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In omega,

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omega, da da, da,

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da, da, da,

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da da,

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da da da, solar

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panels are

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Yeah, you want to be

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in LA and

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receive a service of a love.

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The pleasure from the people that

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we have we have read and heard many statements from our scholars from our teachers, or some of them about the pleasure about the dangers of seeking the pleasure of the people, about the evils the dangers of seeking the pleasure of evil, when certainly no one would argue that favoring the pleasure of the people over the pleasure of Allah is to the detriment of our faith to the detriment of our psyche, and to our duty as well, not just our faith in our psyches, but to our dunya as well.

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You have the issue of not seeking the pleasure of the people, it needs to be examine what is meant by not seeking the pleasure of

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how evil is basically likely to be like,

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and is it not natural for us, but like to be like everyone

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except, like sociopathic characters. But everybody in this crowd was not particularly a sociopath likes to be able

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to like to be like, there's not natural.

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But at the same time, we hear that your face will not be strong enough, solid enough to really experience the taste the sweetness of email, allow a man until the praise of the people under this praise, or is it completely evil in your sight? In your

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or your feelings like when are people praise you or just praise you, it doesn't make any difference. And certainly, if this is a for the sake of a lie to have made any difference, like if you say the truth, regardless of the

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people's perception of it, regardless of people's opinion

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of the truth,

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then you should not really hear what the people will say, you should not. But this is not a general statement in the sense that we will always be indifferent to people liking and disliking capacity. It's just not natural.

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It is not even what we're talking about, allow us to imagine that in order for us to base because some people only they talk about this issue is how they present that you will never be able to please allow that until you're completely indifferent to people's opinion of you. But that's not true. And it is not even it is not even human.

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It's not just without you wouldn't have

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it, even if you're not a problem. Even if you're one of the best have a problem.

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Even if you're already living the brain saying look I need to get in as soon as he showed up. And grant me an honorable mention of one color or the latest generations for the later generations.

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Whatever it is, so the thing that grabbed me an honorable mention, make my mention honorable, make my memory honorable forever until the end of times. Isn't that what you know, lightning could be a light lightning to be praised or to be honored by the people that actually not only his contemporaries, but also the velocity. So it is natural to learn so I was gonna go recognize that it is just part of our parts of our main part of our psychological makeup. Like to be like as part of our psychological makeup.

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rewarded us by this very,

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you know,

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reward or

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you know part of our staff or for being good.

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The greatest lesson the greatest of the micro battle is to be loved to help. But also Americans isn't the same for these when he tells us that, if we are good, you will love us. A lot tells us that you will make the people also and this

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is this was reported by procardia.

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From Aviva.

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The reports that the prophet SAW someone said in my life I have never to be found in your head Boko Haram for the

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community to be

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pulled up from a ready to be

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in line.

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Peel hibou I understand that some of you

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have bought them, when

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he comes upon to the people.

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I love so so. So what it used to, and to be loved, and then to bring home, the people of the heavens, the glories of the heavens and says the love so so so loving them, so they love them. And then affection will be put for him or her love being pushed for him or her. That's someone that believes that the earth he would be loved by the letters of the earth it is that there is another police report by the bankruptcy I traveled along with Rob rates this evening.

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On top of law in a nasty lobby a loved one who was up on NASA, and whatever pleases a lot even at the expense of displeasing evil, a lot will be faced with Him and He will make the people peace and he will make the people pleasing.

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But this does not mean that one thing is seeking the pleasure of the people is not a dangerous pursuit

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to be focused on and

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to prioritize the favor on your own over the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala is certainly to the detriment of your faith and the detriment of your psyche to the detriment of your cornea.

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So, you should never be focused on you know, the people's perception or opinion of you what matters the most is Ally's opinion Laura knology

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what a loved one come to know about your behavior,

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your condition your relationship with a hospital

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and this because that

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this particular pursuit

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of the pleasure of the people

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is dangerous is a basic, but it is extremely like

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difficult to resist practice of young established monetary presume that he say in a pandemic

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model he saw that you say the fundamental for the asset

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in the previous

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one, one of the best that

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I have not seen zoom or this interest less in anything less than it is in

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the world of leaders, the work of faith, the lot of celebrity that what we have accepted the love of wanting lightning to be liked by the people in lightning to be honored by people and so on love of leadership

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in academia, me was like many people are capable of showing this interest in food drain money, you know, we have the urban love of money inculcated in us, but he is

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one of the best of his time I can separate you know money by

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one of the best people of

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that time, he said

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but what you know, so people could show this interest in all of this, but once anyone competes with them for leadership, they become agitated and be quite boring and they make enemies because

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so you could be sad in food you can reside in you know, clothes, you could be sad. You could have even this interest in money you could be like, you know, a very humble person and so on and your food and your attire and your car, your house and you may not

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The sort of concern for any of this, but leadership position status, that is where people show the least amount absorbed in salaries assessment. So, the bottom line here is that it is natural, like to be like, it is fine, you know the pleasure of the people or the acceptance of the people, sometimes even it is, this is to be saw this, you know, in order for someone to be able in order for a preacher to preach or any man remember that the the his community, he wants his community, he wants his community to have affection for him and so, it is that industry, if it is not present, then things will be difficult, even the mission will be difficult.

