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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salam aleikum, which is a greeting of peace, peace be unto you. Thank you for tuning in to another episode of the deen show. This week, we're going to be talking about the prophets,

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the prophets who were sent by the Creator to heavens and earth, to teach us on how to get close to God to teach us how to live the prophets who we needed to emulate. And today, we have the last and final messenger with seven different kinds of Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessing be upon him. We are going to be talking with our special friend, our guest Sheikh Yusuf estas. We talked with him previously about the first man the first Prophet Adam. Now if you don't catch us live on the TV, here in Chicago, all of our shows are online at the deen show calm and you can go under use of estas and see the other shows that you missed. Now without further delay, we're going to continue talking

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about the profits with our special guest shake use of SS when we come back on the show.

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There's only one Jesus was his messenger

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Why did that maybe? Maybe it's just to break the ice Assalamualaikum I consider myself to live better. Katya. Thank you for being with us again, chick. It's great to be back. And is this building getting taller every time I come here, I don't know. It when you look out and you see everything out there. It's an amazing thing, Mashallah. I like it. I like what the studio is doing. And I like the reach that you're getting out to the people. I think that's what's really important hamdulillah all thanks and praises to the creator to heaven and earth, Allah who's given us this ability to be able to set up this Dao program. And we'd like to thank you for helping to support this dollar program

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that we're doing so we can help benefit the world. I'm just wondering that on the next program when I come, how you guys going to have your own helicopter and land on that helipad up on the top? You bring me on that? That'll be cool.

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Oh, *, we talked about Adam who first prophet. And you talked about the story. What happened in the garden? And some of the other things how he turned to Allah alone. he repented and people can go and watch this episode at the deen show calm. By the way, I heard you mentioned the website. And I've been telling people about your website. And they say, Well, I went to densho.com. And I didn't find it. I said no, no, it's the dean showed. Th e d e n sh o w.com. Yeah, you have to put the word. Yes, in front, right? Yes, the deen show.com. They can go there and catch up if they need to. If they didn't catch if they missed the other shows that we did with you. Tell us and continue talking

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about some of the other prophets that God Almighty Allah sent to mankind. I think it's good for us to go back and kind of pick up where we were on the subject of special and super special that you were talking Yes. A special person to us would be one who is carrying a message, an important

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statement for the people.

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That message is to worship God without any partners. But in English, they will get confusing.

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Because a messenger to us it will use the word in the Bible it's used is an epistle. A message is an epistle. And one who carries it's an apostle, yeah. But for us when we say the Messenger of Allah, this is called super special. Let's give that message there. That he is a messenger in the sense that he is physically coming with something that you can touch. Yeah.

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Because some of the prophets, they came and they told people to worship God, but they didn't come with a particular

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scripture. Yeah, or what's called so Huff. They did not come with that. They just came with a general idea that worship God, worship God, worship God. don't worship rock stick stones, bonds, don't worship things you see or don't see or make up in your mind, but worship the only one God who created everything in the first place. This is what they all said. Now, this one

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would be for every single one of them from the beginning, which would be Adam all the way to Mohammed, peace and blessing be upon all of them.

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But when they come with Scripture, now, this is going to be more for the folks who know about the Bible. Moses comes with the 10 commandments. Yeah.

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And not because it's carved in stone, but because it is a new set of commandments for the people. They said, We didn't know about this. Okay, here it is. And then David, or Tao who this is called an Arabic and his son, Suleiman. They have also come with Scripture called the boar, or Psalms. Yeah. Jesus Christ, peace and blessings be upon him. He also came with something called the Injeel, or the gospel or the good news. Yes. So each one of these is having something they're associated with them more so than just a good character about them, or just that they're saying, just worship God. There are many, many prophets more than 100. And I think 124,000 more than so 10s of 1000s of prophets out

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here. Yeah. And now

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we have a distinction here between them in that some are actually Russell's, or ambia, that have another nomenclature, and distinction, that they have this, this thing of, here's a commandment, this is something to remember and so on. They originally came in the form of what was taught from mouth, the prophets hear it, and they teach it, some of the prophets knew how to read and write. Now, according to some old manuscripts that we have, from Jews, Christians, some teachings of early Muslims, they believe that Adam, of course, is the first of the all of the mankind and also the first Prophet, he has a son named Seth, or shifts, depending on how you pronounce it.

