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hamdulillah hamdulillah hola De Anza Allah Allah update kita well let me do what I would do the LA Ulladulla mula Dwolla. mula. What am your caller who phoned ahead what hamdulillah no matter who want to start you don't want to stop following us daddy when I was with him and surely unforeseen women say at Marina mejor de la who further medulla one minute little fella had yellow eyeshadow and EULA Illawarra that would actually show the under Mohamed Abdullah sudo. So LA to La he was said, I'm gonna obey the law, all along to artifice, KHUDOBIN wellbeing, but there was a below him in a shed on the regime. Well, I called mechana come fill out of the vagina, Allah confy hammer Asian,

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Korean and matters Quran about

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one of the reasons why the Scholars in our tradition primarily those of Teskey often mentioned that reading the Quran is absolutely necessary, is because the heart is something that requires maintenance. Just like anything else that you have, if you maintain something regularly, then it will perform the exact way that you need it to. But if you delay if you take time, and if you don't make sure that you are maintaining something on a schedule with regularity, then things will go bad very quickly after you neglect it for a certain amount of time. So the scholar has mentioned that a daily engagement with the Quran is something that keeps the heart clean, something that purifies it,

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something that takes away all have the rust that develops around it. And everybody in this room understands and knows what I'm talking about, because you live here in the dunya. And part of the nature of the dunya is that it impacts you. There are thoughts that you have that you don't want to have. There are things that you say that you regret saying, there are things you look at that you wish that you didn't look at. All of these things impact us in some way, shape, or form or another and they also impact our relationship primarily with Allah but also with family and friends. It all boils down to the heart, Allah he'll call as the prophet ISIL. To Saddam, he said. So if a person is

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concerned about the function and the maintenance of their hearts, not from a physical standpoint, although we have cardiologists here that can help you with that. But from a steered a spiritual standpoint, if a person is concerned about their heart, the first question they have to ask themselves is what is my relationship with the Quran? Now why why is that the case? Well, Allah Tada mentioned, he says, Well, I've heard your southern Khurana lick for him. And

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he says that we made the Quran very easy as a facilitated resource for people to be reminded. So Who then is going to take reminder, Allah to Allah created us as human beings, and we have a lot of honor and dignity that Allah gave us. But one of the things that we struggle with is that we forget. And we need to be reminded, and a person that doesn't get comfortable with the idea of being reminded as a person that's going to fail, the person that's not going to succeed. Reminders come from all types of people in all shapes, all sizes, your children can even remind you Baba, put down your phone, your spouse can remind you be more patient, your colleagues at work can remind you with

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another email following up all of these things are part of your nature. Allah Tala also has reminders. And he wants us to take those reminders on a daily basis that we engage with the Quran regularly, so that we don't have the crash from lack of maintenance of the spiritual hearts. Now one of the topics that is very common in the Quran and this is the topic that I wanted to address today in the football is a cure for a slew of diseases. It is something that Allah Tala told us about he warned us about and it's actually something that che Athan in one of the conversations with ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada it's something that shape on let loose or let slip that was he was going to use this

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as a way to target us that he was going to use this cure or this trait that can be curing as a way to take it away from us so that we did fall into our own form of destruction. What kind of cure is this? I want to first share with you the story so that we can talk about what the cure is. Allah subhana wa Tada. He mentioned in sorted out off the story of che Athan rejecting such that to Adam. And this is a story that's mentioned in other places in the Quran as well. But the reason why we're going to share this particular story is because this is the moment in which we find out what the strategy is. What's the characteristic that shaytaan wanted us to not have so that we would fall to

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our own destruction. Allah Tada begins at number 11 What a phone call cannot confirm us or will not confirm a canal in Malacca it is to do the ADAM A fossa do Illa bliss. Let me recommend a surgeon that Allah Allah says that surely we created you and we shaped you. And then we commanded the angels who believes that the

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Time was weird because why? Because at this time before he rejected he was somebody that was

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worshipping God, he was devoted to God. And this was before the downfall. And so he was in the company of the angels. You know, there's some people that are like professionals, and then you have the interns over the summer. And sometimes the interns do better than the professionals. You have people who play in professional sports leagues, then you got guys in college, right and they scrimmage together sometimes. So bliss is with the angels in that capacity. He's not an angel, but he's doing so much in terms of devotion to Allah that for moments of time he's with them, he's in their company. So when Allah commands the angels to bow, it bliss is also included in that command.

