The demands of Muslim Brotherhood

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah.

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Wa Salatu. Was Salam O Allah Mallanna Viva La Mulana v Avada whether moto moto Moto G wala Kitab Avada kitabi Cora Sharia Tabata Shariati amado favela Humana shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem enamel momina Hua fastly Houben alpha Waco, matakohe, la holla Allah Allah contura Moon, sort of Allahu la Zim, respected brothers and sisters, elders.

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We begin by placing Almighty Allah sending salutations upon our beloved nivia Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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We are aware that in Islam, we have a variety of rights. The topic of rights upon a human being is a very vast and extensive one. To the extent that Allah subhanho wa Taala has also placed responsibility upon us to fulfill the rights of animals, which in itself, is a topic on its own. Today, however, out of all the different types of rights that we have, one that I would like to concentrate on today is the rights that we owe to our fellow brethren in faith and those who are equal and together with us in terms of our faith, and in terms of our Deen the rights of our Muslim brothers and sisters. Today we have different types of alliances, alliances, which are based on

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civilizations, sometimes based on economic interests, the European Union, NATO, etc. This particular type of brotherhood and union and Alliance is very unique. It is based on faith in me in Omaha, said Allah subhanho wa Taala in the Holy Quran, all those who are believers, they're our brothers and to one another. And not only is this based on faith, it is part of faith. Not only is it based on the kalama La ilaha illAllah, but it is also it is also part of faith. Therefore nemea Karim sallallahu alayhi wa sallam it said in a hadith laughter the whole Janata Hata to me, no one told me no ha ha ha do. You cannot enter into Jenna until you have faith in Allah subhanho wa Taala. is Allah His

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outline? When I took me no and you do not have faith until you do not have love for one another. So not only it isn't a brotherhood based on faith, it is part of our faith. And this brotherhood, this relationship between Muslims well men on our momina to bavuma Alia obod says Allah subhanho wa Taala in the Holy Quran, the believing males and the believing females, they are protectors of one another. This particular type of brotherhood is a very amazing type of brotherhood. It is a very deep type of relationship.

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In the books of history, there is an incident after the Battle of butter when the captives of butter were brought into Marina. Now Great Bear in mind the captives of of butter were from Makkah, and there were a group of Mahajan who are also in Makkah, one of the captives, was being protected and been looked after by answering the his real brother comes past him and tells the unsavoury that keep this where men well protected, see that it has not escaped. So he is real brother is astounded. He said I thought that you are my real brother, you will tell this person from Medina and sorry to be kind and compassionate to me. You are telling him telling him to to tie me well to protect me Well,

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what is the reason for this? And this is the reality with regard to this brotherhood. This muhajir says, You are not my brother, the one who is tying you and looking after you and protecting you. While you are the captain and you are prisoner. He is my brother. This is how deep this relationship is. The Quran has also adopted an amazing style with regard to this brotherhood. Normally when we want to say something with regard to another person we will say make Salaam to the next person. Don't take out the false of a next person. Don't kill another person. This is a normal style of

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conversation. But look at the remarkable aspect of this brotherhood. That when the Quran refers to this brotherhood and the Alliance and the relationship between people of the same faith, how does it matter Allah says, For solimo Allah unfussy could make Salaam upon your own self fanatic toluene fusa condone kill your own self. Although the meaning is to not kill your next Muslim brother and sister because it is like killing yourself. But look at this time Don't kill your own self. To kill your next Muslim brother is like killing your own self. Philately Meizu and forsaken, do not search for false in your own self. Normally we will say don't search for faults in your next person in your

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next Muslim brother or sister. Look at the style of the Holy Quran. phenethylamines enforcer calm don't even look for faults in your own self. No one looks for faults in his own self what is meant by looking for faults in your next Muslim brother and sister. It is like looking for faults in your own self Subhan Allah. This is that is why maybe a cream sauce limited me in order to warhead, the entire muslim brotherhood and sisterhood is like one single human body. If one part of the body pains the entire body will be restless, the entire body will be in pain. If one Muslim brother is in pain, and he's been wounded, he is in difficulty the entire Muslim home is supposed to suffer and to

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be able to have the pain in the difficulty. May Allah tala Grant has that particular realization. Such is this particular brotherhood that maybe occur himself Solomon said such is the importance once nebbia Crimson Islam was making tough is Abdullayev no matter the Allahu taala who makes mention and when he passed by the harem in the Kaaba and he said, Oh, Kaaba and Baitullah, very great is your rank. Very great is your status. You know, you have been made mentioned in the Holy Quran, Allah tala tala Halina la hora btle Tofino, what are given that Oh, Helene, oh, Ibrahim, clean up my house for the people who will come to visit this house, you are such a great and such

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greatest your status. While you are here, human beings are making up for you, around you, immediately in line with you in beta. Mr. Moore, above the seven heavens in the same place in the same in the same line. The angels are making the off of date, Mr. Moore, this is the reality with regard to the beta law, and then maybe a cream sauce themselves. Very great is your status. Very great is your rank very great is your honor. But they take an oath in their hand by the bean in whose hands is my life, that the honor of a believer is even greater than your honor, and your status, your ranking your virtue? This is the believer and May Allah subhanho wa Taala give us the

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understanding with regard to understanding the sanctity of the Muslim owner and his and his blood and his life and every aspect of his and this particular brotherhood make certain demands upon us. One of them is to not hate have hatred for one another. Amongst the amongst the responsibility and demands of this Muslim Brotherhood is not to have hatred for one another. And to have you know, everyone is a believer we we cannot make this call who is a believer and who is not a believer.

