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The importance of time is discussed, including the need for individuals to value it and use it for personal reasons. The success of time management is highlighted, including the success of time management in Muslim countries and the importance of planning your day around your activities. The speakers stress the importance of taking out time and doing good things, as well as learning from past experiences and finding the right time to do things productive.

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Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam O Allah Mallanna Viva La Mulana Viva La Motta vadoma de la vida kitabi hula Sharia Tabata Shariati. mavado favela Humana. shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem. While obviously in Santa Fe hosts Illallah de la mano a mano solly hottie whatever so we'll we'll help whatever so we Sabra set up Allahu Allah has him

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respected elders and brothers, the iron and the surah which I recited is a famous tour of the Holy Quran.

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It is such a most beautiful surah in which Allah has described

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the entire and the essence of De Lima Shafi Rahmatullah used to say, even if Allah subhanahu wa taala had not revealed any other surah the surah would have been sufficient for the guidance of mankind. Such a beautiful surah in which Allah subhanho wa Taala has described the qualities which will guarantee success. First Allah subhanho wa Taala takes an oath on well us, Allah subhanho wa Taala takes an oath on time, the reason why lots of other what Allah takes an oath on time, that all our success or our model, our spiritual, our material development has to be done within the framework of time. So time becomes our greatest asset, our greatest aspect of success, all the

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formula for success, which has been mentioned in the sutra, the four formulas in larina Harmon who the entire humanities at a loss except the one who is the man, the one who do write to us and good deeds, the one who emphasizes and encourage us encourages hope and truth and the one who encourages and propagates perseverance. These four aspects of success has to be done within the framework of time. Allah subhanho wa Taala Neva ki Kasam kya kya in sanka, subset Bara Samia, water mom hooba jo combi avec examine usco work under or diagrama karna pata or usco II see what map nanny party or a sub coach work yonder he, Karnataka, all of these things, the aspect of the formula of success has

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to be done within the framework of time. Mr. Mohsen, busty Rahmatullah Lee, you know, sees a very beautiful aspect he says one day, he was thinking, why did Allah tala take an oath on time? And he said, Why did Allah tala take an oath on time? And thinking about this, he went into the marketplaces and he saw a person who was selling a block of ice. And as he was selling a block of ice, he was telling people who have who may azura sumali Oh, people have mercy upon the one whose merchandise is melting away. Some people can keep merchandise for one year, two years platonic, how long we will keep it but here you are saying my merchandise is melting away if you don't buy from me

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now. After half an hour left nothing to sell. Oh people buy from me now. Otherwise my merchandise and my stock is melting away. So you might have been busted. I said, I understood why Allah tala took an oath on time, he worked your butt off. But of kitara It is like the aspect of a block of ice. Once Time goes, it is gone. You will never ever get it again. Once Time goes you will never ever get it again. You know, it is like a block of ice that is going every minute every way it is ticking, gone never to come back again. That is why this is the reality of time. Normally we say that time is money. Many times we say Time is money. Now, there is some truth in that. It means if

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you got time and you utilize your time correctly, you will be able to make money or you have the possibility of making money. And if you waste time, you are wasting the time to be able to make money. But there's a problem with regards to that particular metaphor. He tells us about the purpose of life which is misplaced. It is like an example. A small child. You give him money he says money is chocolates. Money sweet. Now the others will laugh at me say my only thing you can think about money is to buy sweets, but for him it is the most useful

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Important thing, but you will laugh at him, because we will tell him that for you, the only aspect that you can think about money is to buy sweetened chocolates. Now, for us to say that for us to say Time is money, then for us we have equated that the most important aspect in our life is material things. So, first we have make, we must value time the way we value wealth and money and that becomes the most important aspect of our life. Now, the problem with regard to that is that, after you have made the money, what do you do with your time, if you say Time is money, right, if you say Time is money, then if after you have made money, what to do what your time, so, someone has very

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beautifully put it this way, if time is money,

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if time is money, I got time, in ways the money.

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If time is money, and I got time, waste of money, we are different, we are led by a very different metaphor, a different metaphor, that for us, time is even more precious than money.

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For us time is even more important than money at the library Masuda Viola from the famous hobby used to save the day I spend a day I spend in which I have not increased my good deeds is the cause of the greatest sadness for me. A day is gone and I have not done good deeds. That is a greatest sadness for me. So we are driven by a different metaphor. That is why you find that in the time of the golden period of Islam, people used to call us to use them times to construct of me ibni Josie Rama Talal, a very famous writer, a very famous author, an alum, his grandson, says, I heard my grandfather saying from the member of the masjid one day, I wrote my first book when I was 13 years

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of age. These even people today people who have done this Marvel has a nebula Imola, one of the great thinkers of our our time, wrote his first book in Arabic around the age of 18 and 19. He said, I wrote my first book at the age of 13.