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And even the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala will be the loss of power power improvements, that what you know, pleasing the people is pleasing Him last,

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last, last, last last little Lucha men last is that he does not show gratitude to Allah, He who does not show gratitude to the people who used

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to be

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so, there are certain parameters that we must go by your pursuit of the People's pleasure is fine. Liking to be liked is fine, as long as it will not impair or impede, you know, negatively affect your relationship with Allah. It will not affect your relationship with the people. And it will not harm you as an individual.

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It should not affect your relationship with a loss.

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because keep in mind that

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if any pursuit competes with your pursuit of pleasure, that pursuit is safe,

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is evil is detrimental catastrophic. Any pursuit that can decrease the slightest amount of competition, slightest competition, any person that competes with the President will also come up either when the power your demand the tower you're shaking.

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So we mentioned that

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the band provides

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alcohol in their last album Anwar Vanessa and whoever pleases Allah even at the expense of displeasing people now please, please look

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at what would make the people pleased with

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this there is a variance report of this report by a committee from ice as well as the variance report says, my elbow blah, blah, blah, the sock opinion and that's Robbie Armando aka

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on us Papa Papa.

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Papa rollin, you're gonna hold us or whatever pleases even after this. It starts with this feeding the people a lot will be pleased with him, and he will be sufficient for him.

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He will not make him realize dependent media of the people who are dependent from the people he won't be sufficient for him alone would be sufficient for him

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or whoever, whoever

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that displeases Allah to please the people are allowed to be displeased with them or whatever. And allowing them to allow a codependent people can imagine a team always needing the people dependent on the people.

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That is catastrophic.

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Because the people will never be sufficient for that people will never know that they cannot. They're not even willing to, you know, if they even if you're not even willing to and even if they're willing they can be there for you all the time.

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So, the first thing that you know, the first parameter that we have to go by is yes, it is fine for me to see people's pleasure equals acceptance, but am I displeasing the one anyway? Am I displeasing about it? And keep in mind that it is not only it is not only about competing goals of the pleasure of Allah, Allah because sometimes there is no better

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but sometimes it's about distraction. distraction from seeking the pleasure of Allah, you're distracted from the vicar of Allah subhanaw taala. Remember, some of us are gonna have years that you know the

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way you've been distracted.

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Now that you're definitely

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is led by red carpet, but there is this tension, the pursuit of the People's pleasure is distracting you from doing that, which is greater invention, which is about and that we should also be aware of, you know, that we should also be aware, oftentimes, like, you know, you just can't resist that, we sometimes find it very difficult for us to do something and not give it like an immediate reward like an immediate sort of reaction to like you give us anything you want to be recognized and as if it was Canada is not sufficient, as if the knowledge of Alaska

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you also want people to know, and if you can resist, you know, telling you know, this or that

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you need somebody to know, you tell your brother, you tell your wife, you tell somebody, you tell your husband, he does somebody, so that you could get some like reward some immediate reaction. And if that is occupying your thing, then that is not appropriate. And that means that you will see is really sufficient for us today. So what will be deaf and after isn't sufficient for his service isn't allows knowing GAVI or doing sufficient for you just keep it hidden, that you know, and it will save it for the day of judgment and not wait for any immediate reward. And that's what we have our own ask ourselves, because once you're seeking of the acceptance of the people or the other of

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the people when you occupy

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of our site, Acropolis on the last video, of course, from Calvin radical, the lower angle, Now the advantage of the idea was set up to run in the

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hands of Mark eovsa. What many did you know to wall

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would not be more devastating. Like I've seen them once eagerness for status and went to his V, you know, your ego, or the eagerness for status, status and wealth will be more devastating to your Diem than to hungry wolves being released into a flock of sheep.

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So it

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really need to be cognizant of all the time. The other thing is that, you know, seeking the pleasure of the people should not really make you

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stressed out. Because that is also another manifestation when

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the pupil is unhealthy.

