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Purification Of The Heart #10

Ebrahim Bham


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hamdulillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam O Allah Mallanna v about

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a mavado photo Villa Humana shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem. In Allahu Allah your HIV woman can I'm often for hurrah, sir the Colosseum expected viewers and listeners We begin by praising Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah Malik al hamdu Komiyama de Kawashima subtonic. O Allah all please do us due to you, in appropriate to your greatness and Your Majesty. We sensor rotations upon our beloved nebia Kareem said Allahu alayhi wa sallam the greatest amongst Allah subhanho wa Taala his creation, we are continuing with our series purification of the heart. Yesterday, in yesterday's program, we looked upon why pride is entitled and known as omole ammeraal.

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We gave the reasons and then we also try to identify what is the meaning of pride. Imam ghazali Rahmatullah Lee, whom we can call a spiritual doctor, and in fact, he's a hero. Luma Dean, his magnum opus, speaks about various spiritually destructive diseases and ailments. And of course, one of them is pride. So Imam ghazali Rahmatullah Lee. He has identified and define pride in two ways one is concealed and one is open, and in conceal pride, he speaks about the aspect of having a very high notion of oneself. And then we related the idea that Nivea cream sauce them said, salata mollica three things are spiritually destructive, one of which is a person having a very highly

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exaggerated opinion about himself and his views something that is so so prevalent in today's time. Then he goes on to say that there is another dimension of pride which is known as open pride. And maybe let us look at a hadith in which nebia Kareem sallahu wa sallam has defined pride in such a beautiful manner. One day a person came to me via cream sauce them and asked tell us a lot. Is it pride to wear good clothes? Is it pride to wear good and clothes that are attractive? So heavy cream sauce? Some said no in Allah Jamil, you're a bull Jamal. Allah is beautiful, he's graceful, he is elegant. And Allah subhanaw taala loves beauty, Grace and elegance. In itself. It's not pride. If it

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leads you to feel better than someone else that's a different matter, but in itself, we are person because of purity and cleanliness likes to wear good clothes, it is not pride. Then maybe a cream saw some said pride is bought through will help wantonness, rejecting and disdaining the truth and belittling and looking down upon people Subhana Allah, what a beautiful definition that can only come from the from the tongue of someone who is an epi of Allah and so great in our Allah have made mentioned that there are two strains of pride that maybe a cream sauce Islam identified in this hadith. One is I'm more important than the truth. And one is I'm more important and better than

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others two strains of the same disease. So now let's look at the first one, I am greater than the truth and this is something that happens because of pride. So there are many examples in the Holy Quran says sorry for an ayah Tia levena taka perona feel RDB real have I will turn away from the right path those people who have pride and arrogance. Those who have pride and arrogance cannot accept the truth many times we found that the disbelievers in Medina, those who had the scriptures, they knew that Nivea cream sauce lamb was the last prophet of Almighty Allah. They recognized him the way a person recognizes his own children. But because of pride and arrogance and envy and a

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mixture of those things, they rejected it and many times we can also saved in our own situation. In a smaller scale it happens to us also sometimes people tell us the truth sometimes people tell us what is right. And we this day made we reject it. It's a small strain of pride which we have to be careful about if someone tells us something that is right. We have to be ready to accept it and let Allah says if Kala hora boo a slim Allah tala Tolliver ma salat wa salam submit sometimes I you know to sit in amazement, that if anyone could have said allow what submission to you one from me Allah. What submission do you want from me? You told me to leave my homeland I did. You told me to leave my

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wife and child in a barren desert it You told me to sacrifice my one and only Son I did it. You know

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When Allah tala told me Brahim submit, he said Islam to lira I mean, I submit to the Lord of the world. So one strain of pride is to regard yourself more superior than the truth. The other strain is to regard yourself better and superior to other people. Now, this is also one of the great one of the great definitions and manifestations of pride. We must remember and we must recall that in Islam, no one has the right to regard himself as superior to another person, no one will become unshackled minute. What is antimagnetic de voto Neo Mahatma? Allah says all human being I know you,

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you know even before your conception, even before you were conceived, when the matters that made up your existence, we're still scattered in the earth unless I know you. When those matters, formed, the those things formed the basis of your existence then also, I know you wait until magnitone Faber, Tonio mahato, I know you when you were in the wombs of your mother, I know you saw Well, all human beings.

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Don't praise yourself. I know who inspires, no one has got the right to regard himself as superior. That is why scholars, then even when they used to be giving advice to the adherence, he used to say that I don't regard myself as superior to you while I'm advising you. And some scholars have even went to this extent by saying that on a one to one basis, we don't even regard ourselves superior to a person who is a disbeliever. Collectively believers and good people are better than those who are not believers and why not noble, but we don't know whose deeds are going to be accepted, who is going to die on nobility who's going to die on righteousness, the person whom you regarding yourself

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as better, he might get Hidayat, he might come up on the right path he might get him on and then Latella can take it away from you, you don't know. Therefore, no one has got the right to regard himself superior to another person. Then he

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goes on to give certain things that people take pride in and regard themselves superior to others on this basis. inshallah, in the coming lessons, we will be looking those reasons and see whether it is valid or not. May Allah guide us and keep us away from pride and arrogance.