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So he says for such I do all of them they listen they obeyed why you have to do in a minute maroon the angels were created to do exactly what they were commanded. And they did it

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for such a do Illa bliss but a bliss was the only one who stuck up and did not do let me recommend a surgeon he was not from those who prostrate it. So Allah subhanaw taala he asks him Allah mammon, aka Allah test to the Emerald suka. Oh, a bliss. What was it that prevented you? Right, even Allah's language is so gracious. Allah didn't say you failure. You didn't say go to hell right now. He didn't say these things immediately. He says my Menaka what was it that prevented you unless attached to the amount of dukkha that you were not able to perform? The senator when I commanded you to do it. Odd and Edelman Iblees comes back with a very arrogant tone. I'm better than him. That

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thing that you created out of dirt, I'm better than him. And teittleman conduct and m&r were full of them and clean. You made him from flight you made me from fire and you made him from clay. Then Allah Tada get serious with him. Bada FameBit minha, familia, Kulu loca and Tata cadboro fi Ha, * Raj INEC, Amina Amina Salim that he says that get down from here, because this was in the divine realm, the heavens, the environment of paradise, it is not for you to be arrogant here. You cannot be this way, you cannot act arrogant in this manner. So get out. Truly, instead of being those that are inflated with arrogance, you are actually been assaulted and you are a low small, disgraced

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IBLEES then says back to Allah, Allah. And then Isla Yamuna bathroom. He has this really interesting courage in this moment, to ask Allah for something I don't know if anyone here has ever gotten in trouble before. But it's not usually the natural time for you to make a request. When you're being punished. is not the time that you say, by the way.

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If you don't mind, can I? No, no. If you do that, in my household growing up, it would be illegal what would happen?

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But Subhan Allah and again, this is less about a bliss and more about Allah.

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That it bliss felt so he knew Allah's mercy and graciousness and generosity was unlimited. That even in a moment after directly disobeying and being arrogant, he still had the audacity and the foolish courage really, to ask Allah in this moment, God in the chameleon marine Allah Tada says, Okay, you're asking for this you've been granted it Subhanallah

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then the story continues, Allah Febi mount of wait any Lakota Unoh let him see Raja and Mr. Clean. He says because of the misguidance that you led me to, Oh Allah, I'm going to wait for them on the path, the straight path that you have set for them. For mother atatiana home in benei. Ad him woman kullfi him we're on a mad at him we're unsure mad at him. Well, I told you to echo him Shaq Ed, I will approach them from their front and from behind them from the right and from their left. What I said you do Xsara home shocking. And the result of me, the result of me approaching them and surrounding them. And trapping them in this way is that I will deprive them from the characteristic

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that will cure their hearts that will guide them to you in every scenario, I will make them people that will not be grateful to you.

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Brothers and sisters the cure to most problems in life, according to shaytaan himself is the cure of having gratitude with Allah and gratitude with others. I want to talk about this passage from the lens of gratitude. And I want to explain a few things. First of all, interesting to note before this passage in the Quran. There's actually an idea right before the passage where Allah Tala mentioned and I quoted this in the in the beginning of well, I thought Mackinac can fill out of the Lacan fee hammer

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Asian Padilla NMAT. Polina matters Quran that Allah Allah says that it is it is without a doubt the truth and reality that you have been created and established on Earth. And in other places Allah describes the earth as a place that is comfortable, that has fruit and vegetation. Allah Allah tells us to look at the clouds as they move and give shade. Look at the rain as it comes down and cools off the Earth. Oh Allah yada. I mean, look at the food that is grown from the soil. Look at the Earth itself that grass is comfortable to sit on. That is not something that is sharp or that is dangerous or toxic. But this earth is a place that is built with comfort. So Allah subhanaw taala

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begins his whole story about ingratitude by mentioning that what the very fact that you're here, whether or not you understand it, you are the beneficiary of blessings, you're immersed in it it's like oxygen none of us had any part in engaging in the creation of oxygen none of us sit there every morning and put together oxygen as a compound so that we can breathe it throughout the day Subhan Allah but Allah Tada immersed us in nothing but privilege and benefit. And so as a result of that, he says that this is your default state. You know, many of us think that what we come out of the womb as neutral, no, we come out as blessed. We come out as absolutely showered in blessings by

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ALLAH SubhanA wa, tada, Leela metta school, but he still says, very little, do you recognize these blessings and as a result, very little do you express gratitude. So the disposition that every human has to have, meaning what every day when you wake up, you have to save Hamdulillah you have to begin by saying thank you, Allah, Allah, I didn't do anything to deserve even waking up.