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And he would be a prophet, in the sense that he's telling people to worship the God that our father worshipped, Adam, yes, to his offspring and so on. Then after that is going to come another one, Idris Enoch, is how he's known in the Bible, you know, yeah, there are some apocrypha from the Bible. In other words, hidden from the public, these are hidden things. But there is a gospel or a, a manuscript attributed to Enoch, in arcs, teachings, and so on. And it is also in Islam to believe that Idris or Enoch is the first man who came with Scripture that was written that he was the first of all people to read and write about this. It's mentioned in the Quran, that our law says that,

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that it is a law, who taught man what he didn't know, taught, taught the human being how to use a pen, and taught him what he didn't know. And it's said that this is talking about Enoch.

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So this would be in our could be Idris, who's another prophet, after a prophet and messenger, and he's an unbeliever. He's a Nabi. In other words, he is the plural of Nabil. He's a Nabi a prophet, but he's also a messenger, because it was something where he has something written down, something for the people to learn about. So it means that none of that, I guess that it means that he not only could

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read and write, but also he had to teach reading and writing those people if they were going to be able to carry it forward. Now we talked about in our previous show, when you talked about Adam, that he called people to surrender, submission, sincerity, obedience, obedience, energy and peace. Now, what was the teachings and the way of the next prophet or messenger nonprofit? You said, Idris, and you? How did you how did you say his name? Idris, Idris or Enoch? Enoch? What we have liked was he upon

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the difference for all of them, they would all be saying to have the attitude, this thing that we're talking about to recognize there's one God, this is monotheism, yes. Then what's your relationship with him? This would be Islam. So we believe as Muslims that there was always the belief of at least some people believing that there is one God, the God of Adam that created Adam, and that God and and understanding of him, this is called Hanif. hanafy. You have to believe in this this is monotheism. Yeah. Then when people are talking about this, they're preaching a religion of monotheism or Hanif,

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but when they come with some commandment, they said, okay, and in addition to

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believing in God and living in a subservient way to God, here's the commandment from God, you have to do this.

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Okay, that makes them a resource that makes them a messenger. So that's how we would say that. I obviously Idris would be the first of those if he's the first one reading, writing and passing it on then must be that he's the first of the results. Yeah. What from authentic information do we have about the life of Idris? Very little, very little? Yeah, when I did the series for the children called Casa Salaam, via the stories of the prophets, we couldn't even make a full program out of it. Because unless I really want to talk about what's known from the Apocrypha, if I want to talk about what's known from the Christians, and what's known from the, the Jews about these Talmud, scholars

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have information on that. But I didn't want to turn my program into some scholarly work about stuff that we don't even know if it's authentic anyway. But I did want to reference that there is somebody with this name, and he was a prophet. And he had some things that what he had exactly, if you want to compare what he had to what let us say, for instance, Abraham had, we don't have enough comparison there to make a decent program out of it. But we can conclude that he worship god alone. He didn't worship a man he never. He didn't. Every single prophet of Almighty God has to believe there's only one God, and they're trying their best to do His will on Earth. As it is inhibit. This

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is a foregone conclusion, that long sentence you just said is summed up with one word in Arabic, isn't it? Islam, Islam, okay, as Lama is the verb, Islam would be there. We're doing Islam. They were submitting, they were doing Islam, Muslim, Islam, Islam, Islam. Okay, moving on, we went from Adam Idris, and now the next prophet or messenger, in line, who is that?

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There are many, and we won't know all of them, the ones that we know about, but key key key would be Abraham, Elissa peace be upon Abraham. Abraham, was also in the same area as Jonah. He's in Iraq. Now, some might offer that they might think that

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that john would be older. But well, no, we did forget one, didn't we? I did. And that would be obviously not a prophet in the sense of being a messenger, but definitely a prophet in the sense of calling the people to worship when God would be Noah. Noah, so injuries know it the Noah, it could Yeah, it would be according to the genealogy mentioned in the Bible, it would be that no comes after you knock. Yeah. And no, is how it's pronounced that Arabic? No, with a ha sound at the end. No, was one who worship god alone without any partners? And he finds it his people, though they're worshiping the statues? Yeah. And how that comes about is that when there were these righteous

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people before, and they died, then the people would tell the children, you know, you should be like them, you should be like them, they were righteous, this guy or that guy, so and so. So some of them made images or statues of these people, and said, he looked like this, she looked like that, I guess, you know, and then they would erect these statues and people would pass by them. And they could say, well, you know, this person right here, you should be like this one, they had this good quality, and that one had this good quality. So people were identifying with these statues in a way that was to improve their character, their moral behavior, their their belief in God. But then

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another generation comes, they don't know what you're talking about with statues, they begin to worship the statue itself.

