Yasir Qadhi – In Defense of Gaza

Yasir Qadhi
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In Al Hamdulillah now who want to stay in or who want to still fiddle. When our older biller Himanshu, Rudy and fusina women say Dr. Medina, Mejia had to Hilah who fella mobila woman your Linhof Allah ha de la. Watch how to Allah Allah illallah wa DeHaan la sharika what a shadow Anna Mohamed and Alberto who are a solo? Yeah, you have Latina I'm an otaku. Allahu Akbar, Ducati. What illa Anta Muslim on a map about your Muslims. We are all painfully aware that as I speak right now, Allah Azza the land where the great grandfather of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his buried, the land were omitted. Mahato the Allahu Anhu walked through to demand and ask the keys of

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Jerusalem is now under the most vicious attack that it has been for the last two decades. As we speak right now. Today, Israel demanded from over 1.1 million people, over half of whom are children under the age of 18. to evacuate from a zoo, or else face complete annihilation. A defenseless population with nowhere to go, already cramped and crowded behind 50 foot walls is being asked to do the impossible flee to where go where you are the ones who have locked them up for over 25 years. You are the ones who have dehumanized them, you are the ones who have kicked them out of their lands 80 years ago, and their grandchildren and great grandchildren have never lived the lives of normal

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human beings go where flee where dear sisters and brothers, one of the most obvious biases that we must call out and acknowledge one of the most obvious biases of all human beings including us is internal group favoritism, we favor our own over others. And at some level, it is almost impossible to overcome this bias. If my son is involved in fighting with another person, almost always my heart will make some excuses for what my son does and overlook the injustice of my son and concentrate more on what the other person has does to cause my son to fight. But this internal bias, it might be excused. If there's a fight that is somewhat equivalent, if there is a punch here and a punch there,

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if there's a curse here and a curse there. However, when one side is desperately using violence, when one side is completely and totally unjustified, then we cannot excuse ourselves by saying, Oh, this is group bias. And what we are seeing right here, we must call this out for what it is. This conflict that we are seeing is not between two equivalent groups of people, not at all. On the one side, we have one of the most militarily powerful apartheid regimes, one of the last settler colonialist enterprises in the modern world. And on the other side, we have largely defenseless 2 million civilians uprooted refugees in their own homelands. There is no equality, there is no

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parity. We are literally witnessing in real live time, on the media, from our politicians, from our president, all the way down from so many celebrities from so many voices of power, the blatant and continued dehumanization of the one side, the ignoring of the plight of one side, and that side is Palestinian and Muslim. The entire narrative is constantly framed as a specific condemnation of one group and the tactics of one group and the recent events that one group has done. Go listen to every interview, go look at every press release, go look at what our own president has said. It always hones in on the tactics of one group we condemn this. Do you condemn that? Very well? That is a fair

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question to ask. But we have to ask in return. Why is it that we have never once heard in over 80 plus years? Why is it that this deafening silence that we notice? Why is it that what is blatantly absent from every press release from every interviewer is the condemnation of war crimes against innocent Palestinian civilians? Where is the condemnation of the inhumane treatment of the barbaric realities of the blockages of the humanitarian efforts to over 2 million people? If you want me to condemn one tactic or

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Are you willing to condemn 80 years of 1000s of tactics? This reality brings into the sharp contrast, the difference between the race, religion and ethnicity of the victims, not all human beings are treated as equal, according to the eyes of the world that we live in. Not all blood is the same according to our own presidents in our own countries. No, the fact of the matter is that Palestinian blood, Muslim blood out of blood does not carry the same weight as that of other people. And hence, there is the blatant dehumanization of an entire category of humanity, sisters and brothers, my hope. But today is a direct call for action from every single person, not just here,

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but around the globe who hears my speech, I'm not going to go over the history of the issue. I've done that and many have done that before. I'm not going to talk about the sanctity and blessings of philosophy and very easily available, I will not list in detail the inhumane conditions of the people, because for the last 80 years, that to Google it away, and click it away, very simple. Rather, what I want today is to ask all of you, without exception, to become active, and to do everything in your power, with wisdom, with tact to educate people around you about the reality of the situation, this is the very least that we can do. Every one of us this is a call to action, to