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I didn't deserve the bed that I'm sleeping on. But Oh Allah, thank you for giving me this opportunity for giving me this breasts, this breath. And hamdulillah Thank you Allah for bringing me back to life after I was given a temporary death, as the Prophet SAW said and taught us.

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Number two,

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a lack of gratitude. When a person has a void in their sugar. It actually stops them from worshiping you know, sometimes we think that okay, you know what, maybe if I worship more than I'll become more grateful and that is true sometimes. But the reality is, what better fuel is there for a person to worship Allah, then through gratitude, and remembering Allah? That's why the Prophet SAW Selim taught us this dua, Allah, Allah and Allah Vic Rica was shook Rica. Well, personally, I bet that's it in that order, oh, Allah, allow me to remember you. The thicket of Allah, you are constantly reminded of all the blessings he's given you. Naturally, your next step is what? Well, sure. Kanika

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and Oh Allah, thank you for those blessings. And then what is Allah todos love language? What does he prefer to be thanked in a bad way? Personally, I bet that tick. So che fine because of his void, in gratitude, was unable to even do one simple Sagitta. Unable to he couldn't. It was like something overcame him. I mean, subhanAllah even if you have a problem with somebody, even if you don't agree, when you understand the blessing that you're the recipient of, you're able to fake it, right? Like you're able just to do something, you know, many people in here, struggle maybe at work, but you're able to go in and fake it. Why? Because every two weeks is payday. Many people in here, may Allah

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protect us, you have issues at home, but you're able to keep it going. Why? Because you know that you can at least fake it. Even if you're not fully totally bought in. May Allah Allah cure our homes.

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The idea that shaytaan was simply unable to perform a Sajida because of a lack of gratitude shows us just how scary this disease is. That it strips us away, I want us to think about this. ingratitude takes the gift of worship away from us. Subhanallah there are people that come and they ask, you know, should have the Nostrum of the commodity shake Mikayla others, I hear these questions. They say I have everything I could ever ask for. But I still can't get myself to pray.

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I have everything. I have the wealth, I have the house, I have the cars, I have a family unhealthy, but I still can't get myself to pray. And the answer is exactly here right in front of us. The problem is not that you have the blessings. The problem is you don't recognize those blessings as being from Allah. And so your connection is cut short. I'm not going to pray. Why? Because I don't see that Allah is the One who gave me that but Subhan Allah and this is the nature of tests. Many people say why we get tested, Allah Tala temporarily pulls back some of those blessings. Maybe you lose your health for a couple of weeks. Maybe you tear an ACL or two.

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Maybe you get into a car accident.

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Maybe you go through a serious condition, maybe you get a letter that's a little bit scary. And all of a sudden now, worship starts to climb on the list of priorities. Because why your lack of gratitude is being cured by a test from Allah. May Allah to Allah test us in gentle ways.

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So shaytaan dis displayed this. And he displayed that his inability to worship was directly due to his lack of gratitude. So how does a person come to worship Allah be more grateful? I know it sounds a little bit like homework, but have a journal, have a note, write things down. Reflect on what Allah has given you. I was in an elementary school, Islamic school. And I was walking and I saw some of the artwork and the projects that kids do outside. And I walked up to one of the projects, and it was called a gratitude map or a gratitude chart. I thought what a great idea. You get little kids first graders, second graders to write what they're grateful for. So I went up to and I was reading

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it. This was 1012 years ago, by the way, I went up to and I was reading it and I saw all these kids writing, basketball, soccer, PlayStation, Xbox, everyone's writing things that normally we think about, and one kid wrote white blood cells. And I chuckled at first. That's interesting what what first grader even knows enough to say that? And the teacher said, No, his cousin has leukemia.

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And he said that reality in his life, made him aware, acutely aware that he's blessed. Now the thing is, all of us are just as lucky as that boy.

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But Allah is gentle enough not to remind us of it all the time. Do not let ingratitude stop you from worshiping the one who gave you everything. Allah taught to be gentle with us.

