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Our second question from Brother Zane in Mauritius beautiful island Mauritius I've never visited shallow one day I'll go to Mauritius brother's name from Mauritius he emails it's a very long question summary of it is that there's a certain movement or preacher I'm not aware of who's talking about so just for the record, that there is a Hadith in Sahih Muslim that is being used by

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certain trends or whatnot, in which the people are being encouraged to give their oath of allegiance to this movement. And the Hadith in question is, whoever dies without having the Oath of Allegiance around his neck, dies the death of John Helia, whoever dies without having the Oath of Allegiance around his neck dies the death of John Healy. So he's asking, Well, what do we do now? There's somebody saying that, okay, this hadith is telling you to make br Or oath and there is no Khalifa Imam. So you must give it to me, and therefore that will save you from the death of God. Yeah. And I'll add another question. Somebody emailed a long, long time ago, that brother Omar asks about the

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Hadith, that the leaders shall be from the Quran and he says that is it true that in Islam, the Khalifa has to be from the Porsche 107 mean Kobe league in Region? No, he him first IRLO lickity

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so as for the first question about this hadith it is an authentic hadith is assigned Muslim. And it is interesting that the longer narration is as follows, Abdullah bin Omar visited Abdullah Nimal tear during the time of the hara war. I'll explain all of this now, during the reign of zt had been more aware. And when Abdullah nimble saw it when Omar calm he said spread the question for our esteemed guest. And he said I haven't come to chit chat. I haven't come to dilly dally I haven't come to sit down, I have come to tell you a hadith that I heard from the Prophet sallallahu it he was sent them I heard the Prophet salallahu it he was sent them say that whoever takes away his oath

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of allegiance, he shall meet Allah subhanho wa Taala without any evidence, and whoever dies, and he does not have an oath around his neck shall die the death of Jahai whoever dies without having an oath of allegiance shall die the death of Jai Helia. Now, this hadith, the context of it is actually very, very interesting. By the way, if you want a more detailed

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story of what happened or the analysis of what happened, I have a library chat of mine on my YouTube channel. If you log on now, there's a library chat that I've given it is called certain incidents in the first century of the hedgerow is a very cryptic title, because I don't want to draw more attention to it because it's a very detailed topic about certain incidents that took place in the first century of the hero and one of the first century, not the first year. And one of these incidents is the incident about Herat, which is being referenced over here, and the incident about how it is a very sad, sad, sad tragedy in which during the reign of EWZ, they've been more aware

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during the reign of visit. Meanwhile, we have Medina was ransacked and pillaged and raped and plundered Medina, the city of Medina, and hundreds of people were killed most many of the sons of the Sahaba and grandsons of the Sahaba and many other atrocities took place in this timeframe. And before the incident took place, Abdullah had been Omar visited one of the main leaders, our beloved New multi, I believe in in Volterra was the son of one of the senior members of the Quraysh. And so he was the leader of the Quraysh. And even Humberto was the leader of the unsought. So there were two leaders one from the Qureshi and one from the unsought one from the Mahajan or from the unsought

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Abdullah maltier was the leader of them were hydron and even Omar visits him and they've been Omar says to him, you shouldn't be doing this. I heard the Prophet salallahu it who said him say whoever removes his hand for after having given the Oath of Allegiance shall meet Allah without any evidence, and whoever dies without having the Oath of Allegiance will die the death of God. Now, the context is that even multi-year had withdrawn his allegiance from the Omiya dynasty and even multi had not elected a Khalifa there was no Khalifa. So there was no caliphate yet, even Zubaydah, meaning in his eyes, even Zubaydah was in Makkah. Yazeed was in Damascus, and even multi-year was in

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Medina, and there was talk of the Medina and rebels, allying with even azubi There was talk but it hadn't yet been formalized. So right

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Now, this group had broken away from Yazidi, but they didn't quite have a Khalifa. So they're broken away and they are now against the OMA yet empire. Now, again, it's really interesting to note that during this timeframe, there were multiple strands amongst the Sahaba and Sons of the sahaba. It wasn't unanimous, there was not one strand, you had multiple strands amongst the sahaba. And the sons of the sahaba. You had those who openly rebelled against Diomedes openly rebelled, most prominent was her saying the grandson of the prophets was himself and you had even zubaid You know, the companion the son of the companion the grandson and the companion even Abdullah bin is obeyed is

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rebelling against the OMA Yes. And you had a been humbler, you know, the senior most of the uncertainties and you had abnormal tear. They are openly rebelling against the OMA yet. You also had another senior strand who did not unsheathed the sword, but their voice was very anti Omiya. Very anti critical. And amongst them were people like our own mother, I showed the loved one how she was definitely not a fan. And she criticized and or Muslim and many of the, you know, Senior Companions, they were highly critical. Abdurrahman, me Becker, highly critical of the OMA yurts, but they did not join wars and battles against them. So they're vocal critics and they're not happy and what is

