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Allah blessed Adam with a greater intellect a greater firm I live in Santa Monica May, Allah taught Adam while I lemma Adam at Esma Akula the angel says Subhanak Allah, even Medina it lemma a lamp tena, so Adam was blessed over the melodica and over the jinn because of the power of the Akal, because of the farm that Allah subhanaw taala gave, and therefore, intellectually speaking, the jinn are nowhere near as intelligent as men are. Some have said they are like children in their intellect compared to men and that's one of the reason why they're so stubborn as every rocky knows, just stubborn like a toddler throwing a tantrum and not wanting to give up hours go by, and they're not

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going to give up that stubbornness is because of their their intellectual capabilities. So, the Benny Adam are more intelligent than the jinn. And Allah has blessed them above the gin. Therefore, the gins from the very beginning, have had what modern psychologists call an inferiority complex. gins suffer from a severe inferiority complex. Because the Djinns felt Hey, I should have been there. Allah azza wa jal tells us in the Quran that a belief says Anna Pharaoh men that was supposed to be me, why did you tell Adam to be the one on the podium? I'm the one that's supposed to be there. So the jinns always wanted to be number one. The jinns always wanted to be the best but

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they're not. So they suffer from an inferiority complex. Now, given the fact that they have an inferiority complex, and yet, they are stronger and faster and physically more powerful than men. What is the net result? The net result is there is a world and that world was a fitna that Allah taught to early man, the story of Babylon Babylon, right. What about romantic Lucia Lt. You know, Anna Maliki Sulaiman? Wanaka Farah Sulaiman who work in the shelter in a Cafaro you only moon and NASA Sierra one our own z the al Maliki Nabi Babila. How Ruto Amma route one are you I learned him if I hadn't had their color in them, and I Novated over attack for in the nutshell of a story, that

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how root and my root were angels that Allah sent to the ancient city of Babylon, 5000 years ago, or 10,000 years ago, the earliest city of mankind was Babylon, and Allah sent to angels to inform men can because this is in Malay, mankind would never have known at all that we can communicate with the jinn. So Allah sent how routes and my routes and how to turn my route where angels and they taught mankind that we are a test from Allah do not come close to us. We are a test from Allah. Literally like the warning signs, you know, the carbon radioactive dating do not come close, the angels are telling them Our job is to test you get out of here, don't listen to us. But what were they going to

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test them with the knowledge of how to communicate with the gym. So they explained a methodology and they said if you follow us, if you listen to us, this is Schofer in their mind and fitness, one fella, tactful, so all of the methodologies and mechanisms to call out to the jinn. They are metal hubs that go back to this origin because they're different methods. You have the Weegee board, you have the dolls, whether you call it with the voodoo dolls, okay, you have the knots that are blown. These are all different metal hubs that all go back to the experiences of the Sahara of the magician's. That goes back to the origin of how roots are mounted in the city of Babylon. So,

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initially man was taught to this is what you do if you wanted to call the jinn and if you call the jinn into Schofer don't do it. Mankind didn't care. They said we want to do it and thus magic began.

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