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For us, so please listen intently attentively. Charla Smilla Rahmanir Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa sallahu wa sallim wa barik ala Nabina Muhammad while early evil Sotheby here tomato praise belongs to Allah made a peace and blessings of Allah be upon us find the message of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam Salam aleikum, wa Rahmatullah Makoto been receiving concerning.

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Specifically tarawih salata Whitford, the salatu, Gemma are different ways and options that we have, because of the current situation that we're in, was made, as being quite clear to me actually is the unfortunate situation where a lot of us don't know

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the answers to basic things in ElDeen with regards to Salah with regards to congregational prayer, and so on. Now, it's not because it's an exception or circuit circumstance that this is brought on, you know, unique situations. Yes, of course, some of them are unique in that the massages are closed and how we're going to break Joomla or not, okay, that might be unique for us. But simple things like, I know, where do I pray, when I'm at home? Where does my family stand? I mean, this is something that when you're at home, whether there's a you know, pandemic or not, if you're going to publication affordable almost lives. So even though we are in, you know, somewhat a desperate

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situation with our link to the masjid cut off. But when one door closes, another door opens. And I think that, you know, I think a lot of us will become almost like a llama in kitab. Salah will become like scholars in the book of Salah because of the amount of questions that are being asked around prayers, what can I pray, how can I pray. So there's a mercy in that hand that we think is pantile to allow us to show the benefit of, of knowledge. Any things which you know, affect our daily lives are none more important than the

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one Exactly.

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Just a reminder, again, if you're watching at home, if you have any questions to put to the chef, just write them in the comment section below. And YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, wherever you're watching this on the email address again is daily QA and Islam So let's get started the first question shed? Brother says

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nice and easy one for you. What constitutes a bit? Okay, is it all the jaw bone? All parts of it does include the cheeks? Sure, sure. Good question. So the beard is defined by muscle you quite rightly mentioned with the jaw bone which starts from the side below the ear here and then the bone that goes way down here and then continues of course, so all the hair that grows in that area is prohibited to shave off. So the HUD which is the cheek in Arabic cut, this isn't part of the beard and if somebody wanted to remove that hair from the cheek, then that would be be permitted. Similarly the hair that grows underneath in the neck area, if somebody wanted to remove that here

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that would also be permitted but what must be left or if you're going to trim it but of course I'm not shaved is the hair that grows around the

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the jaw bone area as for the mustache and the can this part is called a deacon in Arabic

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there are different narrations whether the prophet is also Mr. Shave or trim the mustache are the two valid opinions in the mother head. So if one shaved it, then there's you know, there's a position for that and there's also a position to to trim the mustache so that the hair doesn't go over over the lip and into the mouth. And this is one of the defining features of the of the Muslims concerning the mustache where you find other ways of life they don't. So it's good to keep the moustache you've got to keep it keep it tidy. As for the hook and then likewise that should be left as well. Would love to add. Okay, Zach love friendship. We have another question here. It's from

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brother called shedule he said I'm from Hamburg Germany. Salaam Alaikum. Can we celebrate birthdays without cutting a cake you know cooking special meals for this occasion? Can you please explain why celebrating His birthday is haram yeah so birthdays aren't necessarily the ruling concerning birthday isn't because of the cake. Okay, so the view that we don't celebrate birthdays put the cake to one side the issue is that you're taking a particular time in the year a year on year out which becomes like a need

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and the view that it's a nonreligious eat therefore it's not a problem then okay, let's celebrate Mother's Day Father's Day.

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You know Halloween are not hundreds of courses religious based but Guy Fawkes here in the UK. You could fill your calendar with 1520 different celebrations. And then you have to ask yourself what

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impact does that have on the identity of a Muslim in light that the Prophet lsmw told us when he came to the medina he saw the people celebrating or particularly, and the person said that Allah Allah Allah had substituted these celebrations for two other celebrations. And that is either flipper is either at home.

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So these are the two celebrations which we do find in the Quran and Sunnah and inshallah sufficient for us if we we treat them and you know, celebrate them in the correct way. And if somebody is, you know, can't wait twice a year, then you've always got Jomo every week and China tad.

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Okay. So are you saying is cake is okay. Cake is?

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It's irrelevant to the birthdays, they don't celebrate birthdays? But you know?

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Yeah, wow. Yeah, roping another can of worms.