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stand up to learn yourself. And then to preach the truth to others, we must change the narrative, we must change the entire vision of what is happening in that land. And the only way that is going to happen is that the grassroots level at the ground level when you and I talk to our neighbors, our colleagues, our friends, when we get involved on social media, when we change one person at a time when we eliminate ignorance from one person at a time. Today is a blatant call for action. Today is the day that every one of us is going to get involved and try our best in the long run to change what is happening over there. The fact of the matter, brothers and sisters is that many of us we

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don't even know ourselves what to say. We are cornered our colleagues come our bosses come our corporations come unbelievably corporations and universities in this country are blatantly getting involved in politics. What business as a corporation have released in a statement, why should a university get involved and take sides in a political matter? Unbelievably, across this country and in Europe, and many Western countries, personalities, media personalities, Hollywood stars are getting involved in a political crisis spreading misinformation. And anytime one of us stands up to educate, we are challenged. Do you condemn XYZ? What is your stance on whatever they might follow

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with that? And I have to stand here bluntly and say, We don't have to support a particular political party of Palestine. We don't have to defend a particular tactic when we want to defend the human rights of 2 million people, because this is what is called a red herring. This is what is called trying to change the subject. I am not here to talk about the tactics of one group. I'm not here to justify or not one specific action. I am here to talk about the plight of 2 million people who have been deprived of basic humanity for 80 plus years. What about them fine, you want us to condemn we will condemn whatever you want with the condition you will be just unfair and you condemn with the

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same anger you want us to condemn you condemn what is happening for 80 plus years? Brothers and sisters next time you are asked Do you condemn this or do you agree with this? Take a step back learn from the Quran and Sunnah learn from the Quran and even from the Old Testament. These are the tried and tested tactics of people before Do you know one story in the Quran that this reminds me of around the Pharaoh. The Old Testament tells us the Quran tells us the Pharaoh persecuted 1000s of people he killed 10s of 1000s of babies he subjugated an entire civilization. The irony, the children of those civilizations are now subjugating others he subjugated the children of Israel and

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Prophet Musa was sent to them. Prophet Musa came to them Moses, a figure we admire and the people of Israel admire Moses one to fit out. And in the process you're all aware, Moses got involved with the fight with an Egyptian he punched him the Egyptian was accidentally killed, fit out the Pharaoh after killing 10s of 1000s of people. After massacring 1000s of babies. The Pharaoh accuses Moses of being the terrorist and the Pharaoh says you killed an innocent man without a father take a lady for altar why?

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and terminal caffeine frown, accused Moosa of being careful. Can you get more ironic than that? The Pharaoh says to Musa, you are the kafir meaning you are ungrateful. The Quran teaches us If truth is truth, we speak it. What did Musa say? Or the file to hate you then I did it. You're right. I accidentally kill somebody one a minute Balint, I made a mistake. But then he challenged the Pharaoh, and he went back to the Pharaoh. And he said, What right do you have to mention this one mistake of mine, in light of all that you have done? What didn't go near magenta Moon new ha the year and a bathtub in Israel. If you have subjugated the children of Israel, you have decimated and

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massacred them. By what right? Do you mention one small mistake and one small perk you gave to me in light of your own history? This is what the Quran teaches us. We flip the narrative, we change the script, even if some of you feel we need to condemn a tactic that is on you. Me personally, I will not apologize and I will not have anything to say about what subjugated people do. But if somebody feels that they need to do that, as long as you move on to the bigger picture, and you say, Okay, how about what is happening there for 80 years, the CLR teaches us a similar incident, when the Muslims were expelled from Makkah, when the Quraysh killed and persecuted dozens of Sahaba one Amar

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saw his own parents yesterday and Sumaiya literally shred into bits, when beloved is dragged through the streets when the Prophet system is attacked and attempted to be assassinated, and the Muslims flee for their own lives. In one skirmish in one skirmish, some of the Muslims were engaging the Kurdish in the sacred territory of Al haram, and during the sacred months, and they killed one Karachi. The courage immediately began spreading news. Oh, look at these terrorists. They are killing a Karachi on sacred grounds inside the harem area, in the sacred months, the Assura Iran, these are the real terrorists, they are disobeying the law of Allah, they are disobeying every law

