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love America

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Mohammed in Salama Vallejo Salaam

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will begin the name of Allah. All praise and glory belongs to Allah Lord of the worlds in need. Allah is deserving with the best effects and those beautiful phrases. And we testify that no one is worthy of worship of Allah alone finding partners the true supreme king that the Prophet Muhammad SAW Allah

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and His Prophet and his messenger. When Allah says emergency the world's justice, we testify that the truth is the words the words of Allah, the great glorious brand and the best of guidance, his decision and the example of our profit departments Alibaba.

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And the more dangerous matters, the newly added matters into their religion, every single one of them is leading us astray, that only leads to the fire. After welcoming everybody to the first annual tribute to the Quranic conference, I pray that our lovelies is all of this in our skills or deeds alone, I mean, that

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awaits which we help plan for, or we help support by attended or held to donate for whatever it may be.

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The best of your deeds and purifier intentions always.

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Honestly, I chose to talk about

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this lecture or this conference.

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Being a fountain of life,

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being a fountain of life and lights, why because it's going to be an exercise to what our brother Omar means and that will be speaking about a greater length and much broader discussion on the power of pondering over them. And what that reveals to you.

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Because there are certain themes that are encouraged throughout the program, that if you give you the

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due attention, you'll begin to notice them. And a lot of us tender bowl and adulthood comes from the word dobutamine, the back end meaning check what's behind these words, his choice of words to kind of

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carry behind them a spectacle of meanings. So some of these meanings I just want to call our attention to quickly is that of wife and lights and the poor and being that. So for example, Allah tells us in the Quran, a woman can amaze

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me She didn't even ask me

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is the one that was dead. And then we gave him life and granted him a light by which he walks with among the people like the one that remains in darkness. So the disbeliever was described as being dead in the beginning of the ayah. And in the darkness at the end of the eye. And he's compared to a believer who has been given life by through email and through faith and lights. So that's one instance, you move on further and find that Allah subhana wa tada says, a love of what he you will

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know when

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you return a home.

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Allah is the Guardian, the protector, the supporter of the believer, what does he do? He pulls him out from darkness to light. There it goes, again, the believer connected with lights and the disbeliever he takes on he assumes that this disbelief was a physical benefit period. And so these false gods are a cause for him to be dragged into darkness. Same theme, there is a meeting again. Elsewhere in the Quran, Allah says you should hire me he remains I mean, he pulls his living out of the dead, and the dead end of delivery. Oh, the meanings of that, as it says the early Muslims would explain is that he pulls a believer out of a disbeliever. Right, like a

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father, or a disbeliever out of a believer.

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Right. So once again, the man being synonymous with might or connected with light and in life.

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And also, one last example I'll give you the show this is consistent throughout the city as well as in Bukhari and Muslim

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The example of the one that remembers his load and the one that does not remember his Lord is like the example of

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the leaving and they did it. Right. So what do we learn from all this? That sound heart, a healthy heart essentially has two qualities really life and life

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move on to another subject. And you'll realize that the same subject, but bear with me though, a guided heart, what is the meaning of guidance in the form

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of laws, so justice and the Venus, the moon and polar

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on those that the nearest statement and follow it to the best of their abilities, or the best of that statement to interpretations, these are the ones whom Allah has guided. Okay, so they hear it, and then they act upon it. This is guidance. So the conclusions from this area is that guidance is what guidance is the marriage or called the fusion between knowledge and actions. They hear this statement, they do the best of it. That's what that's the definition of guidance. guidance is the greatest gift I could ever give anybody has any other three verbs besides guidance, and EMA, that's relevant could help you in harmony. guidance is the only one but it's not like that. Maybe it's the

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best gift of love to give you and this gift. Nobody else can grant you. We know that right? Nobody can guide but Allah has a lot. So

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even if you don't know who you are, loan obligation he wishes, okay.

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A person can say, Well, wait a minute, I want you to dig into these meanings. That's an exercise I want to, you know, exemplify here in this talk. What exists in these meanings? They're not randomly chosen words, no way. Sometimes though, we would never say that. And we act like the Quran is random. It's not worth much consideration. We don't treat it like it does.

