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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah he Allah Hilmi Heba ilmi wa if we bought the opportunity was Salatu was Salam ala Sayidina Ambia. He went on to study and while he was Harvey was a LaMotta Sleeman Cathy Ron Kathira a Mavado photo bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah Walkman Iraqi shahada Ramadan Allah the Rafi Quran witheld in US you have a unit in mineral Buddha well for cod, Sara kala hula Zeum, my dear respected elders and brothers. Inshallah, in this coming week we will be witnessing the Mubarak and blessing month of Ramadan. It was the way of our beloved nivia Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that on the eve of Ramadan, Kareem said Allahu alayhi wa sallam used to remind the

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Ummah with regard to the Mubarak and bless it, month of Ramadan and we are all aware of the famous Hadith,

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which Sahib near Hoceima mentions it in his collection of a hadith that Solomonic Farsi Radi Allahu taala. And who says Katana Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam theosophy Yomi min. Shaban for cada un nurse cuddles Allah Comitia Haruna Azeem Shahara Mobarak oh people they come upon you a very great month and a very Mubarak and a blessed blessed month. Rama zonkey Ahmed Ahmed head or hammer his case stickball case show copper Hannah Cha yen, upset Allahu alayhi wa sallam Ramadan ki physeal pataka Ma. Ke horsefly of zeichor Tata in this hadith Nebia. Kareem saw Selim said two things Azeem, a very great month and a Mubarak and a very blessed month. So these are the two aspects amongst the

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many aspects of the month of Ramadan.

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He Billy hija Rama Talalay one of the very great Alama of our history. He has written a very amazing thing. He says that not to wait for Ramadan is a sin.

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Not to eagerly await Ramadan is a sun in itself.

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Half is it nature Rama Talalay format familia Cyramza Luo Ramadan Mubarak Ashok st is our nocturna he ate Mr. Kill Guna. It's a guna in itself not to wait and not to eagerly anticipate Ramadan. There are many benefits of Ramadan few of which we will try and make mention of one of them is which are specifically made mentioned in the Hadith that I narrated. And I indicated towards maybe a cream sauce of them said who was Sharon was

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Ramadan is a month of building sympathy with people

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Ramazan it is a month of building sympathy with people and before I make mention of the benefit, let me tell you one very important thing. Ramadan is not about changing, changing our schedules. Many times you and I think or it, Ramadan, we are going to change our schedules. Instead of eating five o'clock we'll eat after Missouri. Instead of having breakfast seven o'clock we will have breakfast five o'clock apostle. And we think that it is just about changing our schedules. Ramazan is not about changing your schedules. Ramazan is to change your heart and to change your life.

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It's not only about changing schedules, it's about changing your heart, your life. Ramadan hamara sheduled Badil Nana Yata bulky hamari dillow or apni zindagi your makeup Deena daily lanais Kenyatta attire, that is the reality with regard to Ramadan. Now let us make mention of some of the benefits. One of the benefit is it is there to create sympathy. Sharon who asserts especially nivia cream sauce lamb said it is a month of building sympathy for people from Zanka Mahina Insomniac ki hum dirty Kameena to build sympathy for people. One of you know there is a scholar by the name of holly big. He wrote a book First things first. In there he wrote a very amazing thing he quoted as if mana

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RAM to Lally

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and India he says mana Tamarama Talalay created a revolution in terms of emphasis of Islamic teachings. He emphasized human rights. He emphasized

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social activities, he emphasize monetary dealings. And in there he writes a very amazing thing. He says that according to Maulana Tamarama to Lolly before you become a good Muslim you must become a good human being

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before you become a good Muslim, a che musalman Hoon is a parallel a chair in sunburn Oh, eight in sunburned. While camera McCullough used to say there are many hunkers

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there you can go to those hunkers to make a lot of Zika in sunburn naturata Oh, then come to my Hunka come to my reformation. If you want to become a proper human being come to my place to become a proper human being. And part of being a good human being is to show sympathy to people. Now why are why is Amazon a place for that? Amazon queue because when you are eating three square meals a day you can, you can have sympathy for people. That's a reality. When we are eating three square meals a day, it's very difficult to build sympathy for other people. Now in Ramadan, you are going to face pangs of hunger, when you face pangs of hunger, then somehow or the other you will have

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sympathy for people. Here you are doing it because of a religious requirement. There are people who are doing it because of circumstances when KeePass personaje will keep us Karnani. So all of a sudden you start thinking about those people who are having hunger pangs because of the circumstances. Here you are doing it because of a religious requirement. I made mention of this incident is such a beautiful incident that we make mention of it again,

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as it Abubakar Viola who used to go and help an elderly woman outside Medina with regard to her needs, that time there was no tip. So as a co worker after Ramadan we used to go outside Medina used to go and fill her water used to clean her house go and put certain things of need in her house.

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O'Meara Viola to one day for Abu Bakar What is he doing? Where is he going after after fajr went and saw that he entered the house.

