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The crisis in the US is causing people to experience anxiety and frustration, leading to a crisis in the sense of health. The speakers discuss various tours and events, including a duar recommend coffee and a tour of a property. They stress the importance of fulfilling one's obligations and leaving one's activities in the hands of the boss, and emphasize the need for people to show weaknesses and weaknesses in order to win in difficult situations. The speakers stress the importance of showing mercy and sympathy and emphasize the need for people to show weaknesses and weaknesses in order to win.

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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah

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wa Salatu was salam wa ala Milan v Avada. Amar Babu photo Villa Jimenez shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim in Sana fulica Hawa, either dama solutia Rosa, where EDA masala Pharaoh Manoir, Sara colloquialism may be respected elders and brothers.

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It seems we are living in a time especially now with these great anxiety, great frustration stress because of the holiday because of the situation we find ourselves in. And undoubtedly, with regard to what is happening in terms of Corona and the COVID-19 is part of that. Daily we are seeing people in hearing about people who are becoming ill.

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We are hearing and seeing about people who are passing away. Just yesterday I lost a very dear and near friend who was my hammock, who studied with me, because it mana Shabbir Kamikaze. Rama Talalay May Allah tala Felice covered with more. So because of that there is a certain degree of apprehension, there's a certain degree of

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maybe to some extent, even going to despair. And this is very unfortunate because we are not supposed to be like that. And that Allah in the Holy Quran, he says, So begin early in Santa Monica Hawa in San is very, very impatient. very impatient. He goes no Sabbath. He dama Sol, Pharaoh Manohar, when Allah gives him any good, then he is miserly. He doesn't like to spend he becomes proud and arrogant. Well, Rama so shallow Joshua. And when things don't go his way he becomes despondent. So this Allah, Allah says, is not the way of a believer in nolet asuma rohilla Hillel, komolika Pharaoh, the believer never ever loses hope in the mercy of Allah. It is only a disbeliever

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someone who doesn't believe in Allah subhanho wa Taala who loses hope in the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala mcnelis work could you betcha. Niki h shudehill. Let her Doria Corona ki wajah se hum Rose dekra killorglin Mr. hora kisi ki Jan kisi komak life or a twist? Just a push? No push back. Jenny. Are you a bit? spotty here. coronella terrafirma inola Sumi, rohilla Hello como cafe one. k now MIDI Cofer Kashi era na k Min koshyari

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moment Amina amit naota. So we have to keep this in mind. Or in Hana hamacher Natalia adjunction busara Chad aka Santa Pescara. What are we supposed to do in such a situation? What are the ways what can we do just few things that we will present in front of you. One of the things that we should perhaps always consider

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take every one of our concerns. Take every one of our tension. Take every one of our concerns. Take every one of our worries and turn it into a duar in front of Allah tala turn it into

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resignation and tawakkol in front of Allah subhanho wa Taala This is very important herten our or her para shaniqua dwama Patel day in Allah, Allah Tata Sammy Super geka Zarya, Sanjay. It has turned towards Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala more than anyone more than any time before. A moment in the time of difficulty he turns towards Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala komiya Allah for who has boo whoever relies upon Almighty Allah Allah Allah becomes sufficient for him. Joby Allah tala, Kolkata, Kolkata and later on Kenya coffee autodata. Well May Allah whoever fears Allah, whoever takes into account Allah subhanho wa Taala whoever fears Allah wherever regards Allah in front of him. He has

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Allahu Maharaja, Allah tala makes a way out of him from every difficulty. Now there are many tours that we can read. Morning evening was a lot of cups. That was it we are supposed to read in the morning. Every morning when we get up. Let us learn to remember Allah let us learn to put our trust in Allah subhana wa tada such beautiful to us, our Allah and the Sunnah tells us really every morning Bismillah hula de la de Roma is Mahesh, a wonderful Abdullah sama overlying your name nothing can hurt me. Nothing can harm me in this world in the earth. And there are many of us do our kitayama portside while nichia subaki Dwyer Sham Kidwai Cusco who rose Parata and just to make it

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easy, I will give you three types of doors that we are setting

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To read Mutasa sattva three very short and brief to us and I would like to recommend Yahoo Yata Yun Berra motyka Nazareth

