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The speakers discuss the importance of using time as a tool to save time and create vacations and priority. They stress the need to practice these principles and honor time from others, especially when it comes to a time of others. The speakers also discuss the importance of prioritizing one's time and avoiding distractions during meetings, as well as the benefits of using time constructively and avoiding rushing. They emphasize the need to prioritize one's time and not sit alone, and to prioritize one's time when dealing with large events and bringing back knowledge to improve one's work.

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My dear respected elders and brothers.

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In last week's talk, we had spoken about the surah. And in particular, about Allah tala taking an oath on time. And then we spoke about the importance of time. We gave the example of saying that time is like a block of ice worked. But of kitara or Barofsky, man in a way, the birth and the way the ice gets melted, our time is getting melted, never to return again. We had also spoken that time many times today people say Time is money. While there is some truth in it for us, it is even more important than that. And I think it's very important for us to understand this, because we sometimes when we speak we see and we talk about wiling time away, killing time, for us time is not to kill,

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time is util to utilize correctly as embassy Rama Talalay used to say and is worthy of mentioning and keeping this I found the Sahaba

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to be more

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they were more they regarded time is more valuable than money. As embassy rally you say I studied the life of the Sahaba many Sahaba kitchen is in the Tikka Masala kiya Khurana woodcutter masyarakat Matsuzaka, they regarded time to be more important than even money. You know, today we have this different types of situation. And someone has very beautifully, sometimes written about the paradox of the time that you and I are living in. Today, we have taller buildings. with shorter tempers, we have wider freeways, but narrower viewpoints. And our viewpoints are becoming even more and more narrower. We spend more, but we have less. We have bigger houses, but smaller families. Those people

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would remember that we had smaller houses and there was Baraka and we had many, many people in the families. Today, you have a five bedroom house and you got two people in the house. So you have bigger houses, but smaller families, more convenience to save your time. But you have less time, you have more degrees, but less sense, more knowledge, but less judgement, more experts than ever before. But more problems, more medicines than you ever ever had. But more sickness who never ever have medicine the way you have today, you have supermarkets of medicines, but you have less health, we have multiplied our possessions, but we have reduced our values. We have gone to the moon and

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come back. Human beings have gone to the moon and come back, but can't cross the road to admit his next door neighbor. That is the reality with regard to the times that we are living in and someone has very beautifully put it in this way that scientists are trying to prove that there is life in space. And some scientists are trying to prove that you can live underneath the oceans. It is the in between passage that is becoming difficult to live with. Some have said you can live in space that said you can live under the under the ocean is the main Parana mosquito Yeah, there is a reality. So when we spoke about time, then we also said about time management. And when we speak about time

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management, we say time management has become a big thing. But let us learn time management from our beloved to be a creme de la Hollywood cillum time management from the Sierra. And one thing that we learned from that we saw salaams managing time was Nivea cream sauce alum first said Allahumma barik lumati FIBA Correa. Allah give Baraka Murthy in the early hours of the morning, start early. So when you start early days Baraka in time, so the first aspect with regard to management of time from the Sierra is to start early. The second thing we said that maybe cream sauce taught us that make your times around Salah. Make your time around Salah bill your whole life around Salah, and when a person

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despite his worldly attraction, despite his worldly activities, he takes out time to perform salah and he makes time for Salah above anything else. It is a very liberating situation. It gives him value. It gives value to his life. It gives priority to his life. The second management principle we learn with regard to Time management is build your life around Sarah. The third thing our mind we learn from the resource lives life is do not procrastinate.

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In doing good deeds, Nick come up jelica they are nakara.

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Previous you say do not leave today's work for tomorrow. Today they say, don't leave the work for tomorrow. If your coworker can do it, let him do it. Don't leave it for tomorrow. But what I'm trying to say is there NACA, let me saw some segment. Can I read your hatch? For you agile whoever wants to perform a hatch? Let him do it quickly. Right. And then we gave the example last week that maybe a creme de la jolla was selling one day after I saw despite that, while he used to sit immediately after he went home, and when he went to home, then he came back Sahaba were taken aback. jasola Why Why did you go home and just immediately after namaz Oh my Sahaba there were some gold

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coins that was them. I want to go and distribute it in case my death overtakes me and it is not prudent for a number of Allah to die while he has gold coins in his house. Let me toss them in this hadith is very beautiful with regard to hastening in doing good deeds. Libya Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam it said birth rubella Amelie Saba and make quick and doing good deeds. Absolutely correct. tanta zero zerona illa fakra maaseiah Are you waiting for poverty to overtake you? Then when poverty overtakes you it gets such a grip over your mind that you can do good deeds. Yoruba teaches Nia workiva Johanna aadmi, Nikita puto ha ha ha So, maybe saw some said are you waiting for

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poverty to overtake you? Old Enough?

