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Well Illuminati you know in the hip hop world Illuminati meant like the New World Order was about me losing my life but before I lost my life Luke dog was he would talk about having conversations with the devil and how he sold his soul Snoop Dogg did cut a deal with the devil should night took shahada this is what he told us we actually became really really good friends two of his sons took shahada on three different kinds of entanglement

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as we know not as Muslim the jinns do these things that it would take her and she will be it would take there some guys somewhere saying yeah, I'm we're friends. No, that's not true. Also, there's a thing that comes up every single Ramadan that I hate

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this is the

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salam aleikum, greetings of peace. My next guests mootai was Cesar Chavez Bell. Better known as Napoleon is an American former rapper of two pox rap crew the outlaws he spent a good portion of his life making Hip Hop videos rapping and singing with some of the most famous people out there in the world, living more of a materialistic get me to blink being and everything that goes with that lifestyle to searching for more meaning in life purpose in life, which led him to where he is today in Islam, on the deen show, and now as a motivational speaker helping others change their lives for the better. Let's bring him on our special guests Muhtar aka Napoleon Salaam

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Alaikum. Salaam Alaikum. Salaam rahmatullah wa barakato. What's going on? Brother? No stranger to this. Oh, my good friend. How's it been? How's it been?

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It's good, man. It's been a minute. It's been a minute, man. We haven't spoke. I was one of the first. I'm the OG on the deen show.

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Yeah, too long. I think it's been. It's been too long. We can't let that happen. Going forward, man. We got to keep the connection strong. For sure. Yeah, so I think it's been over 10 years if I'm not mistaken. Subhan Allah and I like what you said one of the original o G's on the deen show.

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Yeah, now being with the outlaws you spent, I mean, a great portion of your life. rapping, making Hip Hop videos a good portion of your life with Tupac. So you'd be the man to know, there was this there was this this documentary that came out I think it was not too long ago. And I just started looking into some of the some of your old interviews and somebody's stories are interesting. And it's unfortunate many youth they still go and they you know idolize some of the people that you used to be around. So inshallah we can touch upon these things and shifted to more of a positive message to more of the lifestyle that you transition to. But tell me, is there any truth to this documentary

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of assassination? Have you heard this documentary? You probably watched it? I haven't watched it. I think I heard about it. You know what I mean, but I haven't got a chance to check it out. So documentaries, but then we come straight to the story, the documentary is saying that they finally solved the murder of Tupac, is that true? Well, you know, the streets and those who was around POC, we kind of really know what happened, you know, so it wasn't really not until, you know, if they solve it from you know, from from a clinic criminal aspect, you know, in a press charges, or someone that's different, but as far as the streets as far as those who was around Park as far as those who

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was on death row, we knew what happened. You know what I mean? So, and there's a chance that the people that was involved in it, majority of them not even alive anymore, okay? So nobody was ever arrested. Nobody, no one was ever arrested for the murder of pot. You know, it was It wasn't what was interesting. When you were one of your interviews you were describing the last moments of Tupac after he got shot. He was trying to jump in the back seat should night is over. They're trying to grab them saying Get down. And he was cracking jokes all the way to the hospital until finally taking that last breath and saying, I don't think I'm gonna make it this time.

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Yeah, this is you know, after pot got shot myself and the rest of the outlaws we immediately went to Las Vegas from Los Angeles and we put the like a bunch of guns in a trunk and we drove out there. We didn't know what to expect. So when pop passed away, surely wanted to meet with us, you know, myself and the rest of the outdoors. We met him and he wanted us to travel back and lay with him on his private plane. So when we first met him, we met him on like, I forget if we I don't know if he was like in some type of convention hall. It was in a hotel, but we went to a level a certain floor and it was empty and we went into some room like a convention room or something like that. And that's

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When he started explaining to us what happened he lifts up his shirt and he has stitches in his chest he has stitches in his head and he started explaining what happened he said you know when POC you know got shot and he you know he was choking all the way to the hospital until he took a deep breath and was like I don't think I'm gonna make it this time and sugar also said that when the shots first you know you know start ringing off pot try to jump in the backseat and shoot said that he was the one that told pop to get down and he grabbed filming and things like that because only should park and those who was involved in the shooting really seen you know what really happened. So

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the only word we can take forward is show the night where you're not I mean, he's only one I survived pretty much it was only him in pocket that car. Now in that world of Jabalia, meaning the days of ignorance where you don't know what's coming next. And now you compare now you compare it now, you know where you know the details, like night and day? Can you go ahead and reflect like your situation, your state of mind at that time to now when someone says I don't think I'm going to be going to make it any further now, your way of life you're upon now are the details all laid out the roadmap from what comes at that moment and beyond?