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And so even you find this iconic

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mindset today where people say, Well, I'm not really worshipping the statue. But I represent what I worship what it represents to me. Yeah. And so I'm not worshiping the statue. I'm worshiping the God that dwells in the statue. Or I'm worshiping the God who made the statue or just worshiping God in the statue reminds me of God. But all of these things are coming from this mentality. And this is what Noah came to get two people away from Yeah. And now another thing we didn't talk about before about profits, they come with signs. Yes, those who come with the major signs. These are major prophets.

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A major sign with Noah was of course the flood, not because the water came up, because anybody could say, well, it was a flood. But the fact that he predicted it in a time and a place where that had not occurred before. And he kept telling me it was gonna happen and you need to repent.

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Need to believe in God need to

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turn your lives over to him and live right

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Because people were really not very righteous at all at this time. So what happens that when he builds this Ark now the big ship out there, they're dying laughing at him like, what are you building it here for screwball? You know, look at you. And then he started bringing these animals and putting them in there. Okay, this guy's whacked. They're making fun of him laughing, joking. His own Son rejected to go with him. And yeah. And in those days, for sure, there was a big family ties, and it would be really bizarre for you to disobey your father. But he's telling come get in this boat with him. I'm going to do it.

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Now, he couldn't get his own sign. So this should tell all of us something. You can't force people to accept the beliefs. Yeah, he couldn't do it. We can't do it either. But you try your best to explain to them.

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And when the water started raising up, he told us and Come on, get in, get in. He said, Now I'm going to go up the mountain. He said, it's going to go up there. He said, I'll go higher up. He said it's going to top it off. Oh, it's never going to be that high water. Isn't it go up to the top of a mountain? Are you crazy? Well, we found out who's crazy. Because Sure enough, Noah did get into the ship. He did have the animals with him. And he had maybe had 70 or 80 people, I don't know exactly how many I didn't have certainly didn't have the whole village. And the water came it came from above and below is could be rising water as well as rain coming down. It could have been a number of

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things. But it essentially covered everything in their area. In Islam, we don't have this idea that the whole entire Earth had to be covered with water for so many days and nights or anything. But certainly the known world to him was covered. Yeah, they had a lot of water. There was a big flood. And reports that we have from some of those who archaeologists have told us that there is evidence that in ancient times there was a big flood that might have been around the world. Certainly it was in different places in Europe, different places in Arabia, this is known as historical. Well, yeah, they're definitely but there's been more than one flood. Yeah. And they might not be able to put

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them all at the same time. I don't know. Yeah. But if we make a contrast now between what the Bible says the Bible says that this was a worldwide flood. And then the Quran would say that it was a local flood. So what the Quran doesn't say, it doesn't try to commit to that, because the subject is not about how much water was covered. Yeah. It's about the fact that the people themselves were covered with water. I see. This is the point. Yeah. So it doesn't really matter to us. And we don't really care if it was all covered, finding good if it wasn't, that's fine and good. Doesn't matter. What matters is that people didn't obey. Yes, they had a chance. They knew he was a righteous man,

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he wasn't lying. And then even when the water started coming, they could have said, Okay, this could be a son. Let's just get in the boat for fun, you know? Well, they didn't. Yeah. So the main thing he did was he called them to worship God and not these statues, idols, the people amongst themselves that they

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lifted up to the level of God. He called him something that was natural to the worship of one God. Yeah, and and now, this is course of testing them in a way because you want me to worship one god finding good. But now you're also asked me to believe in a prophecy here that water is going to come up. And that would be a condition Yeah, you need to believe that. So this is, this is what happened to his time. Now later on, we find that will go now to Abraham and Abraham, his name is Ibrahim, this is the next prophet now. Yes. And he's going to be a key Prophet, super special, if you will, because he's a real soul. And that he has actual scripture again, apocrypha teaches us that Abraham

