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Milan Rahmani Raheem. Whether kuruvilla kitabi, Maryam, eating whatever that mean Alia makanan, Shahrukh the set of colonialism

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My dear respected elders and brothers. Last week when we spoke

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I made mentioned that Allah tala had given us the opportunity of taking a trip to the Mubarak and blessing lens and I visited Jerusalem. Last week I spoke on the aspect of us habit of some of the lessons from the US have a calf because I had the opportunity of being at the cave outside a man.

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Today I would like to make mention of some of the aspects that I had witnessed during my trip recently to Jerusalem. Keeping in mind that our intention is not to make mention that we had gone to various places and to boast about that that is never the intention May Allah Allah forbid that it ever be the intention, but Allah subhanho wa Taala in the Holy Quran, etc. Who will zero filler the funds are okay for Kanaka to Latina in Kabbalah him travel the earth and go and see what was travel the earth and go and see what was the outcome of those people who deny the law.

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Travel the earth and go and see our Latella raised nations and our law brought down nations travel the earth and see how when people were obedient to Allah, how Allah elevated them and when people were disobedient how Allah subhanho wa Taala degraded them Teresa mais la parte is Leah naked unitary hamachi mala mata nebbia Kareem saw similar Terra Nova taka taka snapper a key key k pitch Lake como una kista si and Atlanta on kulu kulu dia onko kisa kista soon Cobra kisara sukoon lupercalia

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itagaki Raja Allah tala kita kita se or fear Allah turanian ko KC Nisha goradia Jabu Allah subhanho wa Taala kena for moneykey heastie I'm sorry

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to Allah subhanho wa Taala has given us this opportunity of going to Jerusalem, and that land of Sham that land which is known in the in Quran and Hadith a sham is a very Mubarak and bless atlin and you find in the ayat of the Holy Quran, which we have made mention of material XL levy Baraka hollow, machete, Aqsa, and the surroundings that we have blessed, blessed. Now, I know anyone who has these type of integrations, you will find that in MCI mukaiyama whenever you use Shehata, rotmans today's reciting Muslim and he reads Lila koresh. And he when he comes to fall Yabu Rob bajas, elbaite worship the Lord of this house, you see him reading it with great enthusiasm. And

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therefore, even in this particular journey, almost three times in the massage it the moms are so bad and lady in the in the, in the salad, perhaps because of the very same reason that India and Latina has made major of major acts, and the blessings of which Allah subhanho wa Taala the surroundings of which Allah subhanho wa Taala a blessing. Then it comes in many a hadith together with it. Yo como una hora de la salette was Toronto these people very Israel, enter into our demo Contessa. The word mocha Deus, and that is why we say baitul muck this way to market this market. This means sacredness. blessedness you know it makes so Allah tala tala masala Islam told his his people let us

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enter into the blessed land. They were unfortunate they didn't follow the Navy so they didn't enter that time they entered after musala salat wa salam is death. Nevertheless Allah tala calls it

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the blessed land. It comes in a hadith that nebia cream sauce limited and this idea appears in console a man which may have been his authenticated and he said in Allahabad, a comma Bienal Rishi will for for us wakasa Philistine bitok this via cream sauce Islam, that Allah has made, bless it. What is between Irish and Euphrates in Iraq? Now if you know if you look at the map, Irish is the port in Egypt right next to Gaza and ferratas in Iraq. Saudi Arabia cream sauce limited here Aristo Mr Maha hirak Allah tala is his service, amin koolatron mo Baraka, Allah has made the entire land Mubarak and Allah has made Philistine in particular Allah has blessed it in same evening. huband is

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one Hadith at Nivea cream sauce limited when Suleiman alayhi salatu was Salam completed the building of machete accept Solomonic

