Reincarnation And Exorcism Part 1 Of 4

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The COVID-19 pandemic has led to "traditional behavior" and "will" used in law. People claim to have multiple locations at the same time, but they are not confirmed. The "monster" in the "monster" concept is discussed, including idols and capillary actions. People need to understand the "monster" in order to determine if they are truly god or false.

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Did you learn hiragana mean? Was Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Karim

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Ali was Javi womanist and Nevis nevison Nigeria I'm with Dean

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operates due to a law and realize peace and blessings be on his last prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and allow those who follow the path of righteousness until the last day.

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The topic

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about which I am not an expert.

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Though I did do some research for my PhD on this subject and my PhD thesis, the exorcists tradition in Islam does

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is a product of research, academic research. So, there is information which I hope to share with you which is useful, but I would not want to present myself as an expert. So, then you can bring all your cases of possession for exorcism over to me.

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Now, the topic

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of spirit, possession or exorcism and reincarnation actually too far something at different ends of the spectrum.

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It focuses it begins from one's perception of the world of the jinn.

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Because from the Islamic perspective

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that takes place in the supernatural world, whether it is

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possession, or magic, or the evil eye, or extrasensory perception, or levitation, all of the variety of things that people seem to be able to do or to,

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to communicate by etc. Or even fortune telling, where it is accurate. All of this is traced back to the world of the Jin

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set of human creatures

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who have a an ability to choose between good and evil, like human beings. They were created before human beings, they occupied the earth before human beings. This is why when a law said to the angel that he was creating, amen.

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The angels questioned why he would create one who would spill blood and create confusion on the earth. Their question was based on

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what came before the jinn that they with their freewill on Earth had spilt blood had created confusion.

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So, this is why they asked the question and this is why the first man was called the halifa.

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Not as some people mistakenly think, that human beings are going to be highly for too long

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or the Khalifa of a law, the governor or the vice gerrant have a law on there, this is a mistaken understanding. This is califa This is califa to Gen.

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z for being the one who comes after.

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So we as human beings, beginning with Adam, we are the halifa of the jinn we came after health in Arabic means behind we came behind the gym This is where the origin of this term honey find its contact. This is correctly used with regards to human beings on the earth. When the term was used in relationship to the leader of Muslims.

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That term meant Khalifa to Rasulullah

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Khalifa to rasulillah

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California law, this idea which has been propagated quite strongly, you know, in the Jamaat e Islami and the one that human beings role is to be the halifa to law fill out this is an incorrect concept is incorrect. No one can be the halifa of Allah.

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human beings came after the gin, the gin came before them, Allah created them from the smokeless fire.

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there are among them those who believe, and those who disbelieve.

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They have been forbidden from from entering into our world. As a norm, they're invisible to us. However, there are some types of jinn that do remain visible and above are seldom described. The various types of jinn among them are some that appear in dog dog form.

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The dog which is completely black, about us and them said is from among the jinn. And there are certain types of snakes that are also from among the Jin

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are able, as I said, to take form, so they may appear in forms to us as human beings.

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And this is where we find an explanation for certain phenomena

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that appear among people involved in

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beliefs or practices like passion, Nazim.

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And policy, cause I know, popular here in Sri Lanka.

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He is an individual who claims for himself and his followers claim that he's able to be in more than one location at the same time, meaning he can be here with you in Sri Lanka. And at the same time, he will be making tawaf around the Kaaba.

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And he can be at the same time in, in Cyprus, where his headquarters is, at the same time he's visiting somebody else in Malaysia.

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And there have been incidences where people have reported him being in more than one location at the same time.

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People said, He's here with a no, no is here. I said, No, is there? Well, we know that the gin can take that form can take his form, and give his followers the impression that he has this kind of power.

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This is among the ways that the gin may delude people into believing that some human beings among us have supernatural powers. And then that opens the door for people to submit themselves, to them turn over their wills completely to them, as Sheriff Nazim has promised his followers, that when the time for death comes, that the angel of death will not take their soul,

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it will be he there to take their soul and hand their soul over to the angels of the next life.

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This is a big claim. That is a big lie. Furthermore, he claims that if you are his follower, when the angels Mancha, nicaea come and ask you in your grave, who is your Lord? Who was your prophet and what was your religion, that he will be there in the grave to whisper the answer to you is, these are big, big claims. But what will cause people to accept these kinds of claims, when they see phenomena coming from himself, which gives them the impression that he has powers greater than others? Same thing with Sai Baba. You know, you can find similar kinds of things happening magical type of things happening around him, which lead people to believe in him. Now,

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the jinn can affect our world in this way,

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by taking forms, giving the impression that a person has certain kinds of powers.

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At the same time, they can also possess objects as well as human beings.

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They can possess both objects and human beings.

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In the case of objects, we know well from

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The story of Prophet Musa

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and prophet Harun and Prophet Musa went up to receive the Torah

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at Mount Sinai.

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And he left Harun prophet Harun behind to watch over the people, then an individual by the name of a savvy ad, he told the people to melt down their gold jewelry. And he put it in a mix. And he took what he claimed to be dust from the footprints of an angel, and he threw it into the mix. And after that, he made a calf. And the people all gathered around the calf. And he informed them that this is the God which Moses has gone up on top of the mountain to talk to here is right here.

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Of course, the people looking at this calf, of course, we'd have some doubt.

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He was telling them No, this is the god you know, you should bow down to this gun.

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They didn't bow

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until the cow said, move.

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As mentioned,

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when the cow said knew

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that they fell down and bound,

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believing that this, in fact was God.

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Now we know that that golden calf didn't do any moving.

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Obviously, it had been possessed by the jinn. And was given that sound came out giving them the impression that it was actually moving.

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Similarly, we had a few years back, I don't know if it happened here in Sri Lanka also, but a phenomenon that occurred all over the world where Hindus are concentrated, were on a particular day.

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Their elephant had God Ganesh, right, who normally in their Puja, their work worship, they will pour milk over it, they found that milk was going inside of its mouth. And they started to feed the milk directly to the mouth of their God, Ganesh and it was going in the mouth.

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This occurred I know in Dubai, we have a temple there and the Hindus gathered there and 1000s to what see this miracle. And it happened in India. It happened to the Hindu temple in London. I don't know about Sri Lanka did happen here also, yeah, premiere also. Okay. So

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the scientists in India, of course, were skeptical, try to explain it away by capillary action, where these idols were made of stone and stone has certain amount of

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like air holes or things inside of it, that when water goes on the outside, maybe it may be sucked in by this action they call capillary action. However, these idols who are not stone everywhere, someplace, the idols are brass, it didn't explain this, for the Hindu that was confirmation of the truth of his or her belief that Ganesh really was God. And, again, for those who didn't understand the world of the jinn, then it's what appeared to them to be a miracle, and maybe cause some people who are not even Hindus to become Hindus and believe in this thing.

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Whereas if you understand the world of the jinn, it's not very difficult to conceive of the jinn, possessing the statues and sucking in the milk.

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you find in the Christian world, a number of occasions