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You know, now, thank God, thank God that He guided us to the religion of Islam, because we know that this life is temporarily temporary on this earth. And we know that the next life is forever, you know, but we was in that mind state, you know, before I was a Muslim, and when you in a mind state of you believe that, you know, I remember myself, I used to always make excuses and say that God would forgive me no matter what, because I come from the ghetto. And I used to say to myself, God would forgive me if I'm a wild person, if I do this, and I do that. But when you accept the religion of Islam, you realize that if life doesn't work, that way, there will be accountability. You know

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what I mean? So, it's scary, when you think back and I look back at and have a lot of friends who, you know, who passed away before they was able to accept or even learn about the religion of Islam? Or, you know, or maybe Islam didn't come to them, we hope that Allah give them another chance on Yom Okayama. But it's scary the way the mindset of many of the people walking around heatless you know, we, you know, cuz I can I was in I was in that situation at one particular time when I was walking around heatless. You know, I used to think that no matter what I do, I can live my life, the way I live my life, when I'm dead, God will forgive me, that was my mindset. You know what I mean?

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I haven't talked and touched upon this kind of topic in a while, but it's always interesting, you know, for people who've been there, you know, and then people are still fascinated with it. But remind me again, what is this term? Illuminati? What does this actually mean? Well, Illuminati, you know, in the hip hop, world, Illuminati meant, like the New World Order.

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And, you know, pot did a song called Illuminati mean, kill that noise, basically, kill the Illuminati and all this secret society that they do this, and they're gonna do that. You know what I mean? But I look back at it from the music industry. Now, and I wouldn't be surprised if it's full of that. You know what I mean? I wouldn't be surprised if you got people doing so how to magic. I wouldn't be surprised. Because, you know, when I was involved in it, when I met POC, I think I was 1415 years old. I was I was around them up until he passed away. And I continue to do music. And it's a very evil, corrupt industry, very evil, corrupt industry. You're not I mean, and, and a lot

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of times, the artists may not even know that they might be doing the work of these evil individuals, unknowingly. You're not I mean, if you look at the music that the people putting out, if you look at the type of stuff that the type of music that the music industry has spent a million dollars to promote, it's all it's all to excite incite violence. You're not I mean, nowadays, you got so many young kids killing each other rapids. And where's the people from the music industry? I mean, you know, the executives that's making millions of dollars, where are they are they not coming into the ghettos, they're not opening up youth centers, they're not coming and trying to get peace treaties,

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they're not spending money in these hoods, but they're making money off these, these these environments and the cities and, and making money off of rappers killing each other. Unfortunately, you talk about how many of these rappers that you know they would they would tell stories how they were aided by these devils by the shayateen. So sure, for sure, you know what brought with it brother Eddie, man, I remember when I used to write my raps now that I'm a Muslim. I know, unfortunately, what I was doing, you know what I mean? But back then I didn't know I remember when I used to write my raps, I would get drunk. You know, I would drink and I would turn the light off in

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the studio. And I would sit there and I would go into this stage or the state of mind where I used to say to myself, when the people listen to my lyrics, I want them to think the devil himself wrote it. So I try to bring something out of me I swear by likes to say how can I sound like the most evil person and I would drink and I would drink and I will feel that something was motivating me to say these evil words and helping me put these lyrics together. Now we know of course is the shape

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And as helpers you got to me, but I went through that stage. So I think a lot of rappers go through that. Maybe unknowingly not know that they made a pact with the shape time. Mm hmm. Well, you tell me that I it's scary listening to that, because there's people out there doing that right now what you're saying and good. And doing some more devious, just evil things. It's craziness. You mentioned Snoop Dogg. This is firsthand you, you knew that Snoop Dogg was, he would talk about having conversations with the devil and how he sold his soul Snoop Dogg himself, you know, no, you know, the thing that that people mentioned are Snoop Dogg. He did a rap song. So when I always say that

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the people do it unknowingly, like Snoop had a song. And in the song, he sold his soul to the devil. He has conversation going into Sony as a conversation, we going back and forth with the devil. So, you know, once I became Muslim, and I start reflecting on these things, I said, a lot of people, because if the devil come to you straight up and say, sell your soul, you ain't gonna sell your soul. You're not I mean, most of the time, but he's going to trick us in and deceive us, and make us think that we're doing something that we can call a hip hop. So when you think about it, that, you know, when he did this song, and he talked about Sunday, so I know tell him what levels of

