Our team is on the ground in Turkey and Syria

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Salam aleikum. By now all of us have seen the devastation and what has happened to our brothers and sisters in Turkey and in Syria. Al Hamdulillah. What OMA, we're on the ground right now, passing out life saving aid to our brothers and sisters, food, water, medication, shelter, clothing, blankets, and all that our brothers need during this difficult time. I'm not going to sit here and tell you about the virtues and the reward of giving charity because when a Muslim needs to ask himself during these times, it's not what I get in return from reward, but what is my duty? What is my responsibility towards my brothers and sisters, and the reward will come from Allah. Therefore, my

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dear brothers and sisters, help us today and donate whatever you can so we can help our brothers and sisters born so much need and please share this link with everyone you know, so we can get as much aid to our brothers and sisters as possible. Bartok, Amalfi

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