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known to us. And so this became problematic for the Muslims what is to do now? I mean, technically, technically, this quarter she was killed in the sacred haram and he was killed in the sacred months. So the Muslims were perplexed. Allah revealed in the Quran listen to this. While yes, alone Ganesh Anisha had an ironic Italian fee. They asked you about fighting in the sacred months they asked you about what happens when somebody is killed in the sacred months. And Allah says and this is what we should say colocated on fee he can be killing anybody on sacred land and in sacred times, it is Kebede It is a sin. It is something that should not be done. Allah did not justify this, Allah did

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not sanction this. This is not something that theoretically is good to do. But then Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks to the Quraysh and Allah says to them, but you preventing people from coming to the Masjid Al haram, expelling innocent people, massacring them spreading your fitna and facade, it is much bigger and a far greater crime than one person having died while fitna to a shot do minimal capital. And your chaos in the land is far worse than the killing of one person that you are angry about. This is what we call Islamic justice. Muslims, we do not need to defend tactics, Muslims, we do not need to defend that which the general rule of humanity and people of faith says should not be

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done because we know the general rule of all societies of all people of faith of international law. And yes of our Shetty is that innocent people should not be killed innocent women, innocent children who do not pose any threat should be spared. And we preach this publicly and we say it unabashedly. But we also point out, we also point out not to justify, not to condone, but to educate, to contextualize, to illustrate the reality of war, again, not to validate, but to educate that the targeting of innocence during times of war during times of conflict. This is a brutal reality that happens across the globe. And the very people, the very organizations, the very countries that are

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pointing fingers are themselves guilty of far greater crimes in this exact same genre. Once again, I have to be super careful. every word I say will be taken by Fox News and by memory and others and misquoted. So I must be careful. This is not a justification. This is a contextualization This is an education. So we understand war is brutal. And sometimes things happen in war that nobody wants to happen our own country of America, which of course claims to follow international law and usually says we should not kill innocent civilians United Kingdom that is also signed

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Don't do these international treaties during World War Two. During World War Two, they had to intentionally begin bombing civilian populations when the tide of war was changing when Germany was being given the upper hand, both England and America began the intentional, direct targeted killing of mass civilian populations in Germany, the cities of Cologne of Hamburg of Dresden were entirely decimated. 10s of 1000s of innocent children and women were intentionally targeted by the Allied Forces. If you were to ask them, Why are you doing it? They will say we're they're doing it to us. We have to fight back. They're the ones bombing London, we have to bomb Dresden. They're the ones

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bombing England, we have to go and bombed Kelowna and other places. Dwars sometimes retaliation occurs that is beyond the laws of the land. And again, let us not forget sisters and brothers the awkward reality. It is an awkward reality, no justification. But Facts are facts that when the war was shifting, when Germany was seeming to have the upper hand, our country America spent the equivalent of over $30 billion on the Manhattan Project. And do you know what the Manhattan Project was? The Manhattan Project was an intentional research and survey to create the deadliest bomb hitherto unknown to mankind, they wanted to create the atomic weapon. And the purpose of that weapon

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was what it wasn't to bomb the forces of the Germans. It wasn't to annihilate the soldiers. It was intended to create the largest group of mass civilian casualties that the world had ever seen. groups of scientists, groups of engineers, groups of physicists, they came together in secret locations for years on end, billions of dollars were spent and the explicit purpose no peace, no cancer research, no nothing. We want to create the most effective bomb to kill home civilians. And what happened? How did World War Two come to an end? We all know this reality. Our country, with our taxpaying dollars, used the largest and the most effective and destructive weapons known to mankind,

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the atomic bomb and intentionally targeted not to the forces of the Germans, not the forces of the Japanese. They intentionally targeted to civilian cities, Nagasaki and Hiroshima, and over a quarter of a million women and children, innocent civilians were intentionally targeted. The president as an advisor sat in front of a map, and they debated the pros and cons of which city should be killed, which American went to jail for that which American ever was court martialed. Which country ever had to apologize for that? Again, this is not a justification. It is a contextualization those who point fingers those who say, Why are you killing innocent civilians? We say back to them, how come you did