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Osama bin Zayed raviolo Turner's incident is very, very well known in the books of history. He was fighting, he was in jihad, and he was pursuing one disbeliever who was in the battlefield. And as he had surrounded him, remember, this is a battle. Remember, this is a war. And when you surrounded him, this particular disbeliever he said the kalama La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasulullah looking at the circumstances, who sama bin Zayed would have felt that he is justified in saying he would be justified in saying that he is doing such a thing and reciting the kalama to save his life. After all, he was in the battle he was fighting against us. And at that particular time, you know, he said

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the Columbine Osama bin Zayed the Allahu taala who killed him. And when the baker himself slim came to know via Kareem several silom tooru sama sama What are you going to reply to the columella ilaha illa Allah when it comes up against you on the day of Tiamat and Osama Felicity Ursula he said it to save his life and maybe a cream sauce him said fun Shaka culpa Osama Did you open up is hard to see you open up is hard to see with regard to what intention he was reading the kalama

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do not hate one another. Maybe a cream sauce from said la takato. Well, ah boo,

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boo. Don't cut off ties with one another. Don't turn against one another. Don't hate one another. Do not be jealous of one another. We're kuno Reba de la Juana can be brothers unto one another. Now Yoshi, Lulu Roger Judah who folk

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Fela, it is not permissible for a believer to stay away out of hostility from his next Muslim, brother and sister for more than three days. One is you stay away because of circumstances is very far you don't get a chance to meet with him. One is you stay away for him for more than three days out of enmity and hostility from an hacia focus Allah fermata Donna, he stays away out of hostility and enmity and hatred from his brother for more than three days and he dies in that state. Then he will be he will be taken into the fire of Jana. In one Hadith Malhotra who certain kaskaskia Demi, Abu Dhabi Sharif Hadith, he stays away from his brother out of enmity and hostility for more for

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more than one year. It is like he has taken the life of that particular person. And one most beautiful Hadith maybe a cream sauce from said your uncle Amen. the deeds of human beings are presented before Mattila subhanho wa Taala on Mondays and Thursdays. And Allah subhanho wa Taala announced and tells the forest as in the melodica, forgive the sins, forgive the sins, those who do not associate partners to Almighty Allah forgive the sins, what am I have written? Perhaps it is a minor sins that would be forgiven. The Hadith says that a lot Allah says forgive the sins except lahmacun Garnet bainer, who were paying a fee shahana except the one who is

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at odds is hostile. He is in a state of hostility and hatred. What is next Muslim brother and Allah subhanho wa Taala tells the angels who through cuchara they need to study hard, leave these two people until they until they reconcile with one another. Until then don't announce a forgiveness via cream sauce. Lim said the spiritual diseases of the past people have come upon you and has said well Botha and among those spiritual ailments and diseases is jealousy and hatred for one another. He'll handle it shake it is a shaver. And I'm not saying and I'm not referring to a shaver that shaves off your hair because that is how we normally associated shave I was I say it shaves off your dean. It

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shaves off your dean hates it for one another, and has hazard and jealousy for another saves of your deal. Such a great warning with regard to hatred for one another. And yet, it is something that is within us to such a great degree. So what am I have said why such great warnings against hatred for one another hatred for your Muslim brother and sister. One of the reasons amongst many reasons is that this is one of the diseases This is one of their ailments. This is one of the attributes, even attributes that remain with you all the time, even while you are performing salat, that hatred is with you. Even while you are performing Salat many times, you are thinking of what to say and what

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to do against a person who have hatred against.

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Therefore it is incompatible with a believer and it is incompatible with this brotherhood that we have hated for one another. In one Hadith maybe a cream sauce from said it is enough evil for a person that he looks down upon another person. So this is something that we have to keep in mind that it is compatible with believers in part of the Muslim Brotherhood to have hatred for one another. Then another aspect with regard to the demands of this Brotherhood is to not search for the false of your Muslim brother. We related the Hyatt Hotel Mizzou anfisa come to not Pierce and look for the false of your next Muslim brother. And unlike Allah put it in this way Do not search for

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faults in your own self in one had eaten via cream sauce limited laughed at who rotten min for in a woman 10 min Allahu Allahu

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Allahu Allah, Who, further who further who when ofii jiofi Beatty.

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Don't search for the faults of your next Muslim brother and sister. For whomsoever searches for the false and pursue the faults of his next Muslim brother. Then Allah subhanho wa Taala will pursue his faults and whomsoever Allah tala pursues his faults, Allah tala will disgrace him even if he remains in the confines of his own. Even while he remains in the confines of his own home, he doesn't expose himself thinking that I will not expose myself to people pursuing my faults. But if Allah subhanho wa Taala, pursue your false then Allah subhanho wa Taala will disgrace you even if you remain in the four corners or in the confines of your homes. So this is an Imam ghazali Rahmatullah Lee is given a

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remarkable example and he quoted has it be Salli salatu wa sallam, he Salah Salatu was salam, an Imam ghazali has made mention of this in his room.