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evolvement that the devil was involved with? Maybe he don't know, you're not. I mean, maybe he didn't know back then. And this is why I say a lot of times these rappers, they do these things, unwillingly. They do these things, unwillingly, and unknowingly. I mean, not unwillingly. Unknowingly, they do these things unknowingly. But they don't know how far how deep they really take any. So you're not I mean, they don't really know. Have you had a chance to sit and talk with Snoop Dogg to share with him? The meaning of life, the purpose of life? I haven't, you know, it would be my, I would love to, you know what I mean? I haven't I haven't spoken to snoop. And about I would

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say, um, you know, I had a brief FaceTime call with him about eight, nine years ago, I would love to sit down and be able to talk to, if I can get back in touch with many of the people that's in the music industry, and sit down and explain to him and I feel like that's our duty. Absolutely. I feel like it's our duty and, and when even when I mentioned these things about Snoop, it's not to put them down. Because we did a lot of stuff unknowingly. We need guidance, people need guidance. And so it's not an attack on them. We I would love to sit down with them and and others in the music industry and explain to them like Look, man, its own. You know, the life that we was living in ain't

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what we think it is. You know what I mean? submit to God, no one was perfect. We're not telling you to accept a religion of Islam and you have to be perfect because there is no perfect Muslim. But at least if you have that relationship with your Lord and you worship in your Creator alone, you're not I mean, that's, you know, you have something to stand on on the Day of Judgment. You heard it Snoop Dogg. We're trying to get a message to you send a message from former aka Napoleon buta and let's hook you guys back up and everything that you explained I remember you telling me I think it was you who told me that when you explained everything about Islam, the oneness of God Almighty, the pure

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monotheism, you know, the tenants of Islam theology, everything just made sense, you know, to one individual who was kind of like the mastermind behind many of these record labels the one of the top record labels should night and he was like, *. Yeah. Yeah. So, you know, a lot of his sugar told us myself, and I was with to Saudi brothers. And he told us in his face that he became he took shahada before he told me this should night took shahada. This is what he told us. But of course, when he went to his trial, I say and went across, so you know, because it's not good. It's not good enough just to take shahada we have to implement the Shahada. We have to know what we say and so,

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but he did tell us he said that he took shahada before he said even fasting for Ramadan when he was in college, he said these things you know, but we pray that Allah guide them back to the truth open his chest, but two of his sons sugar Knight Jr. and his other son, two of his sons took shahada Hamdulillah you might have some some people out there right now they're like, what's the Shahada? I want to take it like what does that mean? It's the shahada is the declaration of faith to enter the religion of Islam. It's a belief that we are with our mouth, and we believe in our heart, it's a statement that we are with our mouths, and we believe in our heart that there is no deity worthy of

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worship except Allah alone. And that Muhammad is His final messenger, and that we accept the religion of Islam and we accept all the prophets and messengers that came before Muhammad. And not only after, you know, once a lot of people think that once we say the shahada that said, No, we have to implement our Shahada. You know, we have to learn our religion of Islam. And I think that's why we see these cases we no guidance is from Allah, may Allah give us all guidance, and don't let none of us go astray. But we have a lot when you see people take shahada, and then they fall off, because maybe they'd haven't tried to learn what the shahada is or implemented, and we need to start you

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know, hopefully, I'm probably one of the guys that I can say guilty with, you know, giving people shahada and really don't really follow up like that. So it's important that we need to follow up when these people are accepted religion of Islam, going back to the

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unseen world you talk about Illuminati continue on. From there. You mentioned a story of a lady and she was experimenting with different religions. And she was experimenting with Wicca and then she also was dating someone for the dog pound or something like that. Can you elaborate on that story? Wow, I remember that story. But it was a it was a female,

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like home girl of ours. And while this story is let me let me recollect exactly what happened. I remember she said something what she would do.

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She would do, she would play she was following the Wicca religion, pretty much Satanism, you know, and she was saying that she will be able to her body. As we know now, as most of the gyms do these things that it would take her and she will be it would take it to the house of a friend of House of hers, and she would tell a girl, the girl everything she was doing, like, you know, I just saw you doing this and I saw you doing that, and how home girls will be freaking out like Girl How are you spying on me? She said she broke down and started crying. And she said the only religion that she after that the only religion that she studied that made sense to it was the religion of Islam. You

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know what I mean? I forget the home girl name. But um, that's crazy, bro, you go back the memories. Yeah, we know these things happen. You're not. So now that you're in Islam submission to the Creator, not the creation, now that you're on the way of Jesus Moses, Abraham, the last the fundamental problem Muhammad, this is just a natural way, you know, it makes sense is a part of your innate nature to believe this and to live it. It's a naturally like, you know, for anybody who's sincere, open minded and humble hearted. Now that you connect all these things, and you look back to your previous life, and you start to look and we start talking about the jinn and this you know that

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these devils and and you make these you can see these connections, you know, what do you

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think when you look back?