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much worse during your own wars? If you thought you were justified because one of your naval bases whether attack Pearl Harbor, if you thought you were justified in killing a quarter of a million people, I want that number to sink in 250,000 innocent people and you know, the worst part, they intentionally chose mid sized cities, they didn't want too large. They didn't want too small to send the right message what we can do the evil nature of wanting to kill 200 and the entire city's wiped out, excuse me, you have no right to point fingers at another group that might be doing things unethical. I'm not justifying, again, for the record. I'm not justifying, but I'm sorry, you have no

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right to point your fingers at a group that is doing much less than what you yourself have done in response to much worse that was ever done unto you. History sisters and brothers makes you powerful history educates you. And if you know your facts, and you know your realities, no one can defeat you in a debate. The purpose once again is not to justify, but merely remind us that those people who are most eager to point fingers are usually the most guilty of having done the same crimes. As for me, I have no qualms stating loudly and clearly that the Quran teaches us the Sunnah teaches us the CRO teaches us that the default is that during times of war, were supposed to protect the lives of

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the innocent, but I merely educate. I merely push back and say, How come you are selective in applying these rules, throwing them in our faces which we acknowledge these are illegitimate rules. When you yourselves don't seem to care about the lives of 2 million innocent civilians? Where is your own? Suppose it care? Where's your own alleged concern for the women and children when they belong to another ethnicity and another religious group? Muslims always remember, always remember this reality in this land. You don't need to be a Muslim to sympathize with one side. As I said, if the war was somewhat similar, we could understand the bias

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Have each side but there is no similarity. The fact of the matter is, every neutral person who examines the reality of the situation will come to the same conclusion. Always, quote, neutral experts and make sure you know these quotes. One of the greatest icons of our century somebody whom the globe admires is Nelson Mandela, Nelson Mandela spent 27 years in isolation 27 years because he refused to sign a paper that said, because of the color of my skin are not equal to you. 27 years he was in isolation, I visited his self, it is smaller than this small little box that I am in, I visited his cell and I stood there, he had a small window for 27 years that was his outer reality to

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the world. He refused as a man of conscience to say I am lesser of a human being. And when he was in jail, this country of ours and the United Kingdom and Canada and Australia all consider him a terrorist. You should know this. Our country considered Nelson Mandela to be a terrorist, only when he was released and the tide of public tide was changed was he welcomed as a freedom fighter was he welcomed as somebody who deserves the Nobel Peace Prize and so on and so forth. Nelson Mandela was a ardent supporter of the Palestinian cause multiple times he would speak out and in support of our Palestinian brothers and sisters. And he said, and I quote, that the treatment of the Palestinians

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is the worst moral crises of our times. He said this after being in jail 27 years after fighting the Apartheid South African regime. He said, The Palestinian plight is the worst moral crisis of our art of our own times. Archbishop Desmond Tutu, the second most prevalent African freedom fighter, Desmond Tutu as the highest ranking member of the Catholic Church. He's passed away now, widely celebrated, widely known to be a freedom fighter. Also, having been in jail also fought apartheid, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, visited Palestine multiple times. In a famous interview in the 80s, with the most famous journalist journalist alive at the time, David Frost, you can find it on YouTube,

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David Frost wanted to complain to Desmond Tutu. How come you can describe Israel as an apartheid state? That's not fair. You shouldn't describe Israel as an apartheid state. It's not that bad. Desmond Tutu responded back to him that actually listen to this as on YouTube. Actually, in some aspects, Palestinians are treated worse than us black South Africans were in some aspects, it is worse than an apartheid state that I have lived through. This is from Desmond Tutu. Are you going to accuse him of being anti Semite? Are you going to accuse them of being pro Palestinian because he was Muslim, he's a barge pitcher from the Catholic Church. He's not a Muslim, but he has lived