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Because it's

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it's such an invasive pursuit, like you walk into a mastermind like this, you know, if

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someone would like you

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might, if you're always concerned, if you always want everybody to like you, you will not be like, you know, even if you come here on the member and recite or add and put at ease, you will spend up your life by everybody. Because someone will look at how you're acting, how you're waving your hand, you know, how you stand up your attire, somebody would like, you know something about it. And that's just the nature of people. I mean, certainly, we should give this up. But it is you have to deal with reality. That's just the nature of people, no matter how much you know, neutral.

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People, some people like, it's like,

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you know, being occupied, but if you know who's gonna like you, or who's not gonna like you, and just made sure the robot likes you. And then if the people liked you, that's nice. That's nice.

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That's nice. And then you should be also content with that, because you say to yourself, I didn't really change anything I

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acceptance of the pleasure of a boss,

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and maybe it is glad tidings being forwarded to me, because the

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was asked, and

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I remember what he does, you know, a man that would do righteousness and then get praised by the people for the status. The implied question here is, is that he feels good about he did something righteous, and then he was praised by the people. So it is implied in the question because otherwise, where is the question? So the implied credit the question is

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about, is there a problem here and profits or loss and I've said fit

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these advice

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findings be forwarded to the villagers it's not that but it was not

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and then subsequently please subsequently put some affection for him on earth

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but if you're occupied then it will be detrimental to your psyche you know certainly has the nice versus the fourth you beautiful person to approach me where he says

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protective upon

00:20:30--> 00:20:34

the cake of Apollo 11% of Apollo rocket up have a rescue compared to

00:20:36--> 00:20:48

some of Apollo can erode designing apparel can erode the certificado deflation D from academic study on the hacker Harlan to focus on the value of

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product when he put it on this pen I put them in and

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so he said,

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you know,

00:21:03--> 00:21:07

back to Iowa, so they said why don't you just see decency, integrity?

00:21:08--> 00:21:12

And then I cry and then he said why don't you smile? Why don't you pause?

00:21:13--> 00:21:18

Because then I smiled. They said Oh, he showed off that is

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and then

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and then when I found the sap now his true nature comes up.

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And when I when I stayed silent, someone

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said when he stayed silent, he said he's in our ticket

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now to propel kathira calm and once I spoke he said he's a chatterbox. He speaks too much.

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But some to file the petition be you know, I showed bravery and they said that this is because of his included

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mechanical study and he would have not been this bodacious has he been wise

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but then

00:22:03--> 00:22:13

the sun hello to Apollo Sania from Japan. And then when I showed wisdom and prudence and forbearance, Lisa Isa took out

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What what?

00:22:16--> 00:22:22

Have you been capable, he would have convinced himself and then he said, listen, listen here.

00:22:26--> 00:22:45

I can figure though, in the realization that as long as I want the pleasure of the people who already seek the pleasure of the people, then I must be desperate, I must be deserving of this praise and I will be deserving of the stress and anguish.

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The last word here is we said that the secret of vulnerable people should not impair

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or impede your your

00:23:16--> 00:23:20

own psyche should not be preoccupied with visible disclosure.

00:23:23--> 00:23:29

Either affects your listening to the people who seek the pleasure of the people when this please,

00:23:30--> 00:23:31

please all the people

00:23:33--> 00:23:36

that ended up keeping people and that would be

00:23:38--> 00:23:53

because the pleasure of the people is not like the mercy of Allah, boundless when we could all be for the mercy of Allah. And we could all be granted ampere mercy from a loss of power of God. Mercy of Allah is boundless, the pleasure of Allah is bound

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to be for us. And we could all be granted the pleasure of it was a pleasure of the people, you know, simply brighter and brighter. And we all say that throughout our lives. It's not just gender, but simply money even if it means even between brothers and sisters, they are competing for you know, the pleasure of their parents.

00:24:18--> 00:24:22

They will pay for this over a doctor more or less overnight and so on.

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but the bottom line here is that in order for you for this to be within the healthy range, you must love for your brother Beth and Sheila for yourself, because the prophets are

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agreed upon Chinese,

00:24:39--> 00:24:40

innocent Americans

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in America good enough, so none of you will have to be faced with the loss of his brother, but he loves.

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This has been recorded mathematically with a slight variation, which could also be our statement from the Prophet solidaria Center.

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Hi there,

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I'm telling you love score old

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of five, that was for yourself, and for the last for

00:25:11--> 00:25:20

as long as he likes it for himself. And we asked him if it will be pleased with us. And we also asked

00:25:22--> 00:25:22

for us

00:25:25--> 00:25:30

or we asked them to make this pleasure our greatest pursuit our first pursuit

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of product

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