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You know, I when I look back at it, it's a sad situation. Because, as I mentioned, many of the people in our industry and I'm speaking from when I was involved in that industry, many of the people just involve and evil what unknowingly you know what I mean? It just the way that music nowadays, it promote, and you can't really blame the artist because a lot of times, we only want to blame the artist, but we forget that there's a machine behind it. That's pumping music that's making people become violent. You know what I mean? That makes and don't get me wrong, I believe artists need to have some accountability. But when you got people that's pumping millions of dollars behind

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a lifestyle, and they telling you and they teach you that the more of that lifestyle that you promote, the more that you dictate that lifestyle to your audience, the more money we're going to give you

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and it's very difficult for individuals to think that they doing something wrong do not I mean because they make millions of dollars and they say and people in the crowd screaming lyrics and they never sit back and reflect about the harm that comes with this music. Many of them never do this you know what I mean? They never sit back and they read and think about Wait a minute maybe we need to be held accountable for what we was doing. We need to be hold held accountable for the lyrics we put it out there. You know, because you might have blood on your hands

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so hon Allah tell me so do you guys also you obviously get the new the news that happens here? You're hearing it over there right the things that are in the media Same thing over here you guys are hearing over there right? Of course Yeah. Especially me you know being in contact with people from back home is sad bro. It seems like a rap artist now is one of the most risky jobs in America. Yeah, the most dangerous job tell me did you ever get in close proximity Did you ever meet Will Smith

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we can't get away

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we don't even know metadata no two outfits complete

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but the detail would it be Brother

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Hey hey, security

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smooth bro you know what it is?

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Wow, okay, all right. Okay, so for get close to anybody that was in his inner circle.

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I know Charlie Mac who's he's one of the best ones Will Smith best friend hamdulillah Charlie Mac as Muslim.

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Of course we met Jada Pinkett because she had a very good strong friendship with to pot and also to pot mother I never met Will Smith personally. How do you think would he end up benefiting like with his situation what do you think with what just happened with Chris rock

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that was a nice one okay.

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Well script to snap out of it.

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Name out your

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Dude, yeah, it was a GI Jane jokey

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Now, I'm going to okay, I was sick and I was sick. And by the standing ovation, I felt like Hollywood is just spineless. On mass. And it just, it really felt like, Oh, this is a really clear indication that we're not the cool club anymore. Man, just, you know, it was sad, to be honest, when I when I, when I seen it, and I read about it, and I even watched the video, it was actually a sad thing that, you know, I mean, that it got to that point, I think he was, it must be something else on the inside that boiled, that make them want to react that way. It came out of nowhere, because we'll have something going on inside him that's frustrated. I, I wish him the best. You know, you

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know, a lot of celebrities have to realize, once you become you on that world stage, you you actually you, you and you an influence on other kids, you're, you're a role model to these kids, no robot or to these kids. So when you reach a certain level, you're not 20 years old, you're not 16 years old, you're old enough to have grandkids, it's very important that you behave in a way that you want your kids and see, or your grandkids and your family to be proud of you. You're not I mean, and I think um, I think he probably going to regret what he done. I'm sure that he's going to realize that he shouldn't have reacted in that manner. And you're not to me because especially the

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days that you live it you live in a cancel culture now where they wait for you to make any mistake and they cancel you. Wow. So Will Will Smith's what you said his best friend, what's his name? Charlie, Charlie Mac is one of the best best friends a Will Smith and on and Charlie Mac as a Muslim. He's Muslim Fulfiller he Muslim Hungary like he always be good at will. You know, he's be good to be good at Jayda. And, and and he's a person has wisdom. So it's good to know that we'll have some people someone like that in this corner. Because maybe he can give us some good advice and Sharla. So we're that's what we're hoping I can you situations, because so many things come up when

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people don't have the blueprint for life. You know, do you think now Will Smith would be able to benefit not just in his marriage? I mean, and just in totality, his whole life with Islam?

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May Allah give him a diet. I mean, I prayed that I prayed that he accepted religion of Islam, because he had like, you have so many people that's close to Islam, that I mean, he has so many Muslims that are close to him, you know, so you never know guidance is from Allah, you never know. He might realize that Islam is what he needs to put some order in his life. You know what I mean? Because money and fame doesn't necessarily equal happiness. You know what I mean? Islam is what give that peace that you know, Samantha, your creators was the only thing that's going to fulfill that void that you fill in your heart. And so I pray that Allah May Allah guide them, you're not a me, I

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pray he get he died. I mean, I mean, a lot of things come up. When you see this whole situation, you see, Lita started a friendship with August. And we actually became really, really good friends. From there. You know, as time went on, I got into a different kind of entanglement.