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salat wa salam made work Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala and one of the doors that he made was Oh Allah, grant me a kingdom that we have not granted anyone in the past. So unless Allah granted to a model Islam that kingdom that he had control over the winds that Jannat and various all of the under the control of swimmer Elisa Lam any made mentioned the second word, anyone who comes to mastery acts solely to perform prayers. Oh ALLAH forgive him. This is in the duel for nibio of Allah when he completed Majid AXA Oh Allah whoever comes to read Satya cola you forgive him? So this is the aspect and cream sauce Liam has told us and has given us indication campaign through mocha disco yada Kay,

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other chemtura even if we are far the first couple of Muslims for 17 months, obviously we are Maria Africa, Morocco, kabara rupiah we've got to keep priority. The greatest priority is mocha mocha Rama autumn Sarah COPPA, there is a main thing with regard to us. There is no city that is as blessed as mocha, then Medina then Jerusalem. For Camerata el carta we always keep in mind, the rupiah and the balance between things. But there's also an aspect here that for 17 months maybe a cream sauce alum made Surat in the direction of Kaka mega mocha this nebbia Kareem said Allahu Allah wa sallam he said, whoever reads namaz in one rewired 500 times more than any other Masjid. The people who are

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eating salad in Nigeria today. They serve and reward is 500 times more than the salad we are eating in this budget. And let Allah has granted them maimunah have been tested for the Allahu terrano and they asked navia cream sauce alum era surah Allah tell us and tell me about baytril mocha this cinavia cream sauce Lim said honorable man Sherry Well Masha

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munchery will Masha It is a place of gathering and a place of resurrection hammarby Johanna waqia mosquitonix Shania accelerometry xx good hoga most of the signs of Tiamat will take place around mature accept. So nebbia cream sauce until maimunah have been tested. Our tool man Sheree well Masha, it is a place of gathering and a place of resurrection. She said you're a Sula. What should we do? service Aslam said go and visit modaks she said jasola what happens if I can visit Mr. Exa. So now we saw some said send money for oil to be burned in musharaka. You can go Pacer Pedro K to Hana Whopper

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send something to keep your taluk with a place and I will make mention why they look must be there. Because one of the reasons is that this is the land of the MBR Li Mo salatu salam brothers we pay great amount of respect and great amount. Our Eman is not completed until we do not believe in every nebby of Allah marimon mocha mocha Malaya jeptha Gina

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Raimondo or Marciniak sokkia ito Johanna ambi Allah salat wa salam cascata. They stayed there, those holes and those roads witness the budget of the MB la Masato sallam, he witnessed the tears they toils they sacrifice the efforts in the path of Allah subhanho wa Taala and you walk through those places, and today it has been kept in such a place when you walk through the Old City of Jerusalem. You think yourself transported back in age, it is such a beautiful feeling. You think you are walking in almost 300 years back, the narrow co cobbled pathways, the narrow las las las gully and then coming into Missouri. It is a remarkable type of site is a remarkable type of feeling. And this

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was a land of mBiA Masato Sam, the land of hazaribagh. Himalayas, Rotterdam, the land of you know jacobellis Lama Yusuf Alayhi, Salatu, salam, all of that as an ISA Li Salatu. Salam, Allah makes mention of zaccaria in India, you find with Korra the karate karate karate Arabic Abdullah, who's a Korea make mention of my great bondsmen Zakaria, where was the Korea's economy?

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And many people have different temperaments people have different temperaments. What better we see some of the things that are according to our scriptures according to our Quran, some of it not according to our but we take lessons and everyone has different temperament For example, we know as it is, le salat wa salam was born miraculously in Jerusalem, or maybe just outside Jerusalem. Has that Miriam. His mother made a budget in Nigeria.

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And today when you go to Machu Jerusalem they take you to a house saying this is the house where Maria was born. This is a place where her father's house was. It is very near to the to the cover of the Sahaba who bought up in summit and shattered windows great transmitters of a hadith right on the door of Nigeria.