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Look left fascia. We have

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another another question here. The names let him so you don't know if it's from a sister or brother that might obviously impact the the answer. Can I give my as a car to my younger brother, who suffers from a mental and mental illness? He's able to sustain himself to due to the condition. And he's also under a debt being after being taken financially advantage of duties condition cPanel allows will make it easy for them. I mean, so if he has a debt, then yes, it's quite simply, you can pay you can give him this occur. So he can pay off his debts. That's what it's used for, to pay off their debts. If however, it's due to poverty reasons, then if there is nobody there, who is

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financially, you know, looking after him, and there's not a financial responsibility upon you, then you can give him sucker because of the poverty reasons as well. And Jonathan? Okay, Zach. I mean, this time of year, we get a lot of questions about Zika. Anyway. So would you say

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that your answer applies for someone's brother? Only? Or is it generally for any family member? No, I mean, for debts, it doesn't matter, because that's come under the snuff of thermal and it comes down to one of the eight categories in which you can,

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they're entitled to Zika regardless of how close they are to you, in general, in principle, as for poverty reasons, then, if you're on if it's probably an obligatory, obligatory upon you to financially sustain that, and look after that person, then your, your financial responsibilities, that does not include the soccer. But if your responsibility towards them is not an obligation, then you can give them soccer. Okay. Is there a general principles? Okay, exactly.

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We have another question here. Can I Muslim woman work as a care assistant? In a care system job? Yeah.

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system that Yeah, yeah. So this is a very noble job to look after other people, especially people who are in need, and who have, especially in troubled times like this, that they're reliant on people to go to their homes and support them and whatnot. And I know medical care workers myself in which they have different levels of care that they offer, some of their care is there just to make sure that their food is there for them, make sure that their medicine is taken. And then there is a type of care which involves washing and cleaning them. Now with regards to this level of care, where requires you washing other people,

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if you're able to kind of restrict, if it was a restrict, but kind of like women for women like, then that's not a problem. The kind of issue is that when you know, women, you have to go into males home, and and wash them, where there may be some issues. So if you can speak with your employer, as to, if you're involved in the washing that is, maybe to find some patients who are females, then that's not a problem at all it either but then again, if your your care is not involved in washing then in general, the care that you offer them in support, like with the food and medicines is not a problem as

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a fixture, just a reminder, any brothers is watching at home, you can send your questions in the comments below YouTube or Facebook or you can email us daily QA at Islam 20 This next question is from Brother RPL. He says I'll just read it as it is. I'm working as a delivery driver, but I have for many years not had official permission to stay in the country so I cannot work officially. My children have now got nationality. And I have been told that I've become a national but must pay 8000 pounds. I cannot afford this. As we barely get by. Am I able to receive the care to pay this fee so that I'm allowed to work full time and officially earn enough for my family.

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with specific situations concerning soccer,

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Okay, it's always on a platform like this. Or sometimes you've got messaging services where, you know, some bare thin details are given to you.

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It's it's not always possible to give them you know, a categorical straight answer. Yes, you can, yes or no, you can't.

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handle it. Alas, pantallas opened the way for you that you're able to stay here with your family, this is a big blessing. And

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you we look at your

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not because of the things that you're going to possibly undertake, I need to pay 8000 pounds, that's not a debt for you at the moment, okay, because you haven't taken anything out. If at this particular time that you are able to get by? Meaning do you have more than half or you have more than you need to get by? It might be the case, that you're not deserving of soccer. So hence me saying that is maybe a good idea for you to sit with somebody and explain your situation in detail so they can know your full financial situation so you can get an answer that's tailored for your situation specifically.

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And for special specific answers question that requires specific, tailored answers, we, we can share the number of the details of the Islamic Council of Europe, for example, we can call up one of the shapes and get their personalized footwear for that. So someone will be putting a link to that ice hyphen Europe? I think it Next question, actually off the back of that shoe. So you're talking about the cap?