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Why are you waiting for that type of wealth which makes you rebellious malboro circus vannatta Are you waiting for wealth which will make you rebellious Omarosa masirah

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netcomm kanakia demare came to South Korea are you waiting for sickness to overtake you? o Hara maamoun Muslim? Why are you waiting for old age to overtake you? So when you become old you will not be able to do what you were previously able to do? Oh Mota masahisa Are you waiting for death to overtake you? And after death you will not be able to do good deeds. Are we dead JAL for sure Rhonda even yentas Giunta Sir, are you waiting for the gel to come? And then you will not be able to go to the cottage because of the fitna of that jell O is a facade to add What are you waiting for qiyamah to come. So the third thing with regard to

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time management from nebia Karim sallahu wa salam is when you want to do something good, do not hesitate to not delay going do it as soon as possible. Then the one time I have made mentioned the fourth aspect with regard to time management, which is such an important thing is honor the time of others. And part of Time management is to honor the time of others. Just as you honor your own time. Just throw up network kitakata do three loci work cookie cutter crew, you also honor the time of others. If you have given someone a time, then you must honor that promise. But I don't know why we say Indian standard time or Muslim Standard Time. We believe Muslim Standard Time is one in Surah

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takana adelmo Mini Nikita makuta. Allah has told us three celebrities appointed time. You can read outside the time. We are the ones this Muslims that we are supposed to have been most punctual with our appointments because we have got a disciplined life of reading select one time. Unfortunately, we find that we are not like that. And if you don't learn to honor the time of others, you won't be able to honor your own time also. And comes in Mischka to masabi that before know what may be occurring saucer one day told a person I will meet you You're right. And then let me settle all the sudden when it wasn't there. For three days in consecutively. Nobody saw slim came to that place

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waiting for that person. After three days when he came past for other work. He said you gave me a lot of inconvenience at ordinary service. I'm told him honor the time of others. Therefore you find that nebbia cream sauce sometimes dogs also were brief, concise, yet comprehensive. And one of the miracles of our beloved nobody saw silom was 42 Giovanni, I'll call him he was given comprehensiveness of speech. The speech was little but the meaning was great. This was our beloved Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam way today we don't have we don't honor people's time, even for example, maybe a cream sauce Salaam and Islam and our Allah have taught us when you go and visit a

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sick person, then you do so in a manner that doesn't cause him inconvenience. Hmm. Don't cause him inconvenience. Today, we don't come on time with regard to meetings and someone has humorously said, the person who comes

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late for the meeting, he is more happier than the people who are waiting for him. But that is not supposed to be that way. Sometimes a person goes and visit a person who is sick and you set such so long. One of the ways in etiquettes of winter, whether it's sick people is short and give them glad tidings make them happy, make them love, but keep it short. One day a person went to visit a sick person it took so long, so the sick person was trying to give him some sort of ishara some sort of indication that Listen, you are sitting too long. So he said that you know, that coming and going of people has given me a lot of inconvenience. So the person who was there still didn't get reset must

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close the door that people don't come close the toilet can prove it from outside bars, open Chrome,

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open Chrome, cocoa and close it from outside. So honor the time of others. The fourth thing we learned from the time management from Nabi sallallahu Sallam was

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there are many things that are going to capture your attention. I got to do this, I got to do this. I got to do that. You got to do a lot of things. But how do you manage your time? Then you have to have priority? What must I do first? And what must I do after now prioritizing in our life is very important. never sit alone and cinema has taught us like for example, you know this very famous Hadith, the level halali for either to battle for either. Now here is a perfect example of priority. tabula halaal acquire halaal risk up stinney zimmet Aria, this is also important. Licken for ice k bada you see the priority earning and acquiring halaal risk is a religious obligation. But it is a

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religious obligation after your primary religious obligation like Salah. Now, that Hadith in itself has got many lesson but one lesson here. It teaches us about priority. The level halaal the level halaal is also a Dini it's also religious obligation up Dyneema Daria can come for ice K. Kearney kebab is the Midori carbide CRO. So you see this priority. So when we do have various aspects that constrict our time, we have to give priority now when we look at the life of our beloved Nabi sallallahu wasallam what do we find what we did maybe a cream sauce lamb spend much of his time, the nibio philosophy and what Allah was amazing. He had so many different aspects of nebia cream sauce

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in him, and was a French poet philosopher, who so beautifully had made mention of this, not that we regard maybe saw cillum to be great because of what the sport philosopher said. But sometimes hallford Luma shahidul Lada that excellence is that which

