Shame And Modesty – Sexual Urge

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The segment discusses the importance of shaytan in shaping men to be morulent and the negative impact it has on women, including their desire for "will" and the need to be mindful of one's behavior. It also touches on the negative impact of shaytan on men, including their desire for "will" and the need to be mindful of their behavior.

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Al hamdu lillahi wa

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Salatu was Salam Ala Moana Viva La Mulana Viva la Vida, de la Cava kitabi Allah Sharia Tabata Shariati. Amadou favela.

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Rajim smilla rahmanir rahim this Lisa como hacer la comme pa to Hadassah calm and

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Cola hawala, moulana como la who Sarah Connor will as

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my dear respected elders and brothers, one of the distinguishing characteristics of this deal is the aspect of higher and modesty. Now via Kareem said Allahu Allah He was celebrated in nearly cliche in Haruka local Islam and

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each and every religion has a specific characteristic which the religion lays special emphasis upon. In Islam, it is modesty, it is higher we keep higher all the time at the back of our mind the via cream sauce alum and Islam has given us beautiful comparison between hyah and Bay Hi, hi our Bay Jaime nebia cream sauce Allah Allah tala bought zyada Sita Samana Sanjaya another says yeah Morocco a shaytan. Docomo * Moroccan bill fascia shaytan

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commands you immortality shaytan B Hydra burrata

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namaha Rama Ravi alfawise Allah tala Bay Hi Sam Ruta Allah tala prevents you from behind and nothing prevents you from immortality and higher Amina a man when a man feels higher is part of human semantics due to gender. Well Baba Amina Jaffa Jaffa Amina vulgarity is part of immortality takes you to Jana. So look at the beautiful contrast. Then, there is one very beautiful incident I made mention of it previously. One day me Romanian foolhardy shot, Babineaux judge was traveling on his camera,

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Abdullah bin muslimeen

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the gangster of the time when he said something people accepted. Okay, hoffa just a loved one on coke. Okay, Joe Joe catalogued.

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UK Wakanda gunda who was a gunda of the time so he caught hold of showbuzz Kamala, and said shoba tell me I had it's an homage

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to shoba said Yaqui horoskop mucha Majid Matura Jojo happiness, Renato, go to the masjid I will teach you. This is not a place for Hadith. He said, You tell me a hadith. Otherwise you know my reputation. I'm a gunda you know what I'm gonna do to you. So shaba made mention of a hadith he said either father can hire for for machine, maybe totally because of his situation, that if you don't have hire, you don't have modesty. You can do whatever you want.

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Your army keepers hire now to become whatever he wants to he can do. So he had such an impact upon him. That he stopped. He went to go and learn how to surf. And he became the transmitter of Hadith. Imam Bukhari Rahmatullah Lee narrates from him, because of this one is a vertical higher performing sheet. Then what is the goals? You can do whatever you want. Now Islam is laid a lot of emphasis upon it many aspects of Islam is because of its emphasis upon higher. Why must woman dressed with modesty?

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Allah Allah in the Quran says the first act of shaytan Yamani Adam and I have Tina nakoma shaytaan karma Rajavi community Jana Yun, zi o and Houma. labasa Houma. One of the first acts of shaytan was to remove clothes from human being to make him naked.

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The first temptation shaytan seeks immortality. So shaytan The first thing he did was made animal a Serato Sam eat from the tree, the result of which he needed to relieve himself. He had to shed his clouds and allatra says opini Adam, don't Lake shaytan make you reveal your nakedness. The aspect of clouds and having higher in the way you dress, both for male and female is part of Islam emphasis upon hire. We can go and say what what today the men and women are dressed against higher against Islam emphasis upon higher, only more menial.

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With zoom in our sorry him or colombina to Naveen I'm sorry, in part of higher talent to the believing nails, put your eyes down. Don't go and see things that you are not supposed to see. Don't go and see naked pictures of woman or don't go and see a woman who are strangers to you, not only for men tell unto the believing females, they must put the gaze down and not look at men whom they are not supposed to look at from both sides. What is this Islam emphasis upon higher and upon modesty. Now an important aspect with regard to hire, and I need to be today a little bit open. I'm going to be a little bit more what people normally do not discuss but it is become essential for us

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to discuss. I suppose the bar is better when everyone is valued so we can make mention of these things. The aspect is one important while Islam has got higher, it does not shy away from discussing issues which are natural to human being.

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Islam has got higher, but it does not shy away from discussing issues that are natural to human being. One of the most pressing aspects of a human being is the sexual urge. One of the most pressing aspects is this GMC, Hawaiian shirt is the most pressing.

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Islam has not shied away with regard to it and we saw some Hadith in Allah La yesterday mean Allah, Allah does not feel shy to tell you the truth. And in this regard, Islam has given clear cut guidance about this aspect and how to deal with his guidance, what to do in this particular regard. Unlike Christianity, Christianity looked upon his side the original desire to take pleasure in intimacy with your wife is a sin.