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Omar after he went away went to the house swayed elderly woman

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Hey boo yah

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yah, yah add me to occur Gaya waka caca Tata hamari Pinilla Tata, or Amara is Zarya, or Rahmani joselu it was scheduled Anyway take Balcatta

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kumara Villalta Nakata shock aboubaker in his Halophila for looking after a woman looking after an old woman to see to her needs. Now I read somewhere that SQL or the conclusion to this particular incident after Abu Bakr Radi Allahu Turan who passed away, Maria loutra, who said I'm going to do the same thing. So he went to sweep the house, went to put water for her and gave her Cateura

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so she turned around and said, did your companion pass away?

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Take your companion die. So he said how did you know that he died?

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He said he used to take out the parts of the kazoo and give me you gave me the catcher with a puts it shows that he is passed on as a model with a QR code on the wall what interkultur gay brothers Berlin sympathy for people what is people's condition? They don't have food to eat what is a situation? Allah has given us three meals a day. Let us in Ramadan build sympathy for people. Another very important thing with regard to the Quran is the Ramadan is to connect with the Quran. I made mention with regard to this few weeks ago so I won't spend much time I gave a whole ban on our Taluka the Quran, but let me very briefly made mention of it. Sharrah Madonna lady on Zilla fi Hill

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Quran, Ramadan is the month in which the Quran was revealed. So it is just appropriate that you build relationship with the Quran. This is very very important. Here will Mina hedges May Allah Kitab say Korba or crib Hanukkah mocha milta hai ki Mubarak may not head this, just may Khurana Majid his main aim and as

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someone has very beautifully said, if you want to communicate with ALLAH, then read Salat and if you want Allah to communicate with you read Quran

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are a beautiful thing it is you want to communicate with ALLAH reach Salah because it comes in a hadith when you say Alhamdulillah European Alameen Allah replies Hamadani Rabi

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when you say Alhamdulillah you are all praises due to Allah. Allah replies Mehriban then America Rifki agora chatter Whoa, Allah say Mahato to Namaaz pero O'Gara objeto Allah Tala upsample Hashtable to Quran para because Quran

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is the word of Almighty Allah, the speech of Almighty Allah. You want Allah to deal with you and to communicate with you then read the Holy Quran.

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So build relationship with the Quran.

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Kalam will Maloo Maloo Qualcomm,

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the speech of the king, in the speech of our Allah is the king of all speeches. So the second thing my dear respected brothers See to it that we build a relationship with the Quran. First amongst the things that we can do is to try and understand the Holy Quran and understand it not from our prison but from the prism of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala was ALLAH Tala in the Holy Quran says in the feed radical vicarage demon Karna, local Aloka some, the Quran is a reminder for people who have a heart a spiritual heart, not the heart, the tiktoks

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A heart that is a spiritual heart. It is a reminder and for people who listen attentively, try to understand the Holy Quran, they will be programs in which Allah will be giving tafsir an interpretation of the Holy Quran attended with the intention of reform reforming yourself.

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So the second thing is Quran Cassata look brow. The third thing which is very important, and maybe let me also say that the reality is we don't keep Taluka the Quran, there is so much dust

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upon our Quran because we don't know when last we open the Holy Quran. Let us remove the cobwebs. Let us remove the dust and start building and reciting the Holy Quran. Quran Majeed purpleheart doll gem game, gypsy amnis Mubarak kita quaffable bar cola I hear hum buscador Korea let us remove the dust and let us start reading the Holy Quran in building a relationship with the Holy Quran. Then, another important aspect of the Quran and with regard to the manta only big I always made mention of it by break one bad habit in Ramadan.

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Break a bad habit. The problem is we you and I we come to put our bad habits on pause

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or Amazon kabocha recurring.

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This is our weakness. That's the reality. How many times we do this? What trauma take the character Amazon mini taking Amazon Kiba taking you by Amazon is not a time for you to put your bad habits on pause. It is a time for you to eradicate your bad habits. But we are consumed by data try don't put your bad habits on pause who's called

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Bill Coleman had him connected to the router. Try to eradicate your bad habits. So break a bad habit. Then the most important thing my dear respected brothers with regard to Ramadan is the month of building our relationship with Allah. Amara Taluk Johanna Allah Tala Cosette bought console okay now we need to build our relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala we are GCM or ruca merkaba we are amalgamation of body and soul level months we forget the soul level months we forget the body level months have both come Allah Tala

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come has come his Mahina May Allah Tala Puyat carnamah

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peerspace Sugar Oh was Kasuri ferry circuit. We start putting priority in remembering ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala Levin months we put our dunya with needs. Our material needs the dunya in front, at least in this man put priority. The remembrance of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala brothers the remembrance of Almighty Allah that he bought it is in reality, the essence of our life, the reasons and objective of our existence, why Allah has created us

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and someone has very beautiful he said, the way it used to fillet salat wa salam was the means of the forgiveness of his leaven brothers. May Ramadan be the means of the forgiveness of the sins of our 11 months.