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The third is that gratitude is something that causes or that deflates all arrogance from a person. If a person is grateful to Allah, they have absolutely no claim or credit to any of the good that they have. Because arrogance is what arrogance is a disproportionate claim to your blessings. It's true. Allah Tada did tell us to work. Allah to Allah did give us the ability to do, he gave us the ability to put it forth effort. But however, along with that effort, along with that work, along with those nights of study in those days of working hard and saving and investing, all of that is part of what Allah told us to do. However, the believer understands that fundamentally, that very

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privilege of work is from Allah. And so arrogance is not even possible. The believer is not compatible with arrogance, because the believer never confuses their blessings as being from themselves. You know, what's really interesting about this, we're gonna go back to the AI shaytaan himself even recognizes that Allah was the one who gave him everything. But because he didn't have gratitude for that. Instead of seeing it as Allah's blessings, he saw it as something that he got. What did he say when Allah says, Why didn't you bow to me? He said, What? You created me from fire. Isn't that interesting? He didn't say I was created by from fire, or I was created of fire. He

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didn't use the past tense. He said, Haluk Danny, you made me so he understands from a purely informations that he gets it. You made me but he's not making the connection? Because you made me Oh, Allah, it's irrelevant what I think I will bow and prostrate because you're the one who made me.

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Now, if a person doesn't have gratitude, that discussion starts to look less like the angels and more like chiffon.

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Why do I have to give us a cotton? Why do I have to pray? Why do I have to do this? And then people say, You know what Allah gave you so much. Allah gave you your health, he gave you your job he gave you your family, give you all these things. And the person inside his battling say, Well, I worked really hard. Don't take all the credit away from me. But Subhanallah isn't it the case that even the eyes that you use to read the textbooks to pass the exam were given to you by Allah,

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even the ability to speak on the phone to accept the deal for the investment that you're making was given to you by Allah, even the ability to walk into work, and earn your income that was from Allah? So do we really, in all honesty, I know this is a little bit too deep, and I apologize. Do we really actually have credit for anything? If Allah didn't give us what we have hamdulillah and so shaytaan displays this, he displays this complete and total lack of recognition that despite the fact that he's aware, Allah made him he did not make the connection that I have to be grateful for it. And so this is something gratitude can do. It connects you back to the one who bestowed you the blessing.

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The third thing that gratitude does, it makes you worship

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If it makes you able to understand that you are immersed in the blessings of Allah. The third thing is that it removes hasit. From the hearts of people. Envy is not possible, because why? Because you understand what, that if I am grateful, number one, the scholar said something very beautiful. He said, You have no time to think about anybody else, you have no time, you are so immersed in your own goodness, you're just saying 100 Allah, the whole drive, you're so honored to even have a car to begin with, that you don't notice all the other cars on the road that are nicer than yours. You don't even have the function to do that. You're so happy with your own family, that you don't have

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the ability to be jealous of somebody else's family. You're so grateful for the things in your life that you don't have the time to be distracted, has said is completely extinguished. By what by gratitude from Allah subhanho wa taala.

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And fourth, and we'll conclude here

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is that gratitude allows us to understand that the trials that we have, are ultimately, even those trials are ultimately good for us. Even the trials that we have are ultimately things that are good for us. Why? Because when you're grateful, and Allah Tada places a speed bump in your life, you suddenly become more grateful for all the moments of smoothness that you had. And when Allah restores tranquility back to your path, your gratitude is even doubled more than it was before. And che Athan very interestingly, also destroys himself in this regard, because he says, Febi, mat away, Tony, he says, because of the misguidance that you did upon me, because of what you did to me, he

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has this crisis of faith. He has this complete rejection of Allah, instead of seeing that he was the one who actually made the decision not to bow. He was the one who chose not to make sujood he looks at Allah and he says, You're the one that did it to me. But a grateful heart of a grateful servant never ever allows a test to break them. Think of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. What did he say after thought I you know, thought if Subhanallah after the battle occurred, I shattered the law on how she asked the prophets all sudden, she said to him like Was this the hardest day of your life? Oh, hurt. He lost so many losses uncle Hamza, he lost muscle. He lost so many people that were close

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to him. The Muslims had to retreat. It was very difficult date. And I shattered the Lavon has she asked him she says Was this the hardest day in your Dawa? And he said no, the hardest day was the day of life. When he was rejected in the way that he was by the people of thought, and the DUA he made after Subhanallah we only have a minute or two left so that we can't go over it. But he says to Allah, He complains, which is by the way, it's okay. Allah does not not want us to complain. But he always wants us to conclude are complaining with gratitude. Because in the plate of food, we can complain about one or two grains of rice. But don't forget the other 100 Don't forget that you're

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swimming in blessings, you you're allowed to complain. It's your right Allah loves it when the servant complains to him. But the servant also Subhanallah The Grateful servant has adequate even when they complain. They're even when they're broken. They still say, Oh Allah, you just touched me a little bit with adversity. Just like the Prophet said.