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the enemies have made mentioned. So there he had said, and when he spoke about who salami said, Who was he, a philosopher and orator, a legislator, a conqueror of ideas, restore of rational beliefs, the founder of 20, Terra steel empires in one spiritual Empire. That was Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And he says that in his regards, by all standards by which human greatness may be measured, we may well ask, was there ever a greater person than Muhammad? Definitely there wasn't the when you do this, you find that nobody saw celebrate all of this via cream sauce, Islam took part in jihad. And whenever your cream sauce them took part in jihad, he was excellent in that. He

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focused on that. Let me give you an example. When we are cream sauce them came to

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an end to be a cream sauce lamb saw the odds were stacked against the Muslims. And then they'd be a cream sauce. silom put people in different places. He put 50 arches on the amount of room but you know that was not only strategic. It was a brilliant maneuver from the military point of view. The strength of the Quraysh was in the cavalry. The strength of the Quraysh was in the people who on horseback Nkrumah Vienna vigil, Khalid bin Walid who are on the part of the Mk mettons Quraysh. They were on horseback. But because of the archers, who are so accurate in archery, when the war started, they were neutralized, they couldn't take part in the battle. Why? Because maybe sauce limit plays

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those 50 chips or just so strategically. So maybe you saw Sam, spend his time in there. Maybe a cream sauce alum spent his time in looking after the community, maybe a cream sauce and have never shied away. And I'm going to tell you all this better as we spend our time only on ourselves today. Where is that time that we spent for the community? Maybe a creme de la Vela Selim was in jihad, Nivea creme de la jolla. wasallam was with a community and therefore you find in the books of Hadith, that when there was a loud noise one day that emanates

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From Medina Mora, and people were worried what raises noise coming from and they came out of the house reluctantly, they saw that we saw someone who horseback said, I went to go and see what was the noise. There is nothing to worry about. Nobody saw salon was so concerned with regard to the community when the people used to come for water to put Nevis asked him to put his hand in the water. The Sahaba said sometimes it used to be called in Madina munawwara they used to bring cold water. Let me so slim used to put his hand in the water because of the communities coming to the vehicle himself.

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They say that girl used to take maybe a cream sauce and take the hand of maybe salsa and take you for a task. I got this task Come with me. So spend your time with regards to the community not only yourself. This is also another aspect that we have to keep in mind. Then another aspect was how our beloved Nivea cream sauce alum spend his time in ibaadat Allah subhanho wa Taala had said that he the rota funds of Ella Baker for profit of Almighty Allah when you have completed your tasks, then turn towards Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala I want you to think about this sub porker Escobar Emma nebia cream sauce lamb Cujo county Houdini come

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up Come Safari Vijay to Allah tala kita Buddha Jeeva After you have completed your task, which was Dini task, now turn towards Almighty Allah brothers we've got dunya with us we've got worldly tasks, but we can't sacrifice that to make you better to form it Allah subhanaw taala and what do we learn from the time management of rubies Arsalan via cream sauce from the other mine comes in at the Navy so Ceylon shouldn't sleep before Isha and used to talk very less after Isha

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Navistar silom used to divide his night into three segments. One segment was for the family so it was set to the family. One segment was for his own personal needs. And one segment was the last third of the night Nivea cream sauce alum used to perform prayers and that prayers were amazing. The first two records were very short. The next afterwards was very long, and it was so long that they used to be they used to be blisters on the feet of Navy saw silom because of him staying awake for so long.

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And then afterwards, normally, nobody saw slums. tahajjud used to be for eight rockets, eight rockets and three rockets Witter. That used to be the normal pattern of nebia Kareem sallallahu wasallam after performing his tahajjud immediately after that, they used to be treated as an enemy saucer used to lead to rockets of sunnah of Putin. And because of staying awake for so long, after the two rockets of fudger, which used to read immediately after the future as an maybe saw slum because he used to be tired sometimes used to lie down after fudger, our beloved Nebula cream sauce alum, he'd been Hannah raviolo who says that maybe a cream sauce we used to sit with the Sahaba and

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when he used to sit with us, maybe salsa we used to ask them what had happened. And you should tell him he saw slim jasola This happened the second year, the second year, and maybe a cream sauce lamb used to comment on it positively negatively. Many times people used to come in ask and tell them with regard to the dreams so maybe a cream sauce they used to interpret the dreams themselves in which to give advice. So this aspect of after future planning your day, which Alhamdulillah Jamaat brothers also do it, what we have what has happened, what we need to be doing now in an individual basis. Also what we learned from you is at the beginning of the day, at least have an idea what you