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A person can say if only a law can guide and he guides whoever he wishes and only he can grant the gift of guidance and guidance is knowledge and actions. Then what about the ayah where Allah subhanho wa Taala says, we're in the study, and only you guide us certainly guide all Mohammed to the straight path.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam notice the idea, it says there's no contradiction, obviously in the Quran, only Allah guides whom He wishes and I'm a new guy. I said, whatever. Notice, first of all that I said, You've got up to the pad, meaning one, that's only half of it. That's knowledge. Whereas acting on that knowledge, accepting that knowledge accepting is only allowed possesses to cause that to happen inside.

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That's why we constantly say and Tobago about love over and over again, Idina Sullivan and stuffy guide us to the strange path, the back of those you bless.

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It's all the same meaning, not the path of those that have incurred your anger. Why?

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Because they had knowledge, but they didn't act, one of godly nor those that are lost, they don't know they don't have knowledge when they acted without knowledge. So when you're asking guidance to the straight path, not these two, we want both, and only you can give us that. You understand? Is that clear so far? Yes, write it down and review it later.

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Now connect the two points we just mentioned. Imagine a healthy heart life and light, guidance, a guided heart knowledge and actions. Knowledge is light.

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And actions is life when something is alive becomes alive, it's able to move what makes us something living inanimate objects over something inanimate. willpower has the ability to move to act. So the definition is knowledge and actions is guidance and life and life is the same exact thing. You see the beauty in our life in white dimension. Let's continue to take that and see where it would deliver us in the way of like no one says,

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the completeness of the human being revolves around and depends on two factors, nothing more.

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The first of them is your ability to recognize truth from falsehood. And it's good. Meaning your ability, the strength of your knowledge, the strength of your vision, the degree of light you have in your life clear.

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He says the second component of the human beings completeness and perfection being accomplished being successful is his ability to prefer truth over falsehood is not everybody that knows it can act on them. So the ability to prefer truth over falsehood, and that is what that's called actions call it the willpower call it life.

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Clear, he says and the entire creation of a love there disparity there are varying levels.

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In this world, and then the year after, are based on nothing but that how much life and how much

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how much knowledge and how much willpower they have.

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And he says, that's why I love phrase the most phrase worthy of his creation, the prophets with that qualities. And he says what?

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Rahim Allah is halfway on udin ad one of Islam. And remember our sleeves, meaning our chosen slaves, the best of them, Ibrahim is happy are those that have great striving, striving willpower, the ability to act, well absorbed, has great vision and great knowledge had great lights, meaning they were perfect in realizing the truth, and the perfect in executing the truth.

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In the way and he goes on to say this is really beautiful. Because he says the people are ranked based on these two qualities, nothing more. He says so the highest of the human beings, the noblest of the creation. That's what we just described, the profits and those lights.

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He says, and then the second category, which goes to the complete opposite is the bottom, the complete bottom, he says this is the majority of the creation that have no lights, nor any life, meaning no vision and no willpower, no determination. He says these people are the majority of humanity, the majority of humanity is believed to live their hearts are vivid.

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He says they are a fever for your soul and an illness for your heart. They crowd the earth and they dragged whoever accompanies them into humiliation. That's the second category on the bottom.

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He says, and the the third category of just one value from one. Okay. He says this is the person that has vision and he can recognize guidance, but he doesn't have the ability to act on it to respond to it or to call up Institute. He says this is the weak believer he's one without right. He has like he doesn't have too much while he's not very alive in terms of guidance. And

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he says this is the weak believer and as the problem some of them told us a strong believer is better and more beloved to own the weak believer.

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And the category under them these are those that are determined they have determination and willpower but they have no knowledge. Third from the top now, they're not the worst of the worst. But they're consider them someone like for example, a moral disbeliever he's trying to be a good person or he thinks he's a good person or he does some good in his life morally speaking. But he can't figure out what's right from wrong in reality.