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through apartheid, he seemed the realities of hate. And now he's experienced it firsthand, the grandson of Nelson Mandela also visited Palestine. And he wrote an op ed, which is published in an Israeli newspaper at the high rates, and he wrote an op ed, and he said, that what I have seen here is worst than the apartheid that I have experienced growing up. This is the grandson of Nelson Mandela, it is worse than the apartheid I've experienced growing up sisters and brothers, you don't need to be a Muslim to recognize the inhumanity of this situation. Know your people know your quotes. Our own president Jimmy Carter, he visited those lands. And after he left office, he's still

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alive now. After he left office, he wrote a book. Do you know what the title of the book is? Peace, not apartheid. Peace, not apartheid. That is the title of the book, our president, are you going to accuse him he's actually a Christian believer. He's actually a supporter of the faith of Christianity. He's a known person who loves his his faith and tradition, he's not a Muslim. And yet, when he visited, he said, We cannot move forward with this apartheid regime. And he himself acknowledged that has up Gaza is the largest open air prison in the world today, the largest open air prison in the world today. And I can quote you on and on human rights, Amnesty International, on

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and on. But you know what the problem is sisters and brothers, the awkward reality. Do you know what the root of the problem is? It's not religion. Frankly, it's not even fully political. The brutal and raw fact of the matter is that so many people on our side of the world, in spite of our education, in spite of our achievements, in spite of we're living in such a enlightened era, so many people are still completely and totally wed to the notion of the superiority of their own race over that of other people. The root of the problem, frankly, is a racist outlook on the Palestinians and the Arabs and the Muslims. The root of the problem is the superiority complex that they don't view

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Palestinian blood and out of blood and Muslim blood to be equal to their own and the

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their form when they see all that is happening when they see all of the tactics, their hearts do not stir, there is no emotion because they view themselves and their race and their faith as being more human than that of others. And this is what we see around us when we listen to interviews, when we see the tweets when we see the endorsements from politicians, subhanAllah sisters and brothers, you know, when we criticize Israeli policy, when we criticize aspects of what is happening there, we are accused of anti semitism, we are accused, Oh, you guys are anti semitic, I will acknowledge rarely, this criticism is true. I will acknowledge sometimes some clerics and some people use a language

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that is not appropriate. And they talk about Jewish people all together. And I say no, our problem is not with Jewish people. It is not with Christian people. Our problem is with Zionism, in our lands of Islam, Jews and Christians lived peacefully they lived as neighbors as full citizens have an equal opportunity with everybody. Our problem is not with people of another faith, our problem is with policies. So I admit once in a while you will find the cleric you will find somebody who uses language that is not correct, and there is an element of anti semitism. However, let us flip the script. Let us flip the script. You say we are anti semitic when we point out problems with Israel.

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Let me flip the script. How about your Islamophobia, when you caricatured rise, and paint all Palestinians in a particular right, how about your hatred of Islam, when you describe everybody in that region with derogatory terms, our own president, some of the most powerful people in Congress, some of the most influential politicians, the language they use is the language of genocide. It is the language of dehumanization, Israel's minister called all Palestinians, beasts and animals, that is not the language of humanity. That is the language of genocide, you are calling for all out genocide, when you say an entire population is subhuman. If you look at the language that is used,

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they don't deserve to live, we will annihilate all of them. Again, this isn't a few people that did what you consider a crime. If that was your call, I at least see where you're coming from. But when you extrapolate from 510 2050 people, and you say all 2 million people don't deserve to live, they are not fully equal. When you bring into their fact their faith when you bring in their religion, and you say they should be given * as the pseudo intellectual Jordan Peterson said he literally tweeted to Netanyahu give them help them is who all Palestinians, we see the reality of their hatred. It's not about truth and justice. It is frankly, about a superiority complex. They literally

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believe they are better than everybody else. And therefore the life of a Palestinian the life of an out of the life of a Muslim in their eyes is not the same as their own lives. But sisters and brothers, I want to conclude the first AKBA with a little window of hope, a little window of hope. I say, as somebody who is an amateur in history, I love studying history, I say the tide is slowly changing slowly, but inevitably, the tide is changing for three reasons. Firstly, social media, and the perfect proliferation of videos and cell phones and the immediate access that everybody can have to the truth. The fact that somebody can take a video of what is happening in Gaza, and posted to