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And he says, that I heard my grandfather said one day you're sitting in a member and he was talking, he said was this Hans, I have written 2000 volumes of books. For the sake of Dean, that's how they today we find. We've got a lot of gadgets to save our time. We've got smartphones, we've got fryers in our houses, we've got you know, vacuum cleaners. Previously, they didn't have vacuum cleaners, they had to sweep manually, and you got the kitchen gadgets, which are supposed to save time. But the irony is, despite all of those times, saving gadgets that we have in our life, one of the problems is we can show what we have done with the time that we were supposed to save with all those

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time saving gadgets. We are very busy. Everyone is busy. At the end of the day, we can show what we are busy with, in what we have achieved with being so busy, what has made our lives better, what is made the life of the moment better, that humanity better and this is the irony with regard to our time. So for us we are different. We are we are driven by a different metaphor. The metaphor is that no, for us, time is more important than money. Someone is setting very beautifully said if you waste time, you waste your life. If you master time, you master your life, there is no time to do anything productive. You must find the time yourself to do something that is positive. If Let me repeat that.

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If you waste time you waste life. If you master time you master your life. There is no time to do anything good. You have to find that time and go and do it. This is a reality with regard to it. locator cowork sir Maya Ecotec Surya, Kuchar work Casa de esta malkia todo el donut Mele, Satya, ABC Nicholas lekan yay Kanaka subsea hum cheese dollar t dounia kata Sudha k donut stop Pooja Maria. Yay. k $1.

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Now after understanding this today we are living in a time where people have

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you know, you have management causes, to have time management. And it is very expensive to go into these causes. I'm giving it to you for free

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My workshops are for free by the way,

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this aspect you know, they find that you know, go for time management workshops, we have time management books, all of that is there. I'm saying out of all of those time management workshops that people will go and attend to. I always find it very sometimes disappointed said, we will go for all of that to management gurus. But the greatest example in every aspect of our life is our beloved Nivea creme de la jolla. wasallam. Why don't we learn from our beloved avisar cillum about the aspect of managing our time, we will find it amazing. What do we find? How nebia Kareem sir Allahu Allah wa sallam prior prioritized his task. He kept his words, he planned his day. I will show you

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during the course of either today or tomorrow how nebbia cream sauce them spend his time in the day, how he spent his time in the night. Every aspect was meticulously meticulously planned. His speech was precise. One of the miracles of Namaste that allowed SLM was 42 Giovanni, I'll call him I was given comprehensive and brief speech. Nobody saw slim speech was not very long. It was short, it was precise. It was to the point everyone understood it. Let me saw slim used to repeat his speech three times, sometimes to emphasize the aspect of his speech he used to hit his hand on his thighs and tell the people understand what I'm saying. But nobody saw cillum speech was brief, concise, yet

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comprehensive of great meaning, you know, the allama say with regard to Mr. Louder slums life, there was a DA for every occasion in his life, you are to wake up, do I the time of Shahrukh Dubois before eating, do after eating? Do I when you go to the bathroom? Do I when you come out to the bathroom? Do I when there is excessive when do I when you going out into the morning and you live in your house? Do I when you come into the house? Do I when there is excessive when do I when these extreme cold two hour when these extreme heat which tells you that maybe a cream sauce from left led led a life that was occupied with useful activity and prayer every moment of the day. Now let us look at

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one some of the aspects of time management from nebia crimps Allahu Allah wa sallam, the first aspect.

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Nivea cream sauce Salaam was an early startup and maybe salsa used to emphasize to start early. Nivea cream sauce silom used to say in a most beautiful Hadith and used to make dua Allahumma barik lumati fee boo Korea, Allah give Baraka for my mother in the early hours of the morning.

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Now, this is one of the tragedies of our time, especially if you're going to Muslim countries, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia. People can start early. They finished a supper two o'clock in the morning. They start an open up the shop 1112 o'clock in the morning in the day. Have the days gone. There is a time they are starting the life. That is awesome, said Aloma Burdick the almighty fie buku rehab. Allah gives Baraka to my Ahmed in the early hours of the day, start off your day with fudger started with your day with seeker of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala. And then you will see the Baraka Allah subhanho wa Taala gives these around we have Hadith who says when I heard this hadith from

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Libya cream sauce from I used to start off early, and I was surprised by the amount of Baraka Allah subhana wa Taala gave me sometimes people feel that you know, we can start and we can work properly in the late hours of the night. And they feel that that is good. I'm not going to say with regard it's not Haram, there is not haram here we talking about aspects, which we learned from Libya cream sauces, and perhaps just change it, sleep early and then start off early and do the work. Because nobody saw salami. Aloma Burdick lumati FIBA Korea. The second aspect that we learn from nebia krimson Allahu Allah wa salam ala Yeah. Shiva keywork jelly Shu Cara Ismail, Atlanta, burka Turkey,

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or maybe a cream sauce from Nomad killer.