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A question that often comes up is the local versus abroad in terms of there's a lot of, you know, charities distribute things occur here and abroad. Some people ask what what's best or what is what is what we should try and do pairs occur local or abroad. Sure. So

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why is there a discussion? If you like as to why does this occur? Why isn't it between going abroad or staying local? It stems from

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the hadith of Ibn adversity Allah one Houma that when the Prophet alayhi salatu salam sent more out of the blue Jebel to Yemen. And the Prophet said to my other job, you're gonna go to the People of the Book, teach them the Shahada. And if they accept that, then

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teach them the prayer. If they accept the prayer, then let them know that from the rich people, that there is a portion of their wealth, which is to go back to the poor people. Okay? Now, one understanding from the hadith is that the Prophet alayhi salam said to me, that, essentially this occurred is taken from the rich people there goes back to the people who are there in Yemen, because of that particular area, the buffer, Addison didn't say, bring back some of this occur. So it can be distributed to the people of Medina. So there was an argument to say that as a car, as a priority really should be distributed to those who are closest to you. So if you're living in the UK, then

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set up as a care organizations to distribute and help the people, the poor, the poor people, and not just poor people, because you should realize that Zika isn't just for for people, there are situations where people have debts, there are also people where who may be close to SLM there are, you know, feasable Illa, in a search, you know, some of those scholars in the path of Allah's pantile Regarding giving Dawa, which is, especially in the West is, you know, is very important. So, it's, it's a situation where I don't think is, it has to be this or that it can be I think it's very important, and for each of the Western countries to set up their own as a car, foundations,

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institutions and whatnot, where the local people can be looked after. And also that, you know, from from, from afar as well, that there's a car can be distributed, as well. So that both sides are looked after you don't find that, you know, nobody's been looked after, and you know, and locally, and that you're ignoring people who are far away as well. So I think competent, soccer foundations or institutions, whoever they are, should look at fulfilling both of those.

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So it's always useful to remember that the cause of very, very small amount of your worth anyway, in the we should be trying to

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give as much sadaqa as possible, as well, you know, rather than just kind of dividing up Xhaka interests further and further fractions. We have another question here.

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I think it's a sister, she says,

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I have a standing order to a charity where give monthly do I have to pay his account on this?

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I'm assuming she means do I have to take that into account when I'm calculating? My Zakah? No. So I mean, if you've got a monthly standing order, and you work out your soccer to be once a year, then the time of the year when this occurs, is do you look at your funds you look at the state

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Greetings. You've heard if you qualify to pacemaker, that it's above the nisab. It's above the threshold and it's been with you for a year. On that particular day you look at the money that you have. And then you pay zakat on that amount as for the sadaqa that you are giving, this is something separate. If you like your obviously don't count it as part of yours. Okay, you know, but maybe you're the standing orders not gonna go out and maybe it goes out in a week's time. Okay, so we've got about a week's time but the money do you have now? That is what you'll pay? There's not something in the future you take into consideration. Okay, exactly.

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We have a brother asking, what is the difference between gin and shaitan?

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So, yeah, so gin. Firstly, we just define what both of them are. So gin is another creation that exists upon us, Allah subhanaw taala placed on us and they are required also to follow the Prophet alayhi salatu salam to follow Islam as we are, and from the jinn kind, you find that there are just as in humankind, there are Muslims, believers and disbelievers, as for the some of the disbelievers, from the from the jinn, they may be like particularly mischievous and evil, and they may be considered to be shayateen. Similarly to find from humankind, they could also be considered the shaper. Okay, so the word share plan isn't something specific to jinn. But the human being could

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also be a share plan in the sense that they are a person of great evil.

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So not all genes are shaping. Not all genes are shaped you find believing genes, they follow Islam and they make hajj and they fast like us. They are of course not shayateen.

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Circular. Can

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I follow up on that? Actually, my kids asked me the other day, that Shayateen are locked up, and madonn. And we normally tell them they can't play outside just before Mother's Day, because it's the time that you know of shayateen and stuff. So then they asked Wait a second, can we still play outside now? Yeah. Okay, good question. So, I just said,

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spatula, Pamela. So as we know that Allah has power to either assigned with every human being occurred in shaytaan, with every human being to try and whisper to them, these are not locked up. So the shayateen that is assigned to every human being, they are not locked up, they will still be with you and try to

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try to, you know, whisper to you and tried to cause confusion to you, distract you and distract you things like that. Yeah. But the shayateen that are out like from the from the gym, the sharp Shariati in the bad ones.

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The model to the shayateen, the big ones, the big Shayateen, they will be locked on. They wouldn't be locked up. And there was also another view that all those other Shayateen they can also be locked up as well. But the ones that are with you or not.

