader of the day, you attack as a leader be allowed to hide who you will find while we are standing behind Ali to fight against

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you are fine and while we are standing behind a little yellow to fight you, you don't take advantage of our situation was difference of opinion as I was looking for hot ones. And as it was Amanda yellow Brown who read for a cuts in Mina. Now perhaps the Allah mercy has it was Monrovia Laguna had made an intention to stay in Macau for some period, whatever it is. And I was at a party with villatoro after the Salah told his students, what is this man doing? nebia Karim sauce from Abu Bakar Oh my retrorockets wise was one of the ultimate reading for he was somewhat upset. But the next numbers the next prayer the next day. He read numbers behind the last one.

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Someone said but just before that you were complaining, why did he read four instead of two? He said my defense on space. He's a hurry for our for performance. Now we'll read

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performance, but look at that respect and increase time. We don't have that situation. And you know you can have difference of opinion for various reasons. Sometimes your understanding of the text is different. Sometimes your temperament is different. Sometimes your temperament is different. Right? So when we are Kareem sallahu wa sallam as the Sahaba What must we do? What must we do with the

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the prisoners of war in Britain?

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What they were two views. One was championed by Nivea cream sauce.

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One was championed by the ultra

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jasola. This is the first war between truth and falsehood. And we must set an example. That truth is truth and truth is truth. And therefore, we must say that the prisoners of war must be executed to show that the police must not take another chance to harm the Muslims. And to show that Islam is more important than bread.

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The people who are the closest to the prisoners must execute them. So that we can do to Scott crypt reinvested our Moscow to Hana Wakata. His closest relative must kill

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me start them as Muse Abu Bakr who said Yasser Allah, forgive them, forgive them. Maybe they will come if we show forgiveness. Maybe in time to come they will accept Islam if they don't agree

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Islam the children will accept Islam, and why I say most of them became Muslims. Most of those prisoners in time came Muslims. So Kareem Sawsan have looked at the two views. And what did he say? What an amazing thing he said. He said, Oh, Abu Bakr and Omar, your opposite example is like the MV Alamosa that was Santa Monica pass. And over your example is like as a new Allah history to a certain corner of the Latin

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era. And he made dua, and what was his who Allah not leave one single disbeliever alive in this world, complete and eradicate and destroy?

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And oh, whoever your example is that moosari Sarah Sarah, who made you a round robin at Misawa he was to Allah kurumi him but will not destroy his wealth and put a seat on his hat he must not have Imani must not bring him on until he sees your punishment delanco today because Musa Omar your example is like that, no aboubaker your example is like he sallallahu wasallam he was inclined towards leniency and he was inclined towards mercy in the home find known about the point of below and find the cancel as usual Hakeem who made work for his whole life you punish them, you are entitled to punish them, but if you forgive them, you also have the capacity to forgive them. And oh

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worker, your example like this like Ibrahim Ibrahim So normally, so anyway, whatever it is, he said what is it from me and if I know many has any primary ceramiche for those people who follows me on like their minds, you will show ROM and mercy upon them, woman asani even those who disobey you, even those who are transgressors, yolonda transgressors that you are

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but didn't say I'm a worker, you are on Uber, you are on different temperaments different difference of opinion. Now, sometimes this can happen. Now, what do we have to do with regard to this and throughout our history, people have had that balance. And that balance with regard to understanding where differences of opinion is how we are supposed to deal with it. Sometimes you are amazed with regard to how those difference of opinion 10th out how they used to have difference of opinion, yet as to respect one another. mm shahpura Mulally Kimani Ferrari, when he won Shakira McNally went to the cover of Mr. Barney formula, he performs set up the way that now performs set up and someone

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asked him why did you do so he said, out of respect for the person on the cover, out of respect for the person on the cover, I've read numbers. So that was their emotion. I'll just give you an example. Mr. muslera tulalip you know, was no way that the time will go wrong, these are very many many incidents we can make mention of the aspect is for us to understand that in difference of opinion, you can see and you must never ever destroy the unity of the difference of opinion. Three things I will make mention with regard to very important in this regard.

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One is,

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in your opinion, do not become self centered. Do not follow your knifes you have KPJ up enough Skipper wicker to the moment, in your opinion, you don't look at throughput you look at your own motives. Allah says in the Quran.