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had some scripture, yeah. But in the Bible itself, no, we don't have that. But from Islam, we do know he did because it says in Quran in surah, a Todrick the end of it, it says, So hoof, Ebrahim Moosa, the scriptures of Abraham and Moses. So we know he had scriptures. So what happened? And what was the unique circumstance with Abraham? You talked about Noah and his unique circumstance. What about Abraham? What was he well battling it his Abraham's father, according to the Bible is Tara and his

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father was a statue maker statue make, yeah, he made the statues that people worship. Big Business also, isn't it? Well, it was actually a ministerial post. Yeah, that he In other words, is you're not just a guy out here hustling statues on the side of the road. You're making them by the roll command of the king himself. At that time, the king was named Nimrod, or nim rude in Arabic, his name was nim rude, and he was the one

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Who told people that he was God actually said that he was the Lord, you need to worship Him. There's some dialogue mentioned in the Quran between Abraham and Nimrod, where in the just one example, that Abraham is telling him that you should worship God. And he's saying, Well, I'm God. He said, No.

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My God, My Lord is the one who gives life and gives death. Now the story has it that nim Ruud brought some people forward in order that some be killed. And then he spared the others. He said, those people that lived in those died, so I give life and I give death.

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So then the response comes back. Well, my lord is the one who causes the sun to rise in the east, why don't you make it come up in the West? Now he's stumped. He's stumped. That's, that's a good way to translate that he was stumped. And he can't answer that because he gets mad and some other things happen. But there's another event that took place like this, that these people worshipping these statues. And Abraham's complained to his father about these statues why we're why we're making these statues and and you want people to believe that there's a God him. I mean, you can make the statue have big ears or big nose or you know, and it's up to you to tell tell them that this is this God or

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that God give it a name. And that was that his father of course didn't want him talking like that. Because look, I got a high post him a big shot and you're messing everything up.

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So at one point, the people were out doing something I don't remember this, that part of the story but so Abraham went in there temple were all these gods, these false statues and idols were there. And he took a huge mallet, a big hammer, like a sledgehammer. And he began to beat in destroy all of these statues, except the biggest of all of them.

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And then he leaves the hammer, the big hammer right beside the big guy. Yeah. And then he goes away. Well, when the people returned to the temple, they're amazed what happened in the world who could do such a thing. And somebody said, Bring that boy, who's the son of the statue of Mecca bring him he's complaining about our gods. So let's see what he has to say. They brought him and said, look at this, and he looks around, okay. said, Well, what do you say about all this? He said, Why are you asking me? Why don't you ask the guy with the big hammer? Yeah. So at that stage, they're like, Hmm, well, that's a good answer. And then they respond back to him said, he can't hear. And he can't see

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again here and he can't speak. I think that's what he said. He can't hear any can't speak. He says, Then why are you praying to Him?

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That's pretty good deal. Yeah. And I've asked people that have statues and things that they hold on to, why do you? Why do you think this thing can benefit you? If it fell off and broke? What would you do? They said, I'll go buy another one. What is this? It doesn't make any sense. So when he did that, though, that's when they made the big fire that one of the biggest fires that was ever in history of humans at that time, a whole valley full of fire, I guess. And they wanted to burn him up.

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The King limeroad ordered to burn him up. But the people trying to build the fire were averages were themselves getting burned up trying to build it. They couldn't get close enough to throw him in. And they developed then in their what's called the catapult. You know, the catapult. This is that long, long, long tree or bar and you put a fulcrum here and then you have a balance it and then

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throw him into the fire. Well, they did they throw him into the fire with that catapult. But when he went in a law said, Be cool for Abraham. And they said four days and nights he was in that fire. And he came out unscathed. He had nothing, no burns, nothing on him. And they didn't know what to do with him after that. They just want him to leave. Now. This is a miracle right there. Wasn't it be a pretty big miracle? Yeah. Now if we take it to modern times, he was fighting against idolatry, calling the people to worship the crater alone. The same thing. Noah did the same thing. Idris did the same thing the first met Matt. Adam did. And if we look at modern times today, these were icons,

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these were statues. You see some of that present today, don't you in a different form. You see it in the exact same form. And other variants of it the exact same format I have seen in some countries I've visited people have idols or statues. I recall one, he had a statue on the dashboard of his car. He was a driver and a gun and slammed the door. And when I did that, I wiggled like that. I said, What is this? He said, that's my God. I said, You're what? He said this, my god for traveling.