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are going to do

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at the beginning of the day at least have an idea what you're going to do so that nippy saucer I'm used to sit after fudger and used to comment of with regard to what what is happening. Then another aspect whenever cream sauce him because he used to give great importance to his tattered prayers, maybe a cream sauce lamb used to make the ruler for a short period of time, either before or mostly before. And that was to be able because nobody's asked them used to spend a week much of the night so maybe a cream sauce to them used to sleep and of course today and to sleep to be able to be fresh to be able to get up for the sake of prayers and power nap today. You look at any go and do a Google

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search with regard to power nap. They will tell you so many benefits with regard to it. So this aspect also to be a cream saucer who's to do after answer maybe a cream sauce and I'm used to going visit all his wives and used to spend a little time by his wives. So spending time with your family was also something that nebbia cream sauce lamb did something that you and I sometimes we don't pay enough attention to. There are many of our colors are our

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How many times have we met them how many times you have picked up the phone to be able to speak to them but nobody's awesome after you to go and spend time with all his wife and used to spend a little bit little bit time with everyone. And this is also that we learn from maybe a criminal level sometimes life, it may be so slim and even sometimes even in the domestic disputes. They used to be they used to be the wives of Nabisco Lotus alum was so attached to NaVi salsa them, they they used to vie with one another to attract the attention of Mr. Lawson and then we saw some never shied away from that. Sometimes you and I we take this, you know this, this whole situation, Hunter Barbary

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admir, we are very we don't get involved in all of people's politics. So you try and stay away from it, especially the woman politics. No, stay away from that. But it doesn't mean that because of that you don't get involved in family things, maybe saw some despite all of that used to take part in his family activities. On one occasion, there was this that nobody saw cinema was I shall be allowed on her. So the one of the other wives, they send some food to Nivea cream sauce to them, I shouldn't be allowed and I became possessive. So she toppled the food and the food fell down the plate fell down and everyone was concerned and everyone will ever have sort of a little bit of you know, dispute

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happening what happened and maybe occurring sort of just calmly said, Don't worry, just take that straightaway, who I show you return a plate to that woman because you have broken a plate go and give back that plate you have to give it back and she told me this awesome told us that your mother became possessive. Your mother became possessive such a beautiful aspect. So even if the East certain politics it doesn't take you away from fulfilling your responsibility towards the family. So these are some of the aspects that we learn from our from the life of our beloved Nivea cream sauce from towards the end. Let me just make mention of one or two things. You know this is beautiful

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Hadith. Let me just conclude with this. If taneema Hamsun Kabbalah comes in value five things before five things overtake you. value your life before death overtakes you what Kabbalah

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is a matter in some in Katanga. Malou when a person dies, all his good deeds comes to an end for sciatica copular socomec value your health before sickness overtakes you or for other for other couple of surely can value your free time before you are occupied and you can do things and watch Ababa Cobra harmik value your use before all age overtake you and value the wealth Allah subhanho wa Taala has given you before you don't have that wealth, and Omarosa kanakam mean Coppelia, yada yada Come on vote and spend before time will come. You won't be able to sell and then when you want to die in bed you said for us suck. Welcome Mina Sally. Now I want to give charity whether you have hit

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a low enough Sandy that I know is too late. When the time of your death comes, it will not be delayed. Right this much time is very, very important. There were people who how they will or the mom Shafi Rahmatullah Lee was a half is at the age of six, at the age of 10. At the age of 10, he completed water at the age of 15. He was giving fatawa he died at the age of 4544. And he is remembered for eternity. Today, we live for 6070 years, we've got nothing to show. He was a person six years he was a half is 10 years, he memorized water for 15 years he was giving, he was giving fatawa he died at age of 44. Till this day, we will remember him I'm Shakira, because of what he did

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in 44 years. And also another thing, very important. Time waits for no one brothers, that that the match of time is irrepressible, it's not going to wait for you. Therefore someone is so beautifully said, If you ignore change, and if you ignore time, you will perish. If you don't take into account time you will perish in every metric indeed, in dunya, look at in the dunya Nokia, Nokia was 510 years ago the best. They ignore time they ignore change. They're gone. Right there, no one no one talks about them. If you adapt to change, you survive. If you anticipate change, you prosper. And if you influence change, you will transform people. We as believers have been told that we take into

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account time, we look after time, because time is even more important to us than money. It is our greatest asset. And in these two weeks I've been able to try and speak to about the aspect of the importance of time and time management. May Allah subhanaw taala give a topic of utilizing our time constructively. So that can give us benefit both in this world and in the after. work.