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The moment you follow your desires, you are gone from

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the moment you become self centered, you will never ever be able to get the right path. If you stop looking at your own self image mirror, I'm the 110 if you start looking at your nerves and your motives, you will never get the right path. The second thing which is very important is that you must never ever take the view that my view is the only view that is right. Since May he hakuho. This has been the cause of great harm to the Muslim Ummah throughout ages. Chicago Cather Gianni Rahmatullah Hara student as a student was departing, he told him Shaka Gilani, give me an advice, which I did and he gave him advice that do not become a law not become a civil officer. He said,

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Yeah, Allah, I'm your student for so many years. you telling me I must not become a law. I must not become Navy sources and what have you taught me? How can you think of me such as ever saying that you are going to become

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you know, directly saying that you are now you are allowed to setup but only Allah subhanho wa Taala is following.

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And mBiA Masato Salam is always right. And the human being says I am only right there in reality he is trying to copy and imitate alive is Russell said a lot while he was alive. Don't do that. And do not ever take this particular viewpoint I'm the only one that is right. In that way. You are trying to

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imitating away, Atlantis resorts and Allahu alayhi wa sallam. And then another point which I'd like to make mention that we need to be careful of. Sometimes we have this fortunate situation, that you have one disagreement with a person. You have 99% to have an agreement with him a key unlock a Kia Soul killaby he Quran cupa inshallah, we have 99% things that we are united upon one thing you disagree with someone on a small matter, then that person will become his enemy. So you say he's not a Muslim, he's like this. And he's like that, look at the situation. And you know, there is more greater aspects of unity within us to bring us together than any other religion. You know,

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Christians, for example, can have disunity because they are not even united on the Bible. Which Bible which translation which version, King James Version, this version, that version? Did you ever hear our Muslims ever saying that which version of the Quran we've got one Quran, we've got one Levy, we've got one source, we've got one, we've got one Allah, and yet, for example, for us to have these type of situations is not supposed to be like that. So these are the third thing is, you have a difference of opinion. And then another thing with regard to unity, which I think is very important, is for us that we need to understand we are one one group, unknown punia number suess be

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like a united lot like a structured wall, that when it comes together, the wall becomes strong. And if there is no structure wall, and there is no unity in the in the building, then that world will collapse, you know, remind me of a very beautiful incident. It's a hypothetical tape, but it gives you a very, you see that and it came from India, the person who wrote it was he said, what, three, three bulls, you know, in bed, and the one was white in color, one was black in color when he was brown in color. They used to be a tiger that always wanted to attack them, but they always used to stand united. And when they used to stand united, then the tiger could not attack them. Because

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every time the time we came with the three came together, and they protected one another. So now the tiger one day went to the white bull, and said, You know what? You have white, you are the one who is a king, you are supreme? Why must you accept these other ones? We have different colors? Why must we accept them? So he said sweeter? Tiger. What was I do? He said, when I attacked the Black Bull? All I'm asking you just keep quiet. Don't say anything. Just keep quiet. Don't say anything. So I said, Okay, I'll do that. And he's still the same thing to the brown brown book. The next day, the tiger found a black book alone, and he attacked the Black Bull. And when he attacked the black bowl,

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the white ones and the black brown ball, they hurt the anguish for a moment. They wanted him to do something but then their own personal interest. They said leave him alone. And they allowed the blackboard to be devoured by the title. And after a while, he came again to the whiteboard and said, You are the one who is a supreme Why must you even accept another person in in this particular situation. And just keep quiet when I take the brown book. Next year, take the brown book, the white board said nothing. And after the third time, the tiger came towards the white board. And this time we didn't come with any suggestions, the white board realize it has come to kill him. And he said

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before I die. Let me give me a permission to do something. You said Go go into something. So he said he went on to the reveal Hill and said, I'm not dying today. I'm dead. The day you attack the Blackboard.

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I'm not dying today. I died the day you attacked the blackboard and I kept saying it's the day I died. I'm not dying today, I am dying the day you attack the blackboard and I kept silent that is that is the unity that we have to think about also that in terms of the difference of opinion, which we have to accommodate in different types of situations must never ever ever in a situation like this, that we will be acquiescent in terms of the overall good of the community and society, irrespective of other differences of opinion that we will have a lack of understanding in economics

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