Zakir Naik – Logical Reasons Why in Islam Women Inherit Half of what Men Inherit

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the logic behind the woman in Islam who possesses financial power and is the father and brother after her. They also mention that the woman in red is born in a certain number, but the woman in white is born in a different number. The speaker suggests that the woman in red is born in a certain number, but the woman in white is born in a different number.
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Furthermore, in Islam, a woman even inherits,

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in many religions. The woman is not allowed to inherit, she does not have any share

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in the property left behind by her family members, but in Islam, the woman inherits.

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There are on many occasions, we have non Muslims, the object and they say, Fine and Islam woman to inherit, but why do they inherit half?

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Trying to say that Islam subjugate the woman.

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But if you analyze the logic behind it,

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you will understand

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the wisdom of Allah subhanho wa Taala of our Creator, Almighty God.

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As I mentioned a few minutes earlier, in Islam, it is the man who bears the financial burden before woman is buried. It is the father and the brother after she's married. It is the husband and the son who looks after her lodging boarding clothing and all financial aspects.

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If read the Quran, the inheritance is given in several places in Surah Baqarah Chapter number two was the 180 instead of baccarat chapter number two verse number 240 incident discharge app number four was Thomas after nine insert discharge up no forced number 19 infant discharge number four is number 33. In Jeremiah Chapter number five was 169 it in several places, but the most specific share division is given in chapter number four was the malevolent 12. Where it says that Allah subhanaw taala has ordained

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that in what you leave your wealth for your children, the sons get double the share of the daughters.

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If only daughters

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two or more the share into third, if only one she gets half,

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there was continues in what you leave for your parents each get one six, if you have children, the mother gets 1/3

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If there are no children, and there was continues in what your wives leave for you, you get half if there are no children, you get 1/4 if there are children, what do you leave for your wives, they get 1/4. If there are no children, they get one eight. If you have children, don't confuse yourself, go back home, open the Quran, Surah Nisar chapter four verse number 11 and 12 VZ.

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I do agree that most of the times the woman inherit half the amount what the men inherit, but there are occasions when they inherit equal, for example, 1/6 both for the parents, for mother and father, if they have children, but if they don't have children, mother gets 1/3

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Let me double than that of the father. But I do agree with you as a whole most of the times

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the woman in red half

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son gets doubles and that of the daughter husband gets doubles and that of the wife most of the time, what is the logic behind it? The logic is as I mentioned, since man is the person who takes the financial burden

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and suppose there is a person who dies

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and after giving the shares of the other people, if $150,000 or 150,000 rupees is balanced for the children, after giving the share of the

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other words, if $150,000 or 150,000 rupees is balance, and that man has got one daughter and one son, the son will get $100,000 or 100,000 rupees, and the daughter will get $50,000 or 50,000 rupees, people will say injustice, why did the daughter get half? With the logic behind it is the man has the financial burden? I'm asking you a question, would you want to inherit $100,000 100,000 rupees and spend it to 90% of that whatever inherited on the family, if you're a man or would you prefer inheriting $50,000 or 50,000 rupees and not spending a single penny or single paisa on the family? If you are a man and if you inherit $100,000 100,000 rupees,

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maybe 80 or 90% goes on the family what is left with you then the other 20,000 rupees or dollars. If you're a woman, you get $50,000 The 100,000 rupees 100% You keep for yourself. So would you prefer inheriting 100,000

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And keep bringing it 10 20,000 with you or would you prefer inheriting 50,000 and keeping everything with you?

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If Allah would have given equal amount to both then out I have to give a talk on men's rights in Islam

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When Allah has given the right, he's even equal. If he has put the financial burden on the men, he sees to it that the men get double or the triple injustice. And the Quran says in Surah Nisa, chapter number four was number 14, Allah subhanho wa Taala is never unjust in the least degree.

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So if you know the Hickman behind it,

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you realize that the guidance given by our Creator is the best.

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Just because the women in Islam

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are financially more secured than the men.

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What would you say? The woman in Islam? Are they protected?

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Or are they subjugated?

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