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So, right next to that is the house where has it Maria was born, where her father, um, Iran made her work have to make a budget and to serve Majid Aqsa. So when you go to Machu rocks on the east side, on the left side of Nigeria, is a small niche. They say this is where Maria was to stay. And this is where she used to eat. This is where jabril brought the news of the miraculous birth of his Elissa to Santa with chlorophyll. kitabi Maria hit in Tibet, mineralia makanan sharqiya, Allah makes mention of the east side of Majid, Allah, Allah makes mention of in the Holy Quran. So this is where it is. Some of the aspects you can feel that sense of identity, the sense of history, but at the

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same time, we don't accept everything. Like for example, there is a place there is a street, which is in the Old City known as Villa della Rosa, Villa della Rosa, the Christians believe that he sallallahu wasallam, when he was crucified, he went past the street. So they got maps that they take, you find all the tourists, Christian people with tourists maps, that this is where he put his hand. This is where he rested. And this is eventually where he was taken to be crucified. Now, we went past that because it was a route that we used to go to that same road. Some people might find it that this is not my own temperament is whenever you go past those places, or you read it, Willa

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Hill azeem your Akita on the beauty of Islam becomes even more entrenched.

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You come to see the beauty of the Islamic way of thinking in Islamic beliefs. He says that was wrong was not crucified macatawa masala boo, he was not killed, and he was not crucified. Well, I can shoot me alone, but they were put into a confusion. Someone else was put in his place and they killed someone else. Allah has made mention of it in the Holy Quran. But all I'm saying is that this is what what we find. It is a remarkable aspect of being in a place which is an amalgamation of the previous religions. Now we always will see in the Quran, Allah has laid great emphasis on the continuation of religion. Some some people normally they when they tell you that Islam is the newest

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of this of the revealed religions, it's not the newest it's a continuation of religion. We don't believe look at what you sell Islam to Lebanese right? Yeah, bernisa Isla de Rasulullah he raychem Musa De Lima Bay in a minute Torah. Shira Mira su li Yachty mimbar this Muhammad obon Israel imar a soul which confirms musala Muslims teachings and I give you glad tidings of nebia cream sauce Islam is coming. It is part of the same situation. Part of the same situation part of the same Deen Allah says, Allah Allah Calcutta. Musa Tikka Lima Bina God, Allah has given you the Quran which confirms what was revealed by Allah in the Torah, an angel they changed is a different matter, but the

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origins of Torah thrinng came from the same Allah and that was that was lime line led to our beloved Nivea cream sauce and we are more worthy of the mBiA mussalam than anyone else. Well as him we have the true teachings of mBiA mostrato serum and we are more closer we have no qualms are many of our children today are called zecharia dharwad yahia, Isa ilias all of them a call or we call our children by that name. Nevermind going so far as give you my say my example five generations we are sometimes opposite. Normally it was Abraham was a father his father was a son. Normally Ibrahim was a father his man was a son my situation army bribed My father is my

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family five generation My great grandfather was a smile. My grandfather was Ibrahim My father was a smile army pray my one son is a smile. five generations Ibrahim and his smile that maybe inshallah Allah Allah given the trophy of continuing that also, but be as it may. This is how we have the love of the Gambia Alamosa Tucson, and this is the land of the MBR limoux Salatu was Salam And may Allah subhanho wa Taala then of course, the intricacies of the place when you come into Majid Aqsa these bays Matura Bora is a small you know small ring they send me a cream sauce and type Baraka, whether it is a real ring or not well lo alum but this is a place where maybe a cream sauce from entered

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marijuana masa masala is a place where nebia creme salsman performs Serato Gambia Masato Sallam sent a few intricacies these rock when he said that nebia cream sauce Lim went to Mirage from here in Dome of the Rock That is why nos Cooper to Sahara Cooper to suffer cinavia cream sauce alum Asha Asha azim taco

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Napoleon what is amazing is on the outside of the Dome of the Rock there are two spirits which which people have inscribed Marwan almost 1000 years back here inscribed the tree it is still there to Surah Surah Yaseen in Sudan, Israel is inscribed on the outside of the Dome of the Rock inside where the rock is. There were two. There were two is one was Ayatollah Khomeini.