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Message me, but dude, I was tested a little bit with adversity. They don't say Oh Allah, My life sucks. They say Oh Allah, this is a little trial. The Prophet SAW sent him says 11 to kill me. He says La CashKaro Africa Watty welcome letter. Haloti well, how can you Alan NAS, he's complaining to Allah. People don't respect me. They're pushing me away. I feel weak in this moment. But he says what? As long as you're not upset with me, Oh Allah, I don't mind. I don't mind. That's gratitude. We ask Allah to Allah to make us more grateful. But ask Allah to Allah to allow our hearts to always be grateful to him. We ask Allah to Allah that even when we're tested, we recognize that the test is

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one fraction of the gratitude that we should have to him a politically Hi, that was tough for a lot of you welcome. While he said the Muslim non Muslim manifesto flew in who flew him

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from the reliable Alaminos salatu salam ala shuffle MBI who must have been saying that Mohamed Salah Salem were either early he was Hobbesian, right? You know, there's a hadith of the prophet Isaiah of Sudan, where he mentioned that whoever is not grateful to people cannot be grateful to Allah. And I wanted to finish with this because the end of the hook those words that most people are, I wanted to remind us all that Allah subhanaw taala part of the blessings that He has given us are the people in our lives, the people that we are close with the people that we are acquaintances with Subhanallah even the people that we differ with are blessings for us and they are

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People that we should be grateful for. One of the primary causes that family struggle and friends struggle is because they focus on the minutiae, and the minor percentage of difficulty, instead of the great percentage of blessings that they have. Many marriages struggle because of this. Imagine, imagine SubhanAllah. If we spent our day thanking our spouses for everything they did for us, instead of picking out the one or two things that we didn't like, imagine if instead of criticizing our children for one or two mistakes that they made, we actually praised them for the countless good things that they did in the effort that they put forth. Imagine that, if we adopted this attitude of

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being grateful, undoubtedly our relationships would improve, and the Prophet sola said that he demonstrated this, the Prophet SAW said, I'm thanked people for things that he did not need to thank them for. Because he understood that he had more to be grateful for than he had to complain about my wife's grandfather, may Allah have mercy on him. He said something that I'll leave you with that, I think is a really beautiful statement. I know he's not a scholar. He's not as a hobby. He's not that but it's a beautiful statement. He said he was a very jolly man, he's very happy guy. And his wife was not that way. Anyway, so she was really sometimes very, you know, tough. So one day, she became

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very annoyed with his happiness, not like seriously annoyed, but just like, seriously, you're always in a good mood. You're always listening that right misery loves company. Misery, hates happy people. So she said, why is it that you're so happy? And he said, If I spent my entire day, thanking Allah, for everything I have, I would run out of day before I ran out of things to think

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I would fall asleep from exhaustion. Before I could even start the list of things that I have to complain about. This explains his disposition. She was asking him how are you this way? And he said, I am this way because I try to be grateful to Allah. We ask Allah Tala to make us grateful people that ask Allah to Allah to

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to lighten the burden of tests that we have. We ask Allah Tada to make us grateful despite our challenges we ask Allah Tala to protect us. We ask Allah to Allah to guide us We ask Allah to Allah to keep us on the straight path in the law of Malacca to who you saw doing that and maybe yeah, you Halina. Amande was slow to do it, who was studying with us Nima Allahumma Salli. Ala Muhammad Anwar Ali Mohammed cannot slow later Allah Ibrahim or early Ibrahim for the Alameen in Nikka Homido Majeed Allahumma barik ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed came out of out of the out Ebrahim or other liberal him for Ottoman in Kashmir the Majeed in Allah yet motivated it will son what you take this quarterback

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we end Khalifa show with a monthly budget year the company under come to the Quran as a masala