Mufti Menk – Ramadan 2023 – Reviving the Spirit #27

Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The importance of consistency in achieving good deeds, such as maintaining healthy habits and avoiding wasting time on small talk, is emphasized. Success in healthcare and politics is also emphasized, along with the need for people to enhance their facial features and use it as a means of expression. Consistent habits and systems are crucial to achieving good deeds, and one should avoid wasting time on small talk and be helpful. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of avoiding bad deeds and the need for people to make an effort to avoid mistakes.
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a Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim Al hamdu lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah. He was early, he was happy he edge mine. Consistency, my brothers and sisters is definitely something that Allah Almighty has praised. And the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him has spoken about how great it is to do deeds consistently. And you continue to do the same deeds, even if they are very small deeds, one of the reasons of this is your level of consciousness of Allah subhanho wa Taala should actually not be fluctuating, but should be progressively improving, you maintain it where it is, and you develop it. If you are doing big deeds, just, you

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know, one time and then you forget about that. For example, I read the Quran today 30 pages, and then for 20 days, 30 days, I haven't read anything. Rather than that Allah Almighty says to us through the blessing lips of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him that it is better for you to be consistent. And to read one after the other a page a day perhaps, or whatever else it may be, but you read every day a portion and cover that which you would have been reading in 30 days then to sit one day and cover it all. Because if you did it one day, now you're on a spiritual high and then you become low again. But if you maintain the consistency, you're still connected with Allah in a

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similar fashion. The same applies to charities, try to space them out, try to give them out. Yes, in the month of Ramadan, we give out the cat. But here we're talking about that which is voluntary. I'd rather give $1 a day and make it $300 or $350 in the year without counting some of the days like Ramadan and so on, because we're going to give ours a cat. But I'm talking of voluntary charity. So even if it's 365 days a year, I'd rather give every day $1 Or a little bit more or less, and maintain that consciousness of Allah and the fact that I'm doing a good deed. You take a look at Abu Bakr Siddiq are the Allahu Anhu he was one of the only ones whom when the Prophet peace be upon him

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asked questions, who visited the Sikh today who gave a charity today who did this today who did that today? And he said I did. I did. I did I did for all of them. So he would space out his deeds that's loved by Allah. I've said before, if you have a rock, and you have water that's dropping droplets on the exact spot of the rock for a prolonged time, you and I know the erosion caused will actually bore a hole through that rock. Yet, if you took water, a bucket of it, and poured it onto the rock, it will do nothing.

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It's amazing how our hearts and our systems work in a similar fashion. This consistency will bring about tremendous change in you as a person, you become conscious of who you are your Lord, you're doing good deeds every day. If you die on that day, you would have done good deeds on that day. Another thing is good deeds, not only wipe out the sin and bad effect of the bad deeds, but good deeds, when they are done consistently, what they would do for you is automatically keep you away from bad deeds. Because you're occupying yourself with something good, you don't have the time to look into that which is bad. It is supposed to bring about that for you, my brothers and sisters.

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Similarly, when it comes to developing habits, we need to make sure that we build the habits like I say, reading the Quran every day. It's a habit building thing.

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Consistently praising Allah and doing your car, the supplications and the praises of Allah subhanho wa Taala and salutations upon Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and so on consistency. This these accounts should bring about a lot of goodness.

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When it comes to reading a book to your children of benefit, something beneficial. Make sure it happens every day. When it comes to getting up. Make sure you get up at a time when it comes to fulfilling the good deeds. Do it on a regular basis. The body has been created in a unique way, the One who created it knows what's better for it. If he tells you that there is a greater reward in maintaining consistency. You need to know that there would definitely be a greater reward

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Maintaining that consistency. So, if you are getting used to

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sleeping at a certain time, when you get to that time of the evening, you will feel very sleepy and prior to that, you won't be able to sleep. Similarly, if you get up in the morning at a certain time, get yourself used to it, it's going to help you, it's going to help you in an amazing way, you will automatically be up. This body is more like something computerized. It's timed, And subhanAllah you get used to a certain thing, it will automatically become accustomed to that. The same applies to your good deeds by the will of Allah. But I want to touch on something else. certain habits that we have that we need to eradicate, you need to make sure you understand there are two aspects of it.

