Mohamad Baajour – Winter is the Spring of the Believer

Mohamad Baajour
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and 547, something like that. What a great offer. You know, if there's if there's really a great offer in the market, we will call each other and tell you three, there's 70% off here. 60%. Yeah, one is a huge offer on fasting. And Tomorrow is Monday,

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the day that the solar system used to fast any solar system said, the first three days of every month, as if he has fasted all his life.

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The math is AlHassan we actually I'm sorry, every husband has multiplied by 10. So if I fast three days of every month is equal to 30. If I do that constantly all the time. That means I fasted all my life. Allahu Akbar, can you imagine? Can you imagine you're you're you're eating, you're fasting for three days. And then you're eating you're enjoying your breakfast and everything. And it's written, recorded sign.

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Recorded sign some of the layer 1pm Allahu Akbar the nights from now. From now after he finishes from all the way to Fajr

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even not from now now because they come a time that the time on a shirt comes six something all the way to visually talking about 12 hours almost all that is clear.

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And to California man calm if you actually let me take one minute off even when I'm calm and

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God I mean, I'll call on 18 women call me we

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can I mean and we'll convene on server pray pm with 10 a 10. He is not awful, he is not from the HEDIS and also I will make clear with 100 A or maybe Hama and then as he had

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he will be considered from the devout carnitine and also ever make TM with 1000 8000 is just just automatic as 1000 a year. Let's start with the 10 year it's good.

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He will become from the country in my country as hobby cannot hear the ones who own cannot hear what is the comparison Allah is if you own the mountain of gold and you gave it visa vie de la

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from 530 to 530, let's say 12 hours Yeah, what make the intention in sha Allah Tada that you want to first and this hadith aside and the Tirmidhi which

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are cm FISITA Alleghany Mulberry, the

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fasting in the winter is the easiest minima is toward Sunshine Law make the intention in sha Allah Tala that you will first be in the latter tomorrow, and make a habit three days of every month, the best three days are 1314 15 of the History Month. And before you leave every few months, I ask whoever is new to the community to come and introduce themselves. So if you've never stood up here, and you're new in the community, I would like to ask you to come and stand here and introduce yourself to the community that you just moved, please. And the rest of the members of epic will welcome all these newcomers, anybody who just moved recently, last month, two months, three months,

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anybody? We haven't done it in a long time. Okay, we have one brother Only this time, it's usually way more than that.

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So we're like, oh, my name is so they might have Bobby I'm originally from Afghanistan. We just moved here a few days ago to join this wonderful community. And Insha Allah we look forward to meeting all of you guys and my five kids in sha Allah.

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I work as an emergency room doctor.

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Another doctor.

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Welcome brother slay man.

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