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Cujo. suba suba Samira jelly Shu Karim Allah Roscoe berkata formata. The second aspect with regard to the time management from nebia Kareem saw Salamis you surround your time and you plan your day around your time for Salah.

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Look at how beautiful innovia cream sauces in one day was asked. I think most of the library Masud subject to correction one of the hobbies as you know sort of law what is the best deed of a believer. So let me source them salary

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salad on its proper time in salata, Ghana, mini Nikita makuta, Allah has prescribed salad. It is proper time, brothers, I can't overemphasize this point, the discipline to give up what you are doing the discipline, to go away from the distractions of this world. And to go in perform your salary strengthens your willpower to live a productive life, the discipline, to take away time from what you are doing in your world, the discipline, to be able to go away from the distractions of this world and to go and perform your salary. It gives you the courage and the power to live a productive life, just as you endeavor to be on time for important meetings. Even more important than

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that is performing solid on its proper time performing solid on his proper time will energize you like nothing else can do so. So the second aspect with regard to one of the most important aspect of Time management is to plan your day around your salad.

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It is important for us to do so salad salad, Cockney Zindagi comm merkaz banana or our banana, this is important. The second thing with regard to time management. The third important aspect is do not procrastinate. Do not delay, especially in doing good things. I said there is no time for doing good things. There's no time for anything. You have to find the time to do things. Whether it be your salon, whether it be your tahajjud whether it be your tilawat whether it be going to visit people, it's important for us to be able to take out the time otherwise there isn't time and do not procrastinate. One of the biggest procrastination, and we used to learn from the time when we used

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to learn how to do art kcom Culpeper. medalla.

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The only time today, you don't have to do it, they say they say that Why leave something for tomorrow? When you can get your coworker to do it for you today. While answering your question, we'll do it for you. So don't but you used to say one of the greatest aspects of procrastination is to do things and say we'll do it tomorrow, or Bukhara or how the LFC battle bokhara not even tomorrow after tomorrow. This is a greatest aspect of procrastination of 10 maybe a cream sauce they've never taught this. I'll give you an example two examples and we'll conclude with this What a beautiful example one day nebia cream sauce was performing

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and immediately after after Salah normally in the resource that used to sit retest be intact with us. The moment nemea cream sauce completed his ourselves salad maybe sauce lemon rushed into the house. And he gave instructions and he came back. And he saw that the Saba crammed with one law he

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was somewhat perplexed. And he told me he said the reason why I went was it was towards the end of his life, one of the last, you know the last few moments of life when this happened. And he said oh my Sahaba I remembered I hit certain gold coins that were in my house. And I went quickly to tell my wife's go and give it away. How is it possible that something could happen? I could I could die. And I don't think it is appropriate for nebby of Allah to die while he has essence in material things in his house. So immediately when I remember, I went home and I told us where to go and give this away in charity. He didn't wait. I will do it after my trip. I will do it tomorrow. Immediately when he

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remembered immediately he went and he went to go and give it away. I believe in Rwanda the

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most beautiful aspect with regard to his life is one day he was living in Rwanda. I think it was now I'm not sure if Abdullah Abdullah bin Rama have passed away in the Battle of Mata one of the Sahaba and has been another another piranhas in the bedroom.

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He asked me to be occurring so awesome. And he didn't eat for a long time. He was about to eat a cuddle. And he asked me sauce lamb jasola if I go and give my life in the path of Allah subhanho wa Taala when Allah subhanaw taala Grant regenda said yes, Allah will grant to Jenna. He took the curry threw it away. And he said Why should I delay for Janet even to the extent of eating one cajole and he went into the into the muscle the better Allah tala clathrin. Shaheed, he became a matter. He didn't procrastinate by bellick cow Escobar Jenga, Jasmine Botanica currently, no, no, he first the moment he heard Nevis awesome said if you go out and become Shahid in a path of Allah, Allah will

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To generate the leftist scheduling event. All I'm saying is what we learn from the seat of newbies awesome, do not procrastinate in doing things that are that are good. This is a way that we will inshallah save our time to be able to do things that are productive. This is one of the cornerstones of what our buyer seller and our buyers people learn from obey never gonna be a good source of them. Allah subhanaw taala give a topic of understanding inshallah we get that we will conclude other aspects of nebia Karim Sol silom, giving us learning from the city of Novi, sola podosome, how to manage our time inshallah next week we will see how nice little Allah cinema spent much of his day

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in which of his activities he spent much of his time and inshallah hope that we will be able to benefit from it and use our time, constructively productively from the sooner for will ever occur himself Salaam