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So still kids when you're playing around sunset, it's best to come inside. Yeah, the hadith is still applicable. It doesn't. The hadith doesn't state that you know, the time of maturity, bring your children in and close your doors and cover your vessels except Ramadan. No. It means the whole year. Okay.

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Another question here. If somebody's following the 18 degrees Fajr

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is it advised to pray Fudger later, and stop eating earlier? So follow the earlier time for the 18th for stopping eating and the later time for praying your physician is advised? Or would you just stick to one time? Well, I guess if you're in a position where you believe you're going to stick with the 18 degree calendar, and that you believe that this is the time that Fajr comes in, then you're permitted to prefer that at that time. Okay, there shouldn't be any doubt about it. You can pray fudge about that time, well, then you can go to sleep if you wish, okay, it's not necessary for you to wait to the letter time and then a person can say I'm 100% Sure. Okay, that I've prayed

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fragile in its time. Okay, everybody will agree that fragile is coming. But the point is that you know, a Baghdad and worship acts of worship shouldn't be based on a kind of Vani kind of speculative kind of approach. If you believe that this is the correct time then you can offer your you stop fight and you start fasting and then you offer your Salah at that time. I that is of course the masajid if they will open and you wanted to pray with the gym, by all means then you can delay it and pray with the gym or this will be better for you. But since the masajid are closed,

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then by all means you can offer certain budget in this earlier time there.

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Okay, excellent Zack la Hirsch. And just a reminder, you can check out San Antonio For slash PTC for the protons calculator and is a handy telegram telegram bot as well. If you just search for prayer times calendar, it tells you the exact prayer times wherever you are in the world with a click of a tap of a button on

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About a nice short question. The answer might not be short there

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is Xiamen pm only one day. Interesting question. Yo milky Emma is even though it is,

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as we see it as we understand Yom like as a day and a night. But we know that the days with Allah subhanaw taala is

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like 1000 days on Yeoman PM. So it's not as though as a as a day and a night in that sense. But it is one long, long, long, long, long, long day, Yeoman PM. So in that sense, this is how we will see on your webcam, it is one long, long, extended date on the item, and not a series of day and nights as we see it.

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Okay, excellent.

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We have a question here.

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So my sister I think, is pm lane. And 100 the same thing? And if so, why have they been given two separate names? Okay, so,

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yes, essentially, they are the same thing. 200 and pm will lane and, you know, sometimes you find

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this, a noun can have more than one.

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You know, one thing can have more than one name to it and the problem. Okay, so

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the 100 specifically is something which is offered in the latter part of the night. You could say pm allele is it is often referred to the latter part of the night, but it's anything essentially after so little Asia. Anything any night praise good. preamble is anything that's offered after so Latin Asia. tahajud specifically is something that you offer in the latter part of the night. So you could say that the pm alleles are more of a broad meaning. And 200 a little bit more specific, but essentially the same thing. Okay.

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And would you say do you say 200? Is is better than Okay, is that type of time with a knight? Yes. And the fact that the 100 is offered in the last, or the latter part of the night, and the last third of the night to ensure that there's a greater for the there's a greater blessing for the inshallah Tada. Okay, so

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we have another question. It's regarding Zakah on pensions, I'll just read it out. So I don't miss anything important. I have a company pension to which the employer also contributes, they match my 6% contribution. The pension is not accessible by me until I retire.

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Or upon reaching over 55 When I can choose to withdraw a lump sum amount.

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That no one fair answer.

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Yeah, so what do they do with that? Yeah. Okay. So common, is a common question. So if we can mention one thing, it may help and under a lot of other questions that people have it's okay is paid upon, upon which you have is you consider part of your wealth.

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Not only as part of your wealth, did you have the ability to use that wealth? Okay, so you might own something, but you cannot use it in any way, shape, or form? So, there's a question about whether you consider that to be part of yours, okay. Which does influence the view of some of the scholars in that pensions, which, yes, that is your wealth that you cannot access this wealth at all, until you retire, which may be you know, 20 or 30 years away, as they say, on this debt, you stop paying zakat upon receipt of that wealth, when you first first start getting that wealth, that's when you would start paying zakat on it because before that time, you cannot consider it 100% You have like

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10, you know, complete access and use of that money. So he pays the car when you upon receipt of that money. Wallah. Okay.