00:23:12--> 00:23:17

No, no, no. Yes. Yes.

00:23:19--> 00:23:31

I don't believe so. No, I guess what I'm saying is now, me sitting down being honest, I tell all of my friends are men. I don't have female friends. I don't I'm incapable of that.

00:23:33--> 00:23:40

What do you mean? Well, because you know, come on, because you have a wife. Well, I have a wife and I don't I don't really have female friends. Because look.

00:23:42--> 00:23:43

Okay, let's get rid of this.

00:23:44--> 00:23:45

Okay, let me tell you, this is good.

00:23:46--> 00:24:23

That you're an attractive woman. There are some guys somewhere saying yeah, I'm we're friends. No, that's not true. He's your friend. Only because you have made it absolutely clear that nothing else is happening. Except this friendship we have. We remain your friends in hopes that one day there'll be a crack in the door, a chink in the armor and trust and believe that guy that you think is just your buddy, he will slide in neck crack the moment he gets the opportunity, because we're gonna think this way 99.9% of us think that way.

00:24:24--> 00:24:39

And you tell this to a woman and just blows her back? No, I have male friends. You have male friends because they know it can be nothing else right now. You know, this, this comes to mind with the whole situation that protective jealousy that's their outline.

00:24:40--> 00:24:44

You know, how were you looking back then at women compared to now?

00:24:45--> 00:24:49

You know, fortunately, you have this Lita back then

00:24:51--> 00:24:52

bra got Latino blood in me I think

00:24:54--> 00:24:58

I think always had this like this this jealousy me Aki, you know, I mean,

00:24:59--> 00:24:59

but it's like

00:25:00--> 00:25:36

teaches you how to have a healthy jealousy. You know what I mean? Healthy get over your woman with his balance, and Islam Subhana live his practices, it puts everything in his in his do place, you know what I mean? So but back then I didn't really have respect for women because I came from a Vironment that I remember as a kid, if I had a girl that I was liked, or whatever, you know, I don't want to go into details. And as soon as my homies see me with, I will start acting all tough and disrespectful towards him. Because the environment showed us that the more respect you you might obtain is about being disrespectful for women. And then when we went into the music industry, we

00:25:36--> 00:26:09

kind of dragged that on with us, you know, I mean, it wasn't really no respect. It just, it just it was a very strange upbringing. You know, I thank God that I did come from a family of marriage. I knew my mother and father was married. My grandparents were married to her aunts and uncles that marry. So I did see that growing up, you know what I mean? But I didn't have really no role model to teach me how to treat a woman until I accepted the religion of Islam. And I started reading and learning and studying, how to profit, how his companions how they dealt with women. These are some of the most masculine the most these are the people that broke down Roman armies, the Persian

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armies, no, no army can come to them. These was the these real men, but yet they were so patient, and soft. We're dealing with a woman. So we had it wrong all the time. We thought that in order to show us the show that we are real man, you got to be tough to your woman and strong and yell at him. But we get from the Prophet and his companions to the opposite. I'm Videla. We saw some videos with you with fat was a Fat Joe and him saying, saying some different words like you know,

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Salam aleikum, and it seemed he sets off like like, Did he accept Islam? Is he close to it? Or what's what's the situation with Fat Joe? Is that oh, man, that's his proper name. That's his proper name. I don't want to feel like they call him I feel called a Fat Joe. Okay, I don't want to I don't want to offend nobody, but that's what he that's his name, Joe. Okay. Okay. So sorry for calling.

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You know, Joe, man, he's a very like genuine dude. Yeah, a lot of people don't know we I have over 20 Maybe maybe 25 good relationship with Fat Joe and myself, the outlaws do. Our own manager Steve Lobell. And when pot died, there was a lot of people in the music industry who we thought was friends with pop as soon as he died, they turned the back on outlaws. So that was the first time we've seen that the music industry is fake that people that was laughing in Pakistan, we love you. We got a little homies as soon as he passed away, they turned on us. Fat Joe was was a very rare individual. He reached out to us and he was like, Man, I don't know how these guys claim they love

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pocket, you guys his homies and nobody showing y'all love. So he was like, Man, I want y'all to come and be on my video, I want you to come open up on my shows in New York. He he used to bring us on a radio with him when he come to LA. So he really showed us a lot of love. And not too long ago, I recently got back in contact with him. You know, we even throughout the years, he will go to Dubai, we have mutual friends and he was sent a message. But I would say about two, three years ago, I was able to get back in contact with him and speak with him. In fact, Joe have a lot of respect for Islam. He goes to Dubai often he rubbed shoulders with Muslims. He says that our Nekoma as you know,

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Bismillah I even seen an interview with I don't even think he knew what he was saying. He was just talking and I heard him say hamdulillah

00:28:27--> 00:28:33

May Allah guided you know, I mean, I'm very close. You seem very close to Islam. Come Come Fat Joe, come come.