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oh hey into whom the one who is eternal The one who is ever the one who is everything happens because of his power. Right? There are magical mysteries. We are now we play beg and plead upon you for your Ahmed. He agda huesca with kurta we always read this duar wherever we can, yeah you Yata Yo, there are magical mysteries. The second tour duar that I would like to recommend has been a lot when I'm working Nirmal Mola when

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the second type of duar that we read has been a law when animal Joaquin Nirmal Mola, wanyama Nasim Allah, you are sufficient for us. You are the best of all guardians. Ella Amaya coffee Absa battery Nicobar sub sub batterien never been happy. So the second was read constantly has been allowed when again. Nirmal Mola, wanyama Nasim, third la hora quwata illa Billah no power Nothing can happen without Allah subhanho wa Taala Courtney kisi ki pushed HL de Silva natella kitchen. So within Duan Do I have Misha para Kalahari Rose jeppe for setmana is valco Baraka whatever you get a type read these three three to us, Yahoo, Yahoo, Mira,

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La quwata illa Billah and the third has been a low and Mr. kidney.

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So, what we are saying the first thing is, turn our worry, turn our anxiety, turn our concern into advance. The second thing is, let us fulfill our responsibility.

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Jo hamari Cooper Zima Daria was quite nice. Whatever we are supposed to do, we have to do. Chemistry Sharif has made mention of this very amazing type of Hadith which everyone knows about him, but that has given you the background with regard to a villager. He came in the presence of the reoccurring sorcerer of batou he came in the presence of Navis awesome. And then he left his camera without tying it. He left his camera without tying it. And he came in front of the nice awesome, maybe acronym sauce and said Why didn't you tie your camera? He said no I trust in Allah subhanho wa Taala he I said I trust in Allah subhanho wa Taala let me

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first go into your camel. Then trust in Allah subhana wa tada to Abner Zima Daria was co zero, up nine as bapco str kurta away apne Zima dari or caridade Co Op nine? Johannes Battaglia

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whatever type of as Barbie means we have been told, let us fulfill those means if the doctors have told us certain things to stay away from COVID let us adopt it. Don't try and be too proud and arrogant. You know arrogance leads to downfall.

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Ah, up Takapuna drama petechiae was Cooper amonkar who smetana he cineca shaido sekai, gala Tilikum, comas Kamiya hecke doctrina but it was quad nine and after we whatever we need to do, let us fulfill our responsibility to replace cemetery or kuykendahl partner. And after that, we leave it in the hands of Allah tala appnana akibat Allah tala kupatana petroleum, after fulfilling our responsibility and fulfilling our means then we leave the head in the hands of Almighty Allah. things do not happen by your whims and fancies and choice. And the world is not running by what you think must happen. The world will run according to the decisions of Almighty Allah subhanho wa

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Taala. What is our responsibility, do what you are supposed to do and leave the meta in the hands of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala that's the second thing, the 35 times a day, five times a day, leave all your responsibilities, leave all your concerns, leave all what we are called. Sometimes you're not for us, leave all your activities and leave put it aside. Put it one side and turn towards Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala with utmost humility,

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five times a day. This whatever you are doing the moment you yours a time for Salat. Put away your things go in front of Almighty Allah subhanaw taala whatever you ever you get, whatever your situation, put away all your responsibilities, put away all your concerns, put away all your activities and tend towards Almighty Allah and in that time and this is something unfortunate that even that time when we are still busy in front of Allah we still thinking no The phone is also with us. We still secret messages everything by five times a day put everything aside for some time, that particular time. Show complete an utmost submission and complete concentration in front of Almighty

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Allah subhanho wa Taala so did my pants

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Dabba Doo Nia Oren Lavasa Mako pitcher pitcher Jordan

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or unlucky Sam nigra. So the third thing that we are supposed to do turn towards Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala five times a day. The fourth fourth thing and this is very important My dear respective brothers you know in front of Allah tala, we don't show bravery, we show only humanity. Don't show bravery and arrogance in front of Allah subhanho wa Taala. But then I don't I don't know why I feel that perhaps we have in this whole particular episode and in this whole particular scenario, we have become arrogant. We have become proud. It is almost as if many people have been trying to challenge a masala it's so said ha ha Allah Allah.