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YouTube to Twitter, and immediately make it accessible. This is a game changer. Make no mistake about it in the 70s. In the 80s. We couldn't do this. It was a very skewed narrative. Now, it is impossible to be blind to the injustice is of Gaza if you have a heart. Now, it is impossible for anybody with a shred of humanity and an ounce of justice to think that this is a fair game between two equals not at all images and videos and interviews are available, and we must use them, retweet them educate and make sure the tide begins to change. So point number one social media and by the way, this is despite the problems that we're getting today. Our Facebook we had a generic post about

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we're going to be doing a whole Bubba photos thing. Facebook complained, somebody complained to Facebook and our post was taken down. Why were we calling for what because it said Yasser are they giving a hot bot on Palestine. Our post was taken down by Facebook because we're simply wanting to educate, but they cannot take down every post. They cannot silence every voice. That's why I'm making a call to every one of you stand up with wisdom. Stand up with tact and preach the truth and educate they cannot silence

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Since millions of voices, millions of images, millions of videos, that's what we need to do. Point number one. Point number two, despite the fact that almost all Western governments, even universities, corporations, companies, Hollywood, pseudo intellectuals are pretty much many of them are supporting one side and completely against the Palestinian cause. Despite the fact that France which has challenged freedom, it wants people to disagree with the Quran, it wants people to make fun of the profits of Saddam. France has banned protests when it comes to Palestine. Germany has banned protests when it comes to Palestine, England is thinking of criminalizing holding a

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Palestinian flag, look at the irony of free speech, where is the free speech when our profit system is being insulted, you will told us to shut up and sit down and let us do what we want to do. When we're clamoring for human rights. All of a sudden, it is illegal in England and in France, it is illegal in Germany, France, England is talking about it. And even in our own home countries, things are going back and forth. However, with all of that, I still say that Never have we had so many public people and intellectuals and leaders and organizations speak on behalf of the truth. So yes, compared to the 70s and 80s, we actually have a lot more people, a lot of fair journalists, a lot of

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organizations preaching the truth, you cannot cover up the truth forever. And this harsh media assault by our politicians, by these right wing organizations, frankly, it is a sign of desperation. They know they have to be super harsh, but they cannot silence millions of voices. So point number two, we actually do have people supporting us. And point number three, and one of the main points I want to make here, sisters and brothers. It's no longer than 1960s and 70s, the world has changed radically. And one of the things that it has changed in is demographics. We as American Muslims are no longer a very small mine, we're still a minority. But you cannot compare to how we were 4050

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years ago, within a decade, we American Muslims will be the second largest religion in this country. Right now. We're the third Christianity Judaism than Islam. Within a decade, Muslims are going to be more than any other faith except Christianity.

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In Canada, in Australia, and in England, Muslims are already the second largest demographics after Christianity. In France, Muslims are definitely the second largest demographics. How then? And why should any other group take charge of the narrative? When the demographics is changing? Where is our voice? Where is our contribution to the public discourse, where is our influence on our own societies and cultures? The fact of the matter and I say this bluntly, I am a person who has said and has gotten me into trouble. I don't believe politics is the primary way to change ourselves. That's what I say, I could be wrong. Even if it's not the primary way. It is the secondary way, the

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primary way, Iman, the primary way internally, that's what I believe I could be wrong. My personal interpretation, number one mechanism ourselves. But number two, without a doubt, tie your camel and then trust in Allah, we have to tie our camel, we have to be involved in the media involved in politics involved influencing others. And now Muslims in all of these lands, we do have a potent force, if only we came together, and we actually mobilize the sad reality. Many of us live disconnected lives from our culture and lens. Many of us are a political, many of us don't want to get involved. But that's not how change occurs. Why is one narrative more than the other because one

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group of people influenced it. This is not sinister. This is not Cabal, Illuminati theories. This is politics. When you get involved and you campaign and you lobby and you raise funds and your influence. This is what happens. Where is our voice? almost absent that needs to change. And I say this as somebody who bluntly believes politics is not the primary mechanism, but is the secondary one. So sisters and brothers, one of the wisdoms of trials and tribulations is people have truth. People have courage. People have integrity, they come to the forefront. During trials. We separate the Munna from the true person. We separate the coward from the brave person. We are currently