00:28:34--> 00:29:09

May Allah give me diet. And you know, I realized that Eddie man, you know, I was in Puerto Rico about two three months ago because my mother's side of the family is from Puerto Rico. And the last time I was there was over 20 something years ago. This time I went back with a different mindset. I got in contact with my aunts my uncles that I never met before my mother's older sister, and I was able to really spend time with locals there. The Puerto Rican people mashallah Tibet, a lot de softhearted in general, the island of Puerto Rico man, if somebody go there start giving strong Dawa. I think a lot of them would be accepting a religion of Islam, they just have this nature. You

00:29:09--> 00:29:30

know what I mean, where, and they remind me of the Filipinos here in Saudi Arabia, the majority of the people that accept the religion of Islam from the foreigners are Filipinos, they have similar you know, you know, characteristics and mannerisms as Latino people. Yeah. And these are smart individuals. I mean, they're not stupid like the Will Smith's, you know, the fat Joe's, the,

00:29:31--> 00:29:59

the other people we're going to try to get you hopefully, back in contact with they, if they just took a little bit of sincere time and devotion to studying Islam, it wouldn't take long and asking the Creator of the heavens and earth alone for guidance for them to see that this is indeed the truth. True. You know, what you just said is 100% Correct. If a person really want guidance, and they truly ask God to guide them, Allah will guide him and Sharla

00:30:00--> 00:30:21

We hope but you got to have that we have to start with themselves. You're not I mean, so Allah insha Allah. So just a few more questions before we conclude. Tell me you see a lot of people even when they retire from, let's say music, they still want their records to stuff. So, but you had a message for everybody like, listen, just get rid of my stuff. I don't want you listening to it.

00:30:22--> 00:30:58

Because, you know, when I realized now man a lot of my lyrics it didn't call to number good, you know, don't get me I didn't call to good I mean, don't get a lot of them. I said, don't get me wrong, we did have we have some lyrics with, we tried our best to put a positive message out there. But the overall message as Allah says in the Quran about, you know, the wine the is good, and it's benefited, but the evil outweighs the good. So refrain from it all together. So you're not going to benefit from it. You're not I mean, it's a lot of stuff that you know that I'm embarrassed to lose. If I listened to it, man, I'm shocked that I used to be behave like that. It just let me know how

00:30:58--> 00:31:30

Allah guided me Hamdulillah you know what I mean? So I know, I don't have no control over it. When I walked away from the music industry, I think a lot that I walked away from everything. I don't make a penny off of it. A lot of people say to me, Well, you tell them people not to listen to your music and you talking bad but you still benefit. I walked away from royalties, I probably I probably would have still been saved millions of dollars right now. But I don't take a penny. I don't feed my family from no money from the music industry. I don't accept no money from the music industry. I just gave up on it. I left it bylaws guidance, I knew that it was better. Another way of life. And I

00:31:30--> 00:32:04

walked away from it. But the lyrics that we put out majority of the time back in the day, it was it was negative. You know what I wrote? I don't I don't think I ever wrote a rap song sober. You know what I mean? Like I said, I used to try to whenever I used to write my lyrics, I used to want people to say, when they hear it, I want them to think the devil wrote it with me. So of course, I don't want the kids to listen to these things, you know what I mean? Because, you know, you are what you listen to you start behaving, you know, music and hip hop, the, the is a culture that comes with it. And majority of the people that listen to it, they start behaving like that. And you even see that

00:32:04--> 00:32:37

in Muslim countries. Unfortunately, I'm here in Saudi Arabia, and I was sitting in my coffee shop, and you will see a person come in and say, What's up my ni GGA. And he think that that's going to impress me, in I have to explain to these youngsters, you know, I mean, I try my best to do it with wisdom, but they listen to rap music, and they think that this lifestyle is going to bring them some isn't, you know, I mean, it was going to bring them some type of honor when, and it should be the opposite. They should be able to look at us, as they should be able to look at the Muslims, and look at the Muslims and say, I want to get some guidance from these individuals. It shouldn't be the it

00:32:37--> 00:32:52

shouldn't be the other way around. You often have a beautiful quote that you repeat from one of the great scholars, how music is the Quran of the devil? Can you elaborate on that? Yeah, I think it was, if I'm not mistaken, even the best one of the scholars