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He says there is no love and nobody qualifies to lead the creation except the first category

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only a the one of the saw those that had great strength and great divisions. And that's why a lot hold the minimums and he said well john

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Sabo what can we do we made out of the leaders guided by our men, when they were perseverance and they and they had certainty in our science they saw things as clear as day they had perfect life and they had patience they had perfect strength they were fully alive and likewise a lovely them the exception is first category to them often again, when he says there they are all by swear by time and time is the dimension that you invest your efforts in everybody's wasting their efforts except those that believe Google leads enjoy the good and enjoying patience, lightning lights, streaming and clarity surfing.

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So how do we get this life and this light into our lives?

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The counted to the degree that you have for and in your life is the degree that you have the lights turned on for you and a willpower that can carry you And to the degree of your resistance from the poor and I will not reading it, not reflecting on it, not acting upon it all those are different types of distance from the origin that will be the degree to which your life and your life begin to dwindle. And that's why a La

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respond to a lot of messaging invites you to that which gives you like every single fact and ruling in the invitation. You turn away from it you miss out on that like your wife and your life, your strength

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and your sense of Hanna Allah the prophet SAW Selim missiological nila he didn't call them lights. He called him a lantern Why is the lantern lantern carries light to others on the student

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Because when you carry to us, that's the foundation of your life.

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And that's why the

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narrative that I mentioned before here, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to us,

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to start us to say, oh, Allah makes the poor and I'll be out my life, the rainfall of my life, meaning let it come down,

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to give me life to my heart. And that's why when Allah says, Why doesn't your heart humble from the book, he said,

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know that all love gives life to the earth after he dies, right? Likewise, I love yours with his life to your heart after he dies, life is like once again.

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And you're like, if you think about it, the end is cold in the fall and aikman was taken on me. What's

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wisdom? wisdom is light, isn't it? It's your ability to discern right from wrong. So it clarifies for you. And in other places, the origin is called a lower River. what's the

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what's the normal anybody know? an admonition, a heartfelt reminder, an exhortation that is likely to go to sparks you, when you know what you need some motivation. So that's your lightning sparks you alive, it rejuvenates your strength for you.

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And now that I'm done with all this, I'm done. Right, explaining the harmony between all the meanings in the world? And regarding these concepts that recur?

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How does that affect us? You need to know now what they're for you or for your children, for your man or the man around you, every single thing that threatens challenges your email.

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It's either threatening your life or threatening your life. If it's threatening your life. It's called what? What kind of fitna? Anybody know.

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It's called the shanwa temptation and desire. This, every challenge you meet in your life may be one of two kinds. It'll either be a desire, or it'll be a confusion.

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This was the desire.

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It threatens the livelihood of your heart, the health of your heart, your hearts ability to act.

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If you give it to the season, one time you'll give it to it again. And the show has a confusion that threatens your life, it blurs the screen for you.

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So you can imagine almost like in your journey to a lawyer riding on a highway, the straight path you want to ride your imagine it's a car ride, the confusion, it blurs your your windshield, a storm comes and blurs your when you can't see straight for a minute.

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There's a stretch there.

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And a shadow a temptation is a weakness, like you falling asleep on the road, if you will, right. Both of them are not in your right. They strengthen your ability to travel on the roads fastly and correctly.

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But the thing is, when you get a certain confusion or doubt about your email, your Islam, or a certain temptation is bothering you, whatever it is money, celebrity women, drugs, whatever it may be.

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You need to get that out of your hearts fast. You know why? Because it's not really a hard line splits, you're either gonna get tempted or you're gonna get confused. They actually feed one another, it begins that temptation and turns into a confusion.

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I'll give you an example.

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Meaning when you're when your life gets threatened your life

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and when your lights dim is your life also gets to threaten the life of your hearts, the Jews and the Christians.

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We ask a lot to not to be like them by asking him to guide us to the straight path knowledge actions by the Jews was their problem in knowledge or inactions? What was it? Actually they had the knowledge, right. They had the lights at one point. But their actions falter. The Temptations of arrogance and otherwise racism egotism, this ate away at them until they began to change the knowledge they had because they don't want to sit there and feel guilty to hold on to that begin to change their books. On this good switching the Christian is was their weakness did they fall first because of actions or because of knowledge.