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Look to greet someone Salam aleikum, and to smile, to make them feel important is something many people do not do. The Prophet peace be upon him made every single person he met feel important. He gave them the importance we may not be able to do that because we're human beings and we're not prophets of Allah and we're weak. But you need to strive make an effort don't look miserable all the time. People will automatically dislike you because of the look on your face all the time is so miserable. Make an effort to enhance your your facial features, you know the the expressions Subhanallah on your face, make an effort. These expressions can be converted into acts of worship,

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such as a smile, and you know, giving a person a pleasant look. It's something that people think is a weakness, yet, it is an act of worship. A few days ago, I was speaking to someone and I said Brother, you're frowning and you're looking so upset and cross. What is it? Is it's not a weakness? How can I keep smiling a difference in my brother? It's an act of worship, smile, even if people think it's a weakness, it's okay. But yes, you need to know when to be stern, you can't afford to be smiling on at a time when it requires you to be a little bit Stern. However, my brothers and sisters, we sometimes disrespect those around us and those we communicate with, without realizing

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your family members. You know, we speak about your spouse both ways. Some people say, Well, you know, we keep on speaking about spouses and so on. That's because you live with them every single day, you have opportunities to engage in acts of worship on a daily basis because you're interacting with that closest circle. So make sure you breathe, make sure you smile, make sure you say good things, make sure you're helpful. Make sure you have not yelled and screamed and belittled because that is something unacceptable.

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That's those who you live with those whom you work with. Even if they work for you. It does not give you the right to make life difficult for them to belittle them to speak to them disrespectfully. Do you know that that type of behavior comes back to us to haunt us at a later stage in our lives? And we don't know why is this happening? It's happening because people have cursed you. It's happening because you have maltreated people you've hurt their hearts, so their hearts have actually been so hurt that now you are paying a price. By that you are paying a price by feeling or going through something that's known as a payment. May Allah forgive us. My brothers, my sisters.

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The Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him says Pharaoh Amelie ma de ma li we're in the best of deeds, the one that is consistent, even if it is a little. So let's get used to this by the will of Allah subhanho wa Taala we will definitely be able to earn the blessings that Allah has kept in the consistency. Like I said, if he has said this, he knows why he is saying it. How much Quran are you going to read? Please do half a page a day. Please do a quarter page a day but do it every day?

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How much extra prayer are you going to be engaging in soon and Neville? Many of us do the follow up and we walk off saying that well that's what I have to do the compulsory but what about the extra voluntary bit, at least choose one or two of the prayers where you can do the voluntary but as well Fajr being the most important one, which we should try our best never to miss. May Allah Almighty protect us. And if we get ourselves used to these things, and we do these beautiful deeds, even if they're a little consistently And Alhamdulillah we will become closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala I want to address the matter of clothing as well. Sometimes we don't realize that

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were clothed in such a beautiful way that would be pleasing to Allah Almighty, one day, and the next day, we're dressed in a way that would be pleasing to shape. I'm sorry to say that, but it's happening. Rather, we maintain a consistency throughout. And we dress in an appropriate way every day, in such a way that if I were to die suddenly in a crash or some circumstances, or just drop dead, it's happening to so many people, I would be in a condition that is pleasant, I would have been trying, I would have had this beautiful consistency. So we thank Allah for giving us an opportunity to share these words of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him his advice, and the words

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of the Quran as well. When we utter words, Allah says we're actually a baddie. Yeah kulula To hear us and tell my worship is to say that which is the best Surah to Yura, warns us about belittling people, mocking them, calling them bad names, making life difficult for people in that particular way, hurting their hearts. So if we get used to smiling, addressing people respectfully, it might seem like a small thing, but in the eyes of Allah, it's massive, it's major, Allah will give you a great reward when you do it. And there is a great punishment when you do the opposite. So therefore, my brothers and sisters, let's develop a link with Allah. Let's continue even outside of Ramadan,

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throughout the year. Let's continue to do deeds a little you might have been reading more in Ramadan, which is correct, you will read less perhaps outside of Ramadan, but be consistent. If you want you to a page a day, two pages a day, keep it going, your car, keep them going, your whatever you're doing, keep it going. If you're sitting in reading books to your children or something beneficial or an activity, keep it going. That consistency is what is very blessed. And Allah Almighty will grant us the blessings of this world and the next May Allah help us to do good deeds, and May Allah help us to maintain the consistency. I mean, I could only have that masala Allahu

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Salama or Baraka ala Nabina Muhammad Laila to call the reifying

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The Power of Consistency: Small Acts with Great Rewards

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