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The way Yusuf alayhi salam was a means of the forgiveness of his lemon brothers. May Allah make it such that Ramadan become the means of the forgiveness of our 11 months of sins. But He but it is very doable. It has become a forgotten pleasure. We do more forget. Ramadan je bother to rehab. licken, he bought it a Bula wa mashallah Burnley we forgot the the joy of Ibadan. There used to be a time when our elders used to enjoy making about it. They used to take satisfaction anybody has a Shaykh Abdul Qadir Jilani Rahmatullah used to say if the kings of the world and the wealthy people of the know well world know the pleasure we get in making the bar that

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I got on ko Patanjali Joe Massara Tommy milta hate you and I want you

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to host SEPTA heck a walk net

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loco hamara Vijay Taku um say we're chinley

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Maybe they send the army to try and get it from us to try and snatch away this, the beautiful moments and this tranquillity we get in making about it. Allah the victory light at my inner guru in the remembrance of Allah will hearts find content on the hearts will not find contentment in anything else. Let us see that our hearts find contentment in a ballad, at least that I do. So in Ramadan, he bought it Korea said hum Allah Tala says he Taluk Joseph there. If you want to know the best relationship between you and Allah, we don't have a informal relationship with Allah, that we are going to speak to Allah. We are going to converse with Allah. We're going to have a friendly

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discussion with Allah. What is our relationship with Allah Tala what is the the means of our relationship with Allah it is through the means of about it. You go down in SR you go now you go down in ruku. That is our relationship with Allah. He bought it is the proper manifestation of our relationship with Allah subhanho wa taala. He bought it comes to change our life. He bought it zindagi ki herb, Petaluma, Turkey or Islam, Kalia. Keep that under car tire.

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In the Salatin Han in fascia, you will mancha how beautifully Allah subhanho wa Taala says Salat takes away and prevents you from immortality and all other evil deeds he bought, it comes to change your life, my dear respect of others. And this is the reality that we have to try and achieve in the month of Ramadan. And let me just make mention what type of relationship we are supposed to have in Ramadan. You know, I was listening to a clip this way of a very great alum. And he made mention of this may be a true story. Or it might be a hypothetical tale to give a lesson. So you say a person was traveling, and he was very thirsty and he came upon a unused Well, uh, well, that was not used

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by people. So when he came there, he saw that the water of the whale was very, very deep. So he tried to get a rope. He tried to get some string. He tried to put his shoes to try and get the water but he could not reach the bottom.

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Okay, Jarrah Tatyana toe,

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he became waters panic is urato Janice my coworker pasa

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toe Bonnie bought Camerata, so he couldn't get the water. So, after a while, while he was waiting there frustrated, how do I get the water a buck comes the spring back comes and it also see that the water is very deep, it can get to the water base Avanta it could not relate it cannot speak. So it turns up in it looks up towards the Heaven. Ca hoga Allah Tala co he could have made dua to Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala younai We need of water, I can't get to the water, he Allah make arrangement for the water to come to me. And all of a sudden, the pressure of the water started raising and it comes to the brim of the well.

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When it comes to the brim of the well. The the animal the Bucks also drinks from there, and the human being also drinks from them. After a while it goes back to its original form. So then all of a sudden this human being say, Yeah, Allah, I'm Ashraful macrocarpa. You didn't bring the water to the bronc for me. This buck. This animal came

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and it said something to you and you brought the water to the brim. I must have the full mclucas. Why didn't you do it for me? To help say I was an unseen voice came and said, you started looking at the rope. That animal called out towards me.

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You started looking to the rope. You started looking for an open set bring me the rope I will get the water. That animal asked Allah therefore I gave it to him. I didn't give it to you. As I look I'm crow. burl such a relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala Nivea cream sallallahu alayhi wa sallam it said that ask Allah for forgiveness in Ramadan. Kareem saw Salaam kirsta person and similarly salatu salam said Amin to a person who allows Ramadan to go by without having his sins forgiven. May Allah forbid

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that we allow the month of Ramadan to go by without having our sins forgiven. And lastly did make mention with regard to it as a corollary salat wa salam give you an example. As as a corollary Salatu was Salam used to make dua to Almighty Allah. He became old, but he wanted a child

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is another Bonita Karla Rapi. In New Ohana asthma Mini was taller Russia Shaybah what an amazing dua. Yalla my bones have become brittle.

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My beard has become whites. I behold normally people don't get children in this age. But yeah, Allah Jaco, what do I do? I'm not despondent.

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Have Your mercy in you answering my prayers. Allah gave give me a child

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at the age of 120, Allah gave him I said, yeah he and he said,

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but look at his dua, Allah my bones have become brittle. Allah my beard is white but I want this yeah Allah you granted to me. Allah granted him over 100 years in Oh years of age and let Allah granted my child said I look I'm Corolla

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in this month of Ramadan, lastly Nivea cream sauce and one day someone said nobody saw your rosulip you know you had a Shula give us advice and make it brief. So now we saw some said Solu salata, mawatha read every namaz as it is a last name as you are reading.

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Read every Namaaz as it is a last name as you don't know whether you're going to get another occasion or not. Kidney logomark Assa t

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how many people were with us last Ramadan? They are not with us today we don't know whether we could get another Ramadan or not. Make this Ramadan is it is a last Ramadan of your life. If you get another Amazon and hamdulillah we'll make that Ramadan also better. But this Ramadan, make it as if it is your last Amazon. May Allah give us a trophy wife