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Knowledge they were confused because they were confused because the lights got their actions began to falter. And thus they you see them nowadays they believe they can do whatever

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So long as we put ourselves at ease, reassure our conscience on a Sunday, for example.

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They feed one another. And so you have to pick them out of your heart. So that the lights and the lights of the whole African Center

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and the feed that are the viewers so you can take from the fountain, correct?

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You know, so when you get a certain confusion about Islam, many of you have always come to us with this stuff. This is why it's so important to talk about this subject. You don't just need the factual atmosphere, it's not fast, you need to reinforce your relationship with Allah. So you increase in your event.

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You know, because many people I know, I'll give you one last quick example, a young man whose parents called me said my son memorizes, two thirds of the foreign, and he just left the religion, he doesn't believe in God anymore. And his father spent a half hour on the phone with me. And I told him, forgive me, no disrespect, can I speak to his brother? And the brother told me the whole story and all the shoes will have the doubts he had. I said, Listen, I've seen this, leave it alone. Tell me his life story.

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It didn't start as a confusion. It started as a shared desire. I knew that. Because that's what usually happens. And so I asked, and he kept digging for me. I said, No, go forward. How did you find out he was benefiting from it? How did you find out this the man and graduated and got a very good job in corporate America, and he had to live a certain lifestyle.

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And that demanded from him to act a certain way, and his wife to act a certain way. And she was willing, so he walked away from her.

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So she contacted his brother, his brother reached out and ultimately they got to me, I get back to him. He's an atheist. How in the world did that happen? Nobody wants to live with a guilty conscience to feel like what they're doing is wrong. So he's going to accept the weaker argument, the weaker explanation is going to accept the let go of his life so that he doesn't feel guilty about what he's doing. You understand the connection. Many of us walk away from Islam, because it's not politically correct. To believe this should be how the neatest practice, many of us have redefined our religion, not because we actually understood Islam means that but because of a shadow,

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a certain desire we had just to fit in. So we redefined our religion. Now you know why you need to put it in your life, to the degree that it enters your life, you're going to have clarity as to what your deen is, and who your Lord is. And you're going to have enough strength to carry without any problems, and reverses the other one is true as well.

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When you have instead you have a desire, it'll turn into confusion. And when you have a confusion,

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it's connected to desire. Many times people cannot verify the truth in a debate, because he went into the debate with a prejudice he wanted to be right. He had the shadow of the temptation of what I want to be suffering, I want to be correct. I want to know who the opponents, those throw the lights and the lights that are and use your heart with out of your heart.

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And so you have to realize this, that it's not an issue of knowledge or actions, they go hand in hand. That's what the man is made of. That's how he grows. And that's how it falls. That's where a lot of zildjian sit

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for a

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Haven't you seen someone that took his desires as his God? And so Allah misguided him despite his knowledge, he had knowledge how to eat I was the last one. There's knowledge there, because it's not just about knowledge, not facts.

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I'll leave you one last heading just to reflect on

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that. It's a very beautiful holiday.

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I'll give you the longer version.

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But it's the same.

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He mentioned that he

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asked the people one day who heard the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam talk about the fitna, right, the trials that people face and I told you trials are one of two types, right temptations or doubts or confusions attacking your life exactly in your life. So when he asked this question that the Messenger of Allah mentioned 15

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minutes many of the videos that we did, he says perhaps you're talking about the person Switzerland is trying with his wealth and his family. They said yes. Meaning that a man

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It's tempted by his money, or a man loves one child more than the other is the troubling struggle of being fair, despite what exists in his heart that he can control to actually control his actions. And not be fazed by that. He said, perhaps you're talking about a man speaking with his wealth and his and his family? They said yes. He says, No, this is made up for by salah and zakia. I'm asking about the bigger feature that will come upon this sooner than the common like the waves of the oceans. Some scholarship that means unstoppable some scholars are that means one after another, never ending.

00:25:35--> 00:25:43

So nobody really answered. So for the for the Milan stance. And he said, I heard the message almost all seven talks about this.

