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Friday Khutbah

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As You had

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p furla

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Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar

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healer in law

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa ala happy but a little more terpene well that red one is Allah tala mean why shadow Wanda? ilaha illallah wa hola Sheree cada wa shadow Hannah Mohammed Abdullah who was a solo sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi woman da da da what he was standing beside knotty Illa yo Mateen was sanlam to Sleeman kathira on my bad

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for SEACOM would not see the top Allah azzawajal. Present your TA while you're Kunal hawks Aparna was a biller even a shaytani regime lapad Canada comfy rasulillah he goes what on Hassan leemon kana, yada Jolla will Yeoman afia with Docker, aloha Katara.

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All praise the do to Allah Lord of the worlds

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and surely the best reward ultimately, is for those who have Taqwa, the consciousness of Allah. Surely there is no ill feeling there is no animosity, except for the oppressor. And I be a witness that Allah is one and has no partners, and that Mohammed the son of Abdullah, is a servant, his last messenger, may Allah always mail are constantly send peace and blessings to Mohammed, to his family, to his companions, and to all those who call to his way and establish his son to the day of judgment as to what follows.

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I begin by reminding myself and you

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have the critical quality of tequila, to be more happy, and that is to be conscious of the Presence of Allah subhanaw taala in everything that we do, no matter which country we are in, no matter what activity we are doing, that we know that there is one who has power over all things.

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And there is one who ultimately will decide the fate of this world.

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And Allah subhanaw taala has revealed in his mighty book, describing the Prophet peace and blessings be upon him, and certain zap verse 21. Allah told us indeed, in the Messenger of Allah, you have an excellent example.

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For whoever has hope in Allah. And the last day and remembers Allah often

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asked what on Hassan

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the Prophet peace and blessings be upon him, was not set down, to give us a physical book, we say the book of Allah, the core and was a living revelation

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calam Allah, the words of Allah subhanaw taala

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that solve the problems of the Muslims in the time of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, and will continue to give us inspiration to the Day of Judgment.

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And Allah told us using this word was what on Hassan

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This is very important concept that we need to understand.

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Because in many times it's translated as a good example, or a good model. And when you think of a model, you will think only of something that you look at and you want to dress like it. You want to look like it. But in the deep meaning, of course, Watson Hasina, it is a pattern. It is a pattern of life. It is a trend. It is a way to approach everything that we are doing in our lives. And the prophet SAW solemn is the best pattern

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that we can follow.

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Oh, you who believe the world we are living in one of the qualities that rises to the surface constantly. In this strange world that we are living in today is a volume and volume is oppression.

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It is injustice. And in language, though, is the opposite of Heckman. hikma is putting things in the proper place, but oppression is putting things in the wrong place, exaggerating the limits, going over the limits. And so human beings are going over the limit, with the use of the environment, over the limit, with physical greed, from material things, over the limit in the love for our self, or the love for our people.

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And so, the goal,

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this is a quality of a tar hoot, of a tyrant.

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In justice, suppressing, suppressing things, and don't happens on different levels.

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There is a type of bone that a person can even have in relationship to Allah subhanaw taala and that was described in the court and as shirk volman Avi,

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that when you associate partners with Allah, then you are going over the limits into a dangerous area with Allah subhanaw taala. But there is also volm between people, and that's the one that we generally think about

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suppressing other people injustice to other people.

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But there is a third form of dome, which is of critical importance to us as Muslims, and that is when you oppressed yourself.

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Because in many cases, the greatest enemy of an individual or an oma is themselves,

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whether they're practicing their faith or not.

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But those in general is an overwhelming, gloomy type of quality coming over the world.

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And it is in this type of atmosphere, that we need to reflect on the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him. We try to be like Russell loss or seldom when we are eating our food.

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We try to be like rosu loss, I will sell them when we make our prayers.

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We try to follow the Sunnah as much as we possibly can to work hard sooner.

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But we have to realize that Allah subhanaw taala specially chose this human being and put him in circumstances

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that can deal with many other issues that we are facing today in this world.

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And it is reported that when the Prophet Sal Salam was around 15 years old, this is where his life the whole of his life

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is an example that was Watson. hustler comes from the whole of his life. And when he was around 15 years old, there was a war between the Pradesh and the pace learn tribe.

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This was called How to belfie Jr.

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It was a sack religious war,

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because they were fighting against each other in the sacred months of dough cada though hedger, Muharram and Roger up.

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And the Prophet peace and blessings be upon him attended this war.

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He did not physically fight in the war, but it is reported that he gave assistance to those who were fighting

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And finally they came together, peace was restored, helpful for the wall, a type of treaty was established, and the basis of this confederacy

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that was developed. It was a Confederacy, confederacy to suppress violence, in justice.

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And to vindicate the rights of the weak and the destitute. Think about this, it was a confederation. At that time, this was the good quality of the Arabs at that time.

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to suppress violence, they wanted to stop the violence going on. They also wanted to suppress the injustice, to stand in the face of injustice. And it was not a tribal thing.

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It was not a personal thing. But it was in general. And this helpful for the rule

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was an extremely important event. And the Prophet Sal seldom used to mention this even after he became a prophet. And it is reported

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that people asked him about this. And he said, I witnessed a confederacy in the house of Abdullah, he even Giada. And it was more appealing to me, then herds of cattle.

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Even now,

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in the period of Islam, I would respond positively, to attend such a meeting, if I were invited.

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So the prophets of Salaam was confirming this for us. Because we recognize that we can take example from his early life, but our Sharia our laws, what we see is important and compulsory for us to do, in terms of us what's on Asada.

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It is after the prophethood.