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See, and one was Surah Taha and in Surah Taha Rahman Archie Stovall talking about the harsh. So, the guide said, Do you know why it is like that? So, I I said I assume, because we believe that maybe a cream salesman when from here in the Presence of Allah, they have used the is referring to Irish at that place. He said yes, that is a situation. So, they also you find these small type of intricacies, but at the end of the day, my dear respected These are some of the blessedness of the place, and we keep our link, and what was very, very pleasing to me was that the the very high regard with South African Muslims are held by the people of the Old City. Keep in mind there were

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200 South Africans who went for a takeoff in Madrid, AXA, South Africans regularly go and make an were around from Madrid except to go and perform euro. So wherever you go, whenever you walk into Africa, you're from South Africa, they feel happy Alhamdulillah there is a brother who performed and made war he is around for modular accessories added in Mischka Sharif, whoever wears his or her arm for major acts and performs O'Meara Allah insha Allah will forgive his minor sins of the past. So one brother was telling me when he was when he was walking on the streets of Jerusalem, the mothers brought the children out. And they were crying and said, telling the children look at these people,

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they are going to go into the harem, and they were sort of happy and they were crying. So one another's was a very amazing thing that South Africans have been able to keep that link to that holy place and they are held in such high regard. May Allah subhanho wa Taala always keep it in that particular way. It is something that was was quite quite. There was a gentleman that was there from South Africa and Hungary law it was so pleasing to see those aspects. The brother who was in Jamaat was a Mufti from Naruto, Newcastle Mufti Mohammed aku speak spoke very fluently in Arabic and gave to three bands in Madrid. And one day he told me he said Come and join me for for gushed. So I said

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you know I don't go so much in South Africa now can I come here? He said no, inshallah you will get more reward. So I joined the Ferguson and Alhamdulillah had the opportunity of making just in Jerusalem on the streets of the Old City. But here's another aspect, the sad part. The sad part is when you are under occupation, object Muslim mana to your buddy burrito Kiba and Jenna I'm in Santa Barbara boom. Buddy Masekela Tati occupation. You know, it steps away at you morally spiritually and economically. To be under occupation is no joy is no easy thing. May Allah subhanaw taala ever forget that a person must be under occupation and under the subjugation of other people. And you can

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see that here the people are then the brother who was they told me on a two car garage he said mana there are some people who are so they know that there are Muslims, they know that they have to resist. They know that this is a situation they find themselves politically but they have not seen the inside of a budget for 20 years.

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They have not seen seen the inside he said I took one person for 25 years he was 25 said first time I came into the masjid when he told him to eat salad. He said fish Morocco. What was I say? namaz.

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But yet at the same time, when the time of salad comes with a merger, AXA is now closed for tourists in the morning tourists allowed the same people who normally won't come in.

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They will tell the tourists mom, no you can come here they will protect the machine. They are prepared to protect the machine. People showed me the place. They said when Sharon entered, you know Sharon, Lana, Allah He entered from Brock, he came to one place and the word spread that Sharon wanted me to Matura he said within 10 minutes there were 1000s of people who stood there and said, kill all of us and then go and

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kill all of us I'm going to accept but we will not allow you to go in

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prepared to do that. But then from the other hand, you know how you say occupation takes away from you spiritually. There is one this is a pious person these are these are house which are shown of Abdul Aziz shabu Aziz Naqshbandi Sufi, he his house is right where the Villa de la Rosa starts from where the people believe he sallallahu wasallam was taken for crucifixion obviously we don't believe in that. And that was the place of where Pilate, the governor of Jerusalem was. He's going to house them. They offered him $13 million to sell that house and he refused

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13 million he said no, this is this is on behalf of the government. This doesn't belong to me this belongs to me. So this is also another aspect with regard to the whole situation. It is something that is quite an occupation has taken them so much so involved in bread and butter issues. It is one of the most costliest place in the world to love. The cheapest meat is 250 Rand a kilo. Petrol is double the price of here. So there are so involved in the bread and butter issues. They can sometimes you know, look at the broader picture with regard to what they are but yet they do ever since that we are here we are. We are they call themselves a hollow rebirth. Normally you as the

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people there from the altar you say we are no rebirth. We are protected.