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Salli salat wa salam one day told his disciple when you find your brother has been wounded, right? Or he has he has passed on. And because of that, the wind, he might be sleeping, he might be wounded. And while he is in that particular state, the wind blows off the lace clouds in his sleep and make him naked, or what will you do? So, the disciples obviously said, we will cover his private parts. So he said, he said that was salam, you know, to make mention of the message said, No, you don't cover his private parts. You open his clothes even more to reveal his nakedness. And as disciples are stuffed Rola, how can we do such a thing? He sallallahu wasallam said in Why do you

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when you come to know about the force of your next Muslim brother and sister go on to make mention with regard to it to others? Is it not akin to seeing your brother or your sister becoming naked, while the clothes have been taken off the body while they were sleeping because of the window, other reasons, you cover it, but instead of covering it, here, you go and open it further. The example of that is like the person who sees the faults of his next Muslim brother and sister goes in revealing to others. So this is another aspect with regard to the demands of brotherhood. Another great demand with regard to the Brotherhood is to do good to people to go to to do good to people. Absolutely.

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Amen. It Haru Surya

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respected listeners What a beautiful Hadith via cream sauce limited, the best of deeds is to give happiness to the believer of Zelo among the best of deeds is to bring happiness and joy to the Muslim brother and sister. And on the head it goes on to say if for example, the I need a food you give them food, if they I need of shelter, you give them shelter, if they need of, you know, some sort of clothing, you give them clothing, but look at the first portion of the hadith of Zulu armor. It has not been the best of deeds is to give happiness and to give some sort of relief and comfort to the believer. Man canopy her jetty earthy he can Allahu Fie her jetty, he who attends to the

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needs of his next Muslim brother, Allah subhanho wa Taala will attend to his needs. Come to the need of your next Muslim brother. Allah subhanho wa Taala says I will come to you need man Yes sir Allah ma said in fifth dunya Yes, sir Allahu alayhi dunya What do you think? A Muslim, he who eases the plight and difficulty of his next Muslim brother or sister, Allah subhanho wa Taala when he is in his difficulty, on the day of one beautiful Hadith into running, man on abdon Fie Hagerty, subpath Allahu Allahu mahkamah. Who yo Mata Delta Zulu fee

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Subhana Allah, He who assists an AIDS a Muslim in one of his difficulty, Allah will keep him steadfast on that day, when the feet of people will slip and they will need to be steadfast and that will keep you steadfast on that day. When you help your next Muslim. May Allah subhanho wa Taala if you can help. If you can help, then the least you should do is to not cause harm, do not cause harm human because Allah Allah Allah has made mentioned, there are three types of animals. One animal that is neutral doesn't harm human being doesn't benefit to McBeal one animal, whenever it gets an opportunity, it will harm the human being. And the third type of animal which is a benefit to the

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human being the cows, the bees, through the means of milk and through the means of honey. And Amanda Mottola limits mentioned and said, Oh human being, if you cannot be like the animal that benefits another human being, then be neutral, like those animals do not harm or benefit, but do not be like those animals or those animals who harm human beings. This is a very great thing. navia Kareem said Allahu alayhi wa sallam he said in one Hadith, maybe a cream sauce limited. Allah man, a man has got several stages. Allah calamata Allah, Allah Allah Allah. The greatest stage of Eman is a column Allah Allah Allah Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah at an aha la Mata to other any trick, the lowest form

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of human is to remove an offensive item in the road that is used by Muslims. There is no lower form of Eman than that there is no lower form of a man then removing an offensive item from the road that is used by Muslims via cream sauce lm in Islam has led create stress on this and Muslim woman selama was removed. I mean, listen III, a Muslim is here that other Muslims are saved from the evil of his hands. And tonight. How are we doing that? Do we have that particular type of quality as maybe a cream sauce elements outline outline. And in conclusion, let me just add one more point.

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If you cannot benefit people, and then at least stay away from harming them, and at least what you can do, if you find people who are at odds with one another within the Muslim Brotherhood, then at least try and reconcile reconcile them.

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At least try and reconcile them

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xlm and daraja Tessa crme was Salatu was Soraka Should I not tell you something that is even greater in rank than performing salah and making keeping a fast and giving charity? Perhaps it is nothing but whatever it is, I cannot tell you send me a cream sauce from something that is greater in rank and more rewarding.

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Then even

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Salah Soraka NCR para Rasulullah tell us Yara, Sula, and Islam

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bring people together, reconcile people who are fighting reconcile. In one hand if sylvaner nurse is at the first hurdle, or core bombino hamidah Tabata I do reconcile people if they are fighting, and bring people closer if they have become distant. This is the hadith of our beloved near Kareem so slim. These are only some of the demands of Islamic brotherhood. May Allah subhanho wa Taala give us a topic of understanding the importance of it and making our opponent while Sudan and Melinda, horrible army