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going on? Then you had those who are very quiet artistic, such as Eben O'Meara in this hadith, even Omar is the one who represents and embodies complete quietism. He's not siding with, but he's not against, and he's just a political. And then you had those who actually allied with the OMA Yes, and you had some of the Sahaba, Yanni ambivalences amongst them and others and some of the sons of the sahaba. So this aroma, even sadder, maybe will cost whose role is well known in the incident of the Karbala and whatnot. So many of the sons of the Sahaba and whatnot, were actually allied with the OMA yet and completely on their side. And there's other spectrums. So I just, I've just given you

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four spectrums, right here. And it is interesting to note that all of these are Sahaba, and Sons of the sahaba. And all of them are well aware of these traditions of a hadith. And they're interpreting them, you know, differently. And that's a very, very key point here, that it needs to be understood. This hadith needs to be understood in the context of the very people upon whom it is being said, and they're seeing it in different ways. So the hadith is indeed authentic, and the existence of a Muslim. And what we are being told is that no one should live without a society or without a group without a leadership where possible, generally speaking, the default is that a Muslim should be in a

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society that is based upon the morals and the laws of Islam. And when such a system exists, then we should co opt and we should adopt and we should respect the authority, the legitimate Khalifa. And that's the reality of most of our existence for the last 14 centuries, is that there were there was, at least in some parts of the world, a society that is, generally speaking based upon the laws of Islam. Now, generally speaking, again, it wasn't a utopia, there was lots of issues and lots of problems. And definitely, most of us do not quite understand that, you know, there were lots of problems even in that world. But still, it was a land where, by token, and by in many ways, as well,

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the morality was by and large Islamic morality, obviously, all of that changed with the collapse of the caliphate. And you know, multiple strands and movements have come about this is not the time to get into this, you know, but obviously, for the last 100 years, we have been grappling with these issues, these types of a hadith that well, there is no Khalifa now. So multiple strands have come, you know, since the collapse of the caliphate, you know, you had the Khilafat movement of Hindustan, which ironically resulted in the creation of Pakistan, it was a byproduct of that movement. You had the movements of Heston, abandon Modi that really felt the need to revive an actual model of Islamic

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government in the modern world. You had the breakaway movements of taketina money who maybe took it even more strict then these other movements and then you had the a political movements as well, that kind of sort of almost shrugged and said, What can we do against this tidal wave of colonization and whatnot, let's just concentrate on ourselves. And you had you know, in India, Pakistan, you had the famous movements of Mohammed Ahmed Hussein and Rasheeda Ganga he and others who founded in the city of Durban they founded a famous movement and also had a mother as a Han as well found his movement as well. Generally speaking, these movements really did not prioritize getting involved with the

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British or against the British, it was more about themselves, and that kind of sort of lasted with their followers that generally speaking, they're more interested in you know, the masses and the self purification according to their own

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paradigms and across the globe. I mean, obviously,

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India and Egypt because of their, their, their historical records, their movements became far more global. But the reality is, there were similar types of movements all the way from Indonesia, you know, all the way to North Africa, there were all these types of movements that what is to be done and after the collapse of the caliphate, and I'm not going to go over all of these movements right now. But all of these mainstream Sunni movements respect the Sunnah, they respect Sahih Muslim and this hadith in Sahih Muslim and they are having their interpretations about it. Let us not take one interpretation as the end all be all and let us avoid those interpretations that are leading to

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cultish mentalities, it appears to me that whatever this trend is, it wants you to think that the majority of the OMA has gone astray. And they're going to die the death of Julia dear brother in Islam follow mainstream rule AMA, don't go to the the fringe movements don't go to those movements that are extremely atypical and personality based, the majority of the OMA is not upon Bartel and incorrect theology, you cannot expect 1.2 billion Muslims to all be misguided because they haven't given the bait or the oath of allegiance. So the Hadith applies when there is a legitimate authority. And if a person rejects that authority, well, then that is something we need to talk

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about and discuss. And by the way, even then, there's interpretations where I've just given you four interpretations here, just like in early Islam, people understood this hadith in different ways. So to in our times, as well, you know, we should, we should understand that there are multiple interpretations out there. And as long as you know, you stick with a mainstream one, in my humble opinion, this hadith cannot apply when there is no caliphate. So Allah says in the Quran, fear Allah as much as you can, we're supposed to do as much as we can, when there is no authority to give the oath of allegiance to I don't just take my brother, father, my uncle, my wife, and just I'll give