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You are only supposed to be intimate with your wife for the sake of procreation only for the sake of children, not for the sake of pleasure. Islam didn't look upon it that way. Islam it said, procreation and pleasure is part of one side of the coin. It's not contradictory. It's not wrong to get in intimacy and enjoy the aspect of intimacy economy. It is part of the objectives of nickel. And Allah tala has made mention of it in a resource limited. It is a set of current charity Sahaba said Yarra Sula is a lacuna give us reward for enjoying ourselves, for the sake of pleasure does Allah subhanho wa Taala give us reward? But it never is awesome said if you were to fulfill your

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desires in a wrong way, would you get sin? Would you be liable for sin said yes. So if you do it correctly, in the proper way, why Muslim Allah reward you

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to do it in a proper way and channel your hire in the right direction channel, your desires in the right direction. And there is a particular aspect within that sanctified aspect of fulfilling your desire, it becomes a circle, it becomes a reward from Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala. Today, people have become fixated with us and therefore, we have a distorted version with regard to intimacy, sexual fulfillment, etc. And it is something that is very, very unfortunate with regard to it. And unfortunately, we are going to have to make mention that one of the reasons for marital discord today has been the aspect of problems of intimacy between male and female. And this comes

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about because of the distorted version we get from the west, where humans are regarded to be nothing more than objects of pleasure.

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One of the common concerns one of the common complaints that come to social departments of the animal organizations is this. Humans say that men treat us nothing more than objects of pleasure and does not take into account our emotional needs which Allah escaped us with. And they are perhaps more emotional needs and what we have

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in Chicago to

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home Whoa, he shot kitack milk a Kelowna

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or hamara just bought a coil he has naked them. This is against the Sharia. You will

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Say, what is the Sharia reveal this? Sharia has never been shy with regard to as an eyeshadow The law says that may Allah have mercy upon the woman of the answer,

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that they for the sake of knowledge used to come in the US given the most intimate and personal matters to nebia krimson Arsenal, it will surprise you and I that Sahaba at a time when other religions were regarding this actus Guna, Ensign Sahaba and Sahaba. Were asking the via Kareem salsa about positions adopted during this time. Is this permissible or not? So we didn't stay away from this particular aspects. And one of the aspects since we are talking to men would be that just is fulfillment. The fulfillment is something that a men crave score. It is also a requirement for the female with regard to her fulfillment. This is affect the right for fulfillment and gratitude, in

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this desire is not only a right of the men, it is a right of the woman also.

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That is why nebbia creme supercilium taught the Sahaba this, he taught them in practice and he taught them by the way of his tongue and his commands. One day he told us, he said, Don't come to your wife's the way a donkey come to him to to to its female, don't tempt savasana What do you mean? He said, a donkey an animal will just be in terms of fulfillment. Don't you to send messages to your wife? What do you mean when you want to you also have certain feelings she also has certain feelings speak properly to her speak Terms of Endearment speak words of endearment to this extent that Nivea cream sauce them said go and touch her properly. Go and and even to this extent, kiss her properly

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before you go and do this. Now you and I today shy away from these things but I want to read to you. What if lipoedema Dharma is one of the greatest jurist in our history. He is from the humblest school of thought. If you put Mr. Rahmatullah Eliot said, Do not be intimate with your family and your wife until she experienced the same desire that you experience to not be intimate with your family and your wife until she does not experience the same desire the way you are having this particular desire.

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To pass the ultra unweighted that I like to adorn myself for my wife. The way I like the cheapest adorn a cell for me. This is you would like her to adorn a sell for you. A play pass now I'm not talking about a modernist call. I'm a token of Sigmund frood. I'm talking about the cousin of NaVi salsa who is saying this, that just as you like your woman to adorn yourself herself for you. Why don't you adorn yourself for her

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nebbia cream sauce in one day so a person in the end his hair was disheveled. And then we saw there's two Hadith in Abu Dhabi. And then we saw some said, wouldn't this person find a comb to comb himself? One day a person came with 30 toads in a merchant Nevis awesome said good company named Mila get water to clean himself and dressed himself appropriately. Look at this one Hadith it also comes in Abu Dhabi shall

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be a Kareem salsa one day was going with a Sahaba went to meet certain people. So maybe I could install some said Swan Allah would look at the words of the Arabic see in the cuca the Muna Allah a Hanukkah Oh Sahaba you are going to go and visit someone for Asli who Rihanna can make your convenience good. Firstly, oh labasa can make your clothes good. Firstly, who Rihanna can possibly Oliva second hat that akuna can the CompTIA Mattoon fitness until you appear before people will adorned in the way you look in your appearance. Now what is all this particular aspect? Why did Libya Kareem sallallahu alayhi wasallam see

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when ever maybe a cream sawston came from a journey that time there was no WhatsApp etc. to go and tell people you coming in this time? fetch me at the airport I'm coming via cream sauce from us to come wherever he was used to camp outside Medina the night before coming into Medina Why?