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The Old City on behalf of the Savannah they still have that deep Indian down on them, even if they perhaps might not be able, you know, to be to be as as pious and devout as it should be. And remember, my dear is similar as when we don't, when we don't respect and value something. Then Allah tala can take it away mentioned was made the brother the mom of the merger, AXA, is a brother who is constantly in doubt in Dublin. So he said in 1962 1963, one and Omar Palin puri from India came and gave talks in the in that time it was under Jordan, so not on the Israeli occupation. So these places were there is so very few people coming to the masjid. And he said if you don't value what

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Allah has given you, Allah will take it away. Remember what he said? See, if you don't value what Allah has given you, Allah will take it away. Brothers you and I also in our situation, Allah has given us freedom. Allah has given us Islamic institutions. If we don't value it, may Allah for Allah take it away because we have not valued it.

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TC cheese cap cutter nutana to Allah tala was corrupt silylate

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warfare Kishore codata up Nagar Mancha cutter Nicola Turkish you're putting

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up Nagar, Eman Takata. Nicola tracks your coding. So this is a situation with regard to it. We all know with regard to the zoom and we saw a small, you know, example of it. We went one day with a bus to go and see certain places in West Bank, which is part of the Palestinian Authority. It is supposed to be partially independent, not completely independent, because still controlled because you have the walls and you have they can come in anytime with regard to capturing or arresting anyone. But we went to Ramallah and we went to Nablus and we went to Qalqilya, there was an orphanage that was in kilkeel, Iran was very pleasing to see that they are taken up some of this

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stuff to run an orphanage. But they even told us that the better run orphanages in the West Bank are run by Christian missionaries from America

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the better run off run by Christian missionaries because they are doing it for their own purpose

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or correct or quicker. So on our way back, coming into what is known as mainland Israel, you know, the bus was stopped. And you know, you were you have an airport search. The every person on the bus was taken out, the bus was sniffed the bus was taken out each and every one was was was, you know, searched. And as we came back in the bus after one hour of searching in unnecessary humiliation, you know, the driver just told us in the person a guy told us, you hated one one time you hate it and you are becoming frustrated. We deal with us on a daily basis. We deal with us on a daily basis. Now, let's keep in mind, it was and I will conclude with this it for from the time Kumara Vilalta

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No, you know, conquered major action, and there was no place the masjid wait is very interesting. Morocco conquered Morocco. He came there that time. The Christians used to put dirt in mature Aqsa, the reason was that they regarded this to be the most holiest site of the Jews. And because they didn't like the Jews, because according to them, the Jews kill the salesianum. They used to put forth in that place. Now obviously they had their own reasons, but for us, it was a place of Amelia Masato Salaam. So when he came there, he cleaned up that whole area. He picked up the dirt and put it in this quarter to clean the area. And then he asked, Where must I put the masjid? So khobar said

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put it behind the Dome of the Rock, you know, put it behind. So he said no, I feel ashamed to put it behind the dome, it will give an impression that we are making it out to the rock. So he put the budget in front. So where you see Majid Aqsa today the blue dome places

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so anyway, I was just making mentioned what this particular aspect that it was when we were God fearing as an oma, Allah subhanaw taala gave us control over musharaka and when because of transgression, because of waywardness because of zulum. When we disobey Allah, Allah, Allah took it away and gave it to the Crusades. When people turn back to Allah, under the leadership of Salah Kadena UB Rahim Allah, Allah gave it back to the Muslims, then it remained with the Muslims for over centuries, once again because of our transgressions and we witness and literally took it away in our delila, urethra meerschaum anybody that belongs to Allah He gives it to whomsoever He wishes. If we

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turn back towards Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala. In taqwa and piety, it is not far from the color of Allah to give it back to the people who are in reality, the true owners and the true is of looking after beta mocha does