00:32:54--> 00:33:30

in mankind, He said that music is the shaytaan of the devil because, you know, the music, most of the time is going to take even if a person say for example, well, I only listen to positive music, there's no cuss words. But at the end of the day, the music is going to take over you're going to be more inclined to music and listen to the Quran. And I think one of the Sahaba also said that you will not find a heart that can listen to music and Quran at the same time one of them will overthrow the other one. You know what I mean? So even if you listen to music, I remember I read a study a long time ago from Toronto University, where they said listening to certain musical instruments, it

00:33:30--> 00:34:04

affects a person physically, they said certain musical instruments released the chemical dopamine in the brain, as if your person is taking hardcore drugs such as cocaine. So imagine if you listen to something because you want to feel good, and you listen to something because it can affect your mood. You might end up replacing the Quran you might end up saying I don't need the Quran now. And it might happen step by step slowly but surely, but you will end up saying the Quran is which is a healing for the heart. And Allah says the healing of the heart you will end up probably thinking that music is going to heal your heart because it's releasing this dopamine, dopamine give you this

00:34:04--> 00:34:44

good feeling. And unfortunately even it was another study where they said music is also addictive like cocaine, you know what I mean? So as a Muslim nothing should dictate our our mood, our what you know, our mannerism, our happiness, our sadness, we shouldn't allow anything to do that you're not I mean we shouldn't we should rely on the Quran. Music would do that you're not to me. I remember growing up bro we had a music for everything we wanted to do. We had a song for example, we want to go you know meet up with somebody and do something wrong. We had a song for that. If we want to go do like some violence, we put a certain song or for that if we want to go just have a chill night we

00:34:44--> 00:35:00

put a song like that. So it becomes music become a soundtrack to the life of the individual in our domain, and unfortunately, in a lot of people get misguided thinking that music is something light but it's not like even even studies show that is very detrimental and it can be harmful to

00:35:00--> 00:35:20

person physically. So now you can say that for you, you've been able to just stay away from this for, I mean, how long over a decade now? I'm humbly allowed to say, I've been Muslim mashallah sabbatical for 19 years now. I probably stopped listening to music, you know?

00:35:21--> 00:35:58

I will say for about 15 years, it didn't it wasn't easy. Yeah. It didn't. It didn't. It didn't happen overnight. You know what I mean? And so it took some time, definitely. But Hamdulillah I was able to stay away from it. And I realized even when I was struggling with music, remember that, like it was yesterday, the days that I was listening to music, I would wake up feeling depressed for no reason? Well, I would just wake up and be like, Why am I feeling depressed. And when I read about that study, about music, it mentioned how it affects the mood, you know, music actually really affects your mood. So it will bring you down, it can bring you up. So I've realized when I started

00:35:59--> 00:36:37

that, you know, when I stopped listening to music, I stopped feeling depressed, I start feeling, you know, the sadness, you know, for no reason. And there's nothing in Islam that prescribes just tells you to stay away from that there's not wisdom behind the legislation. So I mean, look, I mean, people talk about mental health issues and depression and all that, but a lot of people are not linking it to this. So it has, it has a major effect on it, you know, it has a mate. You know, music meant music has a major effect on mental health. A lot of people don't know that you're not I mean, it has a major effect. Because, you know, music also is connected to what, especially hip hop music

00:36:37--> 00:36:45

is connected to drugs. It's connected to a lifestyle. You know what I mean? You're not gonna see too many people that's gonna listen to rap and all of a sudden he's sober.

00:36:47--> 00:37:25

Drugs, you know, drugs bring mental health issues. The anatomy and drugs and mental health issues is rapid. In the Latino and African American community, we, we we sweep it under the rug. You know what I mean? We sweep it under the rug. And unfortunately, we have to address everything that leads to things that are detrimental to our house physically, mentally, you know what I mean? We have a lot that we pushing and promoting. And like I said, the music industry they have no, they have no, they have no. What can I say? They have no support. If you think about it, these the music industry is a billion dollar industry. You don't see Columbia Records, you don't see Interscope, right, you don't

00:37:25--> 00:38:06

see none of these record labels setting up anything and the African American communities, support and mental health support and poverty. They make billions of dollars and they're not giving nothing back to the ghettos. But they take these artists from these ghettos. They don't give out health insurance. They don't they, they don't help with nothing. They just take the money and the rapper stops selling records. They kick him to the curb and they bring someone else Oh, sad, sad. It just brought back some memories. I think we were together also in Canada, right it was it was a loon was a freeway views. Do you remember that? Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Did you get memory? Yeah. What did you