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So the Prophet peace and blessings be upon him, then, with that statement, confirmed it to us

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confirm that even though we are not Arabs living in the Arabian Peninsula, who are fighting

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with tribal type of intentions. But we are living in a 20 in the 21st century.

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But the violence and the injustice of those

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that we are seeing,

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it is sometimes hard to comprehend.

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And it has really harmed many people.

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It has struck people and the more you understand about history, the more you understand the deep aspects of what is going on around you is, the deeper you will be affected by this. For many people, ignorance is bliss. As they say, ignorance is a type of paradise. Because if you're ignorant, you don't know what's actually going on around you.

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And so in a sense, you don't care and you won't feel any deep feelings. But the knowledge the more knowledge a person has, the more they understand the truth.

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And that is what Muslims seek, that is part of our lifestyle.

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And so in this light,

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the Imams in the GTA, and Ontario, and around the country

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having a number of discussions and interactions.

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studying history

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came to a very important stent.

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And this is crucial for us because those who have signed on to this message are not from one particular nationality, not from one particular school of thought. But this represents the major imants that are leading our spiritual community.

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And they have said Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim we the undersigned Canadian imaams offer our deepest regret, condolences and solidarity. In this time of incalculable grief.

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We seek your forgiveness. This is the indigenous people. We seek your forgiveness for the inhuman colonial policies of Canada

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and the systematic in justices

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That still continue.

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The discovery of hundreds upon hundreds of graves of innocent children stolen from their families, abused, tortured, and stabbed in the name of European imperialism has left us numb with pain and shame.

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We acknowledge that the oppression and persecution of the indigenous nations was genocide.

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We do not claim to know the depth of your pain.

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Our hearts are broken and our souls are burdened for our ignorance, and for our silence. Our own experience with European colonialism should have compelled us to reach out to learn and to listen to your stories for this neglect. And in spite of this, we stand humbled and grateful for your gracious generosity, our pledge to you as relatives, we will stand and work with you to bring healing, justice, and peace with truth and reconciliation.

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This is a message of compassion and solidarity to our indigenous relatives,

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which is agreed upon by a large number of Imams, and it is continuing to spread in our communities. And it is crucial for us to recognize and to teach to the young people.

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That we are all treaty people.

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It is a treaty a sort of which for Muslims is sacred. Our treaties are sacred.

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A treaty that developed the country that we are benefiting from today. Yes, Canada has given to the majority of the Muslims, a safe haven, a place to flourish, a place of education, great advantages, relative to what we left in the Muslim world. But at the same time, the reality of this part of the world

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has to inform us that we need to separate truth from falsehood. We need to separate the benefits

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from the oppressions and the wrongs that were done in this country, for this country to continue to exist. And to thrive and to developed going into the 21st century. It has to recognize the wrongs of the past.

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And we as Muslims have to be involved in this, the same way that we recognize that the world will not

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be a safe place, it will not be

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an honorable place unless the rights of Palestinian people have the right hinga people of Kashmiri people. The rights of our oppressed people all over our Muslim lands are recognized that the wrongs being done, are recognized. It is the same struggle. And Alhamdulillah. Allah subhanaw taala has given us an opportunity

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to recognize first within ourself,

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that we would make dua to Allah subhanaw taala, to lift oppression off of all of his creation,

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and that we would inform ourselves to teach our children the true history of these lands, that we would be involved with the indigenous people, which ever possible way that we can find whether it is writing in whether it is petitions, whether it is skills, development, training,

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however we can help. And by doing that, we are doing the mission

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that was sanctioned by Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him.

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As he said,

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If I were witnessing

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a solidarity,

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a confederacy which is based upon the suppression of violence, and violence,

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and injustice, I would join that meeting today.

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And that is his great legacy to us. And Allah subhanaw taala has given us an opportunity in this life. May Allah azza wa jal lift the oppression of the indigenous people of these lands, may Allah subhanaw taala lift oppression of all of the lands of Islam and all of the lands of the planet

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May Allah subhanaw taala raise up a new generation who can live in solidarity and peace and recognize the wrongs that are being done in this world are called low poly held up while stuck for Lally. Welcome, Melissa Ealing Muslim, medium and Columbian. istockphoto in the hole over photo

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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah had Alfaro the summit, Allah The Lamia lead while I'm youlet while I'm yakko la Hoku for one I had well suddenly wa salam Allah says Allah will occur in the Vienna Mohammedan while Allah He was happy he edge mine. We are about to launch Tacoma hi to my quantum where you're Kunal suparna, Mach piranha Amira in Allah wa mala e Cata. Who you Sal Luna, Allah Nabil. Yeah, are you Hello Dina amanu sallu Allah He was a limo Taslima Allahumma salli wa sallam, Allah Abdi kawada zuleika Mohammed wa Allah Allah He was heavy edge my water de la one of the qualifier Rashi gene Abubakar Omar s man well Ali well I'm not be Rama take your alpha murrah II

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mean Alhamdulillah and Lady hi Donna Lee Heather. Walmart coonelly Natalia no Lana Danilo. robina latos he Kullu banaba is a Daytona will have Lennar Mila do kurama inna cancer Wahab robina fatfield enter the new by now we're cafe under se artina whatever phenomenal brah Allah Hama Islam when muslimeen Allah Houma is an Islam and Muslim in Allah Houma is an Islam and Muslim in one village sherpur mushrikeen were dumb Mayor or daddy once or about the kiobel How to mean Allah I'm not failing Muslim Mina one Muslim at while mode me Nina will mean at La Jolla men home while I'm what, but my ticket out camera he mean he bad a loyal Hummer como la la la Hayat mobile added with a

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sandwich at the quarterback. While Yun ha en el fossa he will Monica la Bobby yeah either conda Allah come to that karoun como la sala de como como