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Allah Tanaka, Samia Demi, or Allah Tanaka, Sammy. I'm Betcha baja Grenada,

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Guatemala Chi very amazing incident. Carretera sobre la la I've read this on window in his mouth who's been his statements? He said one book, one pious person, when to go and visit another pious person who are sick.

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And this pious person who was sick, he was in pain. He was in pain

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was shaded the cliff meta, or who should eat the cliff makaira Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Praise be to Allah, that the other pious person told this person but here up the cliff can work Alhamdulillah Kanika Ghanian This is not the time to read Alhamdulillah Now is the time to show humanity in front of Allah tala. Now as in plead to Allah for forgiveness and mercy. Not for you to go and say and show that how how great you are in front of Allah tala and showing pride and arrogance or showing a certain degree of independence in front of Allah tala now is not the time even a human a salatu salam O Allah in the Holy Quran is made mention

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when you obey the nada Rambo and Nima Sania Dora, well, I'm Tara Mora, me

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and remember the time when a una serata wasallam was in difficulty, he was in pain, and he was sick. When a Chaka or hamara he mean Oh, the one who has the most Merciful of all those who show mercy. So at the time of this situations like this, don't go until Allah

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Amara pasta by Athena. But he said what Nia don't go into it we have got too much in front of Allah in front of other people, we always make dua to Almighty Allah Subhana Allah, Allah, Allah Allah can harami Mini before the Lika mansarovar or whatnot do not make me in depth dependent upon any human being. Do not make me dependent upon any human being. But in front of Allah we are dependent upon Allah, we will come in front of Allah like beggars, like small children who are crying in front of a parents, even with greater humanity, and with greater type of artisans who will come in front of Allah tala. So this is And lastly, I will say, Make extreme kindness and more happy and mercy to

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people. This is not the time for you to score points. This is not a time for you to score points over people. Logo k sad Bay in Tr shafqat or my harmonica patau. Correct.

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There's this unfortunately there is a VW Golf. J s h seven Zed a who has blocked the entire road. Whoever's it is go immediately now and go and take it before the people go and take it out themselves. Please whoever sky It is, without any stigma. Don't feel shy. Just go out and go and take your car out because it is propped the entire road so inconsiderate May Allah subhanho wa Taala forgive us. The fourth thing and this is important. Now is a time for us to show utmost kindness and sympathy to people don't stigmatize people. Whoever, whoever has got illness those who are in by show kindness. Don't go and score points LucasArts leukocyte bei intershop katama Habana coperto

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croco show extreme kindness show compassion. Unfortunately, even in a time like this, we are busy having debates and arguments to see who can score points over one another on social media. Even on a time like this, when people are dying, when people are in difficulty, people are having great amount of turmoil in their lives. They are having difficulty in their lives. And yet, instead of showing kindness and consideration and sympathy, we are still busy arguing. Amara Amara, Akira better my view is better than my view. My opinion is better than you put all of that aside now. Leave everything aside in a time like this when the Wi Fi is in difficulty. The oma is in crisis show baby

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Haha show kindness show for happy show love so mercy, leave all other things aside, leave whether you are right or wrong. And in this particular way, these are five things that I can say that are such great importance in the time that we are you and I are living in. Let me very briefly make mention with regard to it in every key on concern turn it into a dua. Secondly, fulfill your responsibility and your means which you are supposed to fulfill five times a day, leave everything aside, go Intel towards Almighty Allah subhanaw taala when you take out the time, take it exclusively out to Almighty Allah subhanaw taala put aside all other activities in all other

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consecration only tend towards Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala and in front of Allah subhanho wa Taala don't show any type of pride and arrogance show complete humanity show complete humanity in front of what Mattila subhana wa Taala and show the greatest amount of kindness mercy, compassion and sympathy to people. You know, I just read an amazing statement of a leader the allow them to this morning you know, in one of the books earlier the ultra no as a leader the allotted who says a person who has kindness will never bite.

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A person who has kindness will never backed by shafqat or marijuana is HIPAA hatanaka data. And here are the ultimo Kamakura and the reason why we have so much of backbiting is because we don't have kindness. So, kindness, it takes away backbiting and the day we will only be backed by because we don't have kindness and compassion and mercy and sympathy to people. May Allah subhanaw taala he was a topic of fulfilling these two types of advisors, which I feel from the our elders and our llama we have written which are extremely important. May Allah give us a trophy.