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Another question, and this is there's no name to this one. If you have made a decision after praying is to harder, but still feel guilt after choosing that option? Is it a sign that you've made the wrong decision?

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No, it is not. But it may be a sign that you rushed into the decision. So

00:24:11--> 00:24:14

I think it's important. I mean, I do understand that there are sometimes timeframes

00:24:16--> 00:24:52

for you to make a decision. So in a situation when you do have a timeframe, you press a lot of istikhara you may have sought some counsel from somebody, and you ask them, you know, what do you think on this matter? And then you go ahead, you press the harder and you go with what you are, you know, mostly sure of, I'm leaning towards one particular decision over the other. Once you've made that decision, regardless of what happens, don't feel guilty. And don't feel any regret because this is what Allah Subhana Allah decreed for you. You know, there's a well known Hadith that you should not say if because this will open the doors of shaitan. If I had done this if I had only spoken or

00:24:52--> 00:24:59

consulted with so and so maybe I would have made another decision. The fact is that the decision that you made was

00:25:00--> 00:25:16

It was always going to be like that, because of the decisions that you made. So there's no need for you to feel any guilt or any regret about the decision that you made. And if you feel that it didn't go the way that you thought make dua to Allah subhanaw taala, that somehow some good can come out of each other.

00:25:18--> 00:25:23

They say, a lot of mental health issues are, are resulting from,

00:25:24--> 00:25:25

you know,

00:25:26--> 00:25:42

a misplaced fear either one of a decision you made in the past or some things and anxiety or for something in the future. So, it's very common, you know, that you can just make this too, and have have, have all of your lines and Allah spawns on after that.

00:25:45--> 00:25:46

Okay, next question.

00:25:48--> 00:26:23

If I have been asked to look after a large portion of money for someone over a number of years, do I need to pay zakat on it? If not, do I not need to remind that person of this wealth that they have? Yeah, so if you take the responsibility of looking after a large amount of money for somebody, then I assume that there will be some form of understanding regarding this wealth, they will say to you, I will contact you when I need it, please put it in a safe place. It's not there, just somebody's just gonna turn up to you just see this money, just take it and then they walk away, or it's not going to be like that. So you should obviously make clear to them that you know,

00:26:26--> 00:26:33

or have that or should I, you know, will you give me the responsibility to do that. So you should contact the person in Charlottetown

00:26:35--> 00:26:51

to let them know that this money may have occurred to be paid on it, are they taking care of it? Or is there something that they can help you can help them out with in Toronto? Okay. Sharla Zakka? Quick question. Does Sarah we probably have to be either eight or 20 raka or can it be less?

00:26:53--> 00:27:06

So we know that the Prophet alayhi salam prayed eight and then after that pre twittered, and then also on top of the line when choosing over your vocab and telling the daddy to leave the Sahaba and tarawih these are two well known

00:27:08--> 00:27:22

practices from the prophet Elijah Salman the Companions but if a person wishes to pray out of them that number it is permissible for them meaning that if they wanted to pray less than eight or more than eight and less than less than 20 for example, even more than 20 it is permissible for the mashallah Tana

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And last question here for the night inshallah it's sent by Brother Mohammed you mentioned okay is better to pay locally in some scenario scenarios but how come how about if you have family who is in need but he's not living in the UK? Is it better to pay soccer to them? Okay, so then it's a good question. So what you have here is a touted by that do I prioritize locally which is one of you or do I prioritize my family which is also a priority? In a situation like this then your family in Chinatown will take priority in a situation like this? Okay.

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And dogma Whalen to you brothers and sisters watching at home

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if you like this remember to share it and tune in tomorrow inshallah we'll have chef I think Abdullah him McCarthy with us tomorrow and share Hussein will be joining us next week in sha Allah. That's the same time same place in sha Allah. If you have any questions, remember to send them beforehand you can send them beforehand as well. Somebody's going to be monitoring the mailbox that's daily QA at Islam 21 Stay with Psalm 21 See folio Ramadan needs insha Allah and don't forget to check out the online Masjid platform it's up and running now. hamdulillah check out online Masjid dot Islam to into That's online Masjid dot Islam trend to from myself in

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sanctioned UNC team that's all for now and Zack and I were just again to share costs in Clemson. As as as it as from us then we'll say A salaam alaikum now see you tomorrow inshallah.

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stay tuned to Islam 21 See to catch the front row for the online Masjid