00:25:45--> 00:25:57

He says the book may or may Allah bless your father, basically, God bless, you know, as we tried to tell him, mentioned this to me. He says, I heard that the prophets of the love of God he

00:25:58--> 00:26:00

says it to around

00:26:03--> 00:26:03

the room that

00:26:05--> 00:26:34

the trials that present themselves to the heart, the same way that the straw is laid in an in a basket, one after another, you know, the straw baskets or the straw mats. Yes. So yes, they're laid side by side next to another, they almost overlap, likewise defeated before one ends, the other one is going to beginning. He says the 10 are going to present themselves to the heart the same way a straw man is laid one straw after another.

00:26:35--> 00:26:43

Or some scholars say the straw man when you lay on it, it leaves marks on your hand or on your body, right? Likewise, the physical leave marks on the heart. That's the meaning as well.

00:26:45--> 00:27:13

He said some of them one after another, they will present themselves to the heart for a uma 100 Vinny who should never have looked at fi he looked at himself. So any heart that takes part in this trial, it falls in this test. Whether it's through hardship or confusion or desire, whoever takes part in this, a black dark disease garden is right that it will be stamped on to his heart. While you might have a benign color

00:27:16--> 00:27:23

and any heart that rejects this trial, right refuses to indulge a stamped onto this harder.

00:27:24--> 00:27:27

He continued to say some of our audiences have

00:27:28--> 00:27:32

been laid until the hearts become only two kinds of hearts there's no more middle

00:27:33--> 00:27:44

until people totally failed totally walked away from their legitimate and people became stronger and stronger because of it. He said the hearts became the two sides he says Hollywood appeal

00:27:45--> 00:28:10

myth Lucifer I heart that is white like the stone mountains, the stone of the mountains consider like marble, you water it doesn't get sucked up by Mormon flows right off. Yes, he says hearts that are white, like the stones of the mountains like marble that will no longer be harmed by fitna, so long as the heavens and the earth remaining meaning until they have judgment, they become invincible, they become unbreakable.

00:28:11--> 00:28:20

The other he says is 1 million bad kelkoo images here. And a heart that is black disease.

00:28:22--> 00:28:31

Like a upside down mug, you know, when the mug is upside down, you can't put anything inside it doesn't contain liquid anymore. He says like the upside down monkey letter it

00:28:33--> 00:28:35

was covered in

00:28:37--> 00:29:13

that no longer is able to recognize truth, nor be offended by false when you see so you can take part in a temptation and down the line. You let go of the life of your heart and the life got turned out as well. You understand the connection now. Black disease like a tilted over month can no longer contain right? True no longer recognizes true nor rejects and is offended by false hood except what it desires dictate to it. This is true versus false. It becomes its own God.

00:29:15--> 00:29:18

He said to him or her the farmer said to him.

00:29:19--> 00:29:45

This door that is between us and Switzerland. There's a door will be open so that we can close it again or will it be broken? He said no one will be broken. Meaning that once that happens, there's going to be no going back into the village. And the narrator says are over knew that he was that door must be pleased with him and protect our hearts because even when the soul dawn right, the authority of Allah the earth

00:29:47--> 00:29:59

is gone. The fountain is still there to provide us for the necessary protection to the degree that you want safety to the degree that you want happiness to the degree that you want clarity and strength.

00:30:00--> 00:30:07

Give the Paradis deriving enable us to drink from this fountain and make us invincible, unbreakable by virtue of this fountain.

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We're not gonna have a break.

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So we're gonna

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see you again at 715

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was mopping the floor and cleaning up and everything.

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Okay, I'll be generous. The food and the tea and the raisins and then the nuts. And everything I just mentioned is looking at driver now. Is that closer to being a Sherpa or a Sherpa?

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Raise your hands. Let's be civilized.

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He says,

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once again, I'm telling you, that's the whole point. They eat into one another, because there's a temptation that could cause some confusion. Why am I up here? What's my intention? That's what he means by that. Right? That's what he means. So they feed into each other and I owe you some money.

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And I can't tell you that in the parking lot.

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Friends, I will be selling them

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little bit some people have asked me

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about so 750