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Put your seatbelt on and it says put my seatbelt on so why don't you put a seatbelt on your God and he started laughing. I said, I'm

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joking. I said, you know, things were going on there, you're liable to hit a bump up here and falls down, you know, and he's a normal watch. And he grabbed it and he picked it up and you could hear

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he had Velcro on it.

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I said, a God with a Velcro. And then

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he put it back. And when he did, I said, Well, what would you do if it did fall down and broke? He said, I'll go buy another one.

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So there's, for some people, they're not catching that what you're saying, You're worshiping, you're giving prayers and thanksgiving and requests to a piece of wood or pieces don't for crying out loud. Why do you think people don't see the seriousness of this issue, they'll walk, you walk in some grocery store, and you might see the icons of Mary or Jeez, they what they claim to be Jesus, or even you can put a quarter in one of these little slot machines and something will come out of a little small statue and icon. You see this going on? Why do people turn to these things? Why do you think this is something that attracts people? Well, Muslims even have some of their own problems,

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too. As far as taking those little teeny, teeny neurons, you can't even read them. Yeah. And they want to wear it as a locket or something, and it brings him good luck, it's superstition. superstition, will want something they can hang on to to believe in. But they're not accepting that Allah Himself is the one that really is providing for you caring for you, the one you turn to the one you give thanksgiving to. They don't want to do that, because there are various reasons. But it this is the biggest problem of all, this is the biggest incorrect worship and incorrect belief is what destroys a society. Do you see this is just a cop out an easy way out? That I feel like I can

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do whatever I want to do. And then there's something yearning inside the human being. So he takes this, it could be for some people it but I wouldn't say that it's true of everybody. It could be that that's the case. But we can't just write it all up and say everybody's the same. Let's bring in different reasons. Yeah. So before we conclude, tell us now what other special event happened with Abraham, and something that we can take home and all benefit from? Abraham was really, I think, a good example for us to realize that we can't identify God on our own because he had another example, that he looked at the sun to the moon into the stars. And he along the way said, Could this be my

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god? Could this be my god? Could this be my God, but the sunsets the stars go away, the moon could at different phases. And he says all of this is not my God. And the scholar said, he did this for, for his people to hear him say it because he knew better. But he said that, no, this is not my God. So I won't be guided unless he guides me. So we should ask for guidance. Absolutely. And I like to thank you for being with us to do it. It's great, thank you, we're gonna have to continue on talking about these wonderful human beings, the prophets that we should all emulate. And the last and final messenger, but hold on. I want to give you an opportunity that if somebody wants to learn more, you

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have some websites that you can refer people to, I suggest really that they visit our website called share islam.com sH ar e is lm calm. And on the drop down list on the left, you can look forward says prophets or Mohammed in check it out. Thank you. And thank you for being with us. And a wonderful example of what Abraham did peace be upon him. He looked to the sun and said that can't be my God, to the stars and the moon. He said, that can't be my God. And he asked the one guy, the creator, who created the sun, the moon, the stars and everything in creation. He asked that God to guide him. And that's what we should all do, as the creator alone to guide us. And we hope to see you again next

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time here on the deen show. Until then, Salaam Alaikum. Peace be unto you.

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The DVDs for Dawa is Allah has said in the Quran in surah Now 16 125 will do Illa severely Rebecca bill Hekmati invite all the way of your Lord with wisdom beautiful preaching and reason with them in ways that are best and this is a great opportunity for you to take up the obligation take up the call as Allah has told you to do and share this beautiful message with the world Islam submission to the One God don't see what everyone's talking about. You find one contradiction it can't be from God.

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But the rational idea the rational explanation is you do your best to give up worshiping God I will never give up spreading this message. You take the necessary step you don't know if you're gonna live till tomorrow

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you got to find that urgency to do the right thing right now.

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If you say that you do not believe in Jesus you have stepped outside of Islam you can not be a Muslim as a tenant our faith to

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eat it's cold it's lay everybody asleep.

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I arise and ask a lot of thinking me. Oh la You see? Oh la you know all the scenes I do. I turn to you to begin cinema.

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run away. Oh, guide me