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witnessing such a trial. Our Masjid has been threatened today for this court but you guys don't know about this. I'm telling you. It has been threatened today. Not violence but a titan but

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protest and very evil things I don't want to mention here. I have been threatened others are being threatened. We don't have the luxury to remain silent. They are scared they're scared because

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Our numbers are increasing because the truth is on our side because they cannot cover up the truth if every one of us stands up and speaks the truth so during these times of evil during these times of chaos, I encourage every one of you to be brave to educate, to put your trust in Allah and to be a beacon of hope and a beacon of truth during these dark times. May Allah subhana wa Tada bless me and you with her to the Quran. And May He make us of those who is versus the understand and applies Helen and haram throughout our lifespan as colors forgiveness, you as well ask him for his love of food and the ramen

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Alhamdulillah Hua de la had a Samad Aladdin amulet, one amulet. wollam yoku, local one. What do I reiterate my main point sisters and brothers, I reiterate my point, not just to us sitting here. But to every person who sees this hot button sermon around the world. This is a call of action. We cannot help our brothers and sisters physically over there. We cannot do so for many reasons. In fact, what is even more painful, we cannot even raise funds that will reach them right now. I'm sorry to be blunt with you. Nobody can raise funds. And actually you can raise funds, it won't reach them right now. Right now I just spoke with my own organizations and agencies. There is a blockade,

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there is an international blockade. You cannot give baby powder to babies. You cannot give medicine to children. You want to talk about inhumanity. This is the inhumanity raise as much funds as you want right now it will not reach them. Don't be discouraged. Every swans raise funds, when the blockade is lifted, that will come immediately. But understand what I'm saying, as we speak, no food parcel can be delivered to Huzzah, no aid can go to Gaza, nothing can go there. So what can we do? Sisters and brothers, there are two wars going on right now. There is a war of bodies over there. And that's something we cannot do except make dua to Allah. But there is another war, a war of the

00:37:10 --> 00:37:53

minds, a war of the media, a war of perception, a war of influence. And I say bluntly and boldly. We have to be involved in this other war. Now I know Fox is going to take this clip memory, which is the Joseph Goebbels of our times, we'll take this 10 second clip and twist it and say I'm calling for war. So they say clearly and unequivocally the war that I'm calling for is not a Sharia based influence. This is not radical jihad, what I'm calling for is for us to stand up and be quintessentially American, be a part of the democratic process, be a part of campaigning be a part of media influencing be a part of public perception. This is the war that I'm calling for. I'm not

00:37:53 --> 00:38:37

calling for any violence, I'm calling for us to understand there's a reason why some interests are being served, and others are not. And we cannot be silent. This is our country in the end of the day, and enough is enough with the lies and the propaganda and the smear campaigns for decades against innocent people, we have this land have the exact same rights and the exact same privileges as all other people. And if we unite together not only as Muslims, but as all people of all different backgrounds. And we say to our leaders in Canada, in Australia and England, and yes, in America, enough is enough. If we stand together, and we make sure that our tax dollars don't are not

00:38:37 --> 00:39:24

sent overseas, when our own country lags behind. If we educate our fellow American citizens, we have given a quarter of a trillion dollars. Do you know how much that is? It is simply astronomical a quarter of a trillion dollars in military aid and in monetary aid to one small country that is perpetually at war with his own civilian population. Enough is enough Muslims, people of all faiths, why should my tax dollars go overseas? Forget who's right and wrong. I have a right and you have a right to petition to demand to elect people who serve our interests. I have a right that my money is spent not to build prison walls over there. But to build schools over here not to send bombs to kill

00:39:24 --> 00:40:00

over there. But to build better hospitals to cure over here. Why should I spend billions of my tax dollars over there when our country is lagging behind in education and health care, spread the word spread the campaign and slowly but surely we can bring about a mass sympathy to simple realities. Our tax dollars are more deserving to be spent here to get them getting involved in a global conflict over their sisters and brothers. We do have enough people especially in other western lands in America, we're still a little bit behind. But in Canada and England and Australia, the Muslims have enough quantity to really