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the oath of allegiance to you, it doesn't work that way. When there is no authority, and there is no Khilafah, then this hadith simply is not applicable until that system comes back. And there is nobody that will die the death of God in our times in sha Allah just because they don't have the oath of allegiance, one needs to understand the context of the Hadith and the context of our times as well as for our brothers question about the Khilafah being and Quraysh. Once again, we have theory versus reality. In theory, lots of lemma said it should be amongst the Quraysh. And this is some scholars even said there's a demonic Imam and no we and my what are the but as usual, as usual

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claims of Enigma are hardly ever substantiated. And one finds many famous scholars, great Hanafi scholars, Imam, and how Amina Giovanni, the great chapter, the teacher, remember because it in some of his books, he's very skeptical of this notion of it being from the kurush. Even Khaldoon very famously analyzed these traditions. And he says these are Hadith applied, applied in the past, when Quraysh was the dominant tribe and the respected tribe. And therefore, when the Arabs were still a tribal system, and Quraysh was considered to be the dominant tribe, it made sense for the profitsystem, to say that he never has to be amongst the population. And this is proven by

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Obamacare. So they're telling the unsought that, hey, guys, you can't be the leaders. Now, the Arabs will not accept anyone, except if his quota sheet. And this is just status quo. It's not saying that the whorish are better in the eyes of Allah, it is a status quo for stability. Let me give a simple example. You know, in countries in the world in which let's say 90%, or have one background, their ancestors have been there for many generations and five 10% are from another background, they've come foreigners, one or two generations ago, the president, the prime minister, generally speaking, if he's going to be from this minority, you know, it's just going to cause issues and Islam has

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comfort, stability. So you know, and we see this here, and in all lands where the dominant majority, once somebody that represents them, that is the reality of human society. It doesn't it's not ideal, it is what it is. So the Quraysh were the respected tribe, and they were the one tribe that everybody knew to be the custodians of the Haram etc, etc. So the Prophet system codified it even called dune says, now that the Croatia no longer that level, and tribalism is pretty much gone. He wrote this 700 years ago, it been called Don't says, These are Hadith no longer apply. And this is the historical reality, only for a very short period of time, less than 150 years. Really, what you

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can say, with the Khalifa really was Karachi. You're going to say hold on a sec, that buses ruled for, you know, a 500 years and the responses are actually more than that 600 years. The response is that buses only ruled for a short period of time after that period.

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It was a mini dynasties there. Basset Khalifa was a titular figurehead, like the, you know, Prime Minister, like the Queen of England excuse me, it's the prime minister in charge, the Queen has absolutely no authority for the bulk of our history. The Khalifa did not have actual power, the bulk of our history, especially at their buses, the Khalifa did not have really any power and that's why they were coups taking place, many dynasties taking place in reality, there were always powerful dynasties in regions completely disconnected for all practical purposes from the Khalifa the salmon is the mum loose the husband of is the movers, whoever it might be, and then eventually the Ottomans

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came along, they're not pushy. So what are you going to do for 500 years the Ottomans ruled and they were not oroshi So the point being, that yes, there are such traditions. And perhaps one can say that if circumstances are ideal, then perhaps it's best to do this. But in any case, these are Hadith

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the what are we going to do about them in our times when there is no Khalifa So bottom line, these are very interesting Hadith to study to be aware of to know, but understand that even historically, they have been interpreted in different ways. And as for modern times, Yanni fear Allah as much as you can do the best that you can. And I personally I am

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happy with all of these mainstream movements. I believe that people are created differently and some people are more interested in politics than others. So those that are interested in politics and you want to go into these mainstream Sunni movements, inshallah there's good in them, and those that are more interested in spirituality and whatnot, and you're going to these other types of moments inshallah there's good in them as well. Just one caveat. Don't take other mainstream movements as your enemies. That's my one caveat. Don't consider the other movements to be your problem. This is a problem. If concentrate on your own problems and don't make your problem other Muslims or else that

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will become a problem, right? Your problems and my problems we can begin with ourselves. Let's concentrate ourselves, let's do what we can some movements prioritize politics and what not other movements prioritize spirituality and whatnot, and feel cool in here as long as we're doing what we're supposed to do. Worshiping ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada, coming close to him, trying to live better lives for ourselves and our families and friends in sha Allah, there's all good but try to avoid small fringe movements, cultish, sex personalities, this is definitely wrong. There's only one personality and that is our Prophet sallallahu it said that has unconditioned loyalty everybody

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else, stick to a large trend and group and that will be beneficial for you. May Allah subhanaw taala protect us all in this world and next Inshallah, until next week is going to look at Santa Monica Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh.

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Zhu Li

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me Ernesta. Heaton Dawsey. Any seni

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feels cool Ruby mimma. Juanita Anza down

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