Jihaad in the Hadeeth

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And you find several a Hadith

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of the Beloved Prophet masala Salaam, which speaks about jihad.

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It's mentioned in say Buhari, volume number four, Hadith number 2784.

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It mentions how that I am in love with the wife of the Prophet. She asked the Prophet masala Salaam, that, shouldn't we go for Jihad? And the Prophet said, the best job for you is the perfect touch

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on any location.

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It's mentioned in say Bukhari

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Hadith number 579, that a person approached the prophet and said, that should I go for Jihad and here the Jihad struggling refers to fighting against evil people. So person asked that should I go for jihad, to fight against evil people? So the Prophet asks him that do you have parents? The man says, Yes, so Prophet says the best job for you is to serve your parents.

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On the other occasion,

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which is mentioned in some non si

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had a number for 209.

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that a person asked the Prophet, that which is the best of jihad, and the Prophet said, the best jihad is to speak a word of truth against the tyrant ruler.

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Here you find that depending upon the situation, the best type of jihad, the best type of toggling keeps on deferring.

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Sometimes the Prophet said, the best yard is performing perfect hedge. That is the perfect pilgrimage.

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On occasion, the prophet said, the best job is to serve your parents. On occasion, the prophet said, the best job the best struggling, the best driving is to speak a word of truth against the tyrant ruler.

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And the beloved problem was a law firm said, it's mentioned inside you've never been

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that the Prophet said, I'm a

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person who strives and Mujahid is a person who strive against his own self for the cause of Allah subhanho wa Taala and Mahajan, a person who migrates is the person who migrates from evil to good

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Do you find that jihad is used in very different contexts and depending upon the situation,

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the best type of jihad keeps on changing. So to understand the concept of jihad, you have to go to the authentic forces. That is the glorious foreign and authentic hadith of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him