Transformers Ep 11- Welcoming Ramadan 1440 AH – 2019

Sajid Ahmed Umar


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Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Rahim hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah what Allah Allah He was a big man, my bad. My dearest brothers and sisters in Islam Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh This is your brother Sajid aroma and Subhana Allah It feels like just last month that I was speaking to you all during our daily or nightly Ramadan remind us and in a few days time literally especially given how fast the days are going by a new Ramadan will dawn upon us, except our last Ramadan me. Me Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah grant us life to meet the upcoming Ramadan I mean, and we Allah grant us health and strength and inspiration to make

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this Ramadan even better than last Ramadan. I mean you're behind me. Brothers and sisters in Islam imagine a special celebrity guests someone who you really really love and they coming to your city Finally, you've always wanted to meet them. And finally they are coming and everyone is told that the guest will stay at the home that it arrives at and it will this guests will come bearing unimaginable gifts. What will happen. On the day of the arrival of this guest everyone will be set by the windows praying hoping that this guest drives on their street and then this guest stops at their door and chooses their home as his about well, Rama van is coming in from a van is our guests.

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It comes every year without fail. And it means everyone who Allah subhanho wa Taala chooses to be alive upon its renewed arrival. And it excitedly comes to us. And this guest is different than the other guests that I just told you about. Because Ravana is a guest that doesn't doesn't pick and choose it's not going to make anyone sad. The other guests I told you about will stop at a particular door it might be your neighbor's door and you know him stopping there will make you sad because you would you would wish that he stopped at your door. And those gifts would be your gifts. Ravana does not separate between anyone it comes knocking all our doors at the same time varying the

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same gifts, the gift of fasting, the gift of tarawih the gift of Laila to the other, the gift of soda petrol photo, the gift of a decaf, the gift of freedom from the Hellfire, the gift of the doors of Jenna being opened wide and the doors of jahannam being shut the gifts of the dangerous shell being being chained to assist us in our pursuit of happiness. And when I say happiness, I mean true happiness. Because that entails entry into gender and being saved from the hellfire. May Allah grant me. This is the reality of this guest that's going to come brothers and sisters in Islam. My dear brothers and sisters in Islam, what do we do when a guest arrives at our home who we love, we

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prepare the home, we make sure the guest room is ready. The painting is in order, the smell of the room is in order. The bedding is in order that you know the utilities and the amenities that we would love our guests to enjoy all these things I in order we make sure we arrange our timetable so that we're not always at work. Once our guest is stuck at home, we make a plan where can we take our guests? What recreation can we do with them? What can we do to make this state memorable?

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That's what we would do.

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And I put this across to you all with regards to Ravana. It's just coming now.

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The arrival of the guests that just left us last year.

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The guests that left us last year with so many gifts, and left us with a message that please when I come to you next year make sure

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I see you in a better way

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than when I saw you and I arrived

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What should we do for this guest no doubt we need to prepare. We need to prepare the guests from from afar. We need to prepare the meals for Amazon. We need to prepare the the timetable for Amazon so that Ravana doesn't just exist in our home as a guest just waiting to leave, but rather a guest that lives in our home.

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longing to come back after our lives.

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What am I saying by this brothers and sisters in Islam? We need to put ourselves into great preparation. Don't be shocked when Mr. Van arrives you open the door in the home is not ready. You're not ready. The guest room isn't ready. Nothing is ready. And you are shocked and it makes number one he'll

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Number one, feel sad mix number one feel different. So Pamela, I thought I was loved here. But here I see people who are not even anticipating. Anticipating, number one brothers and sisters in Islam started preparing your timetables. What do you want to achieve this number one in terms of your worship, how are you going to achieve it? How are you going to change your your physical timetable in terms of the work that you do? The activities that you have to ensure that you have real time for the special month that is coming with it special gifts, prepare yourself to receive these gifts to respect Ramadan, and in the process respect Allah because we're law here, these are gifts. These are

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gifts. And the worst thing you can do is disrespect someone who gift you something by wasting that gift. Start planning now on how you're going to honor my one and in the process. So panela love Allah subhanho wa Taala and respect Allah subhanho wa Taala thank Allah subhanho wa Taala by being ready to take these gifts and utilize them in the best way that shows the greatest respect to the one who gifted I leave you with this introductory message. There will be more messages this Shabbat and then in Ramadan with a less permission. I promise to be with you all for our Ramadan reminders again insha Allah, I love you all for the sake of Allah until then Salaam Alaikum alaikum

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warahmatullahi wabarakatuh