00:38:06--> 00:38:44

still stay in touch with them for freeway with Lou and with some of the touch with them every every once in a while freeway known hamdulillah even when no one was locked up, I was in touch. I was able to get in touch, you know, with a good friend of mines to help him help get known out of prison. You know, I had a good friend of mines Weldon Angelos, who was locked up, and they tried to give him like 50 Some years in prison. He's he was from Utah. You know, I was the one gaming Shahada. He accepted the religion of Islam. His story was he was crazy. They try to put them in prison. They actually gave him 55 years in prison. He fought he fought his sister also fought and Barack Obama

00:38:44--> 00:39:00

was able to release them. So when Where did Angelo's came home the first thing he did he did 15 years in prison and the first thing he did is he contacted me said I want to help others who are prison who I feel like you know wrongly convicted and you know he's like can you give me some names and the first name I gave him was loan

00:39:01--> 00:39:20

get this helped help try to get this brother out. So I always been in touch with him from the time he was in prison from the time he came home. Also free way we talk every once in a while so these my brothers for life the Sharla 100 Tell us I get we see some stars up there on the ceiling. This is your beautiful cafe people

00:39:21--> 00:39:26

that's just some light some decorated light that we try to to make the people feel like dance space.

00:39:28--> 00:39:59

So this is a this is a you're in Riyadh right? I'm in Riyadh Yes. Yeah. So people could stop stop by and have a coffee there with you. You come to MW Cafe have a coffee. You know I'm also a partner with a restaurant called smoky beers. And you want some strong? You know, we have some Albanian brothers some Saudi partners with us but I've been in brothers are a ton and Sunday. As soldiers from Saudi we put a team together and they came up and opened up a smoked brisket restaurant made from Bamyan American brothers from Dallas, Texas.

00:40:00--> 00:40:38

Masha Allah will get the real experience they shot a lot. Beautiful. Give us some closing comments and advice Ramadan's here coming up what advice do you have for the people? I would say man Ramadan is another chance for us to get closer to Allah know the chance for us to get our sins forgiven inshallah and also there's a thing that comes up every single Ramadan that I hate, you know, I know social media they start doing this hashtag so they call people Ramadan Muslims, I think Muslims we should refrain from that because when you see a person who never prayed before and never wore hijab before and never grew a beard before, but you see them in Ramadan trying to see them praying you see

00:40:38--> 00:41:17

him you know taking that first step that might be the first step for them to continue so rather than instead of calling them instead of calling them Ramadan, Muslims, it's best to support these individuals to make dua for these individuals and refrain from that. Now I think it's very important to refrain from that you're not a man and realize that Ramadan is a month of mercy. So we should be showing mercy to each other we should take advantage of it definitely take advantage of this because every single Muslim on earth we need this month So may Allah give it give us two feet I mean, thank you very much and let's let's keep the connection and inshallah you come back to the states you

00:41:17--> 00:41:36

visiting anytime soon the state's I've got it I got to come back and I will be in LA this summer. I haven't been in LA for three years. You know, I have to get back there. Sharla Alright, inshallah we can connect in person maybe in Chicago like before. Happy salah. Let's do it, brother. Zack a lot. Kick.

00:41:37--> 00:41:43

Okay, Milla. Bless you. It's good talking with you. Alright, take care. Salaam Alaikum Salaam.

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And that was our brother, Muhtar, aka Napoleon here on the D show. Really nice talking with you, my brother. And let's get this connection back with him. And Snoop Dogg. And Will Smith let's get this message out. Because we can give you all the Ferraris someone can give you all the Ferraris all the money in the world but you got all that you know what I mean? And those those gifts are what temporary you know, you can't take it when you go go where leave this life, right? But the best gift that we can give you is the purpose in life to give you a slam, and inshallah Fat Joe, and all the others that we were talking about. And beyond just the layman, you're just average person here. You

00:42:30--> 00:43:13

want to know what the purpose of why you've been listening to these rappers all day and night and you are depressed and you know, you're sick of smoking blunts, and drinking and partying and you're like, there's got to be more to life. Yes, there is. And it's the way of life that our brother Muhtar is upon, that so many people now are coming to know about and they're looking into it, and it's to gain that peace that we all want to gain purpose by submitting your will to the credit of heavens and earth. And that's Islam so go ahead and get your freak i got to give for you a free copy of the Quran at the deed If you have some questions, go ahead and also call us at one

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806 62475 to get this message to these individuals. So we can help Muhtar make the connection with them again Shala May God Almighty Allah guide them. We see you next time. Until then, Peace be with you. Don't forget, support us on our Patreon and we'll see you next time Peace be with you as salam alikoum and if you liked this episode of the deen show, like this video, share this video far and wide and support us on our Patreon page so we can continue this work. Thank you for tuning in. Peace be with you a Salaam Alaikum