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That the woman that time they were not bathrooms, etc, readymade bathrooms, etc. so that the woman know the husband is coming tomorrow morning

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and make the necessary arrangements. And let me suggest them although he was almost on the outskirts of Marina never used to come directly home, Camp outside Medina, everyone know the Muslim armies here, everyone gets ready. Now why what is all this, these are aspects with regard to Islam emphasis upon mutual fulfillment of rights even in this particular regard. Now in this particular aspect, while we there is that that is a tragedy, the tragedy is Islam has given us such beautiful guidelines, fulfill your desires in a wholesome natural way, if you do it, you get the Serb of charity. Islam doesn't look upon this as an act of God now feeling guilty about Islam says it is

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something that you should, can, you should aspire to achieve, you should see to it that even your woman get it because if they don't, they will become vulnerable, they will start becoming tempted by other people. And this is a reality. If we don't do it in the correct manner, then this particular aspect become they become vulnerable you become vulnerable if we don't pay attention to this aspect, which is an important aspect of nikka Yama*a, Shadow Minister, Robert falletta, watch, oh, you who are young go and get married, because it will be the means of protecting your modesty. What that means, if your Nikkor does not preserve your modesty, it is failing and is objective.

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Now, on the other hand, we must now go to the other extreme, and part of this particular extreme is we have situations where there is such amount of hype and fixation about this act of intimacy, that people have now gone to the other extreme, that when there is no morality left, there is no higher left is no boundaries left, there is no moderation left, then what happened? People go to the other extreme. Now look at the extreme of the West, they've gone to the extreme limits with regard to exceeding the bounds. Now, things that unnaturally repugnant to a human being and not only regarded to be acceptable, they are glorified. They are glorified. Look at this aspect of the books have a

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certain shade of color. Look at the books, look at the films that are gonna be what what is the major theme in this, the major theme is in reality aspects of going beyond the norm, going beyond the norm, and in doing so doing things which are naturally repugnant, as it is the Muslim community, we don't speak to our youth with regard to this, say getting the views about this, from non Muslim sources from Google, from shell Google they getting there from there, we don't speak to it our study that don't speak to them in a responsible manner, they are growing up confused in these manners. What is the message and theme of this famous book, this famous book which 80% of the buyers a woman?

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And in that particular book woman abused? A man gets sexual gratification by inflicting pain upon a woman? Now what what what is this? But who are the people buying it? The people who are buying it 80% of women? What does it tell you about society? What does it tell you about the distorted aspect of intimacy that our youngsters are going to be growing up with? Is this the value that we're going to give them that this is acceptable, whereas our example and model is far more superior? It is something that is the motor path between extremes and extreme. That test does not allow that you that you go into a cocoon and citizen doesn't exist, and you're not supposed to do it or you're

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supposed to enjoy it, and other extreme of becoming so fixated with it, that you go beyond the limits of modesty, or you go beyond the limits of decency. This beautiful aspect is ours. The via cream sauces I may start as a Muslim is a Muslim for life. A Muslim is a Muslim for life, in his times of joy, in his time of sadness, in his time of celebration, in his time of exchanging gifts with his wife. Why do we have to choose a particular day? Why do we have to choose it that particular day was invented as an honor for the previous pagan his gods.

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It was first called lupus. It was started off on the basis of showing respect and honor to a pagan god. Do you have to give gifts to your wife

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That particular day, which initiated is a tribute to a pagan god, when Islam has told you to do what they

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give gifts to your wife and increase Muhammad, now you choose the beautiful sunset. And you do it on a day which is dedicated to pagan gods go into it today, Friday, whatever you bought for tomorrow, do it today. And that will give you a reward with regard to it. I'm telling you, because you will be bucking the trend and you will do it on a day which is Mubarak to us and you will not be imitating someone. So this particular aspect and even with regard to other aspects, why should we be taking our cue, even in every aspect from other people. Islam is a complete way of life. Selman Farsi one day someone came to me and said, Your prophet teaches you how to relieve yourself. Your prophet

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teaches you how to go to the toilet. To the UN, I will say no, no, no, it's not so important. those aspects. It's just the sun that is never mind is not fundamental. cemani parceria Lacan who said, Yes, my Navy taught us how to relieve ourselves. And then he emulated what the students were when you go to the toilet. I said my interview he said, when we go we must not face the Qibla we must not do like this, we must not do like this, we must do like this. A Muslim is a Muslim for life, even in the aspect of living himself, and even in the aspect in the privacy of his bedroom.

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Understanding and making our way through that one on reliability