00:40:00 --> 00:40:42

influence in France they most definitely do. But unfortunately, things are as they are here in America as well. There is a global movement beginning to and that understands why should we spend billions every year billions overseas when there's so much to be spent over here. So yes, this is a call to action and a call to war, not physical war, a war of the mind, a war of the tongue, a war of the intellect. And every one of us needs to be a foot soldier, every one of us because this is a long term battle, it might take decades, we might not see victory today. But if every single one of us begins influencing the people around us, in sha Allah, a change can be made, and we need allies.

00:40:42 --> 00:41:24

This isn't a Muslim cause this isn't an Arab cause. This is a human cause. It is true to stay, even if you take religion out, even if you take ethnicity out. This is a human cause. So we appeal to all people, people of no faith, we appeal to Christians see how Christians are being treated in that line. We appeal to members of the Jewish faith who have conscience, who believe in the God of Abraham, who know from history, what persecution means, and especially to our Jewish brethren and sisters who understand this reality I have visited visited Auschwitz and how I have visited the death camps, I have heard directly from Jewish survivors of the Holocaust, I have seen a person take

00:41:24 --> 00:42:04

his hand and show me the tattoo that the Nazis have done. There's a picture of that in the New York Times, and I see what hate can do. But I say loudly and clearly to my Jewish brothers and you cannot invoke the memory of a holocaust to inflict another potential Holocaust on innocent victims. And it is heartening to see so many in the Jewish faith understand this, there is an organization called Jewish Voice for Peace, which is which is asking for human rights for Palestinians. There are many ultra orthodox rabbis who are opposed to the political program of Zionism. We Muslims need to ally with them, take take lessons from them, and join hands with Christians, Jews, people of no faith to

00:42:04 --> 00:42:50

clamor for a human rights issue in this area. Muslims, the path ahead might be long and treacherous. The path ahead might be full of some setbacks. Today as we speak, Allahu Allah what's going to happen to our brothers and sisters in Lhasa? But the long term war is not judged by one battle. We might lose a few battles May Allah protect and may Allah forgive him. May Allah bless, we might lose battle today, but the war in the long term is going to be won the war of minds the war of truth, the war of justice. Why? Because Allah subhanho wa Taala clearly says in the Quran, that the truth shall always prevail over falsehood. Jah al how was that? How about in Al Bartylla con as a hookah, the

00:42:50 --> 00:43:27

truth has come and Boulton has been vanquished and the truth shall always destroy falsehood, put our trust in Allah look forward in the long run, realize long term victory might have some setbacks. But if every one of us gets involved, if every one of us does our part, if every one of us gets involved in the war of the minds and the war of the intellect, and the war of the media, insha Allah Who to Allah insha Allah in our own lifetimes, we will see the change of tide having completely gone and that is the Promise of Allah subhanho wa Taala and Allah's promise is never going to be vanquished sisters and brothers in the Salah. Today we're going to follow the Sunnah of the Prophet salallahu

00:43:27 --> 00:44:07

alayhi wa sallam in the second Raka and make dua for our brothers and sisters and Philistine Allah Khomeini died for aminu. Allahu Allah that I've heard only them at a law firm with a Hammond Illa for Raja wala den Illa Kobita What am I read on? eldership feta wala I see you're on Illa your startup llama fildena What is one in the list of Hakuna bit Eman? What agita alumina Raila lidded in Amman Robina in Cairo for Rahim Allah Masuda Juan Anamosa Athena v velocity in yo Allah Hola. Hola, mussels, Juan and I feel Jose Hola. Hola. Hola. Sodoma I will do with or do him yeah, I'll call you here as he is about Allah and Allah to Allah. Yeah. Well, there certainly were a tidal wave in

00:44:07 --> 00:44:17

Halifax che will mancha you will probably you're either Camilla, I love the Koran, or the Corolla holidaymakers come watch crew who yesterday. What did they call